Mystery Abounds Regarding 2018 Racing Season At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

The New London-Waterford Speedbowl

The offseason buzz has been lively emanating from Stafford Motor Speedway, where the staff weekly churns out promotional press releases on drivers and teams while offering a seemingly endless stream of social media postings promoting events for the 2018 season.

At Thompson Speedway updated 2018 rules packages for three divisions have been published publicly along with pages touting purse structures, registration forms and full schedule details for the upcoming season.

Thompson Speedway officials announced their 2018 schedule on Nov. 20. Stafford Speedway officials released their 2018 schedule on Nov. 21.

From the New London-Waterford Speedbowl there are no press releases or social media postings rolling out of late promoting events for 2018. There are no published rules offered to teams to get a jumpstart on preparation for the 2018 racing season.

And most notably, there has been no announced schedule for a 2018 season at the track.

Former racer and Legends team owner George Whitney leased the Speedbowl from track owner Bruce Bemer in 2017 and also served as the track’s general manager for the 2017 season.

Since the Speedbowl ended its 2017 racing season on Oct. 22 there have been two public announcements by track management regarding racing at the facility in 2018.

On Nov. 11 it was announced that the track would open for the 2018 season with a Blastoff event May 5-6. In that announcement it was stated: “The complete 2018 Racing Schedule should be completed and ready for release within the next few weeks.” Two months later there is still no schedule.

On Nov. 23 Whitney’s management group announced that Whitney would once again lease the facility in 2018.

In the Nov. 23 announcement Whitney was quoted as saying: “The remainder of the schedule will be announced shortly. We have a lot of exciting events planned and I think fans are going to be pleased with what we have in store for them. It shows that we are committed to bringing the fans a great program every week. We are feeling very positive that 2018 is going to be an outstanding year at the Speedbowl.”

It was also announced on Nov. 23 that construction to replace the main grandstand at the facility would begin “after the first of the year.” Originally, numerous teams at the track had been told by some in management during the closing weeks of the 2017 season that demolition of the main grandstand was scheduled to begin on Oct. 30.

Since the track’s announcement on Nov. 23 there has been silence from Speedbowl management concerning anything relating to racing at the track in 2018. Since late November the Speedbowl’s Facebook page has been populated with promotion of the track’s holiday toy drive, promotion of the annual track banquet, promotion of sales of Speedbowl gift cards and various holiday greetings. What has not been mentioned at all since late November – through social media or on the track’s website – is anything relating to events at the track in 2018 or word of any type of full schedule for the upcoming season.

On Dec. 1 the American Canadian Tour announced its 2018 schedule, which included a return date in Waterford for the upcoming season after a year away from the track. Though the Speedbowl has not made any public announcement through any channels of social media, their website or through press release concerning the return of the American Canadian Tour to the track.

The Valenti Modified Racing Series announced its 2018 schedule on Nov. 19, announcing three events at the Speedbowl for the 2018 season. But Speedbowl management has only publicly announced the Valenti Modified Racing Series as part of its opening weekend Blastoff event. There has been no mention publicly by Speedbowl management concerning the other two events at the track that were announced by the series.

Neither Bemer nor Whitney was available for comment Wednesday.

In the last five days, three sources with connections to Bemer have said that the track owner has expressed to them recently that he currently does not have a lease agreement with Whitney for the 2018 season at the Speedbowl.

Wednesday Frank Hoagland, the head of the building department in the town of Waterford, said town officials have not received any plans or permit requests regarding demolition of the current grandstand or construction of a new grandstand.

“We haven’t heard anything,” Hoagland said Wednesday. “… We’ve had no conversations of late.”

All indicators are – despite the announcement made by Whitney’s management group on Nov. 23 – no new grandstand will be ready at the track prior to a May 5 opening of the facility.

Multiple sources have indicated that there has been contact by track officials with an engineering company – that formerly had been contracted under previous ownership – in the hopes of making enough repairs to the existing grandstand structure to possibly satisfy town inspectors to allow for another year of use.

Asked on Nov. 29, 2017 if there was an agreement that the town would not allow the track to open in 2018 with the current grandstand standing Hoagland said: “We had conversations to that effect.”

Hoagland had said in November of the grandstand: “We’ve been nursing them along for probably a decade or better. They’ve done a lot of structural repairs to them, but we’re kind of coming to the end of the line with it.”

When asked Wednesday if continuing to make repairs is something the town has examined or discussed with ownership or track management recently Hoagland said: “It’s nothing we’ve discussed.”

When asked how he would feel about more repairs being done to the grandstand to operate with it in place for the 2018 season Hoagland said: “I’m not really on board with that.”

In a recent Facebook posting concerning the status of construction for 2018 at the track Speedbowl race director Chris Forster offered a vague response.

Forster said: “From someone who knows. It is all coming together. More info very soon.”

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  1. James Scott says:

    It’s a crime that the place I literally grew up at and worshipped like a lot of kids my age back in the 1960’s and 70’s has come to this. The Speed bowl in my book has been dead for sometime. I will continue to boycott the place as long as this owner is still there. It’s done in my eyes. Only a miracle will bring her back. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that.

  2. Top row under old glory says:

    The bowl is best track in ct people need to stop talk let things take place stay off computers and show up may 5
    For the best racing there is

  3. What a great article. Sums up everything that is known, provides updates on things everyone is watching and gives every side on the issue something to chomp on. And leaving us with Forster’s facebook entry as the last sentence……a mystery indeed. 10 days to the banquet. Will all be revealed then?

  4. hay scott stay home ill gladly fill your seat and eat your hot dogs and ice cream in2018.

  5. Viva race fan says:

    Most of the problems are with management. George step up.

  6. Old School says:

    Why don’t we all just jump on the Stafford band wagon, let’s call it Monopoly Speedway, Their rules their way, give the Bowl a break, I’m sure there are tons of things that have to be ironed out to get 2018 up and running, if They don’t then a bunch of teams are screwed, so let’s say the Bowl doesn’t open, if you have an SKL with a T/A YOUR OUT, RAD sealed motors only, what now go and try to sell your T/A, to who???? Maybe a Thompson lite, Good Luck, why only RAD sealed motors, maybe because that’s what the owners kids run, and maybe the only motors kicking their asses is a T/A, with the legal compression, sad day when you boot a company building motors for over 30 years at the track because the big compression ones can’t hang. So much for… if you can’t beat em, join em, it’s, if you can’t beat em…. throw them out!!!!

  7. Mark Andrews says:

    Clearly states that if you bring the engine to RAD they will check it and reseal it.I cant speak on the charge for this but I called them myself to confirm.Dont know T/A or RAD personally.Stafford has made a decision and if you wish to race there that’s that.I was there when the kerfuffle occurred last year with the 14 Dare Stock and that was Bad from a number of standpoints.Right or wrong I don’t wish to rehash it but again,There are other tracks to race at.

  8. This article is not about T/A or RAD engines, Stafford or Thompson, it is about the Speedbowl and whether the track will open or not. Lets stay on point kids!

    Nice summary article Shawn, bottom line we are no further along than we were back in October when the place closed up shop for the 2017 season.

  9. Fast Eddie says:

    Man, this has more potential twists and turns than the Thompson road course! (Bah-DUM-DUM!) Last year it looked like the Speedbowl was done. Then it opened, albeit late, BUT… it did open. All we can do is impatiently wait for any clarification that might materialize at the banquet. I’m guessing that will bring at least SOME indication as to what may happen to the Speedbowl.

  10. Very well said OLD SCHOOL.Aint that all the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. T/A wasn’t booted from Stafford Old School they pulled out.
    May not be that big a deal. If you need your T/A motor freshened, RAD can do it and seal it. Easy peezy.

  12. If you haven’t gone to and watched the first three parts of his history of the Waterford Speedbowl you’re missing out. Sid DiMaggio has spent a huge chunk of his life committed to documenting the racing at the Speedbowl and has pulled a lot of his work together with historical footage, articles and interviews in segments that are impossible to turn off until you gotten to the end. The production is outstanding with pictures, film, interviews, old newspaper articles all interwoven with subtitles and background music that moves along at just the right pace. I have no idea what motivates him to do this but you Speedbowl guys that grew up watching the races there are so lucky to have it. I’d give anything to have the same thing for the Danbury RaceArena.
    What I came away with was that the track has so much history, so many ups and downs that the current drama is unique but not unusual.

  13. Comedy Watcher says:

    The best part of these stories coming out is watching the George Whitney knob riders on Facebook crying because they don’t know how to handle truth and facts. Whitney has been lying since the day he walked in there and he got a bunch of these inbred #bowlstrong minions to fall for his garbage. The whole thing is a front. He lied when he told teams there would be a point fund. He lied when he said NASCAR was coming back. He lied when he said they were tearing down the grandstand the day after the last event. Now he’s lying about having a lease for next year. Bunch of suckers.

  14. WOW Comedy Watcher. You said it all.

  15. darealgoodfella says:

    THIS: “In the last five days, three sources with connections to Bemer have said that the track owner has expressed to them recently that he currently does not have a lease agreement with Whitney for the 2018 season at the Speedbowl.”

