Bob Polverari Looking Forward To Riverside Park Reunion And Trade Show

(Press Release from New England Racers’ Auction & Trade Show)

Bob Polverari is one of the many drivers who are looking forward to the New England Racers Auction and Trade Show on Saturday, December 2nd at the Mass Mutual Central in downtown Springfield, Ma.

Polverari, a five time modified champion at the Riverside Park Speedway is one of the many past drivers expected to attend the huge event that will not only include the Riverside Park Speedway Reunion but the racers auction, trade show and racers seminar.

“When Joe Lewandoski told me about this, I told him that I want to do everything possible to make it a success.” Bob said last week, “I think this it is going to be the start of something big.”

Polverari, who hails from nearby West Springfield, Ma. was always one of the top drivers at the tough quarter mile oval in his famed 7-11 Chevy modified regardless of what era he raced in.

When asked who was toughest he competed against, he said it would to unfair to say. “There were so many drivers from different years and it wouldn’t be right because I might be missing somebody. But in the last few years of the Park, I’d have to say Reggie (Ruggiero), Mike Stefanik and Mike McLaughlin. But you always had drivers like Stan Greger and then when NASCAR sanctioned races there, Richie Evans and Jerry Cook.”

Polverari also raced against such legends such as Buddy Krebs and Bob Stefanik early in his career.
When asked what be missed about the Park since it closed in 1999, he said the closeness of the teams who raced at the Park.

“It was something very special. We’d race hard and then we’d all get together and go to the beer garden that night and talk about the races.” Polverari said. “It is so sad that Riverside Park Speedway closed, it ended a lot of careers. I don’t want to see any track close but Riverside was something special to so many people in this area.”

Many people will also remember the nights when all of the teams would bring food for after the races and have a big cookout in the pit area at the Park, as it was affectionately known to the teams who raced there and the thousands of fans who attended weekly races there.

“I really think this is a great idea and hope that everyone who ever went to Riverside Park as a driver, crew member or fans comes back because I really believe this could be a big hit with everyone.” Bob said. “There isn’t one day that goes by that I don’t think Riverside Park Speedway.”

The Park was also known for hosting the famed ‘Riverside 500’, a team race that saw rivals come together to win a grueling 500 lap race in which a driver would start the race and then pit in the infield and must come within five feet of his teammate before he would be allowed to exit the pit area and continue.

It was one of the most unique races in the country and Polverari won it four times, twice with Ronnie Wykoff and one each with NASCAR Hall of Famer Jerry Cook and his first with Bob Tauscher.

The Riverside Park Speedway Reunion is just one of the day long activities that will be held at the Mass Mutual Center on Saturday, December 2nd starting at 9 in the morning and going to around 7:30 p.m.

There will be free parking for those attending and admission is just $10.00 for adults and children under 12 are admitted free .For more information, please contact [email protected] or


  1. Dick Dixon , Danny Gallolu , Gene Bergin, the Reg, Buddy Krebs, Jonny Lobo, Bob raced and beat some of the best, over 30 years .: Bob I really miss the park I think about it a lot……….thanks for that #7-11 it was fun to watch……

  2. Don’t forget my favorite Wild Bill Greco !

  3. Oh ya #43 sorry , saw Billy’ last year at the plainville show.Always has a lot to talk about”

  4. Jeffrey P says

    Can’t forget guys like #135 pete f. charlie glazier john anderson and then when geoff bodine came to town and screwed all the little guys up…lol

  5. Nonsense
    Money is king
    If you ain’t got it stay home
    Jeffrey p get off site
    Your clueless

  6. Andrew B. says

    Don’t blame Geoff, blame Dick Armstrong. The Roger Penske of modified racing. If you can’t beat ’em, outspend ’em.

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