Andrew Molleur Scores Dramatic First Victory In SK Light Mod At Speedbowl

Andrew Molleur celebrates his first SK Light Modified victory Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Andrew Molleur celebrates his first SK Light Modified victory Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD – As Andrew Molleur toured around the New London-Waterford Speedbowl during the cool down lap he was waiting to wake up.

Waiting to wake up from the dream he was having.

The 15-year old from Shelton scored his first career victory in the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

“When I crossed the line first I was just trying to wake myself up,” Molleur said. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Molleur went from third to first in the final corner to grab the win.

“Finally,” said Molleur, who is in his first season running an SK Light Modified full-time. “I’ve wanted this for a long time. I’m just really happy. I just want to cry and I just want to jump for joy. From my dad racing Modifieds and getting a win and I always wanted to do the same and I finally did it and I’m just so happy.”

Corey Barry of Plainfield was second and Chris Gombos of Naugatuck third.

Randy Churchill Jr. went by Brett Gonyaw for the lead with 23 laps remaining and Barry was able to move past Gonyaw for second before a caution flew with 16 laps remaining.

After the restart Gonyaw got back to second and began challenging Churchill up front, but with nine laps Barry moved to second again.

But Gonyay rallied again and moved to second just before caution flew with six laps left. But on the restart Gonyaw ended up in the wall with five cars piling in behind him.

Churchill held the lead following the restart with five laps remaining, but with four left Barry grabbed the lead briefly at the line. Churchill fought back and grabbed the lead in the side-by-side battle on the next lap.

But on the final lap Churchill ended up spinning in turn four with Barry slowing also and allowing Molleur to get under both for the victory.

“They were kind of pushing up the track a little bit,” Molleur said. “I think [Churchill] was pushing up a little bit. I was hoping for an opening and going into [turn] three I gave it all I had and I got on the gas as soon as I could and we prevailed.”


  1. ModFan Homtracks says

    Good win for the kid. Congrats. Sometimes racing is being at the right place at the right time. I heard that the kid is really 13 not 15. That’s even more impressive. The shoes I wore tonight are 13. Great job kid.

  2. just a thought says

    What an exciting finish. Great to see all the new young faces in victory lane last night. Having watched the 39 punt the 05 out of the lead coming to the checkered flag I am wondering why the 39 was allowed to keep his second place finishing spot?

    Come on, IMO there should have been some type of penalty like moving the 05 back at least 3 spots and placing him behind the 05 . I’m not a fan of anyone in particular in this division or have a dog in the fight but by not penalizing the 39 you are basically saying it is ok to take out the leader on the last lap.

  3. just a thought says

    Oops my bad, Correction in the last paragraph.

    Come on, IMO there should have been some type of penalty like moving the” 39″ back at least 3 spots and placing him behind the 05 .

  4. Lights Out says

    At 13, that would make him inelligable for competition…period.

  5. Race fan 99 says

    NASCAR better look into that. He’s not 15. He’s 13. Better check his real birth certificate

  6. Sharpie Fan says

    Stafford’s rule book states that you must be 15 to run an SK Light. Hmmm.

  7. He is 13, there doing everything they can to advance his career including forging his birth certificate… You do the math…

  8. One of the Tacks even contacted NASCAR about it and there answer was there parents produced a birth certificate stating he was 15… The real evidence is out there…he was registered at his correct age running Karts previously. And at one of the same tracks he runs at now! Ask big Al Wislako what happened to him when the kid prodsided him crossing the track coming off of practice!! He could of gotten killed! Don’t get me wrong I hope the kid has a great future, the real problem lies w/ his parents… What kind of ethics and morals are they teaching Andrew… That it’s OK to lie and be dishonest??

  9. Great job Andrew, SPAFCO chassis with a 1 – 2 finish!

  10. Unintentional Beard Guy says

    They should be banned for life and branded stinkin liars for setting that type of example.

  11. 12_13_14_15_16 he won the dam race, congratulations

  12. Thirteen is too young
    He better be 15
    Rules are rules
    And I love rules and no ore pushing too

  13. Just a thought,
    If you watch the Sid’s Vault video it seems to very clearly show Churchill got sideways by himself and Barry was behind him with nowhere to go. No call was needed.

