United Northeast Crate Asphalt Modified Informational Meeting Rescheduled To December 2

(Press Release from New England Racers’ Auction & Trade Show)

The United Northeast Crate Asphalt Modifieds meet and greet session has been rescheduled from Sunday, November 19th at Hoosier Tire East in Manchester, CT to Saturday, December 2nd at the New England Racers Auction & Trade Show at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, MA at 11:45 a.m. in the show’s seminar room

“Due to a scheduling conflict with HTE and Rob Summers. I had to change the UNCAM meet and greet to December 2nd at the New England Auction & Trade Show” stated series organizer Joe Lewandoski

At the one hour UNCAM meet and greet the proposed rules will be discussed along with the introduction of the UNCAM race day staff.

For further information please call Joe Lewandoski at 386-843-4898 or email Joe at [email protected]

Tickets are $10. Kids 12 and under free. For more info, please visit the website at neracersauction.com or on the Facebook Page New England Racers Auction & Trade Show


  1. darealgoodfella says

    They need to come up with a better name so they have a really cool acronym.

  2. I think they should travel with GSPS Series, give the fans fenders and open wheel, that way they would race on Friday’s and Saturday’s, not Wednesday’s and Sunday’s, might interest more teams.

  3. Great idea Tony however they initially indicated they would not run the same nights that tracks with SKL divisions were running. That would conflict with Stafford and Waterford. You are however correct that the days of the week they propose would potentially create hardship for teams that have to travel any distance to compete especially a Wednesday night.

  4. Crazy in NY says

    I’m missing something. Isn’t the SK Modified the “solution” to the weekly TT Mod problem?
    I’ve never heard of the UNCAM series before and Bing and Google haven’t either. Somebody help me out please.

  5. Silly Season says

    United? with who?

  6. Geoff Nooney says

    Well considering this meeting has now been rescheduled twice the series is already not off to a good start.

  7. Geoff Nooney says

    It was originally scheduled at Hoosier the 19th, then the Chowder Pot the 17th, and now at the racer auction they are hosting. Funny

  8. Tony St,

    That’s a great idea! Joe should contact them and see f it’s possible.

  9. I’m trying to figure out why this new tour is a good idea. Who will benefit from the creation of a new tour? The Racers? The Fans? The Tracks? What is the real reason someone wants to do this?

    Let’s take a look at the past to predict the future. Is it a good thing for auto racing to take a bunch of cars from Stafford, Thompson, Waterford, Monadnock, Riverhead, etc.? The SK’s were created to replace the weekly tour-type cars and fill a void for those who could not afford to or desire to travel. It also built a stepping stone to tour-type racing. Then came along the SKL, to offer affordable entry level modified racing for those to not looking for affordability over running an SK. Inadvertinly a ladder system was built to get to the top of the modified world. Each time a jump in car count occurred, but it did little to build the next tier.

    So, what happened to climbing that ladder? Is it easier to just build an offshoot of the current level your at and not strive for better? I’m not convinced adding a tour is the right idea. Maybe if this new tour’s promoter approached the current tracks and did some a multi-track championship, it would benefit all. Think about it, say five shows at the tracks listed above with a more significant purse. Run it on a mutually agreed off weekend so the racers only have to prepare for one race. Increase the laps a little, raise the purse and advertise the hell out of it. Who benefits, everyone! The racers get the chance to try another track without hurting their local track and they get more laps and more money. The fans, as they get to see drivers from a different track who may not have raced here because of a commitment to their home track. The sponsors get an expanded exposure. And the promoters get an increased back gate, and if promoted correctly, expand the front gate.

    This idea worked for many years with Pro Stock/Late Model racing and even the street stock class, but somewhere along the line, someone got greedy and tried to keep it all to themselves. The isloation to one promoter only had the reverse effect, and everyone got less, not more. Lets not let history repeat itself. The SKL/Sportsman class is a strong class at each of its tracks, don’t butcher it because some promoter thinks he has a better idea. He will be the only one who benefits from this approach.

  10. darealgoodfella says

    So UNCAM will compete with the proposed Touring SK Series?

    I wonder if there is a deeper message in the UNCAM name.

    This gets better and better. I need another box of corn flakes.

  11. Dareal, where exactly did this article talk about an SK touring series? Am I missing something here or are you just spewing your normal BS?

