Bounty Placed On Matt Hirschman For Tri-Track Mod Series Closer At Seekonk

(Press Release from Tri-Track Open Modified Series)

Matt Hirschman

Officials of the Tri-Track Open Modified Series (TTOMS) have announced a bounty on Matt Hirschman of Northampton, PA, in the upcoming Haunted Hundred at Seekonk Speedway on Saturday, October 28.

Hirschman is undefeated in TTOMS competition thus far in 2017; scoring victories in the lucrative Open Wheel Wednesday and SBM IV events at Seekonk and Star Speedways respectively as well as the most recent event at Star.

Any competitor who dethrones Hirschman will receive a $1,500 bonus (should Hirschman also be on the lead lap). If Hirschman out-duels the competition yet again, he will take home the $1,500 bonus.

There are plenty of contenders who can earn themselves the $1,500 bounty. The likes of newly crowned champions Anthony Nocella, the 2017 Modified Racing Series (MRS) Champion, and Jon McKennedy, 2017 International Supermodified Series (ISMA) Champion, top the list of red-hot competitors. Ryan Preece, Rowan Pennink, Woody Pitkat, Ron Silk and Tommy Barrett have to be among the favorite drivers having filed early entries for the Haunted Hundred.

After securing the pole at the Modified Tour event during World Series Weekend at Thompson, Chase Dowling will undoubtedly take a shot at Hirschman for the victory and the bounty. Fresh off his win in the MRS finale at Lee USA Speedway, Russ Hersey will be looking to put his prowess at the Cement Palace to the test. Hersey is a former Pro Stock winner of the prestigious D. Anthony Venditti Memorial.

You can never count out the likes of the hometown heroes Vinnie Annarummo and Ryan Vanesse. Dark horses to score the bounty include Chris Pasteryak, Derek Ramstrom, Jon Kievman and Richard Savary.

A total of 34 teams have filed entries thus far for the Haunted Hundred.

Pit gates will open at 8am on Saturday, October 28. Grandstands will open at 11am with racing starting at 1pm. Pit admission is $35. Adult general admission is $25 and children 12 and under are admitted free. Also on the racing card is a 50-lap main event for Late Models and a 30 lapper for the INEX Legends. Building on a Seekonk Speedway Halloween tradition, prizes will be awarded for the best costumes. Children and adults alike are invited to participate in the costume contest. The rain date for the Haunted Hundred is Sunday, October 29.

Tickets are available online by visiting or by calling the Speedway office at 508.336.9959 Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. To learn more about the Tri-Track Modified Series, visit

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  1. Another $1500 in Matt’s pocket. I’m sure he is happy. Pennick and Nocella are the only two guys who have even been close. Maybe McKennedy too.

    How about a Tri Track event at Mahoning Valley in 2018? Let’s get a little crazy next year. Maybe a May race when ROC and WMT have more open weekends. I know you kids want to see it.

  2. Can’t wait and I will be there. Bounty in place just like the old days, this is going to be a shootout. Glad to see that the bounty has a cavait though that he has to be on the lead lap. But coming to the checker I guess all is fair in love and war!
    Hope Coby will be there and maybe Matt will return the favor from the tour race and take the additional $1,500. Plenty of senerios to consider.

  3. Can we use his Motor to race him? If not we won’t stand a chance.

  4. Instead of a bounty, try not giving him the pole in the first heat. I know it is usually by luck of the draw when you sign in, but he seems to have Richie Evans luck when it comes to drawing. I have been to too many races where he has a pole shot in the first heat. He then wins the heat without hurting his tires. Then a straight up pole shot in the feature. Doesn’t have to pass a car all night. Makes it much easier. I know the last race at Star Wayne Darling offered a bonus to the front row starters to drop to the back. Preece took it, Hirschman didn’t. He said he was concerned about winning the points. I think he didn’t want to try and pass cars.

  5. It’s not all about HP at Seekonk, handling and tire management I think are the key ingredients to win. And of course traction control always helps. And sense they don’t check for it, even though the rules say it is illegal who knows who has it and who doesn’t.

  6. Ed, what Matt said was he didn’t care about points. He doesn’t tow 7 hrs for points. He is there for the cash. I don’t knock him for that. I was more ticked at Preece for going to the back at Star. He was the only guy who could have run with Matt at Star. Instead, he was a non factor. Given Preece’s performance, Matt made the right call.

  7. Hey Ed, how about at the end of qualifying you put numbers 1-10 in a hat and have someone draw a number out if the hat and that is the number of cars that will be inverted for the feature. If they draw 1 everyone starts straight up, if they draw 10 then the top 10 cars are inverted and so on.

