Keith Rocco Reigns Again In SK Modified At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Keith Rocco (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

The numbers game continued for Keith Rocco Saturday at the New London-Waterford.

Rocco, of Wallingford, the track’s all-time winningest driver continued to rewrite the track record book Saturday by winning the 35-lap SK Modified feature.

It was Rocco’s fourth victory in six SK Modified events at the Speedbowl in 2017.

Kyle James of Ashway, R.I. followed up SK Modified victory last week with a runner-up finish Saturday. Ted Christopher of Plainville was third.

The win marked the all-time division leading 84th SK Modified victory for Rocco at the Speedbowl and his 142nd victory overall at the track.

Rocco also has 47 career Late Model victories, four Limited Sportsman division wins, three Valenti Modified Racing Series victories, two Truck Series wins, one Pro Four Modified win and one NEMA Lite win during his career at Waterford.

Andrew Molleur of Shelton got his second win of the season in the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature. Etan Durocher of Canterbury was second and John O’Sullivan III of Salem third.

Chris Meyer of North Franklin got his second consecutive victory in the 25-lap Limited Sportsman feature. Al Stone III of Durham was second and Jordan Hadley of Waterford third.

Wayne Burroughs Jr. of Oakdale got his second win of the season in the 25-lap Mini Stock feature. Hadley was second and Sean Caron of East Hampton third.

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  1. First time commenting here. Last night was fun decent races and the enduro was just hilarious. Could anyone maybe help me understand something here? Why are there no sk modifieds? While i fully get the situation and exspected lower car counts to begin with but why are they going down by the week? It cant be all the bruce bemer thing . I know it isnt helping any but 9 cars last night? Thats a problem!!!!!

    Is the new management crew doing that bad of a job in the pits so teams are simply saying call me when you get a clue? I love that track but dang i cant keep paying what they are charging for what is becoming an almost unwatchable premier division. I mean congrats to keith again but come on now is anybody really surprised? The 21 81 and 13 are fast yes but lets face it there only chance is to get out front early hope keith gets hung up and no cautions or simply block the heck out of him. Nobody not even king tc is going to flat out pass him. At least with more cars he would have to start deeper than 4th and then maybe we could see a race.

    What is the problem? There has got to be more going on behind the scenes that the fans in the stabnds just are not aware of.

  2. Management1 says:

    Well it doesn’t help when Sean the owner of this website Bashas the speedball and only post negative comments he’s a bald-headed geek who doesn’t try to help support racing he just tries to make money financially from it

  3. Mini fan says:

    Ok management 1. There are many readers that don’t agree with Sean all the time. But he is far from someone that does not support racing.

  4. Let’s hear from the SK racers on this one.It is a mystery why the car counts are so low.Likey a combo platter of Bemer distaste and new management faux pas.This is the time to come out and race at the Speedbowl.Without support,another year of racing may never happen.Unfavorable circumstances beat no race track;load up your modified and race!

  5. Mangement1, how is it that the website “bashas the speedball” as you wrote? I read every story on this site and I haven’t seen him bash anything going on at the Speedbowl this year. Where is he bashing the track or anybody there? I think blaming the failures of an inept management group on a website that hasn’t written a critical thing about the place is really reaching pretty far.

    And saying Sean doesn’t support local racing is just stupid. I’m a Connecticut race fan and this is the only place where there’s any coverage of the sport I enjoy. There’s no newspapers covering any racing in Connecticut and no other websites actually covering any tracks in Connecticut. I’d say that being the only outlet actually covering the sport is certainly supporting it.

  6. Of course the bemer situation doesn’t help. But that has 0 to do with why they were at 18 and now 9.

  7. Just a thought, but maybe more Sk’s would show up if they revamped the handicapping system. Every week so far the fastest cars have started in the first few rows of the feature. At this point in the season, are any SK owners going to want to show up knowing they are going to be handicapped behind Rocco, Christopher, Owen, and James? Four great drivers in fast cars who can put on quite a show coming from the rear. And that is what the fans pay their money to see. And maybe give a chance to one of the lower financed teams to pull of a win?

  8. JimBinCT says:

    I was wondering the same thing. Went to check out results from this week last year. 24 SK’s in the field. 28 the week before. I understand some teams choosing to stay away because of Bemer. But that can’t be all of it. I wish I knew which teams have parked because of Bemer, parked because of funding/life events, moved to another track, going after NASCAR points elsewhere. I got so used to seeing 20+ SK’s per week over the last couple years. If you are a driver reading this that has been avoiding the track because of Bemer, I hope you’d reconsider. The fans have been showing up to support the teams and drivers and the track.

