Sliding Into Home: Rob Janovic Jr. Uses Late Save To Grab SK Modified Victory At Speedbowl

Rob Janovic Jr. celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD – Call it the wiggle and waggle to win.

Rob Janovic Jr. was able to recover from a last lap miscue to grab his first victory of the season in the 35-lap SK Modified feature Saturday at Wings & Wheels at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

The victory mean Janovic has SK Modified wins in 15 of the last 18 seasons at the Speedbowl. Janovic, of Waterford, was the 2007 SK Modified champion at the Speedbowl.

“To me, personally and this team, it’s monumental to be able to do this,” Janovic said. “Short season, taking a week off, the cars at the front every week are fast every week. So winning is going to be even harder. To get a win and to keep the streak alive where I win at least just one every year, to me that’s huge. I’m definitely going to go for more, but that makes the season for us. This was the best car has been. We were down on power and we kind of didn’t even know it until we checked the motor last Sunday. We yanked it out, had it rebuilt and boom, we’re in victory lane.”

Kyle James of Ashway, R.I. was second and Keith Rocco of Wallingford third.

Janovic went from second to the lead past Paul Buzel on the first lap. A lap later James to moved to second past Buzel with Rocco following to third. From there James stalked all over Janovic’s bumper lap after lap.

On the final lap James got into Janovic hard in turn three. Janovic’s car wiggled wildly through turn four before he wrangled in the squirrely ride and drove to the checkered flag.

“Kyle is hungry and he’s damn good,” Janovic said. “His car is fast. I knew there wasn’t much of an outside groove tonight because of all the rubber. I was fast enough that they couldn’t get up and around me. I knew as long as I hit my marks I could stay in front of him and I knew that Kyle would run me clean. That last lap I tiptoed it into turn three a little bit more than I had before. Probably kind of took him by surprise. I was expecting a shot in the rear, but I didn’t think it would be that hard. By the grace of god I just hung on to it.”

Said James: “I was thinking win, but when he backed out there and I got into him I just immediately thought ‘I’ve got to give it back to him.’ I don’t want to be that guy. They probably would take it away from me anyway. I’d rather see those guys win and I’ll take second and be happy with that.”

Dana DiMatteo of Farmington won the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature. Andrew Molleur of Shelton was second and Wayne Burroughs Jr. of Oakdale third.

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  1. Wow 10 car field and your’s a damn extra distance heat for gods sake

  2. SK’s had 12 cars, up from 8 last week and includes some top teams and great action.. And I have to say it seems disingenuous to trash a full nights racing using incorrect information on one of many divisions.

  3. Tom s,I say you weren’t there so why talk trash about the Speedbowl?Janovic and James showed how to race short track.Sure we can use more SK’s this year,however considering the circumstances we are doing great.By the way,the Speedbowl had a great crowd last night.

  4. I still think it’s a joke. So I missed 2 cars oops. Still down 1/2 from last year. Glad you had fun watching your extra distant heat.

  5. Sportsman and limited are the only divisions at that track worth watching. And to take it further Wednesday gets more cars than Saturday. Glad your supporting the track but call it what it is the racing sucks in Lm and Sk. No cars boo. Waste of money

  6. I gave the thieves running the Speedbowl my money last night for the last time. I usually don’t complain about ticket prices, but that was robbery, there’s no other word for it. The Super Mods are a big reason for the $40 ticket price. I’m not saying I went there because they were there, but its part of the reason why I can understand paying a $40 ticket price. Then the people running the track screwed every fan in that place. A 75 lap race became a 50 lap race then became a 40 lap race because of rain when they should have never been running that late. Nobody pays extra to see the three quarter midgets or lite midgets or sk lites. So why were these divisions run before the Supers when everyone knew there was a threat of rain and it was getting too late? The Supers should have never been scheduled last. And someone should have been smart enough to run them right after the Valenti series when they knew they were in trouble with the schedule. Fans paid a more than double than normal ticket to see them and got screwed royally. Imagine if you went to a movie theater and paid $15 to see a movie and halfway through the movie just stopped and the people at the theater told you to go home, that’s all you’re getting and wouldn’t refund you for what you paid for. I know delays happen and I know weather can’t be controlled, but the track should have moved things around. That ball was in their court and they screwed every fan in there by not making sure one of the top divisions people paid to see was run correctly BEFORE the filler division crap. These people running this track now are a disaster and are only in business to steal money from fans. They won’t get anything more from me.

