Super Team: Steve Greer Joining Up With Keith Rocco SK Modified Team At Stafford

Gunsmoke Stables Racing LogoThe trend of team owner Steve Greer and his Gunsmoke Stables team aligning with the who’s who of the SK Modified division at Stafford Motor Speedway will continue in 2015.

Keith Rocco confirmed Thursday that Greer will become a supporter of the John Rufrano owned SK Modified program he competes for at Stafford Motor Speedway in 2015.

Greer won an SK Modified championship fielding a car at Stafford in 2013 for Woody Pitkat and was second in the standings in 2014 fielding a car for Ryan Preece.

Greer and Preece parted ways following the 2014 season.

“Steve seemed to be fading away from racing,” Rocco said. “You never want to see a good car owner and a good sponsor step out of the sport. You always look for more to get in. John and I approached him and asked if he would be interested in helping us and he showed a lot of interest and we were able to put something together as a sponsorship deal for him.”

Rocco had two victories and finished third in the SK Modified division standings at Stafford in 2014. He won SK Modified championships at Stafford in 2008 and 2010. Rocco is third all-time on the track’s SK Modified division win list with 39 victories since 2005.

Greer joins forces with the team, which is also supported by Mr. Rooter Plumbing owner Vin Beedle.

“He’s going to be one of our main sponsors to go along with Wheelers Auto and Mr. Rooter,” Rocco said. “How can you let a guy that had a championship team and has been in contention a lot and won so many races …, you can’t let someone like that get out of the sport. We’re glad to have him aboard.”

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  1. Lets see how long this last.I wouldn’t trust Rocco as far as I could throw him.

  2. electrician says

    If Greer was walking away,he’ll be running away shortly

  3. Steady Eddie Fan says

    Thank god nobody cares what you think

  4. Just adds more intrigue to Friday nights.

  5. I’m sure it will last longer than Preece….2 teems in 2 years. He must really be an immature baby…..just saying

  6. Steve finally got involved with the best driver in the north east smart man

  7. Best
    driver in the northeast.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.lmao.Pretty big statement.They are going to rob steve blind.Watch and see.As far as best driver,talented ok,the best,,you are dreaming.

  8. pretty sure his champion driver new going in it was a one year deal,that the great Preece was already a done deal for 2014 ,I think Steve probably had enough of the great great Preece just saying

  9. Rafter fan says

    Shawn –

    I understand that, in 2015, Ryan Preece will be driving for his third Stafford “car owner” in the past 3 years. However, I believe he will be driving the same car that he drove in 2013 and 2014. So, should we consider the Preece family as the true car owner for all 3 years?

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