  9. Seriously, 9 SK’s &11 lights? Really, and you question the handicap system with 9 freaking cars? Something is drastically wrong with the bowl. Last time I am going to speng my hard earned money for that.

    What is the difference if the top four start 6-9, one of them is going to win unless there is a massive wreck that takes them all out.

    And BTW, never saw Shawn bash the bowl in any of his articles.

  10. Mini fan says:

    How about that truck race. The 29 used up everyone’s left rear on exit of 4. And Marshal put up with it. He jumps the start on the restart. Then they give him the lead for the last restart. He then used the 42 up in 1 and 2 (again Marshal was ok with that) and as short track racers/fans we are too. But was not cool was when the 42 gave it back it was not cool even if the 42 is on probation that is not opens season for all other drivers.I think both the 29/42 did what they had to do to win. Again as short track racers/fans that is what we pay too see. Not a good call yo put 42 to p2. Let them race there was nothing wrong with what
    29/42 did. Marshal you have a good thing going dont make a mess of it.

  11. Maybe just maybe people actually are figuring out morals weigh heavier than racing. There’s other places to race bottom line

  12. Mike Serluca says:

    There a bunch of SK teams who’s sponsors do not want them racing at the Bowl.

  13. Mike Serluca says:

    There are a multitude of reasons besides that. A few guys were involved in a big wreck a few weeks back and have not returned. Some teams that were regulars last year have not come back for reasons only known to them. Some teams are not returning due to crappy calls by officials.

  14. Mike, I believe what you are saying. Let’s face it, this season is shot, like I said after last week I just can’t spend my money watching 9 SK’s battle it out, boring to say the least. The top 4 will continue to finish that way unless something crazy happens. Easy pickings in the SK division.

  15. Mike Serluca ,I believe you are the right person to fill in the blanks regarding the SK division.Please take a few minutes and provide further details on the status of the Speedbowls SK racers.This may provide a greater understanding of the current situation.No humphry,the season is not shot,the battle between KJ,TC,KR,TO and others is not boring,and I suspect you were not even there.

  16. Just a point of order. Racedayct has provided Managment1 the forum free of charge to trash the very person that provided the forum free of charge to make his opinion known. And I for one certainly hope the site makes money so the great connection to local racing can continue.
    Having read every entry and participated to some degree as the firestorm unfolded regarding the Speedbowls season Courchesne was mostly an island of reason in a sea of emotions and turmoil. True he lost it once but it was for good reason having taken so much incoming and was very brief.
    I have to ask. I get the lack of cars to pass and the visual of a very skimpy field. But how is a field that includes Christopher, Rocco and Owen completely without merit?

  17. Management 1 your an idiot!! Sean has been the best thing to happen to racing in Connecticut. Doug is right on point. Sean allows garbage bashing of himself when he could simply not approve it. Sean keep up the good work!!

  18. Just 2 months ago everyone wondered if their would be racing at all. Now people complain about the car counts. How about we stop the complaining and enjoy the cars that do show up. Thank you George for saving the season. I hope Bruce sells over the winter and NASCAR brings back their sanction. Both I think will help car counts. Those that bash the bowl can get on the highway and go to Seekonk and bitch about their track and drivers instead!

  19. Instead of bashing The Speedbowl because of car counts, we should be helping out GM George Whitney. Its in the works now that George Whitney will be buying The Speedbowl next year. He just needs help getting through this year. So lets step up and help out instead of the bashing.

  20. And bird man, you know this how? What is the issue asking what the issue is and why such low car counts?

    450, watching a 9 car SK feature is interesting how? Not in my world, might as well watch paint dry. I am done with the Bowl. May try again next year after things shake themselves out. Goin to Thompson Wednesday and watch some real racing.

  21. Justafan says:

    I dont believe the original comment posted was bashing nor complaining it was simple question of why its getting worse instead at least remaining neutral. Quite frankly it is a very legit question. If i was to guess i would have to think that tbe 2 officials no longer employed were a big factor. If they were doing a good job they wouldn’t have been fired. Mr Whitney is doing what he can but its simply a cluster beep situation. My hope is the track has new ownership in the off season. That is ultimately the only wsy to move forward

  22. Justafan says:

    Ps while i dont agree with all of Sean’s reports and articles to say he doesn’t support local racing or the bowl specifically well that is just idiotic.