  7. I’m willing to be that after all the blow back that there will be changes if the event is scheduled next year and if the Speedbowl is indeed still active. In theory it was a great program but the execution was terrible. These guys aren’t stupid. If they’re still around next year they’ll learn from the experience.

  8. Hey 450, so the 51 being a bottom feeder and having a wide back bumper showed us how to race short track? Really? It is called BLOCKING. James was being a gentleman and good thing it was not Teddy running second, the 3 tap rule would have been in effect.

  9. humphry, running the bottom line is not blocking. 51 stayed in his lane giving the outside to pass which proved to be difficult for james. kyle is a class act and both put on a great show. You sir are clueless

  10. The 51 is no bottom feeder.He is a former track champion and major weekly contender.Kyle James rapped the 51 dozens of times(on the straights) right where he should have.Gentleman he was!Kyles’ move after the hit was one to remember.He gave up a win to preserve his honor.Further,Ryan’s bumper was twice as wide on Wednesday.

  11. Ronald Reagan says:

    I’m sure the crowd in Waterford Saturday took a hit because a lot of the Bowl Positive Police went to Charlottesville, Virginia Saturday for a group meeting. Pretty sure I saw some people on CNN carrying Tiki Torches and wearing #bowlstrong shirts.

  12. getserious says:

    Hey Doug, you say “these guys aren’t stupid.” i say that they must be. To run a program the way that Kantor 38 reports, they must be idiots, or at least care nothing at all about the fans’ experience. And I believe he speaks the truth because I was there a couple years ago, and they dragged out the program until it was midnight and they had to end at the first ensuing yellow. We all got short-changed that night, too. There is no excuse for that, unless they are crooks or idiots. They haven’t gotten a dollar from me since, either. Thanks for the reminder, Kantor38.

  13. Actually the show of the night was the 35 in the SKL feature going from 5 to last after blowing a shift on a restart and driving his was back to finish second with no cautions to help. If there was a caution at the end and he probably would have won since he was catching the leader.

  14. darealgoodfella says:

    Given the extremely low expectations for Waterford events, this looks like it was a smashing success.

  15. $50 to get in the pits was average however, you expect to see a full card, not a shortened super feature for the second consecutive year. Start the features earlier, move the victory lane ceremonies along (maybe for this one night the winner only) and keep the laps under caution to a minimum after the clean ups. In plain English move the show along and let the fans know that you are going to.

  16. I have to ask, is it annoying enduring the delays for interviews and pictures of the “podium” finishers . Is being interviewed a big deal for the drivers. Maybe giving them a chance to mention sponsors is important. It’s not even a podium, it’s a winners circle. And all the people at Stafford having to make there way out for pictures and then trudge all the way back. All of it wasn’t as noticeable when there were three divisions but now with 5 or 6 it’s freakin tedious man. Am I the only whiner here?

  17. Sharpie Fan says:

    So how much does Stafford jack up the price when a touring division is there? You get NO heats and only ONE extra feature.
    If you bothered to watch, the NEMA lites and TQ midgets had exciting finishes when the cars that led most of the laps were beaten near the finish.
    If you want to see a cheap Tour race go to Loudon. They only charge $25.
    Quit yer bitchin’.

  18. Bitchin’ or fan feedback. Potato, potaato.
    Count me as a fan of the touring division format at Stafford. I don’t know if the $30 is the right price but the program is great. Touring division heats then the swing right into under card features. Under card divisions that frequently have anemic car counts anyway that make heats somewhat futile. Then the touring division feature at a reasonable time then you’re on your way home. What’s not to like.

  19. getserious says:

    Answer,Doug : the extra $12.50 for so little extra. But I figure I have been getting $30 of racing every previous week from the SKs, so it works out.

  20. I hear you getserious. We love the SK’s don’t we. Week after week it’s ridiculous how good the racing is. Last week Pennink and Christopher trading spots with Dowling coming from the back lurking and almost stealing a second. Unreal.
    $17.50 for the regular show, a good deal for sure. But for me I sit there through the Dare, LLM and Late Model heats and features and the endless victory lane delays and just bet bored. So I’m committed to going less and paying the $30 for the special shows. It’s all solid action and I get to the Light and SK features quickly then either stay or not stay for the visiting tour feature. I wish the price could be lower but it is what it is and I’m never bored. Be well.

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