    No lease in place for 2018.

    I am laughing so hard at you deplorables. You ate it, hook, line and sinker. No matter how obviously bad this situation was, you just didn’t want to believe it. You were promised all sorts of things that never happened, you were loyal, and what did that get you? You got a big pile of 💩 thrown in your faces and loved it!!!!

    Buy more gift cards!!!!! No lease in place but they are selling gift cards!!!!

    I can’t believe how you people let yourselves be 💩 on like that, and you stay loyal. You do it and did it to yourselves.

    All you people that were yapping it up that there is a lease in place and the 2018 season was going to be just fine. What fools.

    Have fun at the banquet.

  16. Race dude. says:

    Tony from T/A And Don from RAD both used the same crate motors and did the development work together in the beginning I think it’s a matter of logistics but the motors themselves are identical don’t know where the high compassion B.S. came from. As far as the Waterford toilet great loss

  17. Yo dude it’s compression not compassion. But otherwise agree about the toilet bowl No great loss but from what little I’ve read wouldn’t buy my season tickets just yet

  18. darealgoodfella says:

    Doug is still watching the last bit swirl down the toilet, totally oblivious. Not a chance at a clue.

    Folks are arguing RAD vs T/A. Paper vs plastic, Coke vs Pepsi.

    Somebody thinks it’s Stafford’s fault. That’s a stroke of genius.

    For the oblivious, there is major sarcasm above.

    No lease in place at the NLWS.

    So those of you that were saying all is well for 2018, what say you now? Well, you look pretty funny with all the 💩 flowing out your ear holes.

    Ya’ll ready for Bemer to be the front man?

    It’s gonna be a great banquet. LOL!!!

    Deliberate ignorance never works. Are you all really in a state of bliss now?

    Go buy a few gift cards, that will make you feel better.

    Shawn, the courts should have records available in Bemer’s case if there has been any petitions to sell his properties. Any chance you can dig around there and see what you can turn up?

  19. Bemer probably refuses to pay for the demolition and new grandstands. Why should Whitney enter a lease agreement and be left holding the bag?

  20. geoffrey doppelgänger says:

    Fill infield with water and stock it with bass

  21. darealgoodfella says:

    Bemer is like 62 years old now. His life is effectively over with all his troubles. He will never be able to play cars and enjoy the Speedbowl. Therefore, he has no interest in making expensive improvements that he will never be able to appreciate or profit from.

    Since the town has made it pretty clear the facility won’t operate in the present condition, which might be the reason for the lack of a lease to operate in 2018, what options are left? Sell it or let it sit.

  22. I was wondering how long it would take for the troll to appear from under the bridge!

  23. Jorge Whitney says:

    George needs to grow a set and just tell the competitors and fans the truth and stop stringing everyone along. Its only hurting the Speedbowl by procrastinating everything.

  24. I recently read that Bemer had to turn over a list of assets that combined would total $25 million to be set aside for a civil suit action. Perhaps Bemers properties are no longer in his control….just saying!

  25. Silly bill says:

    Darealgoodfella you can talk trash about the tracks, sanctions. but what’s the deal with insulting people on here? And telling people how they’re supposed to act and feel? That’s just arrogant. clean it up please.

  26. Based on hearsay and sources, it don’t look too good. The lack of voice from anyone at the speedbowl directly bothers me. Been holding out hope for something good to happen. But, sadly that hope is fading fast. Trying to find something positive and hopeful to type here, but there isn’t much hopeful to say.

    Frankly, I’m getting tired of it all.

  27. darealgoodfella says:

    Mack690, that list was provided to the court and Bemer’s assets are frozen by the court. The report also said something to the effect that Bemer can’t do anything other than normal operating expenditures. That rules out major sales, such as selling the NLWS, presumably without approval of a court.

    It would appear that the NLWS is losing value as is, so it might be in the best interests of the victims if the NLWS was sold.

  28. Shawn great job on this article… we will all have to wait and see… I agree something doesn’t seem right here. Maybe at the dinner there will be more info. I can’t understand why the track always can’t seem to comment. You would think they would be sending you updates regularly to help promote the activities there. I don’t understand it either. I hope they get a new owner sooner than later to move the black cloud from over it.

  29. Silly, don’t waste your breath with daidiot. He can’t help being the way he is…….

  30. darealgoodfella says:

    It seems the only way to move forward, or even save the NLWS, is for it to be sold. That seems to be the only option left. If that is something in process, it is not recommend for the present owner to say anything publicly. The present owner should not commit the NLWS to events for which the present owner will not be a part of after the sale.

    So it is now looking like the NLWS will be sold or sit idle.

  31. I’ll confess to not being objective. Especially after viewing Sid DiMaggio’s masterpiece on the history of the Waterford Speedbowl and transferring all my memories from the Danbury RaceArena to the shoreline track. No other Ct track has faced so many challenges over the years mostly to do with changes in racing but also the ownership changes and different management styles. To me this is just one more ownership challenge to survive and get by.
    Whitney has alternatively been painted by some as a savior of the track and management genius working his magic to create a season out of burning ashes. To others he’s the devil’s sycophant acting as a front for pure evil to advance the destruction of the moral compass of the local racing community. The truth is maybe somewhere in between.
    He’s just a guy that loves racing. If you watched the history of the Speedbowl you’d be struck by just how many people that had no goal of managing a racing facility that decided to step up and give it a try when there was a need. Whitney’s not a management genius nor the devils sycophant. He’s a bridge from the past to the future and just one more guy that stepped up. He’s not a liar as so many have said. He’s a guy that took the most optimistic view after delivering a season no one thought would happen, passed his optimism on and can be blamed only for being naive at the worst. Or right if he comes through.
    I wanted him to have all the answers, a management plan and follow through on the new stands that were promised. What I think is happening is he’s struggling through to make a deal somewhere with what resources he has available with the outcome still a giant question mark. New stands seems unrealistic now. An engineering plan to make more repairs on the existing stands may be the only avenue forward. No that’s not the towns preference. But if an engineering firm did stipulate a workable plan, the fixes made and insurance once again secured the town would go along. The lease is of no consequence. Whitney can get that if he has a path forward. No sense in writing a lease if there is no path.
    If Whitney is defeated his circumstances may be unique but he has a lot of company in those the Speedbowl has defeated. He may very well deliver a bag of question marks at the banquet or worse instead of answers. I just don’t get why so many get so much glee in treating the likely end of a racing facility as a football game you think you’re winning.

  32. All of the questions will have to be answered by the court.Bemer will need the permission of the court.Is this public info?

  33. darealgoodfella says:

    Nobody, even good ol’ George Whitney, is going to take on the expense of reconstructing the NLWS, as a lessee. Never gonna happen. Why would a person do that?

    It’s all on Bemer. Try as hard as you might to deflect and redirect, Bemer is the pathos. He ain’t no hero. He put the NLWS in this mess. Reporting it is not a cause for concern or a problem.

    Nobody is getting or taking any schadenfreude from this situation. Those that are refusing to face reality are just trying to play the victim. If you can’t go to the NLWS speedbowl because it doesn’t open because of problems Bemer has because Bemer trafficked handicapped people, and you want to now play the victim, you are just as warped as the perpetrator, for attempting to play the victim.

    If you are upset that you might not be able to go to the NLWS, you are not a victim, you are pathetic.

  34. good objective (just the facts) article…
    thanks for the good work on the update Shawn

  35. Jorge Whitney says:

    How ironic that Speed51 put an article out today with some interesting answers. Looks as though Whitney called and gave a song and dance to them to put out. Now let’s see if he stands behind it…

  36. Rich Gourley says:

    Here’s a completely different take on the situation:

  37. darealgoodfella says:

    So Whitney works 60-70 hours a week at a regular job, does this running a raceway gig in his spare time. Think about that.

    I’d like to ask Whitney about the funding that is paying for all these capital improvements. Where is it coming from?

  38. I appreciate what Shawn does with this site, but it’s been obvious that if you want direct information on speedbowl news, this is not the place to find it.

  39. Shawn D. Danzer says:

    i don’t think George is the one giving the song and dance here… LOL.

  40. Fast Eddie says:

    Call me crazy, but why there is info on Speed51 and not on here on RacedayCT through Shawn completely baffles me. I could understand if it was on both, and Shawn this is no reflection on you; quite the opposite. Your primary focus is the three Connecticut race tracks. I would think that story would be way, WAY more beneficial to the Speedbowl posting here first.