  8. I envy the TTOMS. Is there any chance it would appear on the Stafford schedule?

  9. All this means is someone will wreck him to win $1500.

  10. Unit should stipulate, you have to beat him, not wreck him

  11. *It

  12. I think he will win
    He has a nice car too
    It is shiny and very nice
    He wins a lot
    He goes faster than others

  13. Anythings possible but they always said they want to keep them at the smaller tracks. Always put on a good show at Waterford. I heard they didn’t come this year because of money not the ownership issue.

  14. Read the words people! Matt has to finish on lead lap. Wrecking him won’t work.

  15. James McG says:

    Again, maybe instead of an extra incentive for winning, the owner/promoter needs to hire a tech team. If that red 60 car was made legal, he more than likely wouldn’t win. We kept hearing from someone from N.Y. here that the reason that car won was because it turned better than the rest. If you remember, he also stated we would be eating crow when that black 60 car came to Seekonk and Oswego and also turned better than the whole field of NWMT cars. Well, when that didn’t materialize, we didn’t hear anymore about that claim. Just this weekend, a track over here in N.Y. had a $10,000 to win modified race (Perry, N.Y.). And guess what, Matt won again. However, the daily schedule for this race only had 1 hour between the time the pit gates opened and practice started. And this 1 hour was designated for “Pre Technical Inspection”. Not sure what pre technical inspection is. Maybe they just line up for inspection, then get told “well there is no time for inspection, practice is about to begin”.

  16. Mix it up ..nice thinking

  17. Crazy in NY says:

    Again, maybe instead of an extra incentive for winning, the owner/promoter needs to hire a tech team. If that red 60 car was made legal, he more than likely wouldn’t win.

    or Mr McGoo (Hoosier Daddy, Stockcarmemories) why don’t you call the promoters of the TTOM
    and offer your expert NASCAR tech skills and prove the red 60 is cheating? You can direct them to right where the rule infraction is. But I’ll not hold my breath. Drive by internet pot shots require a lot less work. ( Right Ron?)

  18. You obviously don’t hang around the races and watch the tech process.

  19. That “Black 60 car” won the pole at both races, got punted from the lead at Seekonk and finished second at Oswego. Completely torn apart at both races by NASCAR officials. Just for your info.

  20. Muddbus461 says:

    And he won $4k at Evergreen on Sunday…nice weekend with $14k in winnings……….

  21. Crazy in NY says:

    “Another $1500 in Matt’s pocket. I’m sure he is happy. Pennick and Nocella are the only two guys who have even been close. Maybe McKennedy too.”

    God people write stupid stuff
    Preece,Barrett,Masse and Andy J have all beaten Matt before and this thought that it’s an almost slam dunk is just foolish. Hardly easy money , he’ll have to be on top of his game to score a sweep in 2017.
    Either way it’s going to be an interesting race. No reason to sit this one out.

  22. James McG is absolutely spot on about the lack of tech the RED # 60 is subjected to. I take in a few of the mod races here in N.Y. and PA., as well as about 50% of the NWMT races. The officials at the ROC and Wyoming County have not a clue what is under the skin of the red 60 car. I watch it get unloaded from the trailer, and I’m still there when it is loaded back in the trailer. And I can tell you if it is being properly scrutinized, it must be by x-ray vision. Not sure what goes on with the TTOMS, as I don’t attend those. But, I’ve read other comments on here that the TTOMS is no different tech wise as the ROC or the races at Wyoming County. I can’t understand why a track owner/promoter would put up so much money for a race, when he/she can’t be sure the playing field is equal (it will eventually hurt the car count). The days of “run what cha’ brung, and hope you brought enough” has been gone for decades. It cost too much to field a basic, competitive car that fits a certain set of rules (without having to go outside the boundary of those rules for certain races because of no tech). The racers expect an even playing field, no matter where they go. And the black 60 car and the red 60 car are two different ones. The black one is built, and inspected to the NWMT rulebook. And as you can see, it just doesn’t seem to be so dominant as the red one. Dennis, so he sat on the pole at the those two races (the winner of only four of the races on the NWMT started on the pole this year). Apparently he had a qualifying set-up under the car for those race. The race pays the worthwhile money, not the qualifying. And he dumped himself at Seekonk, he started blocking and chopping the 2 car at lap 10. I’m surprised Coby waited till around lap 60 to show his displeasure with that driving style the 60 car displayed. Coby held his ground, was clearly under the 60 and and didn’t back off. Matt knocked himself out. And the last TTOMS race had a lower than advertised car count. We’ll see how this one coming up does.

