Ted Christopher Disqualified From Valenti Modified Racing Series Victory At Speedbowl

Ted Christopher celebrates a Valenti Modified Racing Series victory in 2014 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Ted Christopher celebrates a Valenti Modified Racing Series victory in 2014 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

The running joke around the track following the conclusion of the 100-lap Valenti Modified Racing Series event Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl was that it would only be a matter of time before series disqualified winner Ted Christopher.

The joke centered on the recent spate of odd penalties and disqualifications by series officials.

But it was no joke Sunday morning.

Christopher, of Plainville, was told by series officials Sunday morning that he has been disqualified from the victory for having illegal fuel.

The Valenti Modified Racing Series rulebook states that Sunoco Race Fuel purchased through New England Racing Fuel is the approved fuel for the division and that: “Sunoco Standard Purple 110 Leaded and Sunoco Supreme Blue 112 Leaded are only fuels allowed at all MRS events.”

The rules book further reads: “The “Official Fuel” will be supplied on-site at all MRS events and must be used for practice, qualifying and the race exactly as supplied by NERF. You will be fully responsible for any and all fuel purchased in bulk passing a fuel tech inspection.”

Christopher said the team purchased approved fuel at Stafford Motor Speedway at an earlier event this season in which they intended to compete but withdrew from.

“They said it was the wrong color,” Christopher said. “We bought 12 gallons of fuel at Stafford when we didn’t race. He said we didn’t buy fuel at Waterford so it was bad.”

Valenti Modified Racing Series Technical Director Bob Carrita was quoted in a series release stating: “We use Sunoco Standard Purple 110 Leaded and Sunoco Supreme Blue 112 Leaded. They are the only fuels allowed by series rule. The rule clearly states blending or mixing of fuels is not allowed. His fuel color was very light and it did not pass.”

The win for the event went to Chris Pasteryak of Lisbon, who finished second to Christopher on the track.

After losing the lead to Pasteryak on lap 93, Christopher passed Pasteryak for the lead on the final lap as part of a green-white-checkered conclusion.

“They’re always out to get people that run their series but don’t run it full-time,” Christopher said. “What are you going to do, it’s like fighting against City Hall? It’s a bad end to a good race. That’s the problem that happens. Everybody left and saw a good race and now they see this.”

Christopher is the second driver in as many weeks to be stripped of a victory in Valenti Modified Racing Series action and the third driver to have a victory taken away in series action this year.

Woody Pitkat seemingly won the Aug. 1 event at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway only to be penalized for aggressive driving on the final lap of the event and have his victory taken away and given to Anthony Nocella.

Todd Szegedy was disqualified from a victory earlier this year at Claremont (N.H.) Speedway for an illegal carburetor.

With the disqualification Saturday, Nocella of Woburn, Mass. was moved to second for the Speedbowl event with David Schneider of Northport, N.Y. moving to third.

Attempts to reach Valenti Modified Racing Series officials on Sunday were unsuccessful.


  1. Youhavenoidea says

    MRS is a joke and no good for racing these officials need to get a life and start letting people race instead of wrecking the series, I know me for one would never bring a car to the series

  2. Tony Leckey says

    Having read all of the absurdity surrounding this series I guess my question is why would Bob Valenti Auto Mall want their name associated with this? Methinks Batman (yeah that’s what I meant to write) needs someone competent to clean up this mess and run the thing.

  3. Well, I for sure will not waste my hard earned money to go sit in the stands and watch this joke of a series any more.

  4. Well, that’s that. Nice seeing you VMRS. It was fun. In one year (from last years Wings and Wheels race) you have destroyed your series. Fuel is fuel. It’s not an “illegal” fuel. It’s 2 months old, but it’s the same damn fuel. I’ve NEVER heard of such a ridiculous rule. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  5. Why would the fuel b a different color? Do they change the color for each race?