  41. Mark Andrews says:

    This is comical…………does anyone belive that George Whitney is so delusional that he would give a definitive answer in regards to next seasons plans?Im personally insulted that some out there think he would.He has nothing to gain and everything to lose by lying….His reputation would be destroyed with hundreds of people!I stand by my statement on another thread back in December about the bleachers and their completion by opening day.i also stand by my statement in reguards to ongoing negtiations on a potential sale.There will be racing at the Bowl next year and for a long time to come,regardless of who owns or promotes.I do agree with one comment though.My hope is that with George mentioning the laptop and internet in his comments….that he hire a proper and experienced public relations person or media consultant to help with the promotion and to move the track forward.This alone has caused all the he said she said type gossip that only hurts the place and its reputation…That’s bad business for sure…im counting on them to make progress and keep moving.Im also disappointed that whatever the reason,the bowl chooses to not inform certain websites or individuals because of personal grudges or reasons….that’s only hurting them.jmo

  42. darealgoodfella says:

    George is a promoter, as such, he will only advocate consistent with his best interests. His best interests are to keep this going as long as possible. If he’s working 60-70 hrs at his other job, he isn’t very interested in running the NLWS. If George is really leasing the NLWS, and not being a stooge frontman for Bemer, then I’d think he would be spending more time than he has. I can’t imagine someone having a full-time job of 60-70 hrs a week, and then go a lease a racetrack and attempt to run it when 70 hours per week are already consumed somewhere else. It must be real easy to run a race track, especially a track that needs major reconstruction.

    Time wounds all heels.

  43. Shawn, I don’t understand why George would speak to speed 51 and blow you off. This ticks me off for you. I wondered if he had a beef or some kind with you? This all but confirms it. I hate that you dedicate so much time and get yanked around like this by them… George is not playing nice in the racing media jungle!!

  44. I would not blame you a bit if you chose not to cover them and add Seekonk or Lebanon Valley instead. I am so disappointed in George for this complete blow off.. I would love to know why

  45. I think it is going to be interesting to see what certain individuals that comment on this site have say if this season comes to fruition. Crow will certainly be on the menu and I will be the first one to assist in shoving every bit of it down their throats.

    In my opinion it certainly appears that Mr. Whitney has a bone to pick with certain avenues that release racing information since he released the story with another “spin” to speed 51 and not here.

  46. Daidiot: the gift that keeps on giving.

  47. It’s pretty obvious the speedbowl won’t talk to Shawn. There is some sort of feud going on. If it’s true they kicked him out of the track last year then it would make sense.

  48. If the Speed51 story holds up it proves Whitney is a grinder who is simply busy and is working his way through a complex project. So it’s understandable if he doesn’t keep us apprised of everything he has going on. I surely was discouraged by the waves of pessimism that wafting over these pages. We all had our hair on fire about what may turn out to be nothing except our own lack of faith in people. Great news for the Speedbowl guys and kind of restores faith in the process.

  49. dareal,Why would great manager George pony up for capital improvements at the bowl.What is going on here?A deep pockets mystery man it was yesterday.Today’s story is George has leased and is running the place.That translates to Bemer pulling the strings at the bowl to me.Still owned by the pedophile.Someone with clean hands needs to buy the bowl asap.

  50. sour grapes of wrath says:

    as usual. da real doesn’t`t understand George Whitney’s daily routine. couldn’t`t walk a mile in his shoes.da real is clearly biased and angry for some reason with the speed bowl and whitey and is clear to me the relationship between the speed bowl and this website has been fractured since the eames era. well if they are willing to talk to speed 51 so be it. if the season doesn`t come to fruition, if the stands are not replaced based on the parameters stated by whiney he will look almost as bad as bemer.. George Whitney is NOT that dumb. clearly peoples feelings are hurt due to others unwillingness to share info.. too bad .I expect to attend and enjoy racing at the bowl this season..

  51. Don’t see why it has to be one information source vs another. Take all the information in, remain skeptical of everything short of the Pope standing on a stack of Bibles telling you the sky is blue on a sunny day and move on. My only disappointment is that the beef between the Speedbowl and racedayct is a story that has not been told and would be interesting I would think.

  52. If you’d been paying attention you’d know that there was bare minimum coverage of the race season last year.

  53. Besides moron and engineer, daidiot has two new titles to add to the list. Promoter and mind reader.

  54. Robert Oil says:

    I read the Speed51 story and I’m skeptical. It’s not making sense. It sounds like George called Speed51 and asked them to write a story just to respond to what was on this site. It makes no sense that a town attorney would get plans for a major construction project before the town’s building inspector or that they haven’t shared anything at all with the building inspector by now. One would think if George showed up at the town offices to share plans for major construction the first person the town attorney would call is the building inspector. It just doesn’t add up. Too many lies already. And it doesn’t make sense that they keep on saying they’re going to open May 5 but they can’t put a schedule out and won’t give a real reason why. All the outside divisions going there have already announced their dates, the full schedule should be out and there seems to be some reason why it’s not.

  55. Outside Looking In says:

    Interesting that in the Speed51 story the name Bruce Bemer is never mentioned and the story makes it sound like George Whitney is paying for this bleacher project, which would definitely not be happening.

  56. sour grapes of wrath says:

    if Robert oil and the da real are correct George Whitney was willing to be quoted.. and /or contacted another entity (speed 51) and completely fabricated facts (lied) for unknown numbers of race fans, drivers etc to view. you think that’s possible?. I guess Robert oil has never dealt with town government. I have had issues with repeated requests from town government where I live on a compliance issue involving my house. I have proven compliance from the TOWNS chosen contractor.. issue remains and is now been going on so long (years) its pitiful. incompetence reigns. no accountability. thats why people have to talk thru their lawyers

  57. darealgoodfella says:

    Whitney is working the plans with the town attorney, and the town building dept. hasn’t been involved yet? Nah, I don’t see that as being plausible.

    George is looking more like a marionette than ever. Geppetto is sending him out to the public for slaughter.

  58. darealgoodfella says:

    That speed51 post says nothing. Only incites more questions. For sure, running a racetrack is not their priority. And that makes it clear they aren’t quitting their day jobs. Doesn’t that make you feel just great? There is nothing that makes it even appear that we should feel any better. The attorney will not talk, so there’s no chance to call the town attorney to see if s/he has anything to say. That would be funny.

  59. Yes all-knowing daidiot, please tell us, what is going on here?

  60. You really think that George is as dumb as you? I doubt it.

  61. Rich Gourley says:

    I’ve been with this website since day 1, and it really has turned into somewhat of a circus with comments. Seems like most people are squarely on one side of the fence, one way or the other. From my chair in central New York state, I know what it’s like to loose a treasure (race track), when we lost the old Shangri-La speedway in Owego. That track was leased on a yearly basis and was eventually closed because the owners wanted the gravel under the track. That track, like the Speedbowl, had a rich tradition with the likes of Evans, Kent,Bodine,Spencer,Cook,Leaty,etc racing on a weekly basis. We have also lost the replacement to that track , Shangri-La 2 speedway, which the owner/operator decided to close. A state of the art 1/2 mile concrete track that the owner built and paid for (close to 1 million dollars by some reports) out of his own pocket. I guess my point is that, you people in/around the Ct. area have several choices of paved race tracks to attend pavement modified racing and you should all be thankful that you have them. There are no certainties on the life of a speedway and once you loose something you will miss it.

  62. More questions? I thought all your questions have been answered here. No stands no schedule no season.

  63. David Roode says:

    Darealgoodfella has spoken! There is no need for any of us to add any more comments to this post. That darealgoodfella is a “Stable Genius”.

  64. Rich, Seriously you’re going to make a stupid insulting comment like that. I have read this website from the beginning. You can’t read and missed my point… if the track had a beef with shawn it’s sad. He should stop covering the bowl and report on another track like the two I mentioned…. I proudly wear shawnsT-shirt and feel bad for him that George would blow him off and comment on the other site after all he has done for the bowl. It ticks me off and I would drop them completely… you seriously thought I didn’t notice the minimal coverage last season… how could anyone who can read not??? Duh

  65. darealgoodfella says:

    I can’t believe the tenant (lessee) is working with the town on a major reconstruction project. The OWNER should be doing that, not the tenant. This is just bizarre. But then, it also proves that George is nothing more than the front man for Bemer. No owner would allow a tenant to run such a project.

    Looks like a puff piece to get people to show up to the banquet.

  66. It all sounds like a Russian plot to interfere with the outcome of the racing season. Un-named sources have told me that Waterford will never re-open and Donald Trump will never be president!

  67. Mark Andrews says:

    Da real I feel for you……if there is a lease it will look clearly state who will pay for maintainence and improvnents….that would be covered in any basic lease document.the contra to usually provides a bond or proof of insurance to cover injury,damage, unforseen circumstances,and that they will finish the job.the contractor would typically apply or take out the permit.this was covered again……in a previous thread.get a life please…start campaining for Oprah or Hillary in 2020.

  68. Something had to happen to create the animosity that appears to exist between Mr. Whitney and RaceDayCT. Anyone care to enlighten us on what that is because I find it hard to believe there is none.

  69. I admire your loyalty Racer 28 but isn’t that part of the problem today regarding how we all get our news. We pick the source that tells us mostly what we want to hear and shut out the opposite side.
    Whether it’s world news or racing news it’s simply about trying to get facts and information. The more sources you have the greater the likelihood that you’ll get the truth. Walking away from a source that has a beef with you……..super bad idea.
    This thread is a great example. A lot of folks are attacking one source or the other, accusing information that doesn’t suit their position as lies, throwing darts at statements they don’t like and playing tug of war. It’s like they’re mad at being told something other then what they believed. It’s all harmless fun but choosing sides on news sources is another thing.
    Whitney would be the first to say even he doesn’t know how it will all turn out. He’s following through with what he said he would and that’s what people worth their salt do. There a lot to admire about the guy no matter what happens.

