Valenti Modified Racing Series Names Wayne Wildermuth Race Director

2014 VMRS LogoValenti Modified Racing Series officials, in an announcement Tuesday evening, named Wayne Wildermuth as race director for the 2016 season.

A posting on the Valenti Modified Racing Series Facebook page read as follows:

“Jack Bateman and the Modified Racing Series would like to welcome Wayne Wildermuth to our team in the position of Race Director, effective immediately.

“Wayne, better known as Muffy around the race tracks, has been involved in racing for nearly his entire life. He brings with him experience in just about every facet of racing; from the proverbial windshield cleaner of race cars to officiating races and everything in between. Wayne also has over 20 years of managerial experience where he directly supervised over 100 employees. This well rounded background makes Wayne a perfect fit for the position. Please join us all in welcoming Wayne to the team.”


  1. Not Rick Fuller says

    Hopefully this Muffy no longer oversees a large amount people at his work as this may increase his chances of leaving a race early to return to his place of employment.

  2. Stafford could only hope that he would have to stay late at work on Fri nights

  3. Not talking about Muffy

  4. Desperate housewife says

    Talk about being desperate. This guy couldn’t run a petting zoo. Give it 4 races tops.

  5. James Scott says

    Desperate if your so qualified, step up to the plate. This guy is a respected spotter who has been around a long time. Seems to me he is a guy trying to get some experience in another facet of racing. So let’s bash the guy before he starts. Typical mentality of most who post here. Good luck Wayne.

  6. So is this guy still going to be running around trying to spot for anyone that will let him. Posting on facebook that hes available constantly…. this series is on a big downhill slide, but then again anyone is better than Bateman.

  7. How the hell do you expect new blood to get involved in managing a race? Would you rather hire some one off the street that knows NOTHING about racing? The fact that he’s a freelance spotter is good thing. He may have less favoritism to specific cars or racers. Good for Muffy. I hope he sticks it to all you negative Nancy’s.

  8. Crazy in NY says

    Christmas cheer? or smear. HateDayCT in full force I see. Geez give Muffy at least a chance.

  9. Andy Boright says

    Does it really matter if he is any good or not? Either way, the history of the MRS indicates he won’t be in that role for very long; nobody else has been.

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