On Tap: New London-Waterford Speedbowl Set For Season Ending Event

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New London Waterford Speedbowl LogoWhere: New London-Waterford Speedbowl

What: Speedbowl Finale

When: Friday – Sunday


Friday: 15-lap MTS Shootout. Grandstands open: 4 p.m. Racing begins: 5 p.m.

Saturday: 100-lap Granite State Pro Stock Series, 25-lap SK Light Modified, 30-lap Late Model, 35-lap 375 Sportsman, 25-lap X-Car, 25-lap Super X-Car, 25-lap TQ Midget, 25-lap Legends, 25-lap Pro Four Modified and 20-lap Bandolero. Grandstands open: 11 a.m.; Qualifying: 3 p.m.; Features immediately following qualifying.

Sunday: 125-lap Modified Touring Series, 80-lap SK Modified, 30-lap Limited Sportsman, 25-lap Mini Stock, 25-lap Truck and 25-lap NEMA Lites. Grandstands open: 11 a.m.; Qualifying: 1:30 p.m.; Features: Immediately following qualifying.

More: The 15th and final event of the season at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. … The first year Modified Touring Series will crown its champion, along with champions to be crowned in the Granite State Pro Stock Series and the Speedbowl’s regular weekly divisions. … In the last event at the Speedbowl on Oct. 7, Keith Rocco got his ninth victory in 14 starts this year in the SK Modified feature. … Other winners in the division this year include Todd Owen (two wins), Kyle James (two wins) and Rob Janovic Jr. … Rocco holds a 16-point lead over second place James at the top of the SK Modified standings with Owen in third place, 30 points behind. … The 32-year old Rocco, the track’s all-time winningest drivers, is looking to win his fifth consecutive SK Modified championship at the Speedbowl and his seventh overall dating back to 2010. Tyler Chadwick (2012) is the only other driver to win an SK Modified title at the track in the last seven years. Should Rocco win the SK Modified title it would be his 12th track championship at the Speedbowl overall. He also has four Late Model championships (2013, 2014, 2016, 2017) and a Limited Sportsman division title (2004). Rocco is also looking to became the first driver in history to sweep SK Modified championships in the same season at the Speedbowl, Stafford Motor Speedway and Thompson Speedway. … In the last Late Model feature at the track on Oct. 7, Rocco got his fourth victory in nine start this year and clinched the season title with one race remaining. … Other winner this year in the division include Anthony Flannery (three wins) Jason Palmer and Ray Christian III. … Bryan Narducci got his third win in his sixth start in the division in the last SK Light Modified feature on Oct. 7. … Other SK Light Modified winners this year include Dana DiMatteo (three wins), Andrew Molleur (three wins), Matt Galko, Brett Gonyaw and Dennis Charette. … DiMatteo holds a four-point lead over second place Molleur in the SK Light Modified standings. John O’Sullivan is third in the standings, 32 points behind DiMatteo. … Chris Meyer got his sixth win of the season in the last Limited Sportsman feature on Oct. 7. … Other winner this year in the division include Al Stone III (two wins), Jordan Hadley (two wins), Monte Gibbs, Ryan Waterman and Adrien Paradis. … Meyer leads second place Stone by 34 points in the division standings with Gibbs in third, 40 points off the lead. … Jacob Perry got his second win of the season in the last Mini Stock feature on Oct. 7. … Other Mini Stock winners this year include Jordan Hadley (four wins), Wayne Burroughs Jr. (three wins), Charles Canfield (two wins), Nick Pappacoda and Ken Cassidy Jr. … Canfield holds a two-point advantage over second place Burroughs in the Mini Stock standings with Perry in third, five points off the lead. Sean Caron is fourth in the standings, 21 points behind Canfield. … For more information check the New London-Waterford Speedbowl website.

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  1. Grandstands are free on Friday with no concessions. Nice way to start a jam packed weekend with unbelievably good weather forecast. Where will they put all the cars and please tell me they will have oxygen handy for Matt Buckler. Saturday could be a late night. Saturday and Sunday tickets $40, $37 for senors and $35 military. Children 12 and under free. $25 for pits on Friday, $50 for Saturday and Sunday. Will there be a season record for cars in the SK’s. A good sign was two weeks ago when Staffords DJ Burnham paid a visit and contributed to the best field this year.
    Yes there will be naysayers but what an end to the season that was never supposed to happen. Fingers crossed for new ownership next year and the hopeful return of the Gada’s.

  2. 33 MTS cars signed up, not bad. I wonder how Ronnie Silk ended up with a pro stock ride this weekend? Has he ever driven a fendered car?

  3. Magic Eight Ball says:

    Rich have you paid attention to the entry lists from these MTS people before? The actual teams that show up is usually closer to half of the fantasy entry list they put out. Remember, these are the same people that said they’d get 40 cars a race this season and usually struggled to get more than 15.

  4. Half the entry list not showing is a huge exaggeration…there’s typically 2-5 cars that drop out just like every other series. Granite State entry list has 31 cars on it. That’d be hellova show, especially with Silk. Mod Squad says lots of SK Lights as well??? Gonna be a great weekend. Pack the sunscreen and break out the t-shirts one last time!!! Great change of pace because the Bowl has had weather effect their Finale weekend more than half of the time since 2010 or so. Who was there the year they ran every race on Sunday after Saturday got washed out??? That was a looong day. That was the last year of Terry Eames era…how he’s doin’ anyways???