  70. “It sounds like George called Speed51 and asked them to write a story just to respond to what was on this site.”

    That’s how I read it, too… It looked a lot like a press release worded as a Q&A.

  71. darealgoodfella says:

    humphry, when news about Trump gets reported, such as his genitalia grabbing and just recently, calling countries 💩-holes, (which are all recorded, and he denies he did so), he calls it fake news, made up news, and attacks the news outlets.

    Could it be all racedayct did was report the facts? Facts that the NLWS didn’t like about itself? Racedayct did a great job reporting on the Bemer situation, and that let all the fans know the trouble the NLWS was in again. The NLWS has been saying all sorts of great things are and will happen, but so far, nothing has happened. Nothing. And racedayct also revealed that the state of things show that nothing will be happening, and that because of past announcements that didn’t happen, it is very risky to believe anything coming from the NLWS.

    Hmmm…. 🤔

    Now think of this… make like you know nothing about the NLWS other than you go there to see the racing. Then one day you go there and the place is locked, no more racing, and there is a sign that says no more racing until further notice.

    Which do you prefer? Being informed or being uninformed?

    You are upset about the trouble the NLWS is in, but is it the fault of racedayct?

  72. There is an article about the toilet bowl on speed51

  73. George Whitney:
    “I was a racer for 20 years and I think the racing industry is changing a little bit. The next generation coming through, to me are laptop guys; it’s hard to find people who work on race cars anymore, so you got to change things up a little bit.”
    I wonder how he is or will be doing that?

  74. Please answer me 1 question why are so many on this site so willing and ready to shut down the speedbowl. please your asphalt tracks are dying and you guys all try to kill the best one in your area. please give it a rest lets hope all go,s well with the promoter and he gets it open. And if i were an owner or promoter i would go to speed 51 to post info not to this site with Shawn the negative troublemaker and his ilk .

  75. Walter Cronkite says:

    The Speedbowl posted the Speed51 story on their Facebook page with a heading that said it was an update of what is happening at the track “published by our Media Partner Speed51.” then it was later changed. So the Speedbowl paid Speed51 to write this story? Sounds like Speed51 didn’t do any research or try to confirm anything that was said, they just printed what George paid them to print? Sounds a little odd.

  76. Fast Eddie says:

    Shawn, please continue to do what you do, and thank-you for doing so! You have reported the facts surrounding the Speedbowl, which may not have been what some people wanted you to report. The fact that the news was positive or negative was a product of the news itself, not the reporter’s opinion. Thanks to you, we received as much of the info, or lack thereof, that you could access. Unfortunately the Speedbowl has apparently opted to release info through another venue that has not really reported the whole story, which is their option. However, I would think if someone had an opportunity to supply some positive information to what has largely been a negative situation that they would be jumping at the chance to do so. JMO.

  77. darealgoodfella says:

    maxim410, nobody here is willing and ready to shutdown the speedbowl. Quite the opposite. If the problems the speedbowl has continues, then it will shutdown. The people here are not the problem. One problem, and a bigly one at that, is nothing is being done to make sure it gets open. The grandstands are a hazard, and have been for a decade. The decline of the place, and the poor management-ownership has augured the place deep into the ground. Now the public is being fed a constant stream of all is well and excitement about the future, and we find out that in reality, nothing is happening. Nothing. The folks here are not causing those problems.

  78. Crazy in NY says:

    ………spoke exclusively with………..

    Dafool didn’t you let 51 know the Bowl was all done?
    I don’t think they read your wisdom here and It’s clear Waterford
    doesn’t keep Raceday CT in the loop. I wonder if your omnipresence
    might have something to do with that?

  79. Beware of new screen ID’s suggesting sinister motives, conspiracies and accusations of perpetrating fraud on the public.
    Maxim410 and Fast Eddy, right on!

  80. darealgoodfella says:

    Beware of old screen IDs suggesting that all is well, nothing to see here, the check is in the mail, and we’re only here to help.

  81. No time to post schedule but plenty of time to read all these posts and do sit down interview with 51 and seemingly counter all the questions raised on RaceDayCT???

  82. darealgoodfella says:

    Interesting comments in the Speed51 “interview” with George. First, George is dealing with the town attorney, not the town engineer, or so he says. Shawn, it would be awesome for you to call the town attorney and try to interview her/him about the progress in getting the track up to code, and what the town will require of the track to bring it up to code. What were the changes that the town attorney required? Why isn’t the town engineer involved? Enquiring minds want to know!!!!!

    And verify that there is a lease in force for the 2018 season.

  83. This article has nothing to do with genitalia grabbing, but daidiot brings it up, interesting.

  84. STAT! Someone get a fire extinguisher and put out the fire in all the Speedbowl haters hair.
    Geez Lousis, Speed51 does an simple little update on the track and all hell breaks loose. It is their job after all. They cover racing stores nationwide and Connor Sullivan is the Ct. MA, RI and Long Island editor. He rounds up many of the press releases that are included here and writes stories on tracks that are included in his region. It’s his job.
    Next thing you know George Whitney after reading the comments here is conspiring with Connor Sullivan and using him as a pawn to foist lies and false expectations on the local racing audience for what purpose I don’t know. Each sentence and phrase picked apart by the haters for the purpose of revealing the falsity in the statement from known liars. Please God they say, don’t let any of these things we know could not happen actually happen. We’re sure it just can’t be so.
    I’m pretty sure if you take all the things George Whitney reads in a week the comments here are not on that list at all and if they are only perhaps to have a good laugh at all our expense. Connor Sullivan more likely views it as the contagion in the country now with the news consuming public that simply cannot digest common facts. We each need to create our own realities and undermine those that are not part of our belief system.
    Or it’s a nice little story providing an update on the Speedbowl by two sincere and capable people. I’m going with that.

  85. Hey rich, I have a bad case of whiplash how about you. Before the racedayct article I was absolutely convinced that the Speedbowl was doing everything normal marching to the start of the season. Then this article and I’m convinced there are no new stands in the works and a patch job on the stands the only hope. Then mid article Speed51 changes everything and it’s back to Speedbowl normal. Unsure but moving forward hopefully. Best roller coaster ride around.

  86. Last I knew Shawn this is your site and unless I missed something you don’t take direction from demanding, sarcastic individuals that post. Don’t waste your time contacting the town attorney for an interview because he will tell you he can’t comment. The town attorney does not supervise the building official, the First Selectman does. The town attorney is there to provide legal advise to the town when it comes to interpreting town ordinances, regulations etc. and represents the town in legal matters when necessary. He does not possess the expertise the building official does, he is a lawyer.

  87. In The Know says:

    Doug your Pollyanna view of a lot of things is cute but usually wrong. Speed51 gets paid by tracks to write stories that are positive. They get paid by drivers too do the same. They are a public relations firm and they’ve been doing that since they started. George Whitney called them and asked them to write what he wanted put out and George paid for that. When the story was posted on the Waterford Facebook page the Speedbowl people said the story was done by their “media partner” Speed51, and then they removed that phrase, probably because Speed51 asked them to because they don’t want people to know they’re getting paid to write stories. The Speedbowl race director even posted on Facebook that he was excited to have Speed51 “onboard” for the season. So yes, they’re paying to have Speed51 publish the story George wants to people hear.

    This is directly from the Speed51 website:
    51 Sports, LLC is the parent company of Established in 2001, 51 Sports services clients in a broad-range of aspects, from website design and maintenance, to public relations campaigns and motorsports management and consulting.
    51 Sports has worked with a array of clients as they climbed the racing ladder, including Danny Lasoski (WoO Champ), Joey Logano, Jamie McMurray, Johnny Sauter, Reed Sorenson, Tony Stewart Racing, David Stremme, Scott Wimmer and more.
    51 Sports also offers tracks and series one-on-one consultation services. From promotional materials to racer support and from fan experience to media relations, 51 Sports’ staff, led by its founder and NASCAR broadcaster Bob Dillner, has decades of race promotion experience to share with officials and series/track representatives.

  88. darealgoodfella says:

    Speed51 reads like an advocacy group, not a legit news outlet with journalistic standards. No doubt that plenty of factual information is omitted. Just puff pieces.

  89. darealgoodfella says:

    humphry wrote: “Last I knew Shawn this is your site and unless I missed something you don’t take direction from demanding, sarcastic individuals that post. Don’t waste your time contacting the town attorney for an interview because he will tell you he can’t comment. The town attorney does not supervise the building official, the First Selectman does. The town attorney is there to provide legal advise to the town when it comes to interpreting town ordinances, regulations etc. and represents the town in legal matters when necessary. He does not possess the expertise the building official does, he is a lawyer.”

    So humphry, do you agree that the speed51 puff piece is pure 💩💩💩💩💩💩 since the lawyer does not have the expertise of the building official? Why then would Whitney be working with the attorney and making plan and design changes due to the attorney, and not due to or working with the building official?

    Call the town attorney to see if Whitney is indeed working with the attorney, or if that was a big pile of 💩.