  14. Poprocks says

    He’s not 15 he is 13. He raced both Waterford and Stafford in the past, and they both know he is not the age his license says he is. How is he allowed to race when officials know he lied? Regardless of what Nascar has for a age they know he isn’t.

  15. just a thought says

    Shawn, you are most definitely correct, I was standing in the turn 1-2 pits and did not have the view the video clearly show. I stand corrected, definitely the correct call was made this time.

  16. Ken Latham says

    First things first. I was sitting up top of turn four corner, and had a birds eye view, and watching Sids view confirmed 05 over drove last corner and lost it by himself. Any contact with the 39 was AFTER he was gone. As for the kid winning the race. I find it hard to believe he is 15. I agree he should be suspended for a year AFTER he turns 15 and no longer allowed to race this year. NASCAR must investigate this.

  17. First off I don’t want to seem like the fun police, I’m not, I trully wish the kid the best, I trully do. But there’s reasons we have rules. What would happen to all of us if he gets into an incident and some one died. Take for instance if the incident that occurred at Stafford when he came full out down the front stretch, ignored the officials and plowed directly into Big Al W who was crossing the track coming off from practice. What if Al or a track worker was killed??
    All it would take is for a blood thirsty ambulance chasing lawyer to get involved and prove that He isn’t 15 and prove that the track knew it by finding records of when he did race karts previously and you know what??? The track would be closed! Gone from all of us who enjoy it!!
    That incident was clearly a result of being adolescent.. He may have the driving skills of the best but his mind is still that of a child… Shame on his parents selfish egotistical desires!!

  18. Sharpie Fan says

    Or if he is 15 as the parents claim then they need to go back and take away all of the kart wins that were in age-group divisions.

  19. Poprocks says

    Paul absolutely agree. If something should happen on the track and someone is hurt badly or dies, there are going to be consequences for his parents and the track for allowing him to race knowing he isn’t the age. He raced Waterford in a bandolero about five years ago and won at age 8 which would now make him 13 (there’s an article online about it). He’s raced a legend car at Waterford for now this is the third year….do the math with that too. You have to be 12 to run a Legend. Shame on his parents in all of this.

  20. We are now living in an age where alot of parents are living vicariously through children.i am concerned about the ages of many of these drivers and also with the speeds that the cars are now traveling.the legends car speeds over the last five years have increased simply due to tecnology.the majority of these cars are well built ang maintained but its only a matter of time before there is going to be a tradgedy.youngsters dont have the ability of understanding the consequences of what overagreszive driving can lead seems as though as the years go by these kids get more agressive on tbe track and even with all the saftey equipment……you can still have a perfect storm incedent which is going to be tragic.the zpeeds should be cut down or a smaller oval within the big track should be explored.the sport or hobby of auto racing is wonderfull and should be enjoyed with a sense of building driving skill and responsability.these same parents who push these kids are going to be the first ones finding a lawyer to blame someone other than themselves for the problem.i want to see the sport or hobby succeed as much as anyone but long term survival of racing or motorsports in general needs to rely on a responsable tierd system based on not only age but speed factors track size and skill.i hope the track ownership and managkent is prepared for such an far as the young man racing in the sk lights….if he is in fact 13.then he should follow the rules and the track should as well.

  21. So if it’s all so well known then why does the tracks allow it?? Why doesnt the tracks print these articles that prove his true age and send them to NASCAR? Request them to investigate just to protect there future liability? And Weres his parents answer to all these comments?? There Kid just won his first SK Lite race. You don’t think Andrew, his parents or family members are not reading these posts??? Of course they are!!! If this was my Son and he is trully 15 I would be vigorously defending his age and my integretty…. But he’s not!

  22. Sharpie Fan says

    The Channel 3 Sports on Saturday night said that he set a record as the youngest driver to win an SK Light race at 13. If you hear it on TV then it must be true.

