Team Owner Scott Fearn Looking At Expanding Late Model Operation To Multiple State Tracks

Wallingford driver Keith Rocco is already a proven dominant force in the SK Modified divisions at all three NASCAR Whelen All-American Series tracks in Connecticut

The Scott Fearn owned Late Model that Keith Rocco drove to a championship in 2013 at the Waterford Speedbowl

The Scott Fearn owned Late Model that Keith Rocco drove to a championship in 2013 at the Waterford Speedbowl

Could plans be in place to expand that statewide prowess to Late Model division action too?

Late Model team owner Scott Fearn doesn’t have an exact plan in place just yet, but he’s making the moves for expansion.

Last year, in the team’s first full-time year of competition at Waterford, Rocco drove to 12 victories and a runaway championship for Fearn’s Clarence Realty Racing team.

Now it looks like the horizons could be broadening for the outfit.

Fearn said he has purchased a second American-Canadian Tour legal Late Model, the type legal at Waterford and Thompson Speedway, and he has also acquired a Stafford Motor Speedway legal Late Model.

Fearn said running for championships at multiple tracks with Rocco could be a possibility in the near future.

“I’m not sure what we’re going to do at this point,” Fearn said. “We might just run all three places, who knows. We have the equipment to do it now.”

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  1. Sounds cool.

  2. Too Bad Stafford won’t use ACT rules like the rest of New England tracks instead of the BFR Late Model Class that they currently run. If they ran ACT rules they would have a full field of cars instead of the short fields of last year.

  3. Andy da woodchuck says

    Yeah I would love to see Scott and Keith to go to an ACT race.. And watch Tom Curley’s tech guys go over that car. but they never will go and if they do, the car will be lapped quick. I went to watch the Airborne 500 and it was awesome.

  4. Just to clear the air the cars are NOT BFR cars. He along with others builds them but it is far from his design.Must admit though he’s pretty good a cheatin them up. Everybody says all the tracks should have the same rules. That aint gonna happen ever. Its called protecting your investment.

  5. Exciting, Fearn and Rocco make a great team. The proof has been in the pudding.

  6. For a man (Fearn) that complained that he “wasn’t made of money” when Rocco wrecked last year, he sure came up with the money to buy 2 more cars pretty quick. Plus with Rocco behind the wheel he may need them.

  7. Well said Dan….

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