Who Have You Missed On The Unmuffled Podcast? Take A Look At The Full Episode Guide

So who has appeared on the Unmuffled podcast since we launched?

Well here’s a list of who you’ve missed through the first 76 episodes if you haven’t signed up yet.

Mike Stefanik, Rob Summers, Ryan Preece, Doug Coby, Matt Swanson, Justin Bonsignore, Jimmy Blewett, Rowan Pennink, Matt Hirschman, Chris Pasteryak, Jon McKennedy, Andy Seuss, Woody Pitkat, Todd Szegedy, Ronnie Williams, Eric Goodale, Timmy Solomito, Dave Sapienza, Chase Dowling, Craig Lutz, Ed Flemke Jr., Burt Myers, Sammy Rameau, Chuck Hossfeld, Jamie Tomaino, Phil Moran, Renee Dupuis, Joey Logano, Martin Truex Jr., Ryan Newman, Clint Bowyer, Alex Bowman, Matt DiBenedetto, Corey LaJoie, Scott Zipadelli, Melissa Fifield, Wayne Coury Jr., Paul Arute, Rob Fuller, Stephen Kopcik, Joey Cipriano, Jesse Gleason, Anthony Nocella, Alexander Pearl, Noah Korner, Shawn Monahan, Alexandra Fearn, Rob Janovic Jr., Cory Casagrande, Ryan Fearn, Tyler Leary, Glenn Korner, Derek Griffith, Glen Reen, Ray Evernham, Keith Rocco, Jacob Perry, Timmy Jordan, Jimmy Wilson, Matt Clement, Andre Molleur, Kyle James, Sean Foster, Sid DiMaggio, Todd Owen, Al Stone III, Joey Ferrigno, Bryan Narducci, Mike Christopher Sr., Mike Christopher Jr., Michael Gervais Jr., Larry Barnett, Joey Mucciacciaro, Teddy Hodgdon IV, RJ Surdell, Marcello Rufrano, Kevin Gambacorta, Bobby Webber Jr., Ben Dodge, Mike Boehler, Billy “Bear” Calicchio, Stash Butova, Johnny Walker, Jeff Rocco, Tony Membrino Jr., Jeremy Lavoie, Mikey Flynn, Kyle Casagrande, Mark Bakaj, Adam Gray, George Bessette Jr., Brent Gleason, Joey Ternullo, Troy Talman, Mike Joy, Tim Bertrand, Bonssa Tufa, Josh Vanada, Jack Arute, Shawn Waddell, Ryan Stone, Mike O’Sullivan, Mitch Bombard, David McGrath, Terry Eames, Stu Fearn, Rob Russell, Bob Guptill, Cheryl Perry, Lisa Arute, Cassie Rocco, Megan Surdell, Maina Rufrano, Missy Pearl, Jen Christopher, Sharon Talman, Nichole Thibeault, Nicole LaRose, Guy Beaudoin, Bob Potter, Mike Serluca, Hillarie Scott, Guy Beaudoin, Dr. Sean Noel, Ella Pitkat, Gary Spinnato and Shane Bailey.

Not bad for the first 76 shows.

And that’s not even mentioning our Unmuffled Quickcasts with Kevin Harvick, Timmy Solomito, Doug Dunleavy, Jimmy Blewett, Rowan Pennink, Cory DiMatteo, Dana DiMatteo, Michael Bennett, Joey Cipriano, Eric Berndt, Mike Christopher Jr., Mike Christopher Sr. and many more.

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Unmuffled Episodes

Episode 1: Sid DiMaggio

Episode 2: Ryan Preece, Jacob Perry and Sean Foster 

Episode 3: Woody Pitkat, Jimmy Blewett, Bryan Narducci and Ben Dodge

Episode 4: Justin Bonsignore, Mike Christopher Jr. and Joey Ferrigno

Episode 5: Andy Seuss, Ronnie Williams, Marcello Rufrano and Stash Butova

Episode 6: Doug Coby, Keith Rocco and Johnny Walker

Episode 7: Tony Membrino Jr., Brent Gleason and Troy Talman

Episode 8: Ray Evernham, Rowan Pennink and Timmy Jordan

Episode 9: Chris Pasteryak, Jimmy Wilson, Kyle James and Shane Bailey

Episode 10: Josh Vanada, Tim Bertrand and Al Stone III

Episode 11: Jon McKennedy, Todd Owen, Todd Szegedy and Cassie Rocco

Episode 12: Ryan Preece, Matt Swanson, Derek Griffith and Glen Reen

Episode 13: A Dedication to Ted Christopher – featuring Keith Rocco, Shawn Waddell, Mike O’Sullivan and Jack Arute Jr. 

