Sources: Hickory Motor Speedway To Host Tour Type Modified Event Later This Month

Editors Note: With NASCAR adding a Whelen Modified Tour event at Myrtle Beach Speedway, sources have indicated that the group putting on the event at Hickory will likely reschedule to a date in early June.

There’s still more questions than answers when it comes to just when any Northeast based Tour Type Modified divisions will kick off a possible 2020 season.  

With heavy restrictions still in place in most states, as of today there are no real opening date plans for events for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, the Tri-Track Open Modified Series or the Modified Racing Series. 

But it doesn’t mean Tour Type Modified racing isn’t being planned anywhere. One of NASCAR’s historic short track venues is preparing to host a Tour Type Modified event on May 30. 

Multiple sources have confirmed to RaceDayCT that LFR and Troyer owner Rob Fuller is leading a group to put on a Tour Type Modified event May 30 at Hickory Speedway in Newton, N.C.

Fuller was not immediately available for comment Wednesday morning.  

The event is expected to be run without fans but be available for pay-per-view viewing. It’s unclear at this time what the pay-per-view pricing structure plan is for the event.

Hickory Motor Speedway will kick off its 2020 season on Saturday with a five-division six-feature card that will be run with no fans on site. Hickory will offer a pay-per-view of their Saturday show with an advertised promotional price of $19.99 if purchased before Saturday and $24.99 on the day of the event through the website Speed51. 

The one-third mile Hickory Motor Speedway is one of NASCAR’s most storied short track venues. The former NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour competed twice at Hickory with Junior Miller winning an event there in 2006 and George Brunnhoelzl III winning at the facility in 2011. 

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  1. I guess Fuller hasn’t spoken to DaReal yet. LOL.

  2. Dareal is a pimple on Fullers arse. Hats off to Rob for trying to make something happen. Maybe he will wake up the sleeping Nascar execs who are too busy worrying about the top 3 divisions.

  3. Why can’t this happen at Thompson? We have been socially distancing for a decade there according to the Track. They can take in at the gate as only 50 people will be there and then they could make as much money as the next Tyson Vs Holyfield fight on the intranets. Sounds like a perfect set up. 1 person per ticket booth. 1 person per concession stand. 1 person per porta potty. Just make all the people in the pits wear masks. No need to travel that far. I think they are thinking way outside the box with this one…

  4. Why didn’t Fuller do this up north, near his shops and market? Stafford? Thompson? Seekonk? Even Waterford!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 That would be funny. CT is supposed to be relaxing social distancing on May 20, although details haven’t been released. Running at an empty Stafford could happen. Would really suck to travel all the way to Hickory for a track day.

    Kinda funny to have to go back down south to do this. I wonder how many Fury cars will show up.

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    May 30 at Hickory has been scheduled as a school bus crash fest, no other series, just one big honking school bus crash fest. This will be a great undercard for the school bus crash event. This looks to be another LFR test session. Anybody see a purse announcement? Entrance fee? Entry list?

    One day event, right? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. I am pretty sure with the Fuller/ Thompson relationship it would have been first pick. There has to be some reasoning behind Hickory. Hats off to him for trying to get back on track. I’m sure the Dareals in the world will still find something to complain about. I heard it was a 10k to win event. Saw that in a FB post somewhere. I was told he actually called Fury customers as well to see what a car count would look like. Find that hard to believe but that’s what I heard at lunch time. It’s another business play for him. At this point the 5 Fury customers are not a concern but when you put up 40-50k for a race it’s about covering a nut. Fuller needs to sell parts to the Troyer and LFR customers which are 95% of the modified world. If they aren’t racing he’s in trouble.

  6. Did I see Fuller is sponsoring the Ace Speedway event also? How can you host a event and sponsor another event?

  7. Fuller is the perfect candidate to put a series together to make the Modified’s great again. We don’t need NASCAR. We need leadership that understands the division and can put a package together to generate sponsorship to run 15 races per year for a purse that makes sense. The sanctioning body fees are crazy. DIRT, Super Latemodels, World of Outlaw all have done it and the mod family can do it as well. We are a northern tour. No need for southern NASCAR BS. Bring it back to what it was on the 80s and 90s. I haven’t been to a mod race since the 90s. NASCAR has just muddied the waters and adds no value to what the mods of New England have created over 50 years of racing. Someone needs to grow a pair and challenge the powers at be. Now is the time to do this. Words of wisdom from a wrinkled up old mod fan.

  8. This will be a Homerun or Epic failure, but if happens it will show other tracks a blueprint of what works or doesn’t

  9. I find it hard to see how a pay per view modified event could work. Yes I love modified racing, and would have no problem paying 30- 40 bucks to sit in the stands and watch, but I wouldn’t pay 25 bucks to watch them on a streaming service. That’s just me though. Maybe this event will break records, maybe it will be a flop.
    Gotta give Rob Fuller credit for putting it together though and really hope things go well. And I hope that the event doesn’t turn into a Covid surge.
    Good luck to all the competitors, crews and staff who make it all possible.