  23. Flying Away says:

    Lord help us Birdman if George Whitney buys the place. He and his management group have proven to be a total failure this year. The whole “we all need to support them” has run its course. They’re just stealing money from fans now passing off Saturday nights as a worthile racing program.
    I’m sorry but I go for Modifieds and when your two Modified divisions can barely attract 20 cars between them I’m not spending my cash. I did the “I’ll support the place” thing and watched as they’ve gotten worse and worse every week. At this time last year there were 25 SK’s there weekly. George and his group started the year with 18 and they’re down to nine. They clearly don’t have a clue what they’re doing. Nobody in management has any history running a race track and it shows.
    Anybody that keeps up with the whole “we need to support them” is just being ignorant. I’m not going to support a group that hasn’t shown any evidence that they have a clue or can change things for the better. They just get worse and worse every week.

  24. darealgoodfella says:

    Sooooooooo, is it time for me to say “I told you so!!!!”

    If not, I can wait.

    Talking about reality is not bashing. It’s not fake news. Trying to convince someone to spend a fortune on junk while telling them it is a priceless antique is disgusting.

    Paying customers do not support a business. A business sells a product. People buy the product if it is any good. Racers race at a track if it is any good.

    The Speedbowl performance and condition is what it is, and the product is swirling around the 🚽, ready to go down anytime soon.

  25. getserious says:

    So, what about this weekend’s show with ISMA, NEMA, and MRS? I haven’t heard squat about it. Is it going to be good? And how much is admission?

  26. Justafan says:

    Im guessing it will be tbe same as whats been going on, exspect a very poor car turn out across the board and ridiculously high price. Id say maybe 15 supers show up, like 10 or so nema midgets possibly 20 vmrs cars but thats a stretch and the way its been going 7 sk mods. So it depends what you consider good. If i was yo take a guess 35-40$ ticket. Usualy pack but not this year. Unless some big changes occur between now and saturady.

  27. Seems to me there is a learning curve the new management is negotiating since they have no experience running a race program of this size. I don’t know, I saw the video of the SK Light race. Great side by side racing at the end with two guys fighting for the win. Good car counts in the Limited Sportsman and Mini Stocks and the crowd seems OK. And I still say any time you have Rocco, Christopher and Owen in the same race there is potential for some good action.
    The management is running other programs during the week so I assume those are going acceptably as well. The web site has improved and is updated regularly.
    Predictions of the Speedbowl immanent demise may indeed be premature. But at the very least a bridge to the future of racing at the track is in place.

  28. You told us so? What exactly did you tell us? That the track would never open. The stands would never be ready. Nobody would be in the stands that were not being repaired. So now the product is ready to go down any time. Yep, daidiot is a certified genius.

  29. Right, half way through the season people are finding their morals. I’m sure that’s the reason…..

  30. Edward Ryan says:

    Shawn, Ever think of just posting a headline with no article like ” What will the future bring to the New London- Waterford Speedbowl”. Seems like there are plenty of people that have opinions , just cut to the chase for them. If nothing else the comments will be entertaining.

  31. Isn’t that like not want to get wet then complaining about being wet after you jumped in the pool Mr. Ryan. Don’t jump in the pool.

  32. @Racer 28 wrote: “Management 1 your an idiot!! ”
    This is the epimotic example of when NOT to confuse “your” vs. “you’re”.
    Hey Racer28… it’s the same as saying “I’m an idiot.”
    Not only are YOU the idiot, “you’re” an oxymoron.

  33. @ Racer28 *there

  34. Can’t resist commenting on this one – It’s unbelievable. If you want a laugh, do a Google search on “epimotic” and see what comes back …. @mike – Thanks for an absolutely CLASSIC laugh at your own expense.

  35. Crazy in NY says:

    I am done with the Bowl. May try again next year after things shake themselves out. Goin to Thompson Wednesday and watch some real racing.

    …and if you don’t support the place you KNOW there is going to be a next year?
    Humpy, I have a question. When your at the races do you watch cars 10- thru……? or do you take a peek once in a while at the cars leading? For sure 9 cars isn’t the best thing but 9 cars can put on a
    good race.
    I love this stuff. Like NHMark “supporting” TT if the 60 isn’t starting up front.
    ( What you look over the fence in the parking lot before going to the window)?
    I think some of you must smoke Nutmeg or is bashas the speedball a new drug I’ve haven’t heard of?

  36. Darn spell check/auto-correct transposed the letters & word on me, after I hit “send”. lol That is funny… my bad. 😎
    Disclaimer: Not responsible for any typos or unintended auto-corrects.