  12. Just Wondering says

    Please NO more touring series for the open wheel modifieds. Even if the UnCAM runs on off nights its going to hurt the local tracks and their weekly car counts. There is only so many cars and money to be spent in the SKL division. The SKL programs are getting to be a strong force at the local tracks with nice car counts and good competition. Please don’t water it down like the MTS did with the Tour Type Mod’s, then us fans and the racetracks lose due to low car counts. Maybe a better idea would be 5 SKL big events: starting at the NLWS during their annual mid-summer break in early July due to Sailfest and one at Staffords Fall Final, one at the World Series at Thompson, with then final one being at the NLWS Fall Final Superbowl. Just make sure all the events are also points events for the tracks they are racing at to insure big car counts. Put some marketing effort behind the five races to increase the purses for the racers and gate revenue for the tracks.

  13. Geoff Nooney says

    My bad, the informational at the Expo is separate from the owner driver meeting, I apologize, but I had other arrangements for that night so I was concerned being an owner/driver.

  14. Geoff – when and where is the owner driver meeting?

  15. My point exactly, Humphry. Can’t wait to see the come back on that.

  16. WeldingWonders says

    What new touring SK series. I thought the American Modified Tour was full blown modifieds?

  17. This is a sk lite touring series. The AMT is yet another separate touring series. The way things are going they’ll be a dozen modified series this season which is ridiculous.

  18. Oy Vey

  19. darealgoodfella says

    Sometimes it looks like a tire series.

  20. WeldingWonders says

    Light and AMT tours. Got it. But someone mentioned an SK tour. Is that a thing or not?

  21. This is a great deal for HTE if they go with the used WMT tires. They not only get to sell them once, but twice. Great profit margin, great business decision.

  22. This Tour mess…and it will be a bigger mess is just like Charitable organizations who create a New Cause because they think they are better…are greedy for Their program..want to be more important..Or All 3. By starting something new in an area where it will create conflict no one is going to win. Money will be less for everyone. Car counts will be less…fans will need to choose-lessening the income of tracks and, in the big picture, killing the ability of sponsors to gain. What a mess!

  23. This Tour mess…and it will be a bigger mess is just like Charitable organizations who create a New Cause because they think they are better…are greedy for Their program..want to be more important..Or All 3. By starting something new in an area where it will create conflict no one is going to win. Money will be less for everyone. Car counts will be less…fans will need to choose-lessening the income of tracks and, in the big picture, killing the ability of sponsors to gain. What a mess!

  24. The take off tire rule may be a good business decision that is welcome by drivers but it isn’t free money. All those tires to be tested, classified and matched in sets is extremely labor intensive. The blowback from teams that figure they got the short end of the rubber could be difficult for HTE. Which leads me to a story.
    In 1982 The Stafford Street Stocks were required to use a racing recap. Ed Yarrington lined up a recaper in New Britain to supply the tires. I forget the name. In theory it should have been great since the tires were pretty cheap. I forget what we paid but it was low compared to new tires. In practice the tires were a nightmare since each one had it’s own personality and performed differently. I had one that looked perfect but when I took it out for practice it performed like it was made of ice. We all ended up with so many tires cause they all performed differently and getting the right stagger was nightmare. When Stafford went to the McCreary tire the price per tire went up and my tire cost overall down. You could go out with the McCreary’s and get consistent results. Drama eliminated.
    Could this used tire deal be a similar inconsistent can of worms that in the end drives teams nuts? Hopefully not cause the price point rocks.

  25. darealgoodfella says

    So what’s the tour count so far?

  26. darealgoodfella says

    Welp, apparently there are folks that think they can rustle up the sponsorship to make a go at it.

    Looks like there will be numerous touring series in 2018. Let’s see how they promote themselves and compete against each other.

  27. I’ve heard talk of an sk tour but nothing yet thank god. Just wait a couple months though..

  28. Pavement modified tour series.
    whelen (TT)
    TRI Track (TT)
    MRS (TT)
    AMT (TT) new for 2018
    ROC (TT) mostly upstate NY
    UCAM (crate) new for 2018

    I haven’t heard any news on tri track series does anyone know what there plans are for next season? I know MTS MRS and Whelen have announced information indicating they will be running in 2018. ROC I just don’t follow that closely and I don’t know what there plans oare. I would say tri track put on some of my favorite events last season. There is also speculation of a SK tour series being formed as well. There just isn’t enough cars, drivers, tracks and fans to support this many modified series. I all but stopped going to MRS and MTS races towards the end of the year because I knew there was no way they could get a full field of quality cars. I just didn’t think the shows were worth the increase in admission.

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