Fueled Domination: Ted Christopher Leads Every Lap To Win Valenti Modified Series 100 At Speedbowl

Ted Christopher celebrates victory in the Valenti Modified Racing Series feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD – In 2015 when the Valenti Modified Racing Series visited the New London-Waterford Speedbowl for their annual Wings & Wheels 100 the night ended with Ted Christopher celebrating in victory lane.

The next day the celebration got muted when Christopher was disqualified from the victory for using illegal fuel, which would have been his second consecutive Wings & Wheels victory in the series.

Saturday at the Speedbowl Christopher found a way two years later to get back the one that got taken away.

Christopher, of Plainville, led every lap on the way to victory in the 100-lap Valenti Modified Racing Series Wings & Wheels event at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl Saturday.

Christopher, who started on the pole Saturday, also won the event in 2014. It was Christopher’s fifth career series victory.

“It feels good because it’s a car that they built at my place there and you put it in victory lane,” Christopher said. “This car has won a bunch of races before on the [NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour]. This is the first time we’ve really run it on anything else. I want to thank everybody on this crew.”

Kyle James of Ashaway, R.I. was second and Sam Rameau of Westminster, Mass. third.

The victory closed out a successful week of racing for Christopher who was third in the Whelen Modified Tour event Wednesday at Thompson Speedway and won the SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway.

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  1. sour grapes of wrath says:

    this was terrible race.. wont guess how long it took. couple fast cars wrecked due to the unwillingness or inability of the 40 car to choose a lane.. disgraceful.. sorry ..it is true terrible to watch .. a menace who no one can race with. I have to give credit as they are out there running and supporting the series however you need to learn to drive a race car first. don’t know if this track gives you trouble but you owe some of your competitors an apology. guess having the money to buy a car and get it to the track doesn’t make you a race car driver.. disgraceful. was disappointed this driver did`t cause another yellow near the end as James was coming. he has a strong piece at the end… it would have been nice to see if teddy was holding back..while the junked front runners watched from the pits .

  2. Who’s the 40 and where did he come from?

  3. Sour, 40’s first night out so let’s give him some slack and just be thankful he was out supporting the MRS. Also how was Teddy junking front runners when he lead every lap and was in another time zone?

  4. Bostonian says:

    Did they still run the ISMA race last? I read they shortened it to 50 laps because of time. Then it rained. Why didn’t they change the running order of the different divisions so the ISMA race went off earlier? Some of these teams, and drivers, traveled 12+ hours just to get to NH/CT for the weekend. Seeing that they were part of the nights featured races. I would be upset if I went to watch and missed a complete 75 lap race because they ran support divisions first, only to have it rain during the ISMA race.

    Hope it was a well attended night, with great racing in all divisions.

  5. Bostonian,
    It was announced early into the race that it would be cut to 50 laps. Then it was stopped after 40 laps after it started raining. Tim Jedrzejek won.

  6. If they are going to run this many divisions or Wings & Wheels again they should consider starting the features 1 hour earlier to assure the entire show can be run to the advertised distance.

  7. sour grapes of wrath says:

    never said teddy junked anyone…what I said was I thought teddy may have had some left in the tank but we will never know ..no one got to him due to wrecks and james ran a great race but ran outta time…..the usual front runners were watching from the pits after being junked..(nocella came back out many laps down) .first night out ???..I gave him kudos for being there but as I stated if you cant hold your line in the middle of the pack ur a menace .. some potential front runners were taken out and it ruined the race..not trying to bully but I know what I saw..17 could have shared in a couple as well… cant hold a line .get ur car better … expected better for a touring division..geez..oh or perhaps we can blame the spotter too …joke !

  8. I think for these big shows they need to scrap heats. Its too much. Start features at 6 and get done a decent time.

  9. Bostonian says:

    Thanks Sean.

  10. Keep in mind, one of the reasons the show was delayed was the ambulance….about a total of 40 minutes between the 2 incidents. Agree’d the 40 should of been black flagged, give him credit for supporting the series but should of know he was out of his league after he bounced off about 7 different cars.

  11. You would think a different tactic may have been employed. Fuel no surprise there!

  12. Open wheel fan says:

    Four of us traveled 2 hours to get to Waterford by 4 pm on two occasions. On 2 wings & wheels shows we left track at 1150pm. Way too long of night with all qualifying and starting features late. We stopped going to the wings/wheels show. First feature should take green flag at 6pm. They ruined the show by adding too much.

  13. Leaving out qualifying for the under card is just a terrific idea. Stafford does it and it’s just great moving through the night with a steady stream of features and leaving the qualifying heats to the guest stars only.

