Woody Pitkat Awarded Thompson SK Modified Win After Kerry Malone And Ryan Preece Disqualifications

It’s a notch in the belt many try to attain when it comes to the New England short track racing community: A World Series weekend win.

Woody Pitkat celebrates an SK Modified victory earlier this season at Thompson Speedway

Woody Pitkat celebrates an SK Modified victory earlier this season at Thompson Speedway

Some have Saturday World Series wins, and others have Sunday World Series wins.

Woody Pitkat has a Monday World Series win.

On Monday evening Thompson Speedway race director Jeff Zuidema confirmed to RaceDayCT that Pitkat has been declared the winner of Sunday’s 30-lap SK Modified feature at Thompson Speedway.

Pitkat finished third on the track behind race-winner Kerry Malone and second place Ryan Preece, who were both disqualified from the event on Monday.

“It’s an unfortunate situation because it was a great race but they didn’t fit our rules so we disqualified them,” Zuidema said.

Zuidema said Malone was disqualified for illegal additives in his fuel. He said Preece was disqualified for unapproved parts (valve train) and improper fuel.

On Malone’s fuel Zuidema said: “We did a secondary test to back up what we had found to make sure there were no question and everything in the secondary test proved what we found originally.”

The disqualifications move Dennis Perry of Pawcatuck into a second place finishing position for the event and Kyle James of Ashaway, R.I. into third place.

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  1. Maybe they should check Ryans NASCAR modified also

  2. Josh paradis says

    They need to look into Rocco’s 88 car and 1 late model.

  3. Paradis Who says

    Hey Josh pay attention both those cars have been ripped through all year long!!!! HATER or should i say wanna be

  4. It is to bad becouse the fans are the one who pay to the races

  5. It is sad that these guys (car owners)have to cheat. NASCAR should suspend and fine the car owners and drivers for the first race in 2014…


  7. If only they would do this in big time “racing” like the Cup, NNS and Truck series…

  8. Lauren, I will tell you what I know… The 31 SK was borrowing an engine because theirs blew up at the regular season Finale. They were assured by the engine builder (I will not name any names) that it was okay to run. The fuel deal was an honest mistake. They had gotten the same type of fuel, just a different brand and unfortunately it did not pass the test for whatever reason. There was not malicious intent to gain an advantage to my knowledge. That team has not been found illegal before to my knowledge, they won the championship in 2012 without any issues. Why would they start now?

  9. Josh paradis says

    I think his late model is a 406 stroked out and something is up with the valves in the mod motor or the heads. When’s the last time they whistled a head in tech?

  10. Hey Josh, have you actually seen either motor apart, physically held and or measured the parts you claim are illegal? It is amazing to me that people can have no information what so ever and claim that people are cheating. Could it possibly be that these teams spend the time and money researching parts, setting up and maintaining their equipment and that is why they have success at the track.

  11. Josh paradis says

    I have seen when at Thompson earlier this year in the late model Jeff zuidema dqd Rocco for no seal on the transmission. Zuidema dqd him and because of politics hoenig came down and told Jeff to let him go and lift the dq. So you need to get your facts straight before chasing me. And for the mod he works for Pettit and he always tells people it’s not a petite motor it’s a Keith Rocco motor and I want nothing to do with it I quote. Shouldn’t that raise a red flag somewhere. So get some facts and come back and see me later.

  12. Fact, Rocco has only run the last 2 late model races, he did not run the late model at Thompson earlier in the year as you stated. As far as the mod, again your assuming he’s cheating but do not have any FACTS to support it, suspicion is not fact. The fact is the car is in tech almost every week, another fact, it passed every time. Fact, Keith and his crew dedicate a lot of time to their cars and just because they have success does not mean they are cheating.

  13. Josh paradis says

    I’m gonna end it here cause you’re obviously just a fan and has no idea what goes on I actually work on sk mods.

  14. Maybe you should pick a better driver to work with If you want to compete against the big boys…. Btw genius were all such HUGE fans of Rocco but who brought up his name in this discussion???? Para-idiot is the one who apparently needs to get his facts straight. haven’t seem so much crap fly off someone’s keyboard that wasnt coming from the government..

  15. Wrong again, I also work on race cars and teams, and not Rocco’s, which is why I don’t make accusations of cheating without facts. I have lived it, been falsely accused more than once and proved all the accusers wrong. It is also the reason why I say they dedicate the time and earn the success. I do agree that we should end it as I learned a long time ago, you can’t argue with ignorance.

  16. @junior_woods says

    josh paradis, Im sure you’ve never read a rule book. Politics have nothing to do with that late model. It doesn’t say anywhere in the rule book that you have to have a sealed tranny. I invite you to read the Thompson rules as well as the ACT rules. That’s why no one was dq’d. Also that sealed engine was whistled at Waterford along with his SK. I love how the hatred for Keith Rocco ends up in every story. If you want to hurt the kid, go do your homework and beat him.

  17. Well said junior but your speaking to someone with lead between thier ears

  18. Andy Boright says

    Great race????? Was Zuidema knapping when the SK’s were on the track? That would explain why he and his staff allowed Malone to repeatedly screw around the restarts and not do anything about it.

    13 caution flags and well over an hour to run a 30 lap feature – that is anything but a great race.

    Based on what I saw at the World Series, Thompson has a very weak group of officials, but I bet they work cheap, and in the end, that is all that really matters.

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