  6. Man, I know Mike Joy is a business man too, but he can’t be too pleased with this either. He’s a race fan deep down.

  7. If a car passes tech before the race it’s on the series. I’m sick of the race being decided long after the checker.

  8. Why in gods name would anyone waste their time with this JOKE of a series?

  9. VMRS rules (section 1.15 B) identify Sunoco Standard Purple 110 Leaded and Sunoco Supreme Blue 112 Leaded as the “only fuels allowed at all MRS events”. I don’t see any requirement that the fuel for an event be purchased at the event. But, 1.15F says “Officials will use a sample of the actual fuel provided at the track by the fuel supplier to determine whether the fuel used by a competitor conforms to the specifications in the rule book.” If TC purchased his fuel at Stafford (which would appear to be OK), perhaps the Stafford fuel and Waterford fuel sample didn’t match? In any event, the VMRS would do itself a favor by providing a detailed explanation of the DQ.

  10. How about the series do an actually test of the fuel instead of looking at it and deeming illegal. Maybe it was illegal but without a test yout have no leg to stand on. Series just continues to get worse, it’s to bad cause the product on the track can be very good at times including this event last night.

  11. No matter what series or official, the racing fans that purchase a ticket to an event deserve to see a race winner decided at the track that day. Although tempted to support Waterford, I stayed home directly because the VMS is clearly as honest as professional wrestling in manipulating rules to choose winners. The series and it’s so called “officiating” are ridiculous and I have no idea why racers and fans go to see this crap. This is not racing!

  12. I also predicted the 00 would be dq’d. Haven’t they had issues with that car in tech before? Too bad it was something as dumb as fuel though.

  13. I was wrong. I though they would have found a way to DQ him before I got home the race. I guess the officials actually had to get home themselves before they could find a reason.

  14. Sounds like a legit DQ. Glad they arleast have the balls to dq teams. They seem to be following the rule book. Fuel isn’t fuel. Put It on the dyno on watch the difference. The szedgy team knew they had the wrong carb as well.

  15. Huh..? Vmrs sucks

  16. That’s it for me, I refuse to attend another VMRS race. Mr Ben Dodge, the glass IS HALF EMPTY.

  17. What are you supposed to do with fuel you don’t use on a given night, put it in you’re lawnmower? This series sucks!

  18. Every top driver like TC, Rocco, Szegedy, Woody, everyone that got screwed by this series should stop running it, it is a waste of time and money. Mr Bemer and Mr Arute, you as track owners should no longer support this series as more and more fans refuse to attend… Everyone loses, it’s a damn joke. Woody, Just get out now, even if you win the series title it won’t mean anything.

  19. in the know says

    Contact the series sponsor and voice your own disappointment in THEIR series. Follow the money, it’s the only way.

  20. sam-missle says

    Maybe, Someone should start looking a back grounds of people running the division. Hint, president and tech. You might be surprised!!!!

  21. I’ve always enjoyed this series. But everyone above is right. Jack, pay attention. Your series is going down the drain.

  22. p.s. Like many above have said, I won’t go to their races anymore..

  23. old observer says

    A few comments.
    If the fuel was bad, it was bad, but everyone should have known that Sat Night.
    Zigzag’s team knew the carb was questionable.
    As for the driving calls, I wasn’t there the last few races but Savary is known to run people all over the track, & Pitkat took himself & Chris out of the lead at the Mad dog Tri-track race. Having listened to race control over the scanner at previous races, I wonder if warnings were given to the drivers by race control.
    Just food for thought.
    I like most would like to know, when possible, what the results & penalties are ASAP, or like NASCAR adapt a policy of penalties announced Tue.
    Consistency & communication should be top priorities for the MRS now. It used to be a great series.