  23. Facts are facts and on July 13, 2013 he won a national event in USAC at little Indy and was 10 years old so you do the math.These are all facts that can easily be verified by NASCAR,the bowl or anyone else who knows how to use Google.Every single adult involved should be permanently suspended from NASCAR events.The management at the bowl can be held personally responsible if proven that they knew his age but let him race anyway if anything tragic was to happen.Hello Shawn Mr.track manager you know his age do the right thing.

  24. Paul Thurlow says

    Generally speaking, I’ve never been able to muster up a whole lot of enthusiasm for the uber-youth movement that has spread through racing over the years. I’m ambivalent about it for a few different reasons, but basically its because I’m turning into an old grump.
    That being said, the kid is 4th in points, so he’s been racing, I guess, for the bulk of the season so far.
    So….where was all of this concern and worry and fuss PRIOR to the win falling into his lap? If Randy Churchill had held on for the win would all of this “concern for safety” and “following the rules” even be discussed? Is this a new Birther Movement?
    Should someone contact Trump??

  25. This could be a first, I don’t think anyone has ever lied,or cheated before, your right Paul better get Trump here quick

  26. Poprocks says

    Paul Thurlow – the concern was brought up last season when he was racing but the tracks answer was “he has a license” even though they are well aware of his age. It isn’t concern because he won. Noone is taking away from him being a decent driver and in the right place at the right time. But rules are rules set in place by NASCAR and I’m sure the insurance company for the track wouldn’t be very happy to know that they were allowing someone to race a division that he is not eligible for and falsified legal documents to do.

  27. He has raced at Stafford, Waterford and Thompson and there has not been word one said about the age issue until he wins a race. This should have been delt with before rather than after the fact. Don’t discredit the kid now he had won.

  28. Sharpie Fan says

    I think the point is that you can’t have it both ways. If the parents have supplied the requested documentation then the tracks have to take it at face value. But you can’t then go on the local news broadcast and announce that he has set a record as the youngest winner at an age that it is against the rules to compete at.

  29. just a thought says

    IMO, this entire problem is NASCAR’s and also whomever falsified the license application and NOT any of the tracks fault. The track rules (at least Waterford’s does) clearly state that a competitor must have a “charger” or higher license to compete which means a 14 year old minimum according to NASCAR;s rules. It is not the track that needs to do the background check for NASCAR and its membership. That being said, if any of the tracks WERE aware of the fraudulent activity used to obtain the license by the parents and kid it would be their duty to bring it to NASCAR’s attention. I read above that someone wrote that the tracks were aware of the age issue. My question is do you have real proof or just trying to create issues for the tracks? If you have proof let us know the facts, who, what and where?

  30. Sharpie Fan says

    A check of Waterford’s website rule book does not appear to list any age limit except to say that a driver must have a valid Charger license. Although the 2015 NASCAR rule book that is posted states that a driver must be at least 14. However, Stafford’s rules specifically state that an SK Light driver must be 15.

  31. Old man racer says

    The tracks won’t do anything about it. They are only concerned with the back gate. These kids bring aunts, uncles, and grandparents to the track and in the pits. They will turn their heads and not do the right thing because of greed. What we really need is some good investigative jounalism. Shawn, are you out there?

  32. speed kills says

    its very simple .some minors have the mental capacity and the ability to race competitively HOWEVER they may lack the understanding that the “sport” they are participating in is dangerous and they could be killed. if minors are going to be racing within their own age group or with adults they need to be held accountable for bad behavior .as for the rules and the parents .if they lied on an official NASCAR app they should be suspended .god forbid someone gets the track going to play dumb and say ” he has a license from NASCAR” defense. stupidity is not an excuse. clearly this needs to be looked into. finally isn`t it cute when we can say “they are too young to drive a car legally on the street” however we can let them drive a 300+ HP open wheel race car where their parents arrogance and the minors immaturity could lead to death /injury for themselves or others.. way to go NASCAR!!