  10. wmass01013 says

    OK TED so you haven’t been to A MOD RACE since the 90’s BUT you know NASCAR muddies the waters? They have a GREAT SPONSOR called WHELEN, they pay 10k or more a race to win, they have a good point fund, yes they run a few southern races geee I think Martinsville is a BIG MOD TRADTION, where are all these NORTERN tracks that will pay good purses to run races???????????
    ask GARY KNIGHT, ask Jonathan Hoenig, ask Jack Bateman, WHAT POWERS that be, go to races and not hide behind old feelings

  11. This isn’t a NASCAR issue. NASCAR is simply rescheduling events, based on local and state guidelines.
    Having a sanctioning body has benefits. NASCAR helps tracks with advertising, and other things. I believe they also provide some sort of insurance.
    I like how NASCAR is going about this whole deal, with many precautions, to make it as safe as they possibly do. I think these next few weeks are going to determine the future

  12. Donald Trump finds Anthony Fauci’s unacceptable.
    The question; will there be a second wave in the fall? To which Fauci said with about 90% confidence, the answer is yes.
    “It is what it is”

  13. Will there be a second wave?

    Most certainly. The accuracy of the tests sucks!!!!! There are lots and lots of people out there that tested negative that are probably positive. And that defeats social distancing.

    The tests are turning out to be about 50% accurate. That’s really bad.

    Feeling lucky? Go outside, go to a crowded venue.

  14. Rich, this is really nothing more than somebody trying to run an open show in a location that will allow it. The northeast is shutdown because of the coronavirus pandemic 🦠 and no tracks can operate, even with no fans in the stands. It has been a few weeks since NASCAR announced their attempt at running the three top series on very limited and selected tracks near the home base, with no fans, so it was time that somebody would try this with mods. It is really funny that Fuller would attempt this in the south.


    If it happens, it will probably be nothing more than a LFR test session. Somewhere between a home run or epic failure. He’s gotta see if he can get enough owners and teams to commit to showing up and making it worthwhile. And that also means the big name teams. Otherwise this is regular local track Friday night racing, and NOT Tour Type Mod league. Without the big name teams, this is not worth free streaming coverage.

    With a real season looking very unlikely, I can’t see the owners spooling up for what could be a one race deal. It takes a ton of work to get a car ready, to then store it again for an unknown period. To think that northern based teams are going to travel down south during this pandemic to make a season is absurd.

    Need to see a valid entry list and purse structure. The entry form could be unusual and loaded with pandemic liability and indemnification provisions. Insurance?

  15. DaReal has said for three months, We need more tests, we need more tests, we need more tests.

    DaReal today: the tests suck.

    DaReal has said for three months. There will be no racing in 2020.

    DaReal today: Let me see the entry list and purse for next week’s race.

    You Sir, make it too easy sometimes. LOL

    Stay safe

  16. As I am writing this, I am listening to Dr. Bright testify, he’s the leading immunologist in the USA, he keeps saying we need more tests. Yep, we still need more tests. We’ve only tested 3% of the population, and at that, those that are presenting with indications.

    And breaking news this morning, the outbreak going on in the White House is being attributed to poor test accuracy. The tests are wrong about half the time. Also known as useless. The virus has raced through the Secret Service ranks like wildfire.

    Still don’t think there will be racing, specifically and especially as we know it to be, a full season consisting of many races at many different tracks, racing for points and championships. That ain’t gonna happen. The NWMT 2020 season might end up being run at Stafford, Thompson, Seekonk and NHMS, with limited admission, if feasible. IF such venues will be allowed in the very near future. Keep in mind that the Federal Govt is still procuring massive pandemic supplies in preparation for the fall outbreak. If the premier teams aren’t there, it’s just an off-off-off-off-off-off-off-off-off-Broadway show and I’d rather watch Seinfeld reruns. I’d rather watch Seinfeld reruns over the MRS.

    A couple wildcat open shows just doesn’t cut it. Especially if they are not well attended, and that means the premier teams. Still don’t see that happening. Definitely not going to be a full season if any racing does happen.

    Next week’s race? May 30 is two weeks away. And that is a hopeful dream. Really think an open race 800 miles away can happen with the premier teams? I don’t see many if any premier teams hauling 800 miles one-way for a one-off event. Do I want to see an entry list and purse? Of course. Purse will determine who bothers to show. But then, some teams just might treat this as a very expensive test session, and the purse may not be too important. But the premier teams really don’t need test sessions, they are already good, so purse will be important to draw them.

    It would be very interesting if the two southern based mod teams, Pee-Dee and Eddie Harvey will show up. That’s their backyard, let’s see if they can drive across the street.

    So JD, we are woefully deficient in conducting enough tests, and we are deficient because the accuracy of the tests sucks, which results in a totally sucky response to the pandemic.

    Similarly, conducting a gussied up test session and calling it a race is about the same quality as the #TrumpPandemic response. It ain’t Tour Type racing if the premier teams do not show up.