Episode 14: Rob Summers, Cory DiMatteo, Dan Wesson, David Arute, Glenn Korner and Sid DiMaggio 

Episode 15: Timmy Solomito, Eric Goodale and Chase Dowling

Episode 16: Ronnie Williams, Jacob Perry, Cory Casagrande and Justin Bren

Episode 17: Dave Sapienza, Timmy Jordan, Alexandra Fearn and Mitch Bombard

Episode 18: Mother’s Day Special (with Lisa Arute, Jen Christopher, Megan Surdell, Cassie Rocco, Cheryl Perry, Missy Pearl, Maina Rufrano, Nichole Thibeault and Sharon Talman)

Episode 19: Craig Lutz, Rob Janovic Jr., Eric Berndt and Anthony Nocella

Episode 20: Shawn Monahan, Noah Korner, Dr. Sean Noel and Ella Pitkat

Episode 21: Matt Hirschman, Tom Fearn and Marcello Rufrano

Episode 22: Stephen Kopcik, Joey Cipriano, Jesse Gleason and David McGrath 

Episode 23: Rob Fuller, Joey Ternullo, Ryan Fearn and Bob Guptill 

Episode 24: Ryan Preece, Doug Coby and Keith Rocco 

Episode 25: Martin Truex Jr., Chase Dowling, Joey Ferrigno, Alexandra Fearn and Hillarie Scott 

Episode 26: Guests – Clint Bowyer, Ryan Newman, Cory Casagrande. Track Interviews with Jeremy Lavoie, Bryan Narducci, Tom Fearn, Eric Berndt, Glen Reen, Eric Goodale, Shawn Monahan and Ryan Preece

Episode 27: Guests – Justin Bonsignore, Bob Potter, Jeremy Lavoie and Mark Bakaj. Track Interviews with Eric Berndt, Tom Fearn, Duane Provost and Jason Lafayette

Episode 28: Burt Myers, Timmy Solomito and Bryan Narducci 

Episode 29: Terry Eames, Kevin Gambacorta and Gary Spinnato

Episode 30: Matt Swanson, Mike Boehler, Paul French and Billy “Bear” Calicchio 

Episode 31: Mike Serluca, Ronnie Williams and Jeff Rocco 

Episode 32: Justin Bonsignore, Ryan Preece, Chase Dowling, Burt Myers, David McGrath, Bryan Narducci, Marcello Rufrano and Nicole LaRose

Episode 33: Shawn Monahan, Alexander Pearl, Timmy Jordan, Cory Casagrande. Track interviews with Justin Bonsignore, Kyle Bonsignore, Doug Coby and Craig Lutz

Episode 34: Ryan Preece, Woody Pitkat, Terry Eames, Rob Fuller and Tony Membrino Jr. 

Episode 35: Kyle James, Tyler Leary, Mike Serluca, Jacob Perry and Sid DiMaggio 

Episode 36: Mike Stefanik, Todd Owen and Jon Puleo

Episode 37: Matt Hirschman, Sean Foster and Mike Serluca

Episode 38: Joey Logano, Dave Sapienza and Scott Zipadelli

Episode 39: Ed Flemke Jr., Kyle Casagrande and Marcello Rufrano

Episode 40: Josh Vanada, Bob Guptill and Nicole LaRose 

Episode 41: Rob Janovic Jr, Mikey Flynn and Adam Gray

Episode 42: Paul Arute, Ben Dodge and Bryan Narducci

Episode 43: Doug Coby, Matt Swanson, Ryan Fearn and George Bessette Jr.