  23. Folks,
    I know we’ve gone over this rule before, but it seems like we need to reinforce it once again. NO vulgarity here. And nothing representing vulgarity is going to be approved. Just because you put some symbols instead of letters or just because you don’t actually write the whole word out or you use capital letters, it’s not going to go.

  24. darealgoodfella says:

    $h@wn, th@nx 4 a!! U do 2 keep thi$ pl@¢e ¢le@n.

  25. darealgoodfella says:

    NH Mark said: “Read the words people! Matt has to finish on lead lap. Wrecking him won’t work.”

    Mark, let me explain something to you regarding “reading” around here… nevermind.

  26. Fast Eddie says:

    I’ve hung out and watched post race tech at some TTOMS races. I’m just a fan, but I thought it looked comparable to VMRS and WMT tech. The last time at Star Speedway it seemed they took extra time checking it out, more than the other cars.

  27. there’s a bunch of modified racers that can beat Hirschman. the list of drivers in the same class as Hirschman is a short one and here it is: Preece, McKennedy, Santos, Blewett, Hossfeld, Jankowiak, Emerling, Beers, Myers and Bohn. Coby? Puh-leeze. get him out of the division where it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to win tens of thousands of dollars and he’s an also ran. the nascar division is for the well funded teams, but these teams are far far from the best modified teams.

  28. Word is Evergreen Tech wanted to DQ the 60 on Sunday night for not allowing the track to take his ignition box. Also it was found that his switch he claims is a kill switch does not kill his motor. Promoter over ruled tech inspector. So I challenge TriTrack to do same inspection as Evergreen did, pull the body off the car, check his wiring, find out why the kill switch don’t shut motor off, and check his ignition box

  29. Crazy in NY says:

    Coby, excuse me, is not an also ran. That is a foolish statement in my opinion. What is equally foolish however is that Matt can only win unless he cheats. Too many on here have it an all or nothing game.
    Matt was fast qualifier in both of the Tour races he ran. He was spun in the Seekonk race ( by Coby)
    because some of you said he was blocking. Just crazy like Matt or anybody else thinks you could block for 140 of 150 laps. He ran second to Preece at Oswego…he musta been legal at that race right? cause he didn’t win. Pete C who admits he doesn’t attend TTOM races still has an opinion based on other peoples “facts”. I’ve invited the know it alls to contact the TTOM officials with their own ‘technical knowledge” so they can help them find what the world is missing. call Todd Smith of the ROC tech staff and ask them what the 60’s trans weighs and what the ratio is in high. It’s all been checked. But he just couldn’t win with some of you no matter what. Did Tony cheat his way to 5 NASCAR titles? no? But Matt cheats.?….OK

  30. Crazy in NY, neither Preece, Barrett, Masse or Andy J have beaten Money Matt this year. Haven’t even passed him at speed. Thats a fact. I still haven’t seen a car pass the 60 at speed in a Tri Track event this year. If it wasnt such a walk in the park for him they wouldn’t have issued the bounty. Matty whipped em at Mountain and Mahoning this month too. Just saying…

    Also, lost in the tour race at Seekonk. Matt passed almost the entire field on track after going to the back. If it wasn’t for losing a lap in the pits he would have caught Coby by the end. I watched him every lap too. Watch the telecast if you don’t believe me. But he passed tech there so I give him credit for that.

  31. Crazy in NY says:

    NH Mark… facts are Preece beat Matt at Oswego and Andy J beat Matt and the red 60 in question at Lancaster at the US Open THIS YEAR. Look it up.

  32. Crazy in NY says:

    also Mark , Matt has not turned a single lap at MVS this year so I don’t know where you get your information from.
    Is he having a phenomenal season?,,,no question but is that a new thing?
    from a Wiki entry on Geoff Bodine and his 1978 season:
    In 1978, Bodine won more races than any other Modified driver in recorded history. Driving cars owned by Dick Armstrong with Billy Taylor and Ralph Hop Harrington as crew chief, Bodine started 84 feature events and won 55 of them
    and….this entry from the Phil Smith Looking Back article on the Chrome Horn .. quote:
    Thirty five years ago,in 1982, Greg Sachs and the invincible Ernie Wilsburg no.5 continued their dominance of the Modified division as they cleaned house at the World Series at Thompson……..

    so a guy having a career year isn’t possible because he’s just really good …he cheats must be.
    Beam me up!!!

