Corey Barry, Charles Canfield Get Wins At New London-Waterford Speedbowl Before Rain

Corey Barry celebrates victory Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Corey Barry celebrates victory Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD – On a night when being out front proved precarious at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl, both Corey Barry and Charles Canfield proved to be survivors.

The track was able to run the SK Light Modified and Mini Stock features Saturday before rain forced the cancellation of the remainder of the racing card.

Barry, of Plainfield, scored his first victory of the season in the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature.

“I owe it all to my father,” Barry said. “It’s all my father. He spends 80 hours a week on this thing.”

Cal Therrien of Vernon was second and Cory DiMatteo of Farmington third.

Alan Bennincaso started on the pole with Brett Gonyaw second, but the, the action was brief at the start as three cars near the rear of the field were involved in a wreck on the backstretch before half a lap was completed.

The second attempt to start the race was again a mess when Benincaso, Gonyaw and Chris Correll wrecked off of turn two. Correll’s car caused damage to the turn two track entrance gate, causing a long delay, with rain seemingly on the way.

It had Barry, who had assumed the lead after the wreck, worried.

“I was kind of disappointed when we went to the red flag,” Barry said. “I knew we had a great car tonight and I really wanted to race tonight.”

Barry had nothing to worry about. The race got restarted and it was all his show as he easily checked out from the field on the way to victory.

Canfield, of East Haven, got his second victory of the season in the 25-lap Mini Stock feature.

Ken Cassidy Jr. of Lisbon was second and Sean Caron of East Hampton was third.

Jordan Hadley, who started third, made a quick three-wide move to get to second while Ian Brew went to the lead on lap two past Matthew Geurtin.

Hadley got under Brew to take over the lead on lap three.

The caution came out with 16 laps left with Hadley leading second place Doug Curry and third place Charles Canfield.

Hadley held the top spot on the restart with Canfield moving to second and Dave Trudeau to third.

With 12 laps left Canfield looked under Hadley in a bid for the lead, but Hadley defended his spot out front.

The caution flew with six laps remaining for a frontstretch spin with Hadley leading Canfield and Trudeau in third.

On the next restart Hadley and Canfield went side-by-side for two laps. Hadley was able to clear Canfield with four laps remaining and Trudeau moved to second place before the caution flew again with three laps left.

On the restart Hadley and Trudeau went side-by-side in a battle for the lead. But on lap 24 the two made contact on the backstretch with both spinning, allowing Canfield to move to the front.

It set up a green-white-checkered finish with Canfield leading Caron in second and Cassidy in third.

On the restart it was Canfield leaving the battle to be fought for second place. Canfield took the checkered with Cassidy edging Caron for third at the line.

“I don’t know,” Canfield said. “I just want to drive this thing in the trailer the way it is. This thing is great. It’s a great setup, grew power today. Shout out to my crew. We worked hard getting this thing right.”


  1. Waterford fan says

    Im hoping that I heard wrong as I was leaving the track last night. I believe that it was said over the speaker that this was a complete show and there would be no rain checks? I spent $80 for two of us to get into the pits last night and a SK lite and mini stock feature isn’t a complete show anywhere when you have at least four features left to run.
    I understand that rain happens and so do things like the back gate needing to be fixed, but this is rather reminiscent of an old school Terry Eames money grab. Please don’t undo the good things happening at the Bowl by being so short sighted as to pull a stunt like this.

  2. Justafan says

    That is they’re policy on rainchecks,perhaps shawn could confirm but I believe heats plus one feature is a complete show. That is why when the chance of rain is there i never go to track, not going to waste my money knowing there only intent is to get the heats done and say thanks for coming now bend over.

    Said it before I will say it again thumbs up to bruce for all he is doing to fix the place up, but je made the absolute worse choice on his management team. The lack of cars and attendance should be all the proof needed. They increased all the ticket prices too I mean really extra money for the pro-4’s??? Give me a break yea that series is so bad they need to run the lights together just to barely make for a 10 car field in which one always runs away anyway. No thanks

  3. Congrats to Corey, his Dad and especially his Mom!!! Back to back wibs this week!!! How did she not have a heart attack!! Lol there’s a new Sherif in Town!!!

  4. Waterford fan says

    If that’s truly the case, I’ll make my personal statement by not returning to the Bowl for the rest of the year. Figure that’ll save me at least $1,000 not counting the gas and VIP parking (the attendant of which looks like someone from the walking dead, and perhaps not a great ambassador for the track when he’s the first representative you see even prior to buying tickets).