  24. Im a todd szegedy fan and if u break a rule in the book thats u so kevin stuart was at fault but vmrs decides to handle it horribly. Last week pitkat and savary, two drivers that will pull a fast one and hit u case in point savary to bonsignore at seekonk, pitkat like friday night and mostly his career (i respect him though) and they both got together but a line needed to be drawn because it was racing and again vmrs , they destroyed savary’s season with penalties and pitkat gets penalized as well but wait a minute (tommy barrett hitting szegedy at thompson oh and savary at seekonk to bonsignore) but were penalties issued for bs dirty driving? Hell nah. Now to this, vmrs is now screwing tc since he buys legal fuel at stafford and cant use it for winggs n wheels?? Vmrs basically stole his cash for fuel he cant use the next week. And i though cmrs was the cost friendly alt to tour racing? The best idea for mod racing the vmrs is going up in smoke and i as a 19 year old will miss mod racing since its all i like now if this division folds cuz car counts on both series are going down.

  25. Dale Nickel says

    Couldn’t the VMRS announce the winner before the race starts? It would make it easier on the fans. At least the Modified Tour will have full fields when the VMRS folds.

  26. I see Ben Dodge’s name being brought up. Does he have something to do with the series?

  27. Mod Tour Fan says

    I am not going to deny the fact that TC is a wheelman, however that 00 car has had illegal issues in the past, not only in the MRS Series but also at New Smyrna, FL a few years ago, to the point that the 00 Team packed up and went home, when they found out they could not “run what they brung”. I agree that the MRS Series has some serious issues with management, rules, communication, ect. but the first thought that came to my mind last night when I saw TC win was, I wonder if that old 00 car is legal tonite? I realize TC won the MRS race at Waterford last year in the 00 car, but it seems that the car appears to be illegal more than it is legal. It is my understanding that TC just shows up to drive that car and he did put on a good show last night, but rules are rules, at least he got a call the next day, it appears communication on the MRS is improving. It took 2 weeks for Rocco and he had to call them, to find out he was disqualified out of 3rd place at Stafford in June. I guess you have to learn to expect the unexpected if you choose to run the MRS Series!

  28. If MRS intended that the racers must purchase fuel for EACH Event ONLY at THAT event, then they should not use the phrase “all MRS events” in the rulebook.

    If that truly was the intent, this phrase should not be in the rulebook, as it not only is misleading, but goes against that intention:

    “Sunoco Standard Purple 110 Leaded and Sunoco Supreme Blue 112 Leaded are only fuels allowed at all MRS events.”

    I’m not a TC fan, but he got screwed.

    Shawn, did Keith every get clarification in his illegal fuel DQ earlier this year? Similar situation to Ted’s?

  29. I was joking with one of my buddy’s after the race that by the end of that night he would be DQ’ed. I’m not one bit surprised by this. Well I just hope that the Try-Track Mod tour that comes to the bowl twice wont disappoint me.

  30. Crazy in NY says

    C. The “Official Fuel” will be supplied on-site at all MRS events and must be used for practice, qualifying and the race
    exactly as supplied by NERF. You will be fully responsible for any and all fuel purchased in bulk passing a fuel tech

    What part of on-site and must is confusing? I admit the timing for the series isn’t good but the rule is clear to me. Ted and company have never been caught cheating before?

    (” you can’t handle the truth”) as Col. Jessup intoned.

  31. Crazy In NY,
    I’m pretty sure the part about being responsible for fuel purchased in bulk would pertain to teams coming to the track with fuel not purchased on site on the day of the event.

  32. LOoks to me that TC got caught again and rightfully so for illegal fuel. TC is a VP Fuel distributor and thats what he runs, he will usually purchase the fuel at the track but does not run it. He pulls his special high end blend from a drum in the truck. We saw him do it at New Smyrna and they busted him and he went home.

  33. Its best to come in second on the vrms series. C. Pasteryak has a lock on the system.

  34. Grey Matter says

    The rules are pretty damn clear folks as Crazy in NY says. Clean and simple. “The “Official Fuel” will be supplied on-site at all MRS events and must be used for practice, qualifying and the race”. You don’t need an English major to figure out that you’re supposed to buy it at the track from NERF, PERIOD. Just because he had some laying around doesn’t mean he can just throw it in and run it. The two samples are supposed to match perfectly and somehow a miracle happened and P2 and P3 passed the same inspection.