  37. Crazy, what don’t you get. It is my money and I am not spending it on watching a 9 car SK field that the winner will come from position 6-9. WOW, the winner has to pass a minimum of five freaking cars to win, BFD! If that is not supporting the track so be it.

    Management by committee, can the race director, since those announcements the field dropped to 9 so I guess that was met by an overwhelming vote of support/confidence? Really?

    Old sayings that fit the Bowl perfectly ” started, stumbled, farted and fell” and “you can put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig”. Sorry just calling it as I see it.

    See you next year and I can only pray that things change as believe it or not, grew up at the bowl and supported the bowl in more ways than one for at least 30 years!

  38. I love The Bowl.Don’t know what I’d do w/o it? Been going every Saturday since 1966. Thompson & Stafford are just too far away for a weekly drive. I don’t care if there’s 5 or 50 cars in a feature. The racing & competition is just AWESOME!

  39. wow i didnt mean to cause such an up raor, i was just curious if there were more problems that the common public is aware of. After reading all of this it seems people are just plain disgusted. I guess in a way i cant blame them but some of these remarks are just stupid. I do beleive who ever is actualy calling the shots is honestly trying but from my seat it really appears that what ever they are doing is obviously not working,so lets hope they at worst take a different approach. it really only seems to be the sk mods taking the biggest hit which to me is just a major issue. Can 4 guys put on a good race sure of course they can,but thats not the point. My question was why are there less and less every week and it seems to be due poor manegement which just a shame. They have the fan support so i hope they can get theyre act together and do what they to get more cars rather than keep losing the ones that are trying to support the place and give the fans a show.
    Thats all

  40. I’m telling you, George Whitney needs to just get through this year and the changes will come. I’m telling you next year is going to be different. Watch you can say what you want now but watch out for the change in owner next year as George will have full control of the Speedbowl.

  41. All I keep hearing is wait until this and wait until that and still nothing gets any better. With some of us our patience is wearing thin or should I say just plain worn out.

  42. James T. says:

    Birdman, George Whitney is not buying the track. If George Whitney had the means to buy the track he would have bought it in April. He isn’t even paying to lease the track.
    As a fan who wants to see the place survive I know the best hope right now is either the track being sold or a real managemement group coming in to operate the place and not this shadow group of unqualified people that are running it now for the track owner.
    It’s sad to say but the Speedbowl is dead. The owner could have had a competent group come in and operate the track this year, but instead they chose this path of further destruction. I won’t be going to any more Saturday night events this year. They shouldn’t be charging people more than $5 a head to watch four cars race in the top division. But I’ll be at the last race in October because chances are it will be the last race there ever.

  43. wmass01013 says:

    Gee Humphry again did u really think with the whole situation that it was, and starting when it did with a thrown together team of officials that 30 cars would be there every week?
    Look at the great STAFFORD motor speedway with the best racing around form 35 cars at the sizzler to 19 sk’s this past Friday night
    again I think a clean slate with hopefully Bemer out in 2018 will help!!!!

  44. wmass01013 says:

    Yes James T Bemer had nothing to think about but putting together a competent group of people to run a racetrack, not his other bigger business’s!

  45. James T. says:

    Wmass, so because he was busy with other things and couldn’t put a competent group in place to operate the track we should all just accept spending our money supporting an inferior product week after week out of the goodness of hearts?
    Sorry it doesn’t work that way.
    All the people that keep saying we need to go there to support the track to keep it alive don’t even realize they’re the newest victims. The management now is just opening the gates every week and putting no othet effort into anything else because they know all the “Support the Bowl or it will go away” people will be there paying for whatever crap they’re offering.

  46. 18 dollars is just to much for a regular Saturday night event. 15 is the absolute limit, and yes, I do understand that’s only a matter of 3 measly dollars but its the optics of it that look so bad.

    And you know, its always the old carrot and stick with the Bowl. “If” and “soon” and “be patient”.

    You know when things will be different? When the track ceases to run every ding-dong class of racecars as a weekly and/or semi weekly division just to make money on the back gate, and goes back to building three, (four tops) strong divisions of that have meaningful action packed heatss and consis and features that sometimes took forever but were filled with DRAMA and fun.

    Remember when you heard ‘the consi’ was pulling onto the track and you hurried back to watch? The beer could wait. The bathroom could wait. The consis were on the track! 10 laps left for the guys that struggled to find their way around the track, and usually a top runner or two that couldn’t make it into the feature because the heat race was a b#tch!

    Those were the nights that went on forever and as soon as it was over you couldn’t WAIT to see what would happen next week. 15, 16 cars were what was left at the end of a brutal feature, not what started.