  33. Regardless of it now being an issue. Had he not won this week we wouldn’t know he’s 13. It’s only an issue now because fact checking this stuff is so easy now. Same thing with running for president. Nobody knows half of the crap you’ve done till your name is out there. If this kid is ” so good ” he can wait till he’s 15 like everyone else. The parents have taught this kid with this, action that lying and deceiving people is okay if it gets you what you want. That’s the part that makes me sick. I personally feel as though 13 is to young to fully understand what can happen to you or someone else if a 2700 lb missile. Legends, bandaleros, go karts fine but these are 300+ hp open wheel cars. Maybe I’m in the minority but it makes you wonder who these parents are and why they deem this okay. If he was 15 and of legal age then have it but he’s not and it’s been proven in print in the comment section that he’s not. Just my two cents

  34. To all that think this was brought up just because he won (is it Humdumb?)! BS! This became an issue this spring at Stafford! When the kid came out for the 2nd round of SKL practice. He totally ignored officials who instructed him to stop, he even passed other competitors who were waiting for the first round to clear the track. He then proceeded to drive wide open down the front strech, noarowly missing a track worker and drove directly into a Al W who was driving across the track to exit, at the direction of the track worker!!! He totaled the guys car!!! And this is now just an issue because he won??? And also some of the track officials in this class did bring it to the track owners attention!! One guy at two of the ones he works at!!! And nothing gets done!!! So let’s just turn away and not do anything and wait untill some tragic incident occurs… Then the tracks will close and I guess we can all turn to golf or something!! Come on guys!!! Wake up!!!

  35. I’m guessing alot of people didn’t realize his age until he won and there was some media coverage.So if a lie is discovered by the masses and not just the hand full of people that knew the truth they are supposed to ignore it or even better congratulate him on a good lie?Not one person has said anything that isn’t true.There is no doubt he is a talented driver but that doesn’t take away the fact rules are being broken but I guess we should just forget about it because we didn’t call foul before he won.What????

  36. What more proof do you need???? Read the press releases!!!! And take a look at a fellow competitor that runs in the lites at the bowl!!! He’s a year older then Andrew and he’s only 14!!! You don’t see him at Stafford or Waterford!!! Why is that??? Because he’s playing by the rules!!! And you want proof??? Stafford and Waterford both have his correct age on file when he ran karts there!!! You want more??? Contact the Tri State Kart club!!!! And if you still have your rose colored glasses on and not able to see the forest through the trees??? Check the grade he’s in because he must of stayed back three times if he 15!!!!

  37. Race fan 99 says

    Not knocking the kid. But he is 13. What if he seriously hurts himself or someone else and nascar and the other tracks are well aware of this situation and nothing is done They can have a lawsuit. The tracks and nascar better think and put their heads together before something seriously happens


    A link to the story from 2013 stating Andrew was 10 years old.

  39. Poprocks says

    This issue of age came up last year the first time he raced at Waterford. It’s not anything new but even if it was, is it something that we should just turn a blind eye to and say “nothing will happen on the track. He’ll be fine.” If he is really 15, then his parents would be on here defending their driver and their family with everything they have but they are not. That tells me they are guilty of doing exactly what we all are saying. I was there at Stafford when the wreck under caution happened that never should have happened. He is very lucky no body was hurt. Two race cars destroyed because he is too young to be on the track in that division. When is the right time to question something like this? When it is too late and someone is killed because he can’t control the car?

  40. Poprocks says

    In 2014 it says he was 10…two years ago. If he turned 11 during that year, it wouls make him 13. Something is not right.

  41. 35 supporter says

    Does age really matter here, he’s a good driver and know how to handle the car. Some people are right here, you make a BIG fuss about this when he wins be forever know one really cared cause he wasint winning. In racing accidents happen like with what happened to Teddy Christopher and his two cars, you can’t help it if something happens and you wreck… do you think Ted would ever purposely wake up one morning and say “hey, today I think I’m gonna wreck both my cars” know body says that, you never really want to wreck… you can’t help it if you do… everyone wrecks there car at least once a season and you can’t point out Andrew for wrecking once on accident, he would most likely never meant to, so in this case he’s a kid fufilling his dream of racing and all I see happening here is everyone just hating on him, like why… it’s not your problem so just go.