  5. Sunday looks to be a good show. 30 looks realistic for the MTS. Possibly 25-28 Sks?

  6. SK ModFan says:

    Doug, were you joking? DJ Burnham is a nice guy but how does a part time Stafford driver that maybe had 1 top 10 this year and crashed in this race finishing around 15th contributing to a stacked field? More of a field filler. The Williams kid #49 started 12th and even after getting his right front knocked in by the 13, went through the field on the outside and finished 2nd. He may have been a better choice for your point.

  7. Man what a magnificent night it was on Friday. Warm, not a cloud in the sky and the low fall sun shining brightly over the back stretch score board. The Speedbowl looking clean and tidy with packed pits overflowing into the spectator parking lot and teams practicing like crazy all afternoon. Many I’m sure trying to master the tricky outside groove so necessary to success at the Bowl.
    It was nice to see Ben Dodge relaxing in the pit ticket booth no doubt trying to gather his thoughts on the modified races he would help call over the next two days. The anticipated MTS Shootout at 5 that appeared on the schedule didn’t happen or if it happened later I wasn’t there to see it. Nonetheless with barely thirty people in the stands to watch the kick off to the weekend free of charge Matt Buckler clicked on the sound system to announce the evenings low key events. Group qualifying for the “new” Speedbowl division 375 Sportsman and an MTS pit crew competition. The 375 Sportsman had over twenty cars qualifying in three groups with some notable names from the past including Stafford Dare Stock champion Frank L’Etoile. Rolling out a new division that looks surprisingly like the circa 1990’s Late Models implies there will be a season next year I assume. Or maybe it was just the roll out of a new touring series. For the detail oriented the 375 indicates horsepower to the rear wheels. Click on http://www.racingnews.org/375main.htm for more information.
    Friday was about practice and preparation. Today and tomorrow will be about the management trying to navigate a monster racing card and hopefully a great crowd. Expect a lot of racing and great weather but don’t expect a tight ship like the one Stafford runs judging from Friday nights schedule and start time. Pace yourself on the food, adult beverages and enjoy the company around you. They’ll be no shortage of racing action but it may take a little patience to get through it especially Saturday.

  8. “DJ Burnham paid a visit and contributed to the best field this year.” So what I say that was wrong?
    A little knit picky aren’t we SKModfan. But you’re on the right track. Ronnie Williams, DJ Burnham, whomever. Point is don’t we want a full field. I know that’s what you want and field fillers is sometimes a reference to a team that had a bad night and subsequently has a great night.
    In my view you’ll never be totally wrong with a screen ID SKModfan.

  9. High expectations for the weekend. The cars will most likely come, the pit attendance will be there, racing action good, grandstand attendance we will see. There will be bumps in the schedule causing a late Saturday night. Sunday will hopefully move along so everyone can get home at some reasonable hour.

    While I sincerely hope a change of ownership is on the horizon for 2018, I fear not. If that change comes about, the cars will return, things will hopefully return to normal and the Speedbowl legacy will continue. Let’s hope for the best!

  10. 27 SK Lite’s, record for the speedbowl? 27 legends, 31 pro stocks. Not bad so far. We’ll see about tomorrow but I think it’ll be good.

  11. You go rich. A decent Saturday crowd and ridiculously large car counts with perfect weather. This is a racing happening that may be an ugly step child but none the less unstoppable.

  12. Magic Eight Ball says:

    Where did Rich go? What happened to that 33-car MTS field? It’s 22 cars today with about six guys that don’t belong on the track. How did a 33-car entry list on Wednesday become 22 cars four days later? Nice job Speedbowl management, scamming people to buy a $50 ticket with a fake entry list of drivers you knew were never coming. Scumbags.

  13. You can’t make everyone happy all of the time. Some folks are just insatiable. A grandstand ticket is $40 and if you don’t think all that racing over two days is worth $40 bucks or even $50 for a pit pass you’re one hard hombre to satisfy. Bring the kids 12 an under…….free. “Scumbags”, yikes that harsh and unfair to a team that is managing a ridiculous number of cars and races and doing quite well from all accounts.

  14. Magic Eight Ball says:

    Doug, the point is, 11 teams didn’t drop out yesterday or today. The management of the track knew the entry list was bogus three days before the event when they were promoting it. They advertised an entry list that wasn’t real. That’s shady. That’s a scumbag move.

  15. You could be right Magic. Somehow with the monstrous array of cars, divisions and series I just don’t think deceiving you was at the top of the list. But you could be right. What I did notice and something you may consider is how you exclude all other racing series and features to make the point on one feature. One that Pennink won that I could not be happier about. Best wishes.

  16. I’m here buddy. You’re right I didn’t know that they always beef up the roster with false entries. Where you’re wrong though is at no point did the track management “advertise” the entry list. That was taken from the MTS facebook page. Second, who was paying $50? The people getting a pit pass who I’m going to assume were going into the pits no matter if there were 10 or 50 MTS cars. You seem pretty upset about the whole deal. I hope you weren’t at the track knowing that 33 cars weren’t showing up. I mean if you were that would make you look pretty dumb.

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