Sid DiMaggio And Sean Foster Teaming Up On Local Racing Webcast For 2018

Sean Foster (left) and Tom “Sid” DiMaggio (right) (Photo: Robin Golembeski)

When it comes to video shorts revolving around the Southern New England short track racing scene, two names come to mind first: Tom “Sid” DiMaggio and Sean Foster.

And in 2018 the pair will team up for a special regular webcast that will cover the local short track racing ins and out and beyond.

On Jan. 6 the pair will host a kickoff party at the Groton Elks Lodge to introduce the concept.

For more information on the party check out the Facebook event page.


  1. darealgoodfella says

    This is fantastic!

  2. You’ll be singing a different tune if it involves Waterford at all.

  3. I’m kind of hoping for a Doug & Dareal weekly podcast recorded at The Hidden Still in Ellington, hosted and refereed by Shawn C 😀

  4. darealgoodfella says

    rich, not to worry.

    Sid already made it clear he can’t have anything to do with Waterford with the current situation.

  5. Elevating yourself about the fray aye Paul. You’re better then all the petty back and forths aren’t you Paul. Seems to me a guy named Paul challenged someone to meet him in the parking lot at Stafford and Shawn had to calm that Paul down. Gave his full name and everything. A different Paul or am I miss remembering? Whatever. Meanwhile Sid’s Vault is an icon on youtube. A treasure trove of video clips for Speedbowl fans that cover decades and the producer of the most important documentary on the bowl ever done. As for last year many races were filmed by Robert Bogot of Motorsports Productions so there is coverage last year on youtube as well. Enjoy the rarefied air up their Paul.

  6. Im a hige part of this too.
    I got $$$$$
    I am also buying new cameras for modified tour….dareal I got that hedge fubd started…..irs ok you were a bit short on money….I kicked in the rest…
    Gotta go im working on a dare stock

  7. Latka. You’re wasting your time on the Dare Stock. Don’t exist. Might want to dial back the brews, consider a writing course, check in with your psychologist and give that lovely wife of yours Simka a hug.

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