  42. 35 supporter says

    Does age really matter here, he’s a good driver and know how to handle the car. Some people are right here, you make a BIG fuss about this when he wins be forever know one really cared cause he wasint winning. In racing accidents happen like with what happened to teddy Christopher and his two car, you can’t help it if something happens and you wreck… do you think Ted would ever purposely wake up one morning and say “hey, today I think I’m gonna wreck both my cars” know body says that, you never really want to wreck… you can’t help it if you do… everyone wrecks there car at least once a season and you can’t point out Andrew for wrecking once in accident, he would most likely never meant to, so in this case he’s a kid fufilling his dream of racing and all I see happening here is everyone just hating on him, like why… it’s not your problem so just go

  43. Old man racer says

    Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. (although a 13 yr. old wouldn’t understand that)
    If I feel my 8 yr. old can handle a modified, should I let him? Some 13 yr. Olds still believe in Santa Clause.

  44. Frankie tree says

    Lol its a problem because he is putting a lot of.people in jeopardy. The track owner with insurance and NASCAR . The GM , officials yeah he’s a good racers but rules are in place .

  45. Point to Andrew because he won! Wrong sir! This has been an issue to many of us of how he wrecked at Stafford… He didn’t wreck racing, he wrecked in between practices! He totally ignored officials when he didn’t stop and wait for cars from the previous practice to cross off the track at turn one! He passed other cars who were waiting! He nearly killed a track worker and totalled a guys Car!!!! This happened because he made an adolesent mistake!!! His mind isn’t 15 it’s barely 13!!!
    I think we all want to see him be the next Richard Petty, we trully do!!! Just let him be a kid!!! Let him develop Like he should!!! What do you think your teaching your son?? That it’s all right to live a lie??? Your goal should be to raise him to the best he can be, and to do it the right way, to teach him morals, ethics and respect!!
    Your not only putting your Son in harm’s way but also fellow competitors, track workers and fans!!! If something would happen the tracks could get shut down!!! Then we all would loose!!!!!

  46. Racingpig46 says

    35 supporter- I believe everybody’s biggest concern is liability. Nobody wants to see a local race track go under for something that is avoidable. Plus, people are understandably concerned about the youth movement in the sport. There’s reasons for age limits, otherwise, where does it end? From what I gather, we aren’t talking about lying about the driver’s age by a couple of months in hopes of getting his feet wet…

  47. Poprocks says
  48. So it’s ok to lie and cheat just to satisfy your own selfish ego?Is it so hard to understand that most people had no idea until he won and got some media coverage.Making excuses doesn’t make up for being a liar.So by your thinking if I think my son is mature enough to drink beer I should give it to him?Rules are there for a reason.What do you say to another drivers family if he was to injure someone in an accident?There is no excuse for going around the rules and the question I have is if he is of legal age to drive as his dad states then every single story on his son that was done by multiple media outlets previously gave the incorrect age.If it’s proven that he is the age claimed I will be the first to say I was dupped by the media on the other hand if it’s proven he did lie about age will you still support the lie?

  49. Bob Freeman says

    Good for the kid for winning – he obviously has some talent. The bad news IS the liability issue as has been pointed out in several earlier posts. IF something were to happen and the kid IS under the minimum age listed in the rules – it presents a huge liability for any race track knowingly or not permitting him to race in the division. There is a wide variation in maturity levels in teenagers, particularly 13 year olds. Not saying this is the case here, but reality.

  50. Im not attacking this kid personally or singling anyone else out.Im simply saying that the factors of speed.the safety equipment being used,the track size,and the quality of way in which the car is built need to be looked at.As I said the majority of the cars are safely constructe.But does anyone belive that a bandelero traveling at 50 to 60 mph is going to keep a kid safe if it hits the concrete?Dont even think about it flipping,hitting one of the fence stations or a side impact.We seen severe and perminant injuries and fatalities even under ideal circumstances in all forms of motorsports.The legends and Inparticular the Bandeleros need to be slowed down or they need to run on a smaller track.Also again…….Parents need to accept some responsibility for what MAY AND WILL HAPPEN.I want to see the sport/hobby grow and love all forms of motorsports however I think the age issue is more telling in NASCAR or local oval track racing.I think the debate on this is excellent,but lets not single out certain kids her.Lets Educate and Protect all of them.