    It’s becoming a carnival sideshow down there again and something needs to be done about it. I’m sure Mr. Bemer isn’t relying on the money from the Bowl to live, but please put some capable, professional people in charge that understand customer service. They are driving people away!!!!

  5. Years ago I used to go to Seekonk on Saturday nights, their policy then was if 1 lap was completed of the first feature, there were no rain checks. I am not sure what their policy is now, or what Waterford’s is.

    I think Monahan and company made a poor decision last night. If there is a threat of rain and you have a visiting touring series there, throw the schedule in the trash…. and run that feature first. Since this was supposed to be race 2 of their triple crown for the series, I wonder if the 8/27 visit will be considered race 2, or if they will run double features.

  6. Poprocks says

    2016 Rain Check Policy

    We all know rain and racing do not mix. New London-Waterford Speedbowl will try to run our racing events as planned, however, sometimes weather is beyond our control. If a race is called due to Mother Nature (rain, wind, etc.) the following policies will apply:

    1. If all heat races have NOT been completed, a Rain-Out will be called. You must keep your ticket stub or wrist band as it is your “rain check”. This entitles you to use your ticket or wrist band for any 2016 event of equal or lower value New London-Waterford Speedbowl event. In the event the next week’s admission is higher, you will pay the difference when redeeming a rain check. Grandstand tickets from a Rain-Out may be used to upgrade to a pit pass.

    2. If all heat races have been completed, it will be considered a completed race. Rain checks will NOT be honored. When allowed by the rules of the division, the main events will be run the next time that class is scheduled to race. In this case, the feature events will precede the regular events on the make-up date and the qualifying positions from the cancelled event will still stand.

    3. NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AT ADMISSION GATES OR TRACK OFFICE. If you have questions, please ask your ticket agent at time of purchase.

    These policies apply for General Admission and Pit Passes.

  7. The Bowl has been pretty fan friendly under the Bemer ownership (e.g. Town nights), so it’s tough to criticize its rain check policy too much. However, it would have been good PR to offer a $10 discount to a future event to anyone who presented a ticket stub from last night.

  8. Justafan says

    Opinions will always vary folks, my solution to the raincheck deal is simple 50% or greater I just don’t go, sometimes they run it all most times they dont and its not my problem.

    However i have read threw the season some love the management while some think they are doing an awful job who is right? Who knows all opinions but the bowl is both a driver and fan favorite track so I ask if they are doing such a great job why are car counts and attendance goin down by the week? Im no rocket scientist but something is keeping people away. Just saying

  9. DON SUPER says


  10. Coupesforever says

    I went to The Bowl Saturday night for the first time this year. I’m in my 60s, live in RI and have been attending New England races since the 1970s. The show at Seekonk, the track which is closest to me, stinks, plain and simple. The racing at Waterford is still the best around. Sure, the big features got rained out, but the heat racing I saw beats any other show around for good racing and I totally enjoyed it! Hard, tight, close racing without a lot of over officiating. If I lived closer I would be there every week. It is my humble opinion that folks should stop complaining about this treasure of New England stock car racing and thank God that it is still up and running. We almost lost it a few times in recent years! Nothing is perfect and no matter who runs things, there will always be differing opinions but I can see all the great improvements to the facility that have been made since the new team came in and I am so grateful that The Bowl still lives and I hope that it does for a long, long time to come.

  11. DON SUPER says


  12. Don if you remember that there was a concrete wall there before so i don’t really think the gate would of helped


  14. Warren27sk says

    You could make contact with the end of the wall before. It happened in 2012. The gate has only made it worse.

  15. I remember the night like it was yesterday we destroyed our late model and harry hit that spot i never saw a car go so high in the air not a good night

  16. DON SUPER says

    wont be back until that area is made safer

  17. I do agree with you don it was a bad decision to make a gate in that spot but as you know management knows better

  18. Wow just had a chance to see sids view on the hit to the turn two wall i was thinking of getting a late model to run at the bowl i am now rethinking that idea like i thought when i first saw it on opening day that was a really bad idea i hope the next gate is built a little better, better yet get rid of it.

  19. Could have been a lot worse.Glad Chris is ok.I agree with Don.Fix it before something worse happens.

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