    You don’t want it to be proven that the speed51 puff piece was pure 💩, do you?

    Do you believe there is a lease in force for 2018?

  90. Why would two attorneys be working with each other making changes to stamped engineered plans that have yet to be submitted to the town for review and comment?

    I can only take the facts as presented. The town has yet to receive plans from the Speedbowl. The towns attorney would not be spending the towns money without their approval especially on something that does not exist as reported by a town official who I believe is reporting undisputed facts.

    According to my math 2+2=5 especially when there are two stories reported by different sources that appear to be 180 degrees apart. As the old saying goes “there are two sides to every story and somewhere in the middle is the truth”.

  91. Law Firm Of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe says:

    The building inspector in the town of Waterford tells Raceday that his people haven’t heard anything about any plans for a new grandstand project at the Speedbowl. George Whitney counters by telling Speed51 the plans have been presented to the town attorney, but not the building inspector. But, it doesn’t even work that way. If a business is planning a construction project a town attorney has nothing to do with a property owner, or lease holder for a property owner, submitting any plans for new construction. A town attorney is a legal officer representing a town and the town attorney’s role is to advise town department heads and town representatives in regards to functions and legal incidents relating to the duties of their offices and departments. The town attorney is there to advise town government on legal issues involving the town. The town attorney has nothing to do with advising or representing or counseling a town property owner on plans for construction on their private property. It’s ridiculous that they’re saying they’re working with the town attorney on construction plans and the building inspector isn’t involved.

  92. darealgoodfella says:

    humphry wrote: “Why would two attorneys be working with each other making changes to stamped engineered plans that have yet to be submitted to the town for review and comment?”

    Answer: Because there can not be any stamped engineering plans. Engineering hasn’t been involved.

    humphry wrote: “I can only take the facts as presented. The town has yet to receive plans from the Speedbowl. The towns attorney would not be spending the towns money without their approval especially on something that does not exist as reported by a town official who I believe is reporting undisputed facts.”

    humphry, are you confused with a fax machine? You don’t believe good ol’ boy George Whitney that says plans are being worked and reworked with the town attorney? What town official do you believe is reporting undisputed facts? What does that mean for good ol’ Georgie boy?

    speed51 made themselves look like complete fools with that piece.

  93. The review and comment process is not germain to just the Building Official. P&Z, Fire Marshal, Health Department etc. have an opportunity to submit comments. It all begins with submission of plans to the Town of Waterford period end of discussion. Not to the town attorney.

    This can be a lengthy process and that is why I don’t understand why the process was not started last November instead of the 11th hour. My guess it has everything to do with a lease and who will be financing the necessary improvements.

  94. Mark Andrews says:

    track is encumbered in a lawsuit for would be normal for attorneys to be involved to follow the correct legal process to make sure there are no assets being hidden and that the upgrades will improve the value of the property.

  95. darealgoodfella says:

    humphry, there is no question who is financing the necessary improvements. It can only be Bemer. Who would lease the place to begin with given the Bemer situation? Only someone posing/acting as a tool. Who reads about the Bemer/NLWS problems and then gets the idea that now is a great opportunity to lease the dilapidated facility owned by an admitted predator? Only a stooge. Bemer is footing the bill. Nobody else would, certainly not the lessee.

    Hey, maybe the lease is one of those lease-to-own deals. LOL!!!!

  96. It’s been awhile since there’s been no issues concerning the bowl. Sids documentary tells the story. Goes back to the beginning, never mind the Eames years and now this. But the track always seems to pull through. Yes this is a bad situation but is it worse then when the foreclosure and sale happened? People were certain that it was all done then and there would be condos, a ups warehouse, coke, etc. I think at this point most people like myself want Bemer to sell. No one knows for sure if he can or even if he wants to. No guarantee that if he does it will remain a track but I think it would. Considering what happened at the auction a couple years ago. In the meantime if it opens great, if not, doesn’t mean the place is done for either. It would be nice if daidiot would shut up for a minute though. Last year with the stands, his non stop blathering. And then they opened and you didn’t hear from him again, at least about Waterford. Now this and he’s in all his glory with the childish emojis and nonsense. Almost like Shawn writes this stuff just for him. And he says he doesn’t believe anything Whitney says. Well at this point unless you hear from Bemer, which you won’t, all you got is Whitney and Shawn’s unnamed sources. If everything is BS, what in the world good is it going to do for Whitney to make up all this? Daidiot says to sell a few banquet tickets. Really? The guys basically trying to save the place and he’s going to put his reputation on the line? For what? I think it’ll open this season. On time? Who knows and who cares. Last year it looked doomed and some guys went to other tracks in the meantime. Some came back some didn’t. I do think as long as Bemer owns the place it’ll be getting by but not what it was before this mess.

  97. The Law Firm Of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe says:

    Totally right Mark that the track is involved with lawsuits for damages against the owner and whatever is involved in upgrades would have to be cleared through attorneys and also probably through the court system. But that process would have nothing to do with any town attorneys representing the town of Waterford. George Whitney was quoted saying the plans were presented to the town attorney. Not only does the town attorney have nothing to do with a private business in town planning a construction project, the town attorney would have nothing to do with the process of any legal issues involving lawsuits or charges against the owner of the property. The town attorney of Waterford represents the town of Waterford regarding legal issues involving the town government and departments. The town attorney has absolutely nothing to do with counseling, advising or reviewing the projects of a private business in town. And the legal issues of the track owner have nothing to do with the any government departments that are part of the town of Waterford. Hate to say George lied here, but it just looks like he was trying to say anything to cover for the building inspector saying they haven’t heard anything yet about plans. And it goes without saying that if any town official from the town attorney to the first selectman met with anyone from the track or received a presentation of plans concerning a project of this magnitude the building inspector would have been informed by now of what was going on.

  98. Mark, the town attorney would determine whether the improvements will increase the property value? That would be the Towns accessor who would determine that. And how could the accessor determine that when the plans have not been submitted to the town and granted final approval?

  99. Mark Andrews says:

    you fools…..I cant belive the ignorance!i never said the town attorney determines improvements or property values.the attorneys only job here is to confirm a legal process is followed regarding an incumbered property in the town of Waterford.oh my god…I hope none of you.da real humphry or dewey ever handle power tools…you obviously cant read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Mark Andrews says:

    Good for you Shawn….lots of action and posts…but I thought you would be above this stupidity…..its a sad day for this country that people of this class and intelligence have a forum….we used to lock these types up in a rubber room or medicate them.This is sad…so sad.

  101. Mark Andrews wrote;

    “track is encumbered in a lawsuit for would be normal for attorneys to be involved to follow the correct legal process to make sure there are no assets being hidden and that the upgrades will improve the value of the property.”

    Mark, you wrote it clear as day and here is the excerpt from the post above “and that the upgrades will improve the value of the property.” And now you have the testicular fortitude to call me out for something you clearly wrote and I corrected you on? Really? I can’t read? Stupidity? Lock me up in a rubber room? Fool? Class of intelligence?

    You my friend have a severe case of cranial rectal impaction and need to visit a proctologist post haste to have that condition corrected before you suffocate.

  102. darealgoodfella says:

    Mark Andrews wrote on 1/13/@ 2:16 PM, “track is encumbered in a lawsuit for would be normal for attorneys to be involved to follow the correct legal process to make sure there are no assets being hidden and that the upgrades will improve the value of the property.”

    Mark Andrews wrote on 1/13 @ 3:05 PM, “you fools…..I cant belive the ignorance!i never said the town attorney determines improvements or property values.”

    Ooops there it is! Ooops there it is! Ooops there it is! Ooops there it is! Ooops there it is!

  103. darealgoodfella says:

    Mark Andrews, what is your real name?

  104. darealgoodfella says:

    Mark Andrews wrote, “track is encumbered in a lawsuit for would be normal for attorneys to be involved to follow the correct legal process to make sure there are no assets being hidden and that the upgrades will improve the value of the property.”

    Wrong, wrong and wrong some more.

    The town attorney would not be concerned with any of that. The town attorney represents the interests of the town, not those that will be suing Bemer in the next few years.

  105. darealgoodfella says:

    I wonder how George got speed51 to run that piece?

    How much $$$ does speed51 get to promote a track like that?

  106. Unfortunately the stupidity is probably the only thing keeping this site going.

  107. Mark Andrews says:

    I find it laughable that da real idiot would ask my real name…..he hides behind his screen is my real name and the more you run you yap,the dumber you prove yourself to be.cant wait for you and your fellow losers to be proven wrong.tell us your real name.

  108. darealgoodfella says:

    rich wrote, ” If everything is BS, what in the world good is it going to do for Whitney to make up all this?”

    He’s getting paid. The things people will do for money… incredible. Why else?

    Most idiots forget the bad news after just a few minutes. Just look at all the Trumpian Deplorables. But in their defense, Trump overwhelms them with bad news. Wait, they don’t know it’s bad news.

    Like Doug thinks people should go to the NLWS and spend money so the vics can get larger awards.

  109. darealgoodfella says:

    You people think George is doing what he’s doing with the NLWS for some sort of philanthropic reasons?