    JD, instead of playing the narrative game, just stick with facts. Trying is not an option.

  17. David Fisher says

    If the car ain”t ready now, it ain’t ever gonna be.

  18. Considering it’s only 2 weeks away it will be hard to get northern teams to go, depending on J-town, WMT cars other than Fullers most likely wait for Jun 20th

  19. I do think a race 800 miles away will work. The biggest reason they are doing it in NC is they can. Rob Fuller is no dummy. My guess is he has verbal confirmation from enough teams already. I saw a more than a few teams on social media say they were ready to go. Some were calling Ace before this opportunity came about. BG isn’t racing yet so you have those cars. It’s a day trip for them. Racers race and it’s almost time to go racing.

    Well said Mr. Fisher.

    In NH, there has not been a single person to pass away under age 60 without a pre-existing condition. Very few under 60 total have passed. That’s in 3 months time. Again, one loss is too many and my condolences to the fallen. In my opinion, those stats don’t warrant much more lockdown after 6/1.

    I’ll be enjoying my first DaReal hot hog and my first DaReal cold beverage at the track before you know it.

  20. This is really fools gold. No one in their right mind would travel that far, back and forth probably 1600 miles. Towing cars, towing people, expecting eyes and money. I have watched so many races and documentaries on the u tube. Watch Waterfords’ four part series. Educational. Learn and be entertained by the past. Well done.

  21. Sorry. 5 part series. You will learn something about a little about Waterford’s past. As well as racing’s past, modified’s past, and the speedway’s past. Good watch and about 9hrs. Enjoy.

  22. From the article, “The event is expected to be run without fans but be available for pay-per-view viewing. It’s unclear at this time what the pay-per-view pricing structure plan is for the event.”

    No fans, no gate revenue, no concessions revenue. PPV is dubious at best. Face it, amateur TV crews and coverage is not worth it.

    Entry list?

    Entry form? What are the terms and conditions? Entry fee? Since this is NOT a sanctioned event, with accompanying insurance, what is the definition of liability and indemnification?


    This is at best a one-off event. Don’t see owners spooling up for this when everything else is shutdown. Insurance will be an issue.

    This is looking like a very risky and expensive test session, and maybe a race will breakout. If it happens. Just can’t see northern teams doing the trip, and southern cars only run at BG. It would be surprising if this attracts anything more than the perennial midpack cars.

    Nothing to be gained for the participants.

    There will be lots of wrecked cars though, and sales of parts, clips and repairs afterwards.


  23. Is Fuller still unavailable for comment?

  24. This could be a great event for Phil Moran and Doug Coby to debut the new operation. See if they can still get the mojo.

  25. This doesnt appear to be organized well, no rules, no purse, no schedule heck not even a comment from Fuller or the Track? Alot would have to be announced today to have a chance in 2weeks.

  26. Rich,

    Fuller knows something we don’t. Wait for Nascar to announce a race on the same day he wanted to. That’s why nothing has been said.

  27. If the cost is $25 for the PPV why not. It’s not like fans are saving the money for a local race any time soon.
    Could be smoke, hope it isn’t. Could be a very interesting eclectic group of North/South modifieds.
    So the premise is that you can’t have short track racing without fans. That all the streaming of events that were scheduled before the plague was a minor revenue stream but not a big spicy money meatball. That could be true although no one knows except NBC, NASCAR, Speed51 and other streaming execs.
    But how about now? You know all that pent up demand. Could the streaming model makes money with no fans since it’s the only game in town? Are they cancelling the streaming racing in dirt since it was a failure? Doesn’t look like it. Speed51 might be giddy at the sign ups they’re seeing.
    It’s a new reality. Maybe the streaming deal can make tour modified events viable all by itself in the short run. Don’t know it can. Hope it can starting with Hickory.

  28. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Well, looks like Fuller got out of this one. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪


    All of you that believed this are indeed idiots.

    Looks like Fuller will have to go to Myrtle Beach to support the NWMT race.


  29. Or……just maybe Fuller was working with NASCAR to get something done where cars will be on track May 30th. Mission accomplished. Great job by all. Dareal…’re still a certified underdeveloped mind. Get over it.

  30. Dareal,

    Just because Fuller does not go on social media and post every action he makes doesn’t mean he’s not working with folks to get racing back on track. If you honestly believe he wasn’t working with NASCAR your dumber than people give you credit for. Congrats on that.

  31. Nothing about this on the Hickory Motor Speedway website.

    Since it’s only two weeks away I’d expect something on their website.

    Anybody have the event schedule?

  32. What’s the latest with this?

    Will this go to the next level?

  33. darealgoodfella,
    It’s my understanding that the organizers of this event are in a holding pattern waiting to see what the next move is by NASCAR on their decision to schedule a Whelen Modified Tour event at Myrtle Beach Speedway on May 30. I think by the end of the day today there should be more clarity on where things stand with that event.

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