Keith Rocco Rolls Once Again In SK Modified At Speedbowl; Eric Goodale Wins MTS Event

Keith Rocco

The all-time winningest driver at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl is making a nearly weekly habit in 2017 of rewriting the track’s record book.

Keith Rocco rolled to victory in the 35-lap SK Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

It was the seventh victory in eleven SK Modified division start this year at the Speedbowl for Rocco, of Wallingford.

Todd Owen of Somers was second and Kyle James of Ashway, R.I. third.

The win marked the all-time division leading 87th SK Modified victory for Rocco at the Speedbowl and his 145th victory overall at the track.

Rocco also has 47 career Late Model victories, four Limited Sportsman division wins, three Valenti Modified Racing Series victories, two Truck Series wins, one Pro Four Modified win and one NEMA Lite win during his career at Waterford.

Eric Goodale of Riverhead, N.Y. won the 125-lap Exit Realty Modified Touring Series event. Woody Pitkat of Stafford was second and Ted Christopher of Plainville third.

Wayne Burroughs Jr. of Oakdale scored his third victory of the season in the 25-lap Mini Stock feature. Jordan Hadley of Waterford was second and Jacob Perry of Pawcatuck third.

Chris Meyer of North Franklin got his fourth win of the season in the 25-lap Limited Sportsman feature.

Jason Chicolas of Sutton, Mass. was second and Monte Gibbs of Killingworth was third.

Joey Ternullo of Middletown was announced originally by track officials as the winner of the 25-lap Legends feature. Late Saturday a victory lane photo posted of Ternullo was removed from the track’s Facebook page – without explanation – and Mike Blaskey was announced as the new winner of the Legends feature. As of Sunday morning track officials had offered no public explanation for the change in result.

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  1. darealgoodfella says:

    Rocco rocks the Speedbowl!!

  2. Nice win for Goodale.

    MTS is running Monadnock next week while most of the top point guys will be at Riverhead for the WMT race. Hmm…

  3. what happened to Max Zachem?

  4. Zeke,
    That’s unclear. As of 9:30 am Sunday no full results of the MTS event have been announced by the series or track through Facebook or press release.

  5. Max was seen at L&M hospital in New London Ct.
    What happened.???

  6. What do you mean zeke?

  7. To bad that this is the only track he can continue to win, he can’t win at Stafford, all he does there is block……he can win at Thompson, when they run……he has had opertunities within the modified tour and failed……he is stuck in limbo…..he will join the ranks of others,,,,,stuck at the bowl……

  8. Not a big Rocco fan but he doesn’t have mirrors in his car , makes it a little harder to block I think

  9. Not Fred Lorenzon says:

    Old Max spent the night driving like a lunatic, a fast one, but a lunatic none the less. He wrecked the 25 car bad getting into three and Rowan went mental screaming at both the 16 crew and Max’s dad int he pits. Max later completely demolished the 38 car on the white flag lap, nearly flipping the kid over into the turn 1 and 2 fence. The kid from the 38 then caught up with Max in the pits while he was still in his car and did a full blown Chris Jones on him. His face literally exploded when he got punched, blood EVERYWHERE from the door and roof of the 16 throughout the entire length of the trailer. Don’t know if anyone got arrested though.

  10. He got punched and no it was not TC

  11. James Scott says:

    Jeff please enlighten us on what it takes succeed. Keith Rocco is a great wheel man.

  12. I don’t think you can say much bad about Keith he builds his own cars ,motors and is what a real racer USED to be. Not like daddy’s boys of today that can’t even break down a tire from a rim if you asked them to . He was my hero of the night Saturday. Great job from a real racer . Loser of the night went to temper tantrum water head after he got fenced . Followed by the loser that punched max while he was still strapped in his car .

  13. Added facts says:

    Not Fred L you left out Zachem was still belted in and was taking his helmet off when the bush league sucker shot was delivered. Let the guy get out of his car and square up with him so he can at least defend himself.

