Keith Rocco Rolls To SK Mod, Late Model Wins At Waterford; Locks Up Late Model Championship

Keith Rocco

The New London-Waterford Speedbowl’s all-time winningest driver continued to run up the numbers Saturday on one of his most amazing seasons ever at the shoreline oval.

Rocco rolled to victory in the 35-lap SK Modified feature. It was the ninth victory in 14 SK Modified events this year at the track for the Wallingford driver.

Ronnie Williams of Tolland was second and Kyle James of Ashaway, R.I. third.

Rocco also won the 30-lap Late Model feature for his fourth win in nine Late Model starts this year at Waterford. The victory clinched Rocco’s second consecutive Late Model championship at the track and his fourth overall, with all four coming over the last five seasons.

Rocco will take the SK Modified points lead into the division’s final event of the season at the Speedbowl on Oct. 22. Rocco is looking for his fifth consecutive SK Modified championship at the track and his seventh overall. Rocco has won all but one SK Modified championship at Waterford since 2010.

Rocco won the 2017 SK Modified championship at Stafford Motor Speedway. He takes the SK Modified division points lead into the final event at Thompson Speedway on Oct. 15.

Jason Palmer of Berlin was second in the Late Model feature and Bruce Thomas Jr. of Waterford third.

Bryan Narducci of Colchester got his third victory in six SK Light Modified division starts in the division’s 25-lap feature.

Wayne Burroughs Jr. of Oakdale was second and Dana DiMatteo of Farmington third.

Jacob Perry of Pawcatuck got his second win of the season in the 25-lap Mini Stock feature. Jordan Hadley of Waterford was second and Burrougs third.

Chris Meyer got his sixth win of the season in the 25-lap Limited Sportsman feature. Monte Gibbs of Killingworth was second and Al Stone III of Durham third.


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  1. Rhea LeVasseur says:

    Congrats Keith

  2. You don’t get to order off the Karma menu
    You eventually get served what you deserve

  3. Biggest field of sk’s this year. By far the worst race of the year. I like to complain about car counts but 14 for most of the season weren’t that bad for the most part. Didn’t see what happened to Diego but guess he got stuffed in the wall. Anyone see who got him? Not that it mattered but Rocco had the Thompson 57 last night. Wonder why.

  4. Paul Thurlow says:

    I was contemplating doing the double of the DAV at Seekonk (started at 2) and coming back to Waterford for their features.
    Still a little ticked off about no mention of Teddy, nothing-not even a simple moment of silence- at their final points race I decided the Venditti family didn’t need my $25 this week.

    I would have had plenty of time to do both. The Pit Party ran well past the 7:00 starting time.
    When the first thing you hear from the parking lot is Matt Buckler thanking everyone for their patience and there’s still 7 features to go you know it’s gonna be one of those nights.

    The Legends & the SKs had a ton of wrecks. I never get irritated by cautions for wrecks or spins. I do get irritated by lap after lap after lap of yellow flags when all I see is a clear track.
    Finally I figured out they-we- were waiting for cars to return from the pits. I’m sure the race teams appreciate the time but holy cow we are dying of old age out here in the grandstands. God Bless Matt Buckler, he has the patience of a saint.

    On a more upbeat note the crowd was very good & the car counts were pretty strong too. Late Models in the teens. The racing was good, as long as you’re cool with Kid Roc winning from some very golden starting spots.

    Congrats to Corey Coates on his 1st win in the trucks. Man those trucks do some serious banging compared to how seldom they actually spin out. Still think truck racing is goofy but entertaining nonetheless.

    It’s impossible to predict what will be for 2018, but I do appreciate the efforts of George, Brad, Lisa, etc for cobbling together a season out of nothing, and having to figure things out as they go.

    And, I wasn’t there for the ‘easter bunny’ thing. (Someone here knows what I mean) but I honestly think it was meant with only the best of intentions.

    Here’s hoping from miracle: a drama free 2018!

  5. Crew Man X says:

    Got to be a better way to do late model handicapping. Drawing out of a hat doesn’t work if the fastest car picks 2…..Rocco runaway snooze fest.

    Bryon Narducci destroyed the SK Lights again. No one is even in his orbit. The Molleur kid was sent to the back for clearly spinning someone out on the backstretch. Inexperience. You have to lose one before you win one. Ask Chase Dowling…..

    In the SK’s Ronnie Williams showed up and once again proves that guys from Stafford got the speedbowl guys covered. Meanwhile Rocco trolls the competition with the 3rd different car in 3 races. He effortlessly runs away with it again. Mad Props to Kyle James for a 3rd place finish in an ugly race, who must be sick his stomach as he continues to have the fastest car of his life…..

    Side Note: The 13sk spent a lot of time on the scales. Was he lite? Ill keep checking Facebook for a drama filled post by the tiny attention grabber himself Doug Dipisa. Im Kind of bummed they still ran that number. I feel like most reasonable people would never do that.