    Im sorry for the rant and I know I’m living in fantasyland because none of us have seen a consi in ages but 9 cars- NINE!- is, honestly, heartbreaking for a guy like me remembers something so much better on a Saturday night at the Speedbowl.

    I remember a remark from Shawn Courchesne a long time ago referencing the Bowl and making an analogy to egg noodles and ketchup. I bristled pretty hard at that at the time. Probably because it was more accurate than I wanted to admit. But man, 10 SKs, 10 late models, Minis and Strictlies in the teens…? I don’t even know what to compare that to. I could go on and on but I guess I said my piece. Pick it apart, whatever. Good luck to Mr Whitney, he’s gotta remember what the car counts were like when we all watched him race…

  47. I counted 52 cars at Waterford excluding the Pro4’s. That’s not a bad total. The SK race and Light race that are showing on youtube were pretty darned entertaining. Are you fella’s going there and observing sloppy management and if so maybe you could be a little more specific. They’re adding events during the week and improving the web site. Seems like they are grinding it out as best they can but certainly not as bad as many say. Could more people that actually go there weigh in with what they thought please.

  48. Edward Ryan says:

    “Could more people that actually go there weigh in with what they thought please” was asked.
    Wouldn’t that be like jumping in the pool and complaining they got wet if they say something someone doesn’t agree with ?
    My point was that comments are being made and attached to articles that have absolutely nothing to do with them. Yes cut to the chase and let those that have strong opinions one way or the other voice them. I know there will be those that will entertain themselves by belittling those that they do not agree with. But some good could come out of it.

  49. Gee wmass how do you explain going from 18 cars to 9? I never expected to see 30 but maintaining 18 would have been acceptable to me. So let’s hear the excuse because I have heard them all.

  50. Photoshop says:

    So after all the crap with Beamer, has anybody mentioned their decision to hire a known convicted felon to work on their staff? Who thought that would be a good idea?

  51. Photoshop? says:

    So Photoshop who r u referring to? I’m sure it’s just another rumor that has no facts behind it. If so please elaborate. I’m sure with all the negativity surrounding the bowl that would never happen.

  52. darealgoodfella says:

    Congratulations to Rocco!!!!!

  53. This is a “just keep it alive” season for the Bowl as a race track/institution. Not much more could have been expected, under the circumstances. After a relatively strong start at the gate and on the track, the open wheel car counts have suffered (although the “A list” SK drivers that started the season at the Bowl have remained) and the race director switch suggests management challenges. It will be interesting to see how things go this Saturday, as “Wings and Wheels” is usually a big event at the Bowl. But, the regular weekly shows may not be too appealing for the rest of the season. Let’s hope for a court-approved sale of the track to a competent and well financed buyer (if anyone who meets that description is interested) before the start of the 2018 season.

  54. Photoshop says:

    A man by the name of Alan Piquette is working at the track doing public relations. He is a convicted felon with a criminal record that goes back decades. He is a well known conman. Many people involved in local racing as team owners and sponsors and team supporters have been scammed by him over the years one way or another. I was one of them. His arrest record is public information and his history for hustling people within racing is well known. All the legal issues at this track this year and this is the kind of people they hire. It’s not surprising that they’re failing.

  55. wmass01013 says:

    OK you had an Owner who saved the Track form foreclosure and unknown future to keep racing, out of the blue he is arrested on a charge that 99% of people find just DISGUSTING, NASCAR PULLS OUT, track officials PULL out, sponsors pull out, teams pull out and the season in in jeopardy, in June the track leased to a guy who never ran a track and had to quickly put a staff together and all u guys act like it will run like a normal season, you can stay home and save yur $$ if you choose but to say same ole speedbowl with same ole excuses, I don’t care who is running the place it would be a difficult season to pull off, you cant make TEAMS SHOW UP TO RACE for whatever reason they choose to stay away, so it started with 18 and now 9 does and track or series guarantee how many teams will race any week??????????????? stop whinning!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Edward Ryan says:

    Yes, congrats Keith !!!

  57. Love the comment, I’m done with waiting to give the place a chance. Are you insane? The track goes from no chance in hell of opening to a last minute deal to salvage some kind of season. What did everyone expect? Business as usual? Wonder if anyone remembers a few short years ago Thompson having a 9 sk field. Yes it sucks having a small field in the top division. Yet the crowd is still pretty decent for all the gloom and doom talk.

  58. There was a consi for the sks last year believe it or not.

  59. Last race ever at the bowl. Because I haven’t heard that every year for the last 20. Don’t you realize the place was supposed to be closed by now? The situation isn’t ideal but what makes you think this is it?