  14. So I guess Max dodged a bullet with Pennik but was not so lucky with the 38. The 38 looked real bad when I saw it and I just hope the kid is OK.

  15. That’s interesting because doesn’t Rowan run the same 16 team at Thompson? Wonder what they’ll do with Ladyga. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the Ladyga family get kicked out of Waterford for a season a few years back when they ran a Legend? For fighting I believe.

  16. Hey 2 bad, thought Keith drove Troyer cars and he works for Pettit so unless he owns Troyer and Pettit I have to question your logic.

    So it sounds like Zachem had a stellar night. Driving like a meat head junking cars.

  17. Clearly Rocco does not build his own engines nor does he build his own chassis. He put’s them together with the million other things needed and makes it all work and turn left. Thats a pretty huge deal in itself and he does it on a bunch of cars while trying to live his life. He’s competitive everywhere and wins at the Speedbowl. The only thing he isn’t is colorful. How is giving a steady, quietly talented guy respect so hard for some?

  18. Jeff, what are all these tour opportunities Rocco has failed at?
    2009 after TS Haulers parted ways with Blewett, they put Silk in one car and Rocco in another, he ran 3 races with a top 5 at Thompson. Silk won at Loudon and kept the ride. 2012 he ran the first 6 races of the season in the Boehler 3 car before breaking his wrist (1 top 5, 4 top 10s). Then in 2015 he took over the Chris Our car after they parted ways with Tommy Barrett. He ran 7 races before again breaking his wrist (1 top 5, 4 top 10s)

  19. According to the darealgoodfella max zakum is the future of the Whelen modified tour Lol

  20. Congrats Keith from Del and myself.. nice run in the MTS too!

  21. He’s been about to be getting his first win for how many years now?

  22. sour grapes of wrath says:

    so its ok to sucker punch someone while still belted in? where is the cerevolo crew?? did anyone dish out some return street justice?? guess they have all gone soft. I don’t care if you are “on the tour” I would not allow an attack on my driver while still strapped in to go without some retaliation.. sounds like waterhead showed great restraint last week and this week as well.. good for water head.. now there is a class act he does all his talking on the race track… pennick that is. ….perhaps lydaga will get his payback in the pokey (assault) ???..

  23. So does the 38 get banned from practice next week and have to start in the back? LOL. Sorry, wrong track.
    Interesting to see what MTS does. They can’t afford to suspend anyone. They might only get 10 cars as it is this weekend.

  24. Is the 38 a regular on the MTS? I haven’t really noticed him racing much this year. In the past he would show up in a SK at Thompson and Waterford every once in a while.

  25. Rich,
    My understanding is that was his first start with the series.

  26. This series is a joke.The 9 is the 00,the 88 is the 29…..this practice is totally disrespectful to the guys who have shown up at all races.This goes to tell me that the championship is in the bag and that the whole series is rigged.Nothing but a joke

  27. Muddbus461, I myself was wondering how that works. Someone on Facebook called it a “loophole that will be addressed next year.” Wasn’t very impressed with the slower than weekly modified division speeds for the speedbowl.

  28. I would bet the original intent was to just get as much team participation as possible. With their “chase format”, I’m guessing they were trying to keep the race winners continuing to show up. They did not take into account the “grey areas” of the participation rules that some teams chose to exploit. Hopefully this will be addressed for next season. Aside from the car# issues, I think overall they put on a good event.

  29. so the MTS champ can actually not race at all in the chase and win the championship?

  30. What I don’t understand is if the tire they use wear so good then why do they allow a tire change? How does that save any money? These tires should go 125 laps if they are better than the Hoosier.

  31. Still a Day Reader says:

    From the New London Day police log, 9/11/17: Nick Ladyjacks, 20, of Voluntown charged Saturday with third degree assault.