Episode 44: Larry Barnett, Joey Mucciacciaro, Teddy Hodgdon, RJ Surdell

Episode 45: Ryan Preece, Sammy Rameau, Jimmy Blewett and Mike Serluca

Episode 46: Ryan Preece, Chuck Hossfeld and Guy Beaudoin

Episode 47: Mike Joy, Michael Bennett, Noah Korner and Rob Russell

Episode 48: Justin Bonsignore, Jamie Tomaino and Jimmy Wilson

Episode 49: Woody Pitkat, Stu Fearn and Sid DiMaggio

Episode 50: Keith Rocco, Kyle James and Terry Eames

Episode 51: Sid DiMaggio, Timmy Jordan, Rob Janovic Jr., Al Stone III, Shawn Monahan, Diego Monahan, Kyle James and Keith Rocco

Episode 52: Renee Dupuis, Ron Silk and Todd Owen

Episode 53: Dave Sapienza, Michael Gervais Jr., Nathan Casillas, Doug Coby, Craig Lutz, Ron Silk, Eric Berndt, Alexander Pearl, Cliff Saunders and Johnny Walker

Episode 54: Justin Bonsignore, Ryan Preece, Ryan Stone and Jeremy Lavoie

Episode 55: Ryan Preece, Ryan Fearn, Sammy Rameau, Cory Casagrande and Jacob Perry

Episode 56: Alex Bowman, Matt DiBenedetto and Tom Fearn

Episode 57: Rob Fuller, Ryan Stone, Doug Coby and Nicole LaRose

Episode 58: Woody Pitkat, Matt Swanson and Sid DiMaggio

Episode 59: Doug Coby, David McGrath and Jacob Perry

Episode 60: Dave Sapienza, Todd Owen and remembrance of Bob Potter

Episode 61: Craig Lutz, Wayne Coury Jr. and Matt Clement

Episode 62: Shawn Monahan, Terry Eames and Rob Fuller

Episode 63: Burt Myers, Melissa Fifield and Andrew Molleur

Episode 64: Ryan Preece, Sean Foster and Dave Sapienza

Episode 65: Noah Korner, Nicole LaRose and Sean Foster

Episode 66: Sammy Rameau and Ben Dodge

Episode 67: Storytellers Edition – Scott Tapley

Episode 68: Jon Puleo, Mike Christopher Sr. and Hillarie Scott

Episode 69: Sid DiMaggio and Sean Foster

Episode 70: Corey LaJoie, Derek Griffith and Woody Pitkat

Episode 71: Storytellers edition – Phil Moran

Episode 72: Justin Bonsignore, Tom Fearn and Guy Beaudoin

Episode 73: Storytellers Edition – Sean Foster & Sid DiMaggio

Episode 74: Storytellers Edition – Shawn Monahan

Episode 75: Storytellers Edition – Rob Fuller

Episode 76: Bobby Webber Jr. and Bonssa Tufa

Unmuffled Quickcasts 

December 28, 2017: The DiMatteo Brothers 

January 2, 2018: Jimmy Blewett 

January 8, 2018: Ted Christopher in his own words

March 7, 2018 Rowan Pennink out of Whelen Modified Tour season opener

April 29, 2018 Whelen Modified Tour Spring Sizzler post qualifying interviews 

April 30, 2018 Whelen Modified Tour Spring Sizzler post race interviews 

May 2, 2018 Michael Bennett on walking away from racing at Stafford Speedway

May 12, 2018 A night with feature winners in the Stafford Speedway press box

May 19, 2018 Driver reactions to Keith Rocco’s record SK Modified winning streak

May 21, 2018 Doug Dunleavy 

May 31, 2018 Kevin Harvick 

June 16, 2018 Raw emotions from Mike Christopher Sr. and Mike Christopher Jr. 

Oct. 17, 2018 Timmy Solomito 

March 15, 2019: Kevin Harvick

Oct. 16, 2019: Mike Stefanik

Oct. 28, 2019: Horror at the Haunted Hundred

Oct. 31, 2019: Sid DiMaggio on Segment Five of Speedbowl Documentary Series

Dec. 2, 2019: Modified Legends special with Mike Stefanik, Ted Christopher and Bob Potter

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