  60. darealgoodfella says:

    “Being right too soon is socially unacceptable.” – Robert A. Heinlein

  61. All of you that are defending the actions of the bowl please do me a favor, put on your ruby red slippers, click you heels together 3 times and say there is no place like home and everything will be back to normal. To coin the phrase “just wait and see”.

  62. I like your thinking rich.
    OK so the car counts at Waterford are an issue especially in the division everyone loves the SK
    s. Got it. Although the vague trashing of the new management seems to have shallow roots.
    How about Stafford. Late models with 14 cars, LLM with 12. SK’s and Lights were down a bit.
    Maybe the Speedbowl’s issues just get turbo charged in part because of the cloud hanging over it.

    Just a thought. Maybe the future of all racing at local tracks excludes weekly racing. Maybe it is Whelan, MTS, VMRS, Supers, Trucks and whatever special events they can put together. Maybe each track has a couple events a months and tracks alternate weekends. Any thoughts?

  63. Fast Eddie says:

    If you owned a company and hired a person with no experience at the job, I get the impression some people would give them all of a 1/2 hour to prove their competence! Running a race track in any form is a HUGE undertaking and it will take time (Yes, even more time than most of you think it should) to work out the bugs and find out what works and what doesn’t, particularly if you haven’t done it before. Also, please keep in mind there are outside factors affecting the car counts that have nothing to do with the track management. Just like you can’t force people into the store to buy your product, you can’t force racers to show up. A BIG THANK-YOU to Mr. Whitney and crew for continuing to try and make things work at the Speedbowl!

  64. Congrats to Keith. I’ve been going since they opened this year. Crowd seems to be good to me. If a team decides to not show up that’s on them. Don’t see how management has any control over that. 9 cars or 18 cars whatever. The 4 sk cars I like are there. Of course I’m fairly new to the racing game again so I’m an amateur fan, not an informed die hard. I was sorry to see Brian narducci wreck.

  65. darealgoodfella says:

    Keith rulz!!!! Go Rocco!!!!

  66. Analogy coming… See what you think of this. There is a restaurant in town that’s been open since the ’20s serving Breakfast and Dinner. Previous owner was going bankrupt and sells the restaurant. One year after buying it, the new owner is arrested. Restaurant is leased out to a “management team” that keeps the menu the same, increases pricing, and serves 1/3 of the portion size that was served last year. That 1/2 pound burger is now a 2oz burger made from horse meat. And oh yeah, the vegetables are half rotten when they’re served. How many of you would continue to patronize this restaurant and DEFEND THEIR ACTIONS !!! If you want to spend your money keeping that wonderful restaurant open, then good for you. You can eat the rotten food. But to call out everyone else who feels that they should get the product that they are paying for? Let it go, man. We’ll destroy racing completely f we continue to prop up bad product. Find a track that does it right, and spend your money there.

  67. darealgoodfella says:

    RichC, I go to the restaurant for my enjoyment, not to support the restaurant. Restaurants that do not make me happy do not get my business. Is that too simple?

  68. The burger was good as well as the fries. Didn’t look skimpy to me. Can’t say about the vegetables, didn’t have them.

  69. This whole situation stinks, Whitney has ties to Bemer and is running the Track for Bruce to keep it open. Nobody is saving the Speedbowl from its future demise if the Courts do seize the asset for the Victims.
    Supporting or not Supporting the Track currently has no impact on its future. Good Old Boys that have been running the Bowl for Years dont like the new officials, too freaking bad, I’d rather have a unbiased official than friends of certain Teams. Having 6-8 divisions racing with low car counts is a bad product like many have said, the customer pays and has expectations that come along with it. I would argue that the Track should have only ran 1 race to keep it Grandfathered, then shut the doors down and really get pieces in place for Next Year. Running anymore this year is only doing harm for the future until they have a real plan in place for New Ownership.

  70. dareal – Really? That was my entire point ….

  71. Go home dareal you’re drunk. What have you been right about so far? Oh that’s right nothing. How about those stands.

  72. darealgoodfella says:

    RichC, I said that months ago, and now I said it again in 3 sentences, for the MAGAheads with short attention spans.

    rich, all the reality that folks are talking about here I predicted months ago. And you all went nuts on me then. I was right then as I am now.