  51. And in all do respect Andrews Dad, please realize we all do want see him go all the way!! I personally will route for him!! I promise you that!!
    Don’t think everyone on here are just jealous fans… I assure we are all not!!! Some maybe but alot of us aren’t!! We are fellow fans who love to have these tracks open… We’re also fellow competitors who care about ourselves as well as parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents of other competitors you are putting in harm’s way for your own egotistical and selfish goals..
    I believe your direct quote was…” I will stop at nothing, do anything I have to, to anyone, even my own mother to advance Andrew in his racing career”..
    Do the right thing sir… Don’t ruin it for us and possibly get your son suspended… Let him be a kid!!!
    I personally promise you if you do??? You will see me at the track wearing a 35 shirt, il put his sticker on my car… Heck… Il even buy you a Beer!!!

  52. Good Parent says

    If the parent produces a birth certificate that says the child is of a certain age with certain Date of Birth – who is to question it? NASCAR? Do you call the parents outright liars? Dare to call the city of birth records dept? Really – where do you draw the line? The burden is on the parents. NASCAR did it’s job, the tracks did their jobs.

    It’s very sad all around. Sad for the child to be in that position, sad that if the parents are indeed lying that they put the child in that spot to teach him to lie. Sad that those helping the child continue to enable the lie, take the money to prepare the racecar, etc.

    But hey, maybe we are all wrong and he really is of legit age? Somehow I don’t believe it though.

  53. Old man racer says

    As well as the driver, the parent’s maturity is an issue. If they didn’t call the newspaper/TV stations every time the kid won a race, nobody would even know.

  54. mike serluca says

    They were issued a legitimate NASCAR license. So, NASCAR approved it and issued it. End of story. Until it is proven otherwise, congratulations to this young man on his feature win.

  55. Poprocks says

    Nobody is taking away from him that he is a good driver, but rules are in place for a reason. IF he was granted a license under fall pretenses, then yes there is a problem and sadly he will be punished for the selfish actions of his parents boosting there own egos and thinking of themselves rather than the safety of the rest of the drivers on the race track. Scotzo, as far as the Bandoleros if you have watched them at all this year you will see that they are slower than in other years. The legend cars turn lap times very close to and some even slower than the mini stocks. So are you saying a 14 year old can drive a mini stock but not a legend car? Around here, there are more older drivers than younger in the legend division if you actually look at the drivers.

  56. Frankie tree says

    Mike,Do we know if was issued to the 13 yr old or 15 yr old birth certificate ? That’s really the question.

  57. WOW. This is a LOT of dirt. Going to be interesting to see the outcome at both tracks.In any case the kid did an outstanding job.congrats.

  58. Exactly old man racer… Sounds like a good episode of dumb criminals… Why whould you contact chanell 3 for press coverage boasting your 12 Y/O son just won Waterford when you know you forged his birth cerificate!!! I guess thats a combination of being self centered, egotistical and stupid!!!

  59. Your right, it is alot of Dirt and I’m done w/ it… What ever NASCAR rules I will live w/ it… Unless my Grandson gets taken out by him do to a clear adolescent mistake then there will be an issue!!!!

  60. Article in the Norwich Bulletin July, 5th states NASCAR is investigating his age (right off the Bulletin web site sports section). Stand by and lets see what comes out of this…………

  61. Wow. What people. Blame the kid. Go ahead! All of you this is an article on him winning and you all are saying everything negative POSIBLE about him! I guess it’s your mission to ruin people’s day. It’s not the kids fault. It’s none of your business either! It’s Andrews family, The tracks, and NASCARs business. Not yours! Leave Andrew and his family alone! Everyone makes mistakes like all of your parents!

