PASS Commonwealth Classic Tour Type Modified Event At Richmond Postponed

(Press Release from Pro All Stars Series)

The Pro All Stars Series (PASS) Commonwealth Classic originally scheduled for October 19-20 at Richmond Raceway (Richmond) has been postponed.

“While we are disappointed with the postponement of the event, we feel we have made the best decision for the series, teams, and our fans after looking at the unfavorable weather forecast and the distance many teams were scheduled to travel from the northeast, south, and Canada,” said PASS President Tom Mayberry.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the staff at Richmond Raceway to continue to promote this event on a new date in 2019.”

Officials are currently looking at a new date of March 30, 2019 for the PASS Commonwealth Classic.

This date with provide much more flexibility with scheduling if weather should once again become a factor. This date will be confirmed within the next few weeks.

The Pro All Stars Series is recognized as North America’s premier sanctioning body for asphalt Super Late Models and boasts such marquee events as the legendary Oxford 250 at Oxford Plains Speedway, PASS South’s Easter Bunny 150 at the historic Hickory Motor Speedway, and the inaugural Commonwealth Classic at Richmond Raceway.


  1. Are modifieds part of the show?

  2. Steve,
    Yes, there was supposed to be a Tour Type Modified event.

  3. seems an odd date for makeup maybe will be the first tour show? timing makes sense

  4. Bill Realist says

    Took a page from speed 51 super select. If they can’t count on their guys to travel from Maine to New Hampshire how do they pin hopes on Richmond va

  5. Weather ap says 4% 65% 4% for the weekend. That Saturday weather is all morning clears up in afternoon. I am guessing there is something else besides weather contributing to the decision. At least they called it early.

  6. Postponed??? LOL!! BBWWWAHAHAHHHAAAAAAA!!!!


    Yeah, like when Trump finds out he’s not invited, uninvited, or nobody is interested in meeting with him, he says he can’t attend or “cancels” the meeting. LOL!!!!

  7. Bill Realist,

    They had 30 Super Late Model\Pro Stocks on the entry list at the time of the cancellation with about an even split between Northern and Southern drivers, so I don’t the amount of cars was the issue. For some reason PASS can get more New England teams to haul to places like Hickory and Richmond than to Speedway 51 in NH and Speedway 95 in Maine. They might have pulled the plug on this a bit early since the forecast looked worse a few days ago. But they also had cars from Florida entered which is just as far from Richmond as Maine, so they probably decided to hold off until next year and not get everyone there for nothing. There would be zero chance of making it up this year since there would be conflicts with other big SLM, Late Model Stock, and Modified events for the rest of this season.

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