  73. Saved by a last minute lease remains to be seen. The lease could be what ultimately kills it. If I here correctly there was and still is a legitimate buyer. His name has been brought up in the past and if its him he is no joke when it comes to business. Could have, should have and can be sold. Yes the assets are conditionally frozen for case(s) that will not see the light of day until 2019 but the court can be petitioned to sell the place, if Bemer really wants to sell it. Yes the proceeds of the sale will be attached until the civil suits are resolved. Bemer has more than 4 times the assets needed to cover the suits even without the racetrack and courts always like cash so I don’t see the sale being blocked. Bottom line is the stands have real issues that if not addressed as soon as this season is over (begin replacing them) the track will not open again on schedule. Everyone seen what has happened this year when the tracks opening was delayed. If the racers, fans and sponsors do not hear from a new owner at the very end of this season at the latest everyone is wasting their breath. The track needs to open on time with Nascar as a sanctioning body for credibility , return of some cars, drivers, fans and sponsors. Most do not realize the place doesn’t even have a septic system. Water for the place is held in a old tank trailer which is filled by an undersized water line. The stands are partially closed and are overdue to be replaced. One would think that the town patience has warn thin by now and you can not continue on the hope that whom ever is signing off on them will continue to do so. The court would not allow an undervalued sale. I am thinking the number needed will be over 2 million. That number is more than Bemer purchased it for and no doubt would be acceptable by the court. Then realistically the place needs another million to replace the stands, concessions, and bathrooms. And then there is the drainage issue. Yes the place could be the short track of the East that everyone could be proud of but you need someone that has very very deep pockets, loves racing and has a considerable amount of cash on hand. 3 million think about it the property is not worth that much. If that amount is borrowed and needs to be paid back you will never see the track make it. The best thing that could happen is for all involved if they truly want this track to continue is put their differences aside and push for the sale now before it is to late.

  74. What were you right about? The track is open that was supposed to be closed. People are sitting in the stands that were supposed to have never been repaired. I bet you were crying in your cereal bowl the day after the election. I’m sure your prediction on that was correct also.

  75. darealgoodfella says:

    Who speaks the truth, brad or rich?

  76. Fast Eddie says:

    Any working racetrack is still better than a former racetrack, no matter the circumstances. When tracks close down they hardly ever reopen and end up disappearing altogether.

  77. How about a shout out to Rhea. A first person account with no bone to pick and humble in admitting to knowing only what was experienced and nothing more. And Rich and Brad as well. Both providing actual facts of problems that exist, the realities of the season that many including me never thought would happen and making predictions and recommendations as well. And a restaurant review to boot.
    Check the calendar. We’re in the home stretch so the clock is ticking for this topic for this season. Before you know it we’ll be rangling over what may happen next season with equally inaccurate predictions and conjecture as well as some spot on observations as well. I guarantee that prediction 100% you betcha.

  78. Brad makes the most sense. Sometimes stop gap measures that are put in place don’t always work and that is what this is all about.

    Anyone can be a qualified buyer if they have 2-3 mil to invest however, it is the person that has the business smarts and experience to assemble an effective leadership team to bring the plan to fruition. That is what is needed right now to get the Bowl back up and running as a successful venue.

  79. darealgoodfella says:

    “Being right too soon is socially unacceptable.” – Robert A. Heinlein

    If you go over the earlier threads on the Speedbowl, starting when Bemer was arrested, you will see that I say the Bowl needs to be sold immediately to prevent all this acrimony that is going on. The owner and the Bowl need to be separated as soon as possible to increase the chances that the Speedbowl survives.

    I said that right away and you all said that the Bowl is just fine, everything is great. LOL.

  80. darealgoodfella says:

    Awesome Keith Rocco!!!!!!

    Great win Keith Rocco!!!!

  81. I’m pretty sure no one said everything was great with the Speedbowl in the early days of the controversy. Nor do I believe there were many that were not in favor of a quick sale. Most simply felt that under the circumstances with the civil suits and the history of the property being sub standard from an investment standpoint a quick sale was remote at best. So after I finish the work for the day on the rear clip I’m working to make serviceable on my rusted out GMC Sonoma racing snow plow truck I may check the archive. Emotions ran high and it could be interesting.

  82. darealgoodfella says:


  83. There goes daidiot repeating himself over and over. What is it they say about that? Something about insanity? I for one never thought this was going to be a great season like the past 2 years. And was disappointed when the deal fell through with Jeff Z. There’s actually been more people in the stands than I expected.

  84. Edward Ryan says:

    Rich, I also was disappointed when the deal fell through with Jeff Z. When the article came out I remember it said they walked away, I have my doubts that is what really happened. I am willing to bet that if the track was put up for sale for the rumored sale price of 2 million today Jeff would have it sold tomorrow.