  6. The article is fine covering the basics. But a big thanks to Crew Man and Paul for providing their perspective and color commentary.

  7. Jerrypopadom says:

    The 35 lite getting sent tail must be the reason the father packed up the SK and left like a crying two year old. I was wondering why they weren’t out there. As for the 13 sk, you won’t get the truth from Doug as to the reason. It’s always St. Hillaires fault and the rest of the tech officials. Never his. Look at the fuel dq from last year. He was still crying about it earlier in the spring.

  8. The 25 was blocking the 81 and slowed the field down, good he got spun, and as far as Rocco he did a great job sending Diago in the wall on fire. The track did nothing about it., That makes 3 times this year he did it twice to the 21..

  9. Is Rocco that good, or maybe everyone else is not up to racing hard enough to beat him. Maybe I should come out of retirement and show all you nons out there how it’s done.

  10. Boy Mr. Buzel. Tell us how you really feel about Rocco, you constantly have something to say about him. If you were smart you would bring that car to him for a setup.

  11. sour grapes of wrath says:

    rocco…. everyone’s new scapegoat.. I think he can handle it… I was there never saw rocco send Monahan to the wall in turn two .. saw the 25 squirrelly and Monahan perhaps picking the high road on corner exit..then hello wall. there were faster cars pushing from behind if you are slow choose a lane and don’t block.. pretty simple ..PS saw that in all divisions not just the mods …

  12. Dannys Market says:

    I think that Doug DiPisa should just stay home and never show his face at a race track again. To leave the number thirteen on that SK is a disgrace to everyone that ever raced with Ted. You can say that it’s been YOUR number forever, but you forget, you were absolutely TERRIBLE until Teddy sat in that car. Not average, you were TERRIBLE!!!

    You say you’ve had the number since Riverside Park, well the only thing you won there was pick up truck races with a mod driver against street stock drivers. You’ve never won a Pinewood Derby race, a spelling bee or a potato sack race, never mind a SK race without TC getting it done for you. You’re a disgrace.

  13. Roll the video tape says:

    The #27 SK team put up a in car video on their drivers Facebook wall. Shows #78 get into back of the #25 and turn him sideways and #78 then launch into the wall. Was #78 being pushed from behind,not sure.

  14. The 25 again? Last year the 31 got destroyed with Diego.

  15. Roll the video tape says:

    From watching that video in no way was that the #25’s fault.

  16. Great video says:

    Great video. Diego gets into the 25 and as poor galko corrects it Diego drives right over his right rear. Not the 25’s fault at all.

    Let’s blame Rocco though. Must be his fault. I mean I’m sick of seeing him win every week too.

  17. sour grapes of wrath says:

    the 13 wasn`t retired at the bowl. I don’t see a big issue with leaving the number on the car… its up to the owner good,bad or indifferent…. I WOULD say I would not be comfortable taking over the ride of a legend where the number remained.. would have liked to see mike jr in the car but perhaps they are not up to it right now… and I don’t blame them one bit..I think he could do his uncle proud at the bowl if and when the opportunity presents itself..

  18. I don’t see an issue either. Especially with the dumb reasons Danny gave.

  19. Well said sour grapes. But the 82 has a history with Mike Christopher who at one time was actually a hair more successful then Ted at one time as I recall. Mike Jr will be using 82 where ever he goes I would think.

  20. Suggesting drivers and cars stay home. You betcha, just what short fields need.

  21. ModFan Homtracks says:

    Rich, Diego over-drove trying to pass the 25 and tire hopped his Right rear tire shooting himself into the wall. Rocco drove the 57 car to make sure he beat Williams. If Rocco drove his car, he’d only get 2 tires. He knew Williams was going and would have 8 stickers. At Waterford, tires follow the car, not the driver so Rocco also got 8 stickers for the race. Williams started 14th and went right to the front. If the 13 didn’t cut down on him and damage Ronnie’s Right Front, the kid would have beat Rocco. When it finally got going, it was a good race.

  22. Thanks modman. Very informative.

  23. williams fan says:

    Well Modman is right about one thing diego over driving. That guy can’t seem to lift off the gas for anything.
    I think new cars only get 6 tires not 8. If Rocco knew a stafford guy was coming with 4 tires then hats off to him for taking advantage of the system. I see a new rule coming now lol.
    I don’t know about any damage on williams right front, it would appear he ran his fastest laps of the race after any incident he was in. His car just went away on the long run and Rocco’s got better.
    Go Ronnie you are the best, If it wasn’t for luck you would win them all.

  24. kidd rock can drive a car it doesnt matter what kind he will hop in and destroy the track

    THEIR YOU GO 4 TIME CHAMP __–congrats kidd on your championship you drove the WHEELS of that #88 car “no actully you drove the weels of of that car”

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