  33. I was talking about Tri Track. That is the topic. None of them have beat him at a Tri Track event. Not even close.
    Matt only ran two tour races. Won the pole first time out and then got dumped so who knows what could have been there. Then Oswego.

    I meant Evergreen, not MVS. My bad there. It’s not a career year. It’s like eight years. Four out of six at Star. Four Seekonk Opens I believe. It’s been going on a while. Bodine in 78 was strong but again, when a guy hasn’t been passed under green something is up and I have been at all the Tri Track races this year.

  34. I was at Evergreen this past weekend. I saw something going on with someone from the track at the 60 car after the race. I didn’t pay any attention to it at the time, as they were in the process of loading the car. After I read the post from rich above, I called a friend who works on a car at Evergreen on a regular basis (he finally got back to me today). His take was the same as the rendition that rich gave. The tech tried to do his job, and was told to leave the car alone. This is sad, and a good way to sink your speedway program.

  35. Thanks for the backup Pete, what I said was true, where are all the supporters of the theory he is just better at tire management and set ups than everyone else? That is totally false there is only 3 possibilities to explain this odd situation
    1. He is the Most Dominant Driver Ever (Can’t find anybody that agrees with that)
    2. The Car is the Best Modified Ever (If it was he would run that car on the Tour instead of Black Car)
    3. He has something different than everybody else (Most likely but never really pursued by anybody)

  36. darealgoodfella says:

    It’s the flux capacitor. When are you going to learn?

    NH Mark, that you narrow it down to TriTrack exclusively only raises the red flags even higher.

    If Hirsch was that good, he’d be running and ruling the NWMT. What’s he afraid of on the NWMT?

  37. James McG says:

    If Hirsch was that good, he’d be running and ruling the NWMT. What’s he afraid of on the NWMT?
    darealgoodfella, your question has two different answers.
    Black #60, because he is afraid of being beat on a level playing field. NH Mark he ran 3 NWMT races (not 2) this year, and got beat in all three. An attempted pass of cars under caution at Myrtle Beach was costly for many teams including him.
    Red #60, because he is afraid of a concise inspection process.

  38. James McG says: If Hirsch was that good, he’d be running and ruling the NWMT. What’s he afraid of on the NWMT?

    stop! that tour has less driving talent than the RoC and MTS. the NWMT is for the rich kids! it’s a tour that costs hundreds of thousands with the financial upside of tens of thousands. full time NWMT participation is not a smart, sound financial decision. guys like Emerling, Hossfeld, Jankowiak, McKennedy, Blewett, Beers, Zeiner, Bohn, Myers would outrace Colbee in equal cars all day everyday. so would about 30 other modified drivers!! the NWMT is far far from the barometer for the best modified drivers. people become enamored because the word NASCAR is associated with something. most of the best short track racing in the country have nothing to do with NASCAR!

  39. Fast Eddie says:

    My limited racing knowledge tells me that “kill switch” might be what the drag racers call a “two-step”. You can set the max rpm’s to leave the starting line so you can just put your foot to the floor and keep from spinning the tires. After you leave the start line you would have normal maximum throttle. I’m not making any accusations, but I would something like that would make for some consistently awesome restarts, something Hirschman’s car does incredibly well. You can usually hear the engine difference at the drags with only two cars, but it might be tough to notice with 2 dozen cars jumping on the throttle at the same time… Just speaking hypothetically here.

  40. If you look at lap times for last 2 tri track races, the 60 ran his fastest lap after lap 90, all the other cars rans their fastest lap before lap 25, which is typical of Hoosier Tires, he is the only car out of 25 plus at both events that has done that. The numbers don’t lie people, he has more speed in his car and can use it at anytime he wants. His 90 plus lap time was 2nd fastest of anybody in the hole race on worn out tires, you are not supposed to gain speed as tires get older?

  41. darealgoodfella says:

    Fast Eddie, good point. Listen during qualifying, when they do time trials, or when there are few cars on the track during practice. At Waterford (no grip track) a couple years ago during time trials you could hear the engines breaking up as the traction control cut the ignition. It was so obvious.

    Rich, that’s the flux capacitor.

    This should be a great event, I’m looking forward to it.

  42. Interesting article re: Matt H in the new issue of Speedway Illustrated. It cites attention to detail re: tires, etc. as a key reason for Matt’s success.

  43. darealgoodfella says:

    Rafter Fan, ever hear of ball joint coolers?

  44. Rafter fan: I saw that writeup too. Was so surprised it did not once cite ‘dareal’ for his expert insights into what makes the 60 go. Obviously it was a bunch of rubbish. Total fake news!

    Btw: big crowd here at the Konk today…

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