  32. Still a Day Reader says:


  33. Rich, if I read it correctly, to be eligible for the Chase, a team needed to run the first 6 races. The top 12 in points then compete to be in the top 5 in points for the last race at the Speedbowl. The best finisher from that top 5 wins the championship. The points go to the team owner, not the driver, hence the “car numbers game” for eligibility and maximum points. Everyone wants to be one of the top 5 after this weekend to go for the $10K.

  34. Eddie,
    Points are awarded to the Car, so having teddy and rocco running their own cars with somebody elses # how is that the same car? Its a shame what they are doing and I will not support them again.

  35. Rich, I know. I’m not a fan of that either. The rule should be that you must use the correct team car. If you need a substitute driver, that’s fine, as the points go with the owner. IMHO, car substitutions should only be allowed if the team has multiple cars with the same car# (small track vs. big track) or if a team gets a new car mid-season. Either that, or allow teams to miss a race or two and still be eligible for the championship. The racing has been good, but I think the points system needs some additional rules.

  36. You shouldn’t have to think about and figure out a point system. It’s like Cup, there are so many ins and outs Im lost. The 78 won the “regular season” and I have no idea what that means. MTS is just as conmplicated. Keep it simple.

  37. The whole MTS points/championship thing sounded overcomplicated when they announced it, but the issue now is that the people who run the series have manipulated their own system multiple times to make sure Preece and McKennedy get to run for the championship in the last race. Zero credibility left there. The system was supposed to reward teams that showed up for every event. Instead they fixed it to reward McKennedy, who drives for the series sponsor, and Preece, so they can suck off some of those NASCAR golden boy positive vibes.


  39. Preece is in 12th. He needs to gain 7 spots to be in the championship fight. He is also 50 points behind at the moment. I think he would need a small miracle to be in the top 5 after Saturday, no matter who’s got the “substitute 6” at Monadnock. Positions 6-9 are within 18 points of 5t right now.

  40. FastEddie,
    ” The rule should be that you must use the correct team car. If you need a substitute driver, that’s fine, as the points go with the owner.” So then a regular (TC, Rocco) sells their car, renumbers for the new car owner and is a relief driver. After the race is over the car owner sells the car back to (TC. Rocco) and they still collect the points. Not easy to make the rule cover everything and as you know from experience. Racers always find the gray areas.

  41. Very true… maybe they could go by chassis/frame numbers. The owner’s chassis #(s) could be registered with officials at the beginning of the season and checked by the tech guys at races. A midseason (non-one day) purchase could be added as needed. If that wouldn’t work I’m out of ideas.

  42. Very simple solution. Give the points to the driver. I know some drivers compete on the WMT and other tours and that would cause the drivers to make a choice where to race on which date.

    Once again it all comes down to the fact their is way too many modified series in the Northeast. It is time for one or two of them to go away for the good of the racers, us fans, and racetracks having to deal with lost revenue due to less than stellar car counts at most events.

  43. Crazy in NY says:

    What I don’t understand is if the tire they use wear so good then why do they allow a tire change? How does that save any money? These tires should go 125 laps if they are better than the Hoosier.———————————————————————————————————————————————–
    At Perry Speedway (WCIS) last weekend they had a 75 lap AR race with a tire change. Why ???you ask
    Tire companies sell……tick ….tick…..tick. just a few more seconds……. You got it. !!!! TIRES !!!!!
    next question ?

  44. So crazy, something tells me that you do not have the intellectual ability to carry on a meaningful conversation with anyone never mind understand the context of questions that people ask.

  45. I guess no one saw Rocco dump the 21 in the wall a few weeks ago and get away with it, then make accusations on how the handy cap system should work or who should or can start up from in races in victory lane. Not much of a professional at all and will never to grow up and is just a whimpering baby.

  46. Dougdacheater says:

    RacefanA, what are you referring to, this comment seems out of place and incoherent within the current discussion. I fail to see the quotes you are talking about in this story.

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