  35. 12 gals is just about gone after practice and heat race, my guess is they had to add another 10 gals to complete the 100 laps.

  36. Everyone has to understand one thing, when one person runs the show it is his series and his rules. There is no one to appeal to but him so he holds all the cards. It is what it is!

  37. Youhavenoidea says

    When ur car gets filled at one track and then it blows a motor without running then u mine as well run that fuel bc it is the same crap, u take a sample out after the race u say it’s ok then mysteriously the next day it all of a sudden is a big difference in color something doesn’t add up. If u are going off of color u should know instantly not the next day lol joke of a series

  38. Valenti Modified Racing Series Technical Director Bob Carrita was quoted in a series release stating: “We use Sunoco Standard Purple 110 Leaded and Sunoco Supreme Blue 112 Leaded. They are the only fuels allowed by series rule. The rule clearly states blending or mixing of fuels is not allowed. His fuel color was very light and it did not pass.”

    It’s on the 00 team to understand the rules.
    As stated in the VMRS release, no mixing of fuels. That includes mixing of approved fuels no matter when or where they were purchased. It seems that with the method that the series uses to check fuel, checking color, anything that changes the color is a violation of the rules. It probably impossible to determine if a change in color is the result of mixing approved fuels or a sign of tampering. With TC’s connection to VP fuels it just amps up the scrutiny level.
    Past history of the 00 team as far as rules violations go makes it easy to believe that the 00 teams is at fault.
    Does the VMRS have issues with management, tech and with communication? Yes.
    Judgement call can be very difficult and controversial, but this appears to be a clear case of a rule violation.

  39. Rumor has it Rich Dodge is the new race director.

  40. TC’s deal with Our Motorsports for Thompson and Bristol has stolen the news today. But, the fuel DQ at Waterford remains interesting. The suggestion that TC uses VP fuels on a regular basis seems crazy (given that Sunoco and NERF appear to have exclusive deals at area tracks); what am I missing?

  41. Ron sovine says

    I watch the Valenti Modifieds at Seekonk Speedway and they put on a great show but when you get disqualified for something stupid is that it’s ridiculous these guys don’t get paid hardly anything they put thousands of dollars into these cars all they got is a title and a pat on the back that I won the race they just want to give the regular drivers in the series the win. It’s just not right the track gets all the money and these guys put their blood sweat and tears into these cars I can go on forever but you get the point

  42. How many cars do they expect to keep ? They are getting as bad as Brian France they know who is suppose to win and who isn’t.

  43. Jerry Servidio says

    Here’s a question: If they tested the full Saturday night, why wait? If they say it’s the wrong color then get a 2nd sample to validate the first one wasn’t compromised. They have the perfect scam going. Take the fuel sample go back to the office behind closed doors and decide who wins. Did anyone get to see all the samples to verify it was lighter? Do we even know where the sample came from? The fact they lack transparency and make no effort to at least try to have any transparency confirms what Mario said about VMRS not being a legitimate series.

  44. Jerry – can you clear up the question(s) regarding the source(s) of the fuel used by TC Saturday night? It seems he would have needed 17 or 18 gallons. We understand that 10 or 12 gallons were purchased at Stafford at the end of June; do you know anything about the other 5 – 7 gallons?

  45. Jerry Servidio says

    Rafter fan – my guess is that they would have have fuel left over from the MRS race previous to Stafford. I’m sure they didn’t show up to Stafford with an empty tank.

  46. Jerry – The 00 ran at the Stafford VMRS race in late May and didn’t appear again until the late June Stafford VRMS race (when motor problems prevented it from running). So, it’s possible that all of the fuel in the tank at Waterford last Saturday originated at Stafford. In any event, unless a number of questions are answered (unlikely), we’ll never know the full story. Meanwhile, TC is headed to Thompson and Bristol in Our’s #22 and has likely put the Waterford DQ well behind him. Thanks for sharing some info; it’s great that to hear from a TC “insider”.

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