  85. Edward Ryan says:

    And yes Brad speaks the truth.

  86. No one will read this probably but I did check the archive and a couple things.

    The June 24th article about the Gada’s was when much of the emotion reached a head. Read the comments to see how you fared in the back and forth.

    Regarding Dareal’s “being right too soon” I can safely say that’s a great quote if not applicable in this case. He did provide some amazingly timely observations for sure and supported the sale of the track ASAP. His hatred of the idea of the track opening is also very well documented and this entry is a common theme.
    June 17:
    “Guilty by association.
    I don’t think Sid meant to scare anyone away. What Sid wrote was real. I’m disgusted just driving by the track, I won’t go there until it is sold, and the present owner has nothing to do with the track. Patronizing the track is tacitly approving Bemer, and people simply will not do that.”

    On being right too soon he had this to say on May 24 just after the initial announcement for a delayed opening was proven to be premature:

    “Doug, being optimistic is wonderful. Being delusional is something else.
    Teams, the employees, staff, fans, sanctioning body, fans, series, fans, etc. have all made it clear they are not supporting the track as long as Bemer is still the owner. They have pulled out and made it clear they are not going to be involved with the track. Without the cars, teams, series, staff, etc., and oh yeah, those paying customers, there is nothing going on at the track. Nothing.
    At this point, Bemer would be better off to just go radio silent for a few months and let this blow over. All these false starts are hurting the cause.”

    The track opened, cars have come to race, people have come to watch and I’m guessing none of them feel they are “tacitly approving Bemer” or his actions.
    Point is we all were right and wrong at times regarding the Bowl and Dareal was just one of the folks in that regard.

  87. Care to document all his ridiculous comments on the stands? Lol

  88. Yikes that would be tough. That job would be to big. As would trying to document your entries needling him on it rich.

  89. True , but you have to admit it’s warranted.

  90. Absolutely!

  91. darealgoodfella says:

    Doug, rich… Did you guys read brad’s post, just above, from August 9th, 5:56 PM? And conferred by Edward Ryan? Brad pretty much reiterated what I had been saying from the very beginning, and added even more detail.

    But you just don’t like what brad said, it goes against what you want to believe.

  92. My reference to Brad’s entry.
    “And Rich and Brad as well. Both providing actual facts of problems that exist, the realities of the season that many including me never thought would happen and making predictions and recommendations as well.”
    OK so right off the bat you got that wrong. I sighted it and gave Brad accolades. And you know what. I have given your Dr Jekyll comments accolades as well on numerous occasions. It’s the Mr Hyde I object to. And Mr. Hyde includes your unearned self congratulations. You’re right and wrong like everyone else. Bragging, uncool.
    As to your quotes, what can I say. You said what you said. People can judge for themselves.
    And I’d like to close with an observation after reading so many old comments. Art is the winner. He is always relevant, concise providing tight, one paragraph entries and is most always respectful, informed and civil. As opposed to you and me Dareal on the other end of the spectrum going on and on and on and frequently go off like grenades on occasion.

  93. darealgoodfella says:

    And the fact remains that conditions at the bowl still need to improve, as detailed above by brad and confirmed by others, and will probably not be sustainable much longer with the current ownership and outsourced crew running the place.


    I was right again.

    Keith Rocco RULEZZZZZZZ!!!!!

  94. Others will judge your correctness for themselves. I just provide the quotes. One thing that is striking is how you share many of the same characteristic with a president that is frequently the target of your ridicule.

  95. darealgoodfella says:

    Hey Doug, ever hear of satire, sarcasm, etc.?

    You are in need of Saturday Night LIVE!!!!

  96. Indeed I love satire and SNL’s masterful use of it. Not to be confused with muddled attempts at subjects that end as a fail then the author uses the satire defense to deflect from the failure. Trump and his surrogates use that tactic frequently as well after he makes some grossly inappropriate observation. Sarcasm I like to leave to bitter mother in laws and those that are insecure.

  97. darealgoodfella says:

    No matter how you try to deflect and divert, the 🚽 needs lots of help. You just can’t ignore-it-away. All that brad and others have posted and agreed to is true, no matter how much you attack the messengers.

  98. Edward Ryan says:

    Curious, prior to this post there were 97. Has there been articles that had more?

  99. No truer words aye Edward Ryan. It’s like two old guys at a bar at closing time arguing about who the greatest band was of all time and too drunk to get up and leave.

  100. darealgoodfella says:

    Keith Rocco rules Waterford!!!! Nobody can beat him at Waterford!!!!

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