Rock And Roll: Keith Rocco Continues SK Modified Domination At Waterford Speedbowl

Keith Rocco
Keith Rocco

WATERFORD – By all indications, Keith Rocco and Kyle James have had the two most consistently fast cars in the SK Modified division at the Waterford Speedbowl in 2014.

Saturday the fans at the Waterford Speedbowl finally got to see them in their first head-to-head showdown of the season.

Rocco, of Wallingford, came out on top of a mid-race side-by-side duel for the lead with James and then went on to win the 35-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature Saturday at the Waterford Speedbowl.

James, of Ashaway, R.I., was second and Craig Lutz of Miller Place, N.Y. third

After a side-by-battle for seven laps at the front, Rocco cleared James for the lead with 15 laps remaining.

“We had a real good car on the restarts and all the way through the race,” Rocco said. “What a class act Kyle James is. I think we ran side-by-side for six or eight laps. That’s fun racing and that’s how it should be down here.

“Tonight was really the first night I got to race side-by-side with him all year. It was a lot of fun. He did what he had to do. He used up a little bit of racetrack and I pushed back a little bit, and it was awesome racing. It was a lot of fun. I wish I could race like that every week for the win.”

Said James: “We had a good restart the first time [against Rocco], the second time he got me a little bit and once he gets the line it’s really tough. I don’t want to go in there and wash him up and be dirty. We’ll take a second after getting wrecked last week.”

It was the fourth victory in nine SK Modified features this year at Waterford for Rocco. He has four seconds and a third in the other five events.

“Those are pretty good numbers,” Rocco said. “I’m really happy with it. It makes my job a lot easier and let’s me focus on other stuff.”

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  1. Here we go, more from the Rocco fanboy. Oh, and if you think trying to block people from your site is the way to battle adversity, you’re doing it wrong. Can’t even do that right. Moron.

  2. Roger, as always, thank you for being a loyal reader and visitor to the site. We appreciate that. As far as any incidents of someone being blocked from the site, I have zero control over that. Now, that said, my hosting company will block access to those with IP addresses known to be directly associated with malicious or illegal web activity such as spreading spam from say gambling or porn sites, whether of the legal or illegal sort. If your IP address has been flagged and blocked here you might want to look into the activities your IP address is associated with, although I’m sure you’re probably aware of what goes on with it. Trust me, if I wanted to block you from my site would I then approve and publish your comments when I could very easily just trash them? But again, thank you for being a loyal reader and have a great weekend.

  3. Very professionally handled Shawn . I just learned a new way to tell someone to —- off . Cool.

  4. You are full of crap and you know it. I’m not the only one you blocked. I know the difference, I’ve been an IT guy for 20 years. You can’t deny this one. Several others who refuse to drink your koolaid have also been blocked. Grow some balls and admit it.

  5. ::popcorn:: This sounds like it may get interesting… lol

  6. Roger,
    So I supposedly banned you from the website but you keep leaving comments and I keep approving those non-sensical comments? Does that make any sense whatsoever? Why would I continue to approve comments from someone that I have supposedly banned? I’m at a loss trying to figure out your logic here, it’s kind of delusional. Though, again, thank you for your continued support and thank you also for continuing to spread the word about the site to help keep the traffic flowing, it really is appreciated.

  7. You banned the IP address of my home computer. I’m posting from my iPad which uses a different IP. Keep up the story Shawn you’re not fooling anyone except maybe yourself. I’ll forget more about this stuff by 9:00 tonight than you will ever know, so go ahead and keep trying to fool everyone.

  8. Mental Health says

    Roger, what is your problem with Rocco? I will bet you hated Dale Earnhart and Jeff Gordon years ago and probably Jimmy Johnson right now. Get a grip on yourself if you don’t like Shawn then stop visiting the site.

  9. Nothing to do with Rocco. It’s got everything to do with this “journalist” who seems to only write about this kid and a VERY select few others and gets butt hurt when he gets called out on it.

  10. Shawn – any idea if Greer/Preece will be making any appearances at Waterford with the 2 or 19 SK? would love to see Preece and Rocco go at it at “Terry World” in the SKs (vs VMRS or NWNT).

    Also, what’s up with Rocco and the Stafford car? They seem to be struggling mightily, at least compared to Preece’s Deuce. He’s had what, one win in the last year+ at SMS? Not that Keith is expected to win every race, but quite a dry spell it seems.

  11. JR, Preece said the plans are to still make some appearances at Waterford with Greer SK. He said he will have the car there on June 21 when the Tour is at Waterford.

  12. Roger,
    Here’s what I don’t get. You’re over in “Robert Walendy’s Anti-RaceDayCT Shawn Is The Devil” Sandbox on Facebook making sandcastles with you all your buds over there. You’re all going on and on and on about how awful this site is, how awful I am and throwing out all the alleged awful things I do and talking about how everything on the site is made up and fake and that I get paid by Keith Rocco, or whatever other junk you guys are spewing over there on Robert Walendy’s page. And then you come here you and say I’ve banned you, but mysteriously I keep posting your comments. Obviously I didn’t ban you. If I banned YOU I wouldn’t be approving the comments you leave. If I didn’t want you here, why would I approve your comments? Does that make any sense whatsoever? This is going down the same road as your other buddy Patrick coming here, getting nine comments approved in a six-hour span and then going to “Robert Walendy’s Anti-RaceDayCT Shawn Is The Devil” Sandbox and saying I wouldn’t approve any of his comments. And on top of it all, if you were banned, why would you, or anybody else there, care? You’ve made it clear that everything here is garbage, so why would you care if you could see it or not? Really, the whole thing is pretty delusional. This is how you spent your Sunday, leaving comment after comment about your delusions? My website was shut down multiple times by my hosting company in the last few weeks because of server overload issues caused by malicious activity, including for a time last week. I called them, we went over it, they said there was malicious activity being detected from a number of areas and they would take care of the matter, which included blocking IP’s that were causing server overload issues. You’re giving me way too much credit for knowing what’s going on here. I’m a newspaper reporter who understands how to use WordPress Ok. I didn’t block your IP. If your IP got blocked it was blocked by my hosting company on suspicion of malicious behavior. Again, as I’ve said MULTIPLE TIMES. If I wanted to personally ban you from this site, why would I continue to post your comments? I approve every comment on this page. If I didn’t want you here, why would I be approving your comments? Really? Does that make any sense?

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  14. Crazy in NY says

    Wow, on a week where the racing at Waterford was very competitive and clean by accounts we now have to manufacturer some bull. I have and do from time to time have my “issues” with what Shawn writes but these claims about him banning people (while reading their posts) is just over the top laughable. The link to the Fb page just reaffirms
    what a garbage dump Fb really is. You see what a world without filters and editing is
    really like….NOT pretty. Geez i hope Teddy or somebody does something nasty next week so we can get back to “normal”. LOL

    Shawn, keep pizzing them off. It’s seems like it’s oxygen to them.

  15. Shawn,I look forward to your column daily.I have been a modified racing fan since 1966.My suggestions to your whining detractors is to create a website of their own.I might enjoy their coverage of our sport as well.I might also suggest ending your responses to obvious know-it-alls.Keep up the good work.

  16. Hey Shawn can you please stop making my internet force me to come here and post comments, I’m really getting sick of it. …. Oh wait Nevermind… I’m not smart like the IT guy I guess. Keep up the good work.

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