Thundering Run: Timmy Solomito Dominates Dunleavy’s 200 Whelen Modified Tour Race At Monadnock

Timmy Solomito (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

Timmy Solomito (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

On Saturday storms forced NASCAR officials to postpone the Whelen Modified Tour Dunleavy’s 200 at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H.

Sunday the series returned and it was Timmy Solomito storming the competition.

Solomito led every lap on the way to victory in the Dunleavy’s 200 Sunday at Monadnock.

It was the third victory of the season for Solomito, of Islip, N.Y.

Rowan Pennink of Huntingdon Valley, Pa. was second and Jimmy Blewett of Howell, N.J. third.

Solomito got his first career Whelen Modified Tour victory in the season opening Icebreaker 150 at Thompson Speedway on April 10. He got his second victory at his home track, Riverhead (N.Y) Raceway on June 25.

Series points leader Doug Coby, who also has three victories this season, was sixth. Coby was the last car on the lead lap of the 23-car field.


  1. Must have been exciting

  2. Wow….lead every lap. VERY EXCITING

  3. For the second week in a row I made a drive to the track for no reason. Last week it was for the pit stop challenge. This week, I drove 1.5hrs one way on Saturday just to hear Ben Dodge announce they were running the race on Sunday despite the blue skies on the horizon. I understand why they did it. The track would have taken a bath on the race with capacity only two thirds filled last night. That said, they knew all day it was going to rain. If you aren’t willing to dry the track and go racing then just postpone it early in the day. I mean everyone in NH knew there were storms coming Saturday evening. Needless to say, I skipped Sundays event. It was over in like 40 minutes so I’m kind of glad I did.

    Dream season for Tim. I bet Tri Track breathed a sigh of relief they ran it today and not next Saturday during the Star event.

  4. You can thank Mike Stefanic,he cried the most when they inverted the top 6_8 ,it made for some better racing in some cases ,but now fastest on the pole and on a small track that’s what you get , good for Timmy, might have even been the same team when he was crying, I guess it worked

  5. Bill Realist says

    Whelen Tour always phones it in at Monadnock anyway. It was hot and I don’t think any of those guys were happy about racing on Sunday. Just get to the end and on to the next one. If you have never been to a MRS race there and you like to see modifieds RACE each other you should check it out.

  6. I was there both days. Weather was HOT with spotty and intermittent rain. It is difficult to predict and rