Dreamer: Phil Jacques Closes Out Season With Limited Sportsman Win At Thompson

Phil Jacques celebrates victory in the Limited Sportsman feature Sunday at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Thompson Speedway)

Phil Jacques celebrates victory in the Limited Sportsman feature Sunday at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Thompson Speedway)

THOMPSON – On June 1 Phil Jacques lived out a dream when he scored his first career Limited Sportsman feature win at Thompson Speedway.

Sunday the sequel took place for the Dudley, Mass. driver.

Jacques got his second career victory in the 20-lap Limited Sportsman feature Sunday at the Sunoco World Series at Thompson Speedway.

“This is literally 20 years to the day since the first time I set foot here,” the 31-year old Jacques said. “Coming here back then as an 11-year old little kid, seeing all the greats race here, Reggie Ruggiero, Ricky Fuller, Jeff Fuller all of them. Watching them pull into that victory lane and dreaming of that one day. To get one here this year was amazing. To get the World Series is absolutely a dream come true. I could not have imagined this.”

Brett Gleason of Lisbon was second and Corey Hutchings of Salem third. Ryan Waterman of Danielson clinched the division championship with a sixth place finish.

“We were junk yesterday,” Jacquest said. “If you had asked me yesterday if I would be here today I would have told you not a chance.”

The dream was close to becoming a nightmare late in the event for Jacques. He dominated most of the event, but on lap 19 the lapped car of Tom Shea had Jacques backing off, allowing Gleason to nearly take over the top spot.

“I was prepared to do what I had to do,” Jacques said. “I would have put those guys in the wall. Get out of my way. The lead is coming. It’s unfortunate. Sometimes you’ve got to wonder. … It’s a little disappointing.”


  1. Phil you won in a kids division
    What a joke
    Running laps with a slow car

  2. Phil Jacques says

    Oh boy haha! Jeffrey, since you seem to be a very bitter grandstand champion, let me educate you. There are very few “kids” that race in this division. I believe the youngest driver in our field was in his early 20s and the average age of drivers in the field is roughly around 35-37.

    In our division, you have veterans of the SK Modifieds, Valenti Modified Racing Series, Late Models and many other division. You have drivers such as Larry Barnett, who has something close to 65 or more wins, and multiple championship. You have Corey Hutchings who has raced SK, SK Light, Late Models and more and won more races across these divisions over the years than I can count. You also have guys like Scott Sundeen, who has been pretty much a mainstay in our division, but every single year, is one of the guys to beat and is one of the most consistent drivers I have ever seen in recent years. You also have Rob Janovic, Jr. in the field, a former Late Model driver and current SK Modified driver, winner and former champion at the New London Waterford Speedbowl. You also have Josh Galvin, Ed Puleo, Glenn Boss and Josh Wood, all very accomplished in their own right, winning in multiple types of cars from Limited Sportsman to SK Modifieds over the years.

    The cars may also seem “slow” to you, but I challenge you to grow a pair, and get out here yourself. These cars make power and torque comparable to the ACT Late Models and SK Lite Modifieds, but weigh roughly 3050lbs, and run on a rock hard 7″ tire, with nowhere near the braking power of either of those divisions, and an unlocked rear end. When you send one of these cars into the corner, it’s an adventure each and every time. They don’t handle, they don’t stop and make a ton of horsepower. They are big, they are lazy, and we don’t even have spotters so we have to rely on each other to keep things pointed straight.

    This is FAR from a “kids” division, this division is one of the greatest in the country, with some of the best talent on the east coast of the United States.

    I really don’t mind that you aired your uneducated opinion. I think it’s actually quite comical, especially because you’re the one in the stands wishing you could do it, and we are the ones actually doing it.

    Have a great night Jeffrey!

  3. Brent Gleason says

    Wow, cue captain butt-hurt, LOL. I’ve driven everything from enduros to Late Models, and these things are the hardest cars to drive. Far from a “kids division”, I actually find that laughable.

  4. Gary Spinnato says

    Nice of you the leave your whole name there grandstand chump .

  5. Phil:
    Well written with respect and kindness to the undeserving “Jeffery” I’m not so sure many others would have been as gracious as yourself…a win is a win from Cart to Cup. If I’m not mistaken….your first full time season in the division with two wins…up against all the veteran drivers you mentioned…is something to be extremely proud of.

  6. Where did you finish “Jeffrey “??????

  7. Norm Jacques says

    I always find it fascinating when a ‘hater’ not only doesn’t have the stones to leave his whole name, but doesn’t even capitalize the name he does leave….if, in fact, it’s even his own! Then there’s the whole idea of trying to insult people by comparing them to ‘kids.’ I would suggest a consult with a professional therapist to address the ‘issues’ he’s obviously wrestling with. Modern medicine can do wonders. Very sad to be left wallowing in such misery.

  8. I don’t know many kids that have 20 grand to spend on one of these. Slow? I doubt you drive…..

  9. Jeffrey is an Iracing pro…..no G forces, you can race in your underwear, and you can pause it to go pee….or go eat your cereal because mom keeps nagging to finish your breakfast

  10. Christopher viens says

    Pretty sure the youngest driver at that race track this weekend ran an sk light, this kid is not old enough to have a drivers license yet he has won in that division at stafford and is a top car in that division at Thompson age does not dictate talent. Never degrade what any racer does you don’t know what that person had to endure to succeed on that race track, the level of endurance and sacrifice it takes to have success in this sport is un matched. Keep mouth shut bud

  11. Great job Phil on and off the racetrack !!!

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