  14. Especially with the number of SK and SKL in attendance no need for qualifying. Not much you can do about the ambulance, state law they have to be there

    Practice starts at Noon, qualifying for the guest divisions starting at 3PM, green flag drops on the features at 5PM.

  15. It really needs to be a day show, 3:00 start the features, be done around 9:00. Big party afterwords, get a beer sponsor and the winners get 5 cases a beer!!!

  16. Steve, now that’s what I am talkin about, the beer after party that is!

  17. darealgoodfella says:


    Where are you?

  18. wmass01013 says:

    I do not understand why lower divisions need to run qualifying races, especially when u have 10-15 cars or less, just run features!!!

  19. geoffrey doppelgänger says:

    jeffrey was at a regional MENSA gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. He is expected back at his mental best by Tuesday.

  20. Please. Guys that hurt
    I love racing
    Great Job

    teddy I see this week is at bristol
    They but a track near ESPN
    Hey buddy darealgoodfella
    Hey give me a call for lunch
    Yes I’ll pay just like last time
    You must be looki g to borrow money again
    Considerate done dareal
    If you want I can deposit cash in your account

  21. Hi dooplanger
    You need money too
    I can help
    I always have a soft spot for racer wannabes with very little income

  22. Fast Eddie says:

    Suggestion: I don’t know how much it costs for an ambulance for the event, but wouldn’t it make sense to have two onsite for larger events, particularly if the weather is questionable? If it was a 40 minute hold due to an ambulance not being trackside, that time could have easily been spent having ISMA complete their 75 lap feature and maybe still have an earlier completion time. Maybe that should be considered as part of the expense of having touring series at an event.

  23. darealgoodfella says:

    Considering the extremely low expectations, it sounds like this was an outstanding event!!!!

  24. Lets give the Bowl a break they have had a tough season and lets just be glad the even opened at all Im sure the will iron it all out for next year. and by the way those midget races were great as were all the rest .

  25. After sitting in the grandstands at both Thompson and the Speedbowl last week, I’d have to say that I felt safer at the Bowl.

  26. Darealgoodfella
    I got you a Wal-Mart card for 50 bucks

    This way you can buy some jeans and food too
    I know how tough it is being broke

    Well not really

  27. All the suggestions are great. I’ll bet management is taking notes and will make changes. This was a huge event and kind of critical for them when you think of it. They probably thought the heat races were adding interest and value. People got upset mostly because of the ambulance delay and the rain. Things that magnify the inclusion of low car count heats that seem to be a waste of time. Overall though it’s a win for the Bowl. A big win. Back in April who would have thunk it.

  28. Joe White says:

    If my memory serves me right, TC was DQed at 2 events last year at Waterford for tainted fuel. So TC has been down this road before. One would think he would have learned his lesson. He drove a great race at Stafford against the 99 last Friday. Rowan was really hooked up. I did not think anyone had anything for him, but there was TC. His nephew did well also. I’m done.

  29. dareal,you were the only one with low expectations for “wings and wheels”.It is always a huge draw.Putting ten pounds of sugar into a five pound bag is hard to do.Yes eliminate lower division heats,get another ambulance,start earlier and run the supers immediately after the VMRS.Yes the supers and their loyal fans travel too far to be short changed with a forty lap race.No it shouldn’t take forty minutes for them to take a green flag ; move it along so we can enjoy the night and go home.Finally,the rookie management did a pretty good job considering.

  30. geoffrey doppelgänger says:

    I drive a fast car, if jeffrey make six digit salary, we’ll go farther than Tracy Chapman…

  31. Geoffrey has no money
    That ok
    We are all people
    One nation under God ,,
    Geoffrey you need assistance
    How bout united way
    They can help you

  32. geoffrey doppelgänger says:

    jeffrey has brain tumor
    That is not ok
    We aren’t all martians
    One galaxy under Zenu
    jeffrey you need help
    How bout PETA
    They can help you get a cat

  33. I think a cure has been found for Ben Dodges addiction to saying someone is “making magic” every lap. Shorter tracks. Old Ben simply didn’t have time to use his go to at Waterford since the laps click off so fast. With Matt Bucklers nonsensical metaphors that no one can stop him from rattling off something had to go and it was Dodges magic. Not to worry, everyone will continue to be making magic this Friday at Stafford.

  34. Buckler’s moronic analogies are both annoying and insulting to real race fans.His talents(considerable) are eclipsed by his relentless idiocy.His legacy of informed, energetic announcing will be forgotten as his infantile irritants are remembered.Matt, please stop it now.

  35. darealgoodfella says:

    Any post tech news here?

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