  62. Last time I checked the forum was here to express opinions on articles that are written.So if in said article the racer claims to be a certain age and there’s information out there saying different everyone should just ignore it and pretend we didn’t see it?Your thinking is what’s wrong with the sport.Not one person is trashing the kid in fact most praise his driving skills.Its not even about if you like or dislike him it’s about rules and safety. If you don’t like what people have to say don’t come on to the site.Just for your information that last line is something a child would write.You seriously don’t think its anybody else’s business when alot of people responding have family members racing in the same division?Now go stick that head back in the sand.

  63. Poprocks says

    Wow racer guy 199…who in this article blamed the kid?! Not a one. Unfortunately now that it’s public knowledge and NASCAR is involved it’s not just about them. If they are found guilty of lying, they put their own selfish ways ahead of the safety of everyone else on the track.

  64. speed kills says

    everyone makes mistakes.. if its found there was a forged birth certificate that is NOT a mistake. I am sure the driver knows how old he is as well. that’s not a mistake it would be co operating with breaking the rules.. the family is wrong if they re found in violation of the rule ..plain and simple take your punishment win or not rules are in place for a reason..

  65. Well Said Brian! And FYI Mr 199, our family members are out there!!! Why don’t you go tell your comments to Al W at Stafford this weekend your comments!!! His Car was destroyed by the kid!!! In practice!!! How about you put his shoes on for a while!!! The kid didn’t even go see him to apologize never mind pay him for it!!! His car was wrecked because the kids mind isn’t capable of thinking like an adult! He’s just a kid!!! And yes, we all want to see the kid do well!!! When he’s mature enough to be out there!!

  66. InTheKnow says

    Prior to the start of the 2016 season one of the CT race tracks made them produce a certified birth certificate proving he was 15 before they could turn laps on the race track… The proper paperwork was submitted…

    While the evidence is out there, I’m not sure what else tracks could do… I guess as is being reported NASCAR would have to step in to investigate

  67. I don’t recall anyone having something bad to say about the kid granted I’m Not reading through 60 someodd posts to check. Parents do make mistakes but this is NOT a mistake. Birth certificates are usually issued at town halls or hospitals when children are born. So it would require someone with computer skills to Photoshop a different birth year. If this kid has that kind of talent at 13 he should focus on a career in graphic design. OR maybe just maybe focus on being a kid.

  68. Poprocks says

    InTheKnow was this the same birth certificate that was given to NASCAR that is now being questioned? It seems this young driver has been racing in CT for quite some time (karts, quarter midgets, bandos) so I’m sure there are other parents out there who have had their child race against him at some point that can tell a track official how old this driver really is. If in 2011 he won a Bando race at Waterford at 8 years old, what makes the track think that now – five years later – he is 15? Can nobody do simple math? Both Stafford and Waterford have had him as a driver in lower divisions so they would have prior knowledge of his age. Thompson has not as they don’t offer a lower division so they would have to take his parents word that he is 15 according to the now being questioned legal document. Additionally, his father claims he is entering 8th grade. At 15? At 15, he should be in high school. Most 8th graders are 13 or 14. Something is definitely not right with this whole thing.

  69. Here's a thought says

    Shawn C, how about you reach out to the management of all the racetrack managers and/or race directors plus the kid and his parents to get an official statement from each of them. This story has generated more interest and conspiracy theories than Hillary’s emails. IMO the racing community needs to know the truth so this issue can be put to rest one way or another.

  70. Yes Sir, your right, they do issue them at birth, in this case ts called buy one down south… Not the Son, he’s just trying his best at the direction of his parents,… It’s his parents that are behind this… If NASCAR turns there back on this I will loose all respect for this sport…

  71. Here’s A Thought,

    I’ve gone back and forth personally for four days on what do with this story.

    When I started this business I made a decision not to cover certain divisions regularly because I didn’t want to get involved with covering regular messes that mostly involved drama or issues created by the actions of parents of competitors. At this point, I’m going to stick to that ideal of not covering parental drama issues.

    If someone gets disqualified or suspended or has their approval by NASCAR to compete rescinded, I’ll report the action. That’s about it going forward.

    That said, I give all the credit in the world to the Norwich Bulletin for reporting this the way they did. Plain and simple, Brett Poirier did his job with writing their story and did it well. Nobody should criticize them, they did nothing wrong.