  110. Way, way, way back In the Know built a simply great case for the fact the Speed51 is solely a promotional organization. By connecting a series of dots he made it clear that the Speed51 article on the Speedbowl was essentially a paid promotion. My view is whether it’s racedayct or Speed51 they identify press releases vs legitimate fact based stories. Nonetheless I have written the author of the article Connor Sullivan the following email:
    “Your article on the Speedbowl for we fans anxiously waiting for more news on the track was just terrific.
    A couple of the people I’ve chatted with said it wasn’t to be believed because Mr. Whitney paid Speed51 to publish the information he wanted that would put him in the best light and that you are more a promoter then a racing news organization.
    My simple question is was it a traditional news story updating events or a paid promotion.
    I’ll let you know if Mr. Sullivan responds and what he says.

  111. People keep saying why would George Whitney lie about something so big? Why not? He’s lied continually since he took over and it hasn’t seemed to bother any of the Bowl fatithful. The week he got there he said he got the NASCAR sanction back. Didn’t happen. He said NASCAR was going to add the Modified Tour race back to the schedule last year. Didn’t happen. He told weekly teams he would have a point fund. Didn’t happen. He said the Tri-Track races were coming back last year. Didn’t happen. He said demolition of the grandstand was going to start two days after Smacktoberfest. Didn’t happen. He said the the Bowl would be on the 2018 Modified Tour schedule. Didn’t happen.
    Seems to be a pattern.

  112. Mark Andrews says:

    No real names… guts or testicular fortitude…carry on idiots!

  113. Mark Andrews says:

    Where are you da real? 2nd time I asked….what is your dad real name?

  114. No real names……..and a series of new screen IDs. All adding up to whomever they don’t agree with are liars. Sometime people working hard, doing jobs to the best of their ability and working toward a goal are exactly what they say they are. Comment section personna’s…………..not so much.

  115. He’s getting paid to lie? For what?

  116. darealgoodfella says:

    rich, it’s his job. Or so he doesn’t lose his shirt running the NLWS. Somehow, I don’t think a lease will happen. Bemer has deeper pockets and can out-lawyer George, so George probably should forego a lease and just be an employee for Bemer, acting as the face of the NLWS, keeping Bemer hidden.

    Forget about a lease. Good ol’ boy George is probably just an employee of Bemer somehow. A lease is not important. What’s important is that the facility get rehabilitated and brought up to code so it can be permitted to open. This can happen under different conditions, regardless of a lease. George can be Bemer’s General Manager guy, running the place and being the front man, keeping Bemer out of sight.

    That speed51 piece where they say that the attorneys are doing it is just bizarre. I can’t believe they published that. They should have known better.

  117. Mark Andrews says:

    Still no real name da real…your an idiot!

  118. darealgoodfella says:

    rich wrote, “He’s getting paid to lie? For what?”

    Because you and many others want and need to read what George is saying, with no regard for truth or accuracy.

  119. When I had cable TV and the watched my town of South Windsor, CT council meetings the town attorney was present. He was available for provide opinions on virtually any question a town council member or town manager would have. Could be a quick answer or referred for a complete review.
    No one can know the specifics on how or why the town attorney was first in line in this renovation deal. However it doesn’t take much imagination to realize any race facility is unique and a minefield of potential liability as well as the civil suit issues surrounding the owner. What better place to start then the attorney. Why start the renovation application process and waste everyone’s time if there is some legal barrier that could pop up.
    This deal that starts with Whitney paying Speed51 to essentially perpetrate disinformation then onto the accusation that he lied about the attorney reference is just a non starter for conspiracy theorists.

  120. Some winter Sunday morning observations.Doug is even poorer than I thought, can’t afford $25 admission to the races and can’t even pay his cable bill.His reasoning power matches his economic power.Mark Andrews,the big tough guy using his real name is even nastier than stupid, begging for people’s real names.Why Markie boy?Why do you need a real name?Want to take it to the next level?Where did he go to school?”What is your dad real name” he asks.What’s next Markie boy?Who his baby momma?I bet your Momma cringes every time you use her real name.

  121. The Law Firm Of Dewey, Cheathem & Howe says:

    Doug you’re trying too hard to make sense of something so you can believe something happened that just wouldn’t ever happen in a scenario like this.

    The example you said of watching the South Windsor town council meetings actually made sense. Like you said, the town attorney would “provide opinions on virtually any question a town council member or town manager would have.”

    The role of the town attorney is to advise town government on legal issues involving the town government. The town attorney is not paid by the town to review the improvement plans of a private business, or counsel or advise any private property owner. Doing so would actually likely be considered fraud in that taxpayers would be paying for a private business owner to gain free legal counsel through their tax dollars.

    And you said: “It doesn’t take much imagination to realize any race facility is unique and a minefield of potential liability as well as the civil suit issues surrounding the owner.”

    Again, you’re right on this description of the potential liabilities and the legal issues involving the owner, but once again, the “town attorney” would have nothing to do with any of this. These are the matters of private counsel hired by the property owner, not a town attorney. The town attorney would never be involved in any counsel or advisement to a private business involving their private liability issues or any legal or civil court issues involving the track owner.

    You can think it’s a conspiracy all day, it’s not. George Whitney was trying to say anything to cast shadows on the fact that they haven’t submitted anything yet to the town and the building inspector has made that information public.

  122. There are the known, knowns that are all the events and actions Whitney provided in the SPeed51 article and the known, unknowns that is basically everything behind the scenes that is going on that is part of the process but not appropriate for public disclosure.
    Accepting the known, knowns and interpreting the know unknowns is fair game. The problem is the folks converting the known, knowns to their own personal knowns not related to actual statements. Wrapping them up with a bunch of assumptions, speculation and completely bizarre nonsense then passing them off as actual known, knowns.
    That proves only one thing that everyone can agree on. In America now there is no such thing as a starting point of common facts to build a debate on. The debate starts with an argument that the starting facts may not be facts and can be changed to anything that serves your purpose.

  123. You’re as special as daidiot. Two morons of a feather.

  124. darealgoodfella says:

    Mark Andrews, maybe you should consider a new screen name.

  125. Oh that’s why. Thanks for the stupid explanation. And if he came out and just said next season is cancelled? Then what. The world would end?

  126. Doug, not to cross swords with you but the town attorney has nothing to do with the pending civil litigation that the owner has against him. That has nothing to do with ordinances, policies or procedures that the town is governed by. The process starts with submission of plans for review and comment to the town. The only time the town attorney would get involved is if an individual want to do something that is outside of the scope of the laws that the town is governed by or the individual questioned an action taken by the town during the process. And the attorney would only get involved if requested and the expenditure was approved by the town. What Whitney describes in the speed 51 article is 180 degrees different from the procedure set forth by the town and leads me to believe he is throwing something up against the wall to see if it sticks and if we believe it.

    Whitney went through the process last year when the town inspected the facility and was granted the permit to operate. Since then at face value the only thing that has apparently changed is the town has stated no new stands, no permit to operate. So let’s submit the dam plans, quit shuckin and jivin and let’s get the process moving.

  127. Boy in my first year on racedayct I learned a very important lesson. Never ever get into a beef with a rabid dog or and especially a pack of them. Don’t correct them, don’t remind them of their prior errors, don’t exchange taunts, don’t mock them and don’t expect any truly unique thoughts from them. You’ll always lose cause the rabid dogs don’t know they’re rabid and they never admit they have any weakness.
    With regard to Art’s taunt I’ll try to make lemonade out of his lemons. On cable TV I can say what I did that works out great and saves a lot of money. Over the air antenna, Channel Master DVR, good internet connection and ROKU. Amazon Prime is my steady and I pop in and out of HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Hulu and more depending on my mood. In 8years never had a desire to go back to cable which is dying anyway with the introduction of ala carte internet based services.

  128. This screen ID with the silly name of a legal firm once again is engaging in changing known, knowns by making a rule for all towns that they use the same rules about what the attorney reviews and what they don’t. That’s a perfectly ridiculous assumption but necessary to change the known we have from Whitney to the fabricated, self serving known the person using the legal firm name is claiming as established fact.

  129. No argument at all humphry. I just chose to believe Whitney. You don’t and while I think your outline of procedure is the best here I’m still not taking it as the facts necessary to call Whitney a liar. No worries.

  130. darealgoodfella says:

    Stupid is as stupid insists on saying, over and over and over.

    You can teach, but you can’t make them understand.

  131. darealgoodfella says:

    There was period when the town attorney was always present at my town meetings. It was when we had an idiot running the town. Different people have been running the town, town attorney not at all the town council meetings.

  132. No worries Doug, not trying to change your beliefs, just questioning Whitney’s motive.

  133. darealgoodfella says:

    Facts are facts. You don’t get to choose what is a fact.

  134. “The only time the town attorney would get involved is if an individual want to do something that is outside of the scope of the laws that the town is governed by or the individual questioned an action taken by the town during the process.”
    Now that my friends is a well constructed and logical statement that I believe is mostly true or at least it sounds like it is true. Bravo humphry.
    I however choose to believe there are exceptions. The exception could be where there is a suspected peril in the form of a liability outside the norm that the town manager or Mayor if it is one with authority can have literally any issue reviewed for any reason. Don’t know if it’s true but it sure sounds good to me.

  135. The Law Firm Of Dewey, Cheathem & Howe says:

    Doug are you thick? This isn’t opinion or anything that’s different from town to town. This is how it works, everywhere. Town attorney’s don’t counsel private property owners or serve as any sort of review to private property owners on any issues involving improvements or upgrade plans, liabilities or legal or civil lawsuits involving ownership. If they did do that they would be committing fraud against the town they represent because that attorney is being paid by the town to represent the government of the town and the town isn’t paying to offer free legal services to a private business or property owner.

    No, the Waterford town attorney is NOT reviewing or advising upgrade plans for the Waterford Speedbowl before the Waterford building inspector sees them, as George Whitney said is happening. It’s that simple. If he actually is, he is likely breaking the law and could be charged with stealing from the town by offering legal counsel/advisement to a private business through payment by the town. That’s not opinion, that’s fact. The town attorney represents the town government in legal issues involving the town government. The demolition of old bleachers and construction of new bleachers at the Waterford Speedbowl is NOT an issue that has anything in any way shape or form to do with any legal issues involving the town government. Get a clue. You cry about people correcting you, but you then you make yourself sound so ignorant over and over again by trying to argue something to be true just because George Whitney said it happened. It doesn’t happen that way. The town attorney would not be involved in the process in any way at this stage.

    And are you really so naive to believe that if George Whitney said something to Speed51 and they published it based simply on his word that then it positively has to be true? George Whitney could tell Speed51 that Dale Earnhardt Jr. will race at the Speedbowl this year and they could publish that without actually verifying it, and in your mind, that would make it 100 percent unequivocally true just because he said it and they published it?

  136. Tim, you’ve been saying over and over that the track needs to be sold. Who in your opinion would be the best person or persons to buy it?

  137. See, he’s back. Changing a known, known published by Speed51 to his own known that allows him to achieve the conclusion he desires. It’s the rabid dog thing. Saying the same thing that runs counter to established reporting and mocking those that don’t accept the known he has reconstructed without one iota of humility or self awareness that he could not know everything.

  138. “No, the Waterford town attorney is NOT reviewing or advising upgrade plans for the Waterford Speedbowl before the Waterford building inspector sees them”
    Sure they are. It was reported in Speed51 and attributed to George Whitney. What the above statement is, is an opinion represented as a fact with accompanying taunts for all those that don’t sign on. I don’t.

  139. The Law Firm Of Dewey, Cheathem & Howe
    I guessing you are a frequent contributor that has lost credibility and set up a new screen ID. The thinking process, taunting and all knowing arrogance seem very familiar. Nonetheless you should retire this ID cause humphry expresses the same opinion far more effectively and I respect him a whole lot more.

  140. ” This is how it works, everywhere. Town attorney’s don’t counsel private property owners or serve as any sort of review to private property owners on any issues involving improvements or upgrade plans, liabilities or legal or civil lawsuits involving ownership”
    Geez, ya think?
    They do however offer a synopsis of all potential pitfalls pertinent to a property owners forthcoming application to protect town officials from liability over and above that associated with typical application. I made that up but it sure sounds good aye?

  141. Hey Doug, have you ever worked or served in town government? I have. The town pays the attorney to protect their interest. The attorney costs money. To get the attorney involved reviewing the plans, there would have to be a request from a town official, because they pay his salary. No one other than the building official would be qualified to review the plans, so more than likely, if anyone else in the government had gotten them, they would have immediately gone to the building official. He says he’s never seen them. If he’s never seen them, what could the attorney POSSIBLY be protecting the town from? Anybody who disagrees with you gets name called, insulted, or dismissed. Just like you accuse everyone else of.

    Whitney has lied so many times, Speed51 has published many incorrect stories. Town officials say they’ve never seen any plans. Whitney says they have. I know who I believe.

  142. darealgoodfella says:

    Doug, attorneys are not qualified to review, appraise, change, etc. engineering plans. No way, no how.

  143. I’ve simply said I believe the article in Speed51 and believe what Mr. Whitney said was accurate and provided in good faith. You don’t agree RichC and thats fine, I don’t really care what you think nor do believe self serving, claimed experience from anonymous sources. Who really cares anyway. We’ll find out the truth eventually anyway.
    Pats vs the Jags. Can’t wait.

  144. Doug, your arrogance and ignorance are astounding. Over 25% of the posts on some of these threads are yours, and yet you continue to say nothing of value. At least dareal is entertaining with his arrogance. Please, for the sake of everyone on here, GIVE IT A REST.

  145. Hey Doug, have you ever worked or served in town government? I have. (OR SO YOU SAY) The town pays the attorney to protect their interest. (DUH). The attorney costs money.(DUH). To get the attorney involved reviewing the plans, there would have to be a request from a town official, because they pay his salary. {NOT A SALARY, HE’S A PAID CONSULTANT IN WATERFORD} No one other than the building official would be qualified to review the plans, so more than likely, if anyone else in the government had gotten them, they would have immediately gone to the building official. ( IN OTHER WORDS YOU’RE MAKING SELF SERVING GUESSES) He says he’s never seen them. (TRUE) If he’s never seen them, what could the attorney POSSIBLY be protecting the town from? (FALSE ASSUMPTION. UNKNOWN WHAT THE CHAIN OF INQUIRY IS} Anybody who disagrees with you gets name called, insulted, or dismissed. Just like you accuse everyone else of. ( VAGUE, GRATUITOUS WHINING. PROVIDE QUOTES OR STOP WHINING)

    Whitney has lied so many times, Speed51 has published many incorrect stories. (AND ALL POLITICIANS ARE CROOKS AND ALL AMERICAN MEDIA IS BIASED. ANY MORE VAGUE NONSENSE TO OFFER?) Town officials say they’ve never seen any plans. (ONE IN THE BUILDING DEPARTMENT).Whitney says they have. (WHAT WHITNEY ACTUALLY SAID “It has already been presented to the town attorney; it has not been to the building inspector yet.”) I know who I believe.

    Sorry to the thread. I was bored and I think this guy RichC is a self important all know knucklehead.

  146. “That’s not opinion, that’s fact. The town attorney represents the town government in legal issues involving the town government.”

    Fiduciary duty, anyone? Who pays the town attorney?

    What DC&H is trying to get folks to understand is that a town attorney doesn’t care if a private business get sued, is operating legally, or is protected from liability or exposed. The town attorney is retained to offer legal opinions from the town’s point of view, as in the client paying the bill, full stop.

  147. One of the first things they are going to get is the wetlands comm to sign off on it. They will likely be required to have some kind of storm run off holding pond. The town attorney works close with the wetlands comm. I can’t even begin to think how many hoops they will need to jump trough to get this under way. Even TSMP has a storm water run off pond. It sits behind 1 and 2. There is so much more to a project like this then the building inspector. All he is going to do is make sure it is up to code. I have worked/ as a project manager on a few large auto dealerships and the building inspector was the least of my worries.

  148. Doug, your arrogance and ignorance are astounding. (BECAUSE I’M ALWAYS CORRECT AND YOU DON’T AGREE ). Over 25% of the posts on some of these threads are yours, (AND YOU’RE A MEANIE TO ME) and yet you continue to say nothing of value. (BECAUSE I DON’T AGREE BUT IF I DID YOU’D BE MY HERO) At least dareal is entertaining with his arrogance. (AND I AGREE WITH HIM WHEREAS I DON’T AGREE WITH YOU) Please, for the sake of everyone on here, GIVE IT A REST. (BECAUSE I’M NOT SMART ENOUGH TO JUST IGNORE YOU AND AM INCLUDING EVERYONE BECAUSE I’M TOO INSECURE TO DO IT MYSELF)

  149. Mini Fan
    ” I can’t even begin to think how many hoops they will need to jump trough to get this under way.”
    God bless at least one person that doesn’t have all the answers and is willing to admit this is complex.

  150. Here we are marching toward another 200 entry Speedbowl article and we’re all repeating the same things. Is this great or what?

  151. Doug, I’d love to ignore you, but most of the posts on here are from you or trying to educate you.

  152. Mini fan,Now you tell us,I’ve been swimming in that pond for 2 summers now!

  153. Here’s the bottom line RichC. In the Truex article you changed what I said from “media event” to “media stunt” an entirely different context. Then you attacked me for what i never said. You in my view are a liar and when you call Whitney a liar it rings hollow. Apologies to the thread cause I hate this guy. Go Pats!

  154. sour grapes of wrath says:

    it is complex……so was repaving when that took place … removing the guardrail’s and replacing the fence..etc.. BEMER had the grandstand replacement in mind as soon as he bought the place and I am certain it is well documented and thought out.those plans that no one or no reliable source has seen or knows about on this thread will come to light. I am sure this project will be completed .(replacement of grandstands etc) cant wait to go racing at the bowl !!

  155. After doing millions of dollars of projects and walking into a city or town building dept
    with plans did they ever tell me you first have to go to the city attorneys office.