  72. Here's a thought says

    Shawn thanks for the reply, I will look for the bulletins article

  73. Poprocks, does your screen name meean your a blaster or does it mean you like Poprocks??? Lol… Both Stafford and Waterford both have the evidence in there files from when Andrew ran in the lower divisions… That’s the scary part… I do don’t want theses great facilities to have liability!!!

  74. Mr Shawn, first off thank you for the great reporting, we are all very very great full… But sir… In the utmost respect… Can you honestly just call this drama sir??? It’s about safety of everyone involved… About the love of this sport… About ethics and morals… About protecting theses facilities so they can exist for all of us to enjoy sir… To enjoy as much as we enjoy your dillegent journalism..

  75. Just a for instance. What would happen, god forbid something terrible happened, and someone is severely injured or worse. And an investigation turns up that he is in fact only 13. Then what happens? Track will be in trouble I am sure, and if the right lawyer got it, probably send it into bankruptcy. So that is why this should be fixed NOW

  76. HAT, love the “Hillary Email” Comment…. Love it!!!

  77. Paul,
    I understand your points. At this point the questions concerning this situation have been made very public through numerous links posted in this very comments section and through a story published by the Norwich Bulletin. At this point there’s nothing more that I can bring to the table beyond the evidence concerning previous media outlets stating an age timeline over numerous years that now does not seem to line up with the age currently being stated, and seems to indicate the driver in question is actually younger than the minimum age requirement for the license he was granted by NASCAR. All any reporting I can do is repeat all that has been brought up already. The tracks depend on NASCAR and their diligence in granting licenses. I know that at least one track in the area asked for proof of age from the family in their hands and they were allegedly provided with documentation which satisfied their request. Again, right now, nothing more I can bring to the table than what is already out there. I can’t legally request a birth certificate from a government agency. NASCAR is now investigating the situation and should they have findings regarding that investigation that they make public I will report those.

  78. Thank you Shawn for all that you do for the sport and as well for that detailed explanation. Again sir I trully hope that Andrew becomes the next Richard Petty, I trully do. My only concern is that he, the competitors as well as the track workers remain safe and that these great facilities remain open for all of us to continue to enjoy. What happened at Stafford in-between the SKL practice rounds was by no means a racing incident, it was a typical adolesent mistake a child would make, nothing more nothing less. Non of us want to see lawyers be involved in anything in our lives. If something were to happen again like Stafford, and some type of devastating tragedy were to occur as a result of it, we all would surelly loose.

  79. First and foremost congratulations to Andrew on the win, whether he is 13 or 15 winning takes a lot of effort, hard work and dedication and deserves to be congratulated. That being said it is a shame if he is indeed under age as this will tarnish this win and his reputation for the future. While he bears some of the responsibility as he knows his own age, his parents should be ashamed of themselves for allowing and no doubt encouraging this lie. As others have stated, the liability that this places on our local tracks is very concerning but I do wonder how they could be so naive and not look into this further, regardless if NASCAR issued him a license or not.

    Andrew’s parents should be held accountable for this situation, it is a shame that they put their son in this position and tarnished this win with their own objectives. I can not fathom why a parent or parents would encourage a child to lie and risk others health, safety and finiacial liabilities, great role models.

    That is of course if he is truly underage.

  80. Grey Matter says

    I highly doubt anyone would have cared if the spotlight wasn’t on the kid. No one is blaming Andrew. Can the kid drive? Yeah he can drive. Can he do it maturely? I personally don’t think he can be at that level yet. 13 is far to young to be piloting an open wheel mod of any kind and beyond that it doesn’t matter if others have fell through the cracks, it is a legal issue with the track, NASCAR and his own family. Does anyone really want to see the kids license get revoked? No.. but we do want to make sure that everyone obeys the rules set forth by NASCAR and the local tracks for the purposes of safety and liability issues. If something were to happen with this kid on the track and he was responsible for it, the effects could be farther reaching than just bent parts and a hospital bill. The track, NASCAR and his family can be sued for negligence and no one wins there, especially the track owner and the racers that frequent that track.

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