  156. darealgoodfella says:

    art, that pond by T1-2 at Thompson… before the recent reconfiguration, it was swamp. A friend used to race at Thompson decades ago when it was a road course. He tells me great stories from those days. One of his buddies went off-roading and went into the swamp and had to swim/slog out. First thing he said when he got to dry ground was , “There’s big snakes in there!!!”

  157. darealgoodfella says:

    sour grapes of wrath… all those grand top secret plans died when Bemer was arrested and sang to the charges. Bemer will never be able to play cars at the NLWS, never be able to enjoy the place. He has no plans to spend a penny more than needed to keep the place from imploding. Anyone with a body temperature can see that. He’d be better off selling as-is than spending seven figures to rehab the place and then sell for far less than he paid for it and spent on rehab.

    Make sure you buy those gift cards!!!!!

    But in order to open in 2018, the town needs something done, this has been dragging on and on. There appears to be an impasse, if only the NLWS would ACTUALLY start doing something about it. But that there is no actual activity, only implausible talk from George, that can only mean the place will not open in 2018.

  158. Shawn,This site is becoming an unreadable embarrassment to our sport.Please actively moderate your site until it returns to reasonable civility.

  159. darealgoodfella says:

    450mike, this site is a reflection and representation of the rather accurate stereotype and generalizations of the fans of the sport. And some of us try to educate those.

    How do you feel about Doug’s position that people should go to the speedbowl, spend your money at the speedbowl to fill Bemer’s bank account, so that his victims would have a bigger award? In that respect, I agree, it is an embarrassment. Doug wants us to give our money to the perpetrator so his victims will get a bigger award. Extremely embarrassing.

  160. darealgoodfella says:

    We shall soon see who gets the Pinocchio awards.

    🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥

  161. Bill Chatfield says:

    450 MIke – I could not agree more.

  162. I know huh 450mike. These Waterford threads especially are a combination and speculation, wild assumptions, insults,inane asides, nonsense, feuds and endless repetition.
    But what have you contributed mike? I checked around and don’t see you planting a flag anywhere with a relevant, interesting comment. You’re here apparently to judge, complain and tell management what to do.
    See mike unless you have not been paying attention which clearly you haven’t anonymous comment sections all across the country are famous for this same behavior for obvious reasons. It’s anonymous. If you have higher standards go to facebook or twitter where people are accountable. Or instead of whining say something smart and relevant here and see how people react. May surprise you.

  163. Doug being a sanctimonious internet bully again!

  164. Pot, meet kettle.

  165. darealgoodfella says:

    Doug, go ahead and say something smart for a change.

  166. sour grapes of wrath says:

    why is da real answering questions posed to shawn ? I has been my opinion all along the sale would be contingent on the stands being replaced first. no one wants to buy the place with that project pending due to the what ifs /unknowns. regardless of Bemers personal behavior he is a smart businessman. I still believe the plans were in place for stands replace before the arrest. it is clear the building official with the town and those posting here have NOT seen those plans to date. I do believe the town attorney may have seen them who knows??? perhaps the town attorney could be contacted?
    Again I have has personal issues with my local government.. attorneys talk all the time without the benefit or requirements to share info with those not specifically effected /involved.. I can agree with many on one thing. the clock is ticking .. the banquet may provide some answers to looming questions. There is a clear issue with the management/officials of the speed bowl and this website that will probably never be resolved. agree it does reflect badly that the bowl has NOT chosen to follow the path of Stafford or Thompson as far as press release /public relations but I will take Whitney at his word for now and await opening day

  167. darealgoodfella says:

    Doug has factual and cognitive deficiencies, gets schooled, then plays the victim card.

    Like a broken record.

    Don’t blame the schools for all the problems. Sometimes, the stuff going into the schools just isn’t workable. Schools can’t fix everything. They can teach, but can’t make them understand.

  168. Not to beat the dead horse, these are some excerpts from the Town of Waterford CT web site. I am directing this post at no particular individual, this is public information and please feel free to visit their site as a form of self-education. Please note that items that are in parenthesis are my foot notes for reference and not listed as part of the verbiage from the site.

    The primary function of the Building Department (not Town Attorney) is to ensure the health, safety and general welfare of the public. This is accomplished by:
    • Performing plan reviews
    • Issuing permits and conducting inspections to insure compliance with State of Connecticut Building Codes
    • Issuing necessary orders and notices to remove illegal or unsafe conditions
    • Requiring the necessary safeguards during construction and demolition of structures
    • Interpreting and providing guidance regarding all applicable codes to architects, engineers, contractors, developers, homeowners and other interested parties (read this closely as I believe this answers the question about who will be contacted first)

    The staff of the Waterford Building Department (not town attorney) would like to remind all Waterford residents and businesses that building permits are required prior to starting any new construction, additions, renovations or improvements to your property or lease space. For a more detailed listing of work requiring permits please click here.

    Under this link you will also find a listing of work that is exempt and does not require a permit.
    If you are unsure whether a building permit is required for work you are planning, please contact the building department (not town attorney)

    In an effort to best serve our customers, the Building Department (not town attorney) will hold general office hours from 8am-12pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. A Building Official (not town attorney) will be in the office during those times to answer questions about building permits on a first-come, first served basis. As always, appointments during business hours from 8am-4pm are available on request.

    This is all black and white, copy and pasted and again please visit the Town’s web site as there is some great reading there. I will let you draw your own conclusions from there who is and who may not creditable.

  169. Doug,please calm down.I agree with you 99% of the time.Dareal and a few other Speedbowl haters have drawn you into an exchange that is far beneath you.I am not only a regular contributor on RaceDay,I believe I am the first Patreon to sign up(woo hoo!).Long live the Speedbowl!

  170. darealgoodfella says:

    humphry, George Whitney is not going to like that. No wonder George isn’t getting anything done, he’s dealing with the attorney. Don’t worry, Doug will explain how that all works in a totally incomprehensible cognitive dissonance fashion.

  171. Sorry 450mike. These Speedbowl threads are fun since we all want to anticipate something, it’s winter and who doesn’t enjoy some lively banter to fire us up for the next year. But they are just a sewer of bad behavior and count me as one of the bad actors on occasion.
    I am helping row the boat at racedayct as well with a contribution and hope others that pop off on the site do as well.
    I look forward to reading your thoughts.
    Long live the Speedbowl!

  172. Beating a dead horse humphry. No worries. We’ve all been beating this dead horse for the better part of a year from time to time. It’s laying in the field, we keep kicking and kicking it each waiting for the dead horse to move and aren’t smart enough stop kicking it. Now let me kick it again.
    Thank you for providing the information from the Waterford web site. I think most agree that is the usual procedure in all such matters. I just have one question.
    Could you bring yourself to admit that there may be some exigent circumstance we do not know about. It could have something to do with the active civil suits or some other unusual circumstance regarding the Speedbowl . That would cause the usual procedure to be circumvented for some reason that is not customary nor usual. What do you think?

  173. darealgoodfella says:

    Bemer’s problems are not the Town’s problems. Business as usual at the Town. Please see the building department, thank you.

  174. darealgoodfella says:

    Somebody is gonna need bigly huge rhinoplasty.

  175. Viva race fan says:

    I just wanted to be 175 th are all over the place . George isn’t well liked by some of last year’s employees. He even tried to stiff a few but has since made up for it. He has help with this because he’s just a mechanic at a bus garage. He has sold his hauler 2 A modified team. I’m sure to put the stands in could be upwards of $100,000 plus the demolition all new electrical new tower new concession stands so we’re talking about 250000 plus dollars. George doesn’t have this kind of money. But the owner of the track does so for all you people who have bad things to say before the man is judged in court maybe you should be thankful that he still cares enough to make sure the track has the necessary needs so you people continued to race at a track it doesn’t want him around. You should all be very thankful for mr. Beamer because this could have go a totally different way. I’m looking forward to his day in court where he will be judged by his peers. Hopefully he’s found not guilty but the lawyers will have some kind of civil suit two line they’re already golden pockets. I’ve seen him and help teams by tires to help support their races give them free entry so they can afford to race but none of you people see this and you’re all so quick to judge so for all you people who think you know everything open up the box you live in and maybe check that closet because none of you are perfect. God bless the Speedbowl

  176. Doug, I really can’t yes especially when the circumstance you refer to is relative to a legal action brought by a private party against an individual, relative to private property owned by the individual. That does not fall under the purview of the Town or its attorney.

    An example I could think of is if there were back taxes owed to the town on a property. The town would likely have put a lien on the property (prepared by the town attorney) and a caveat would be included in the permit that the taxes we paid in full prior to final approval. Again this is only a generic example I can think of.

    The process is the process and it is the towns job to make sure the process is legally adhered to.

  177. darealgoodfella says:

    Viva race fan, Bemer admitted to it. It’s in the legal documents. Available online. According to himself, it’s been going on for like 25 years. Read the police reports.

  178. Mary Bennaughty says:

    You can have ANY builder put your motor together for an sk light as long as RAD lookes it over dyno’s it and seals it. i’m gonna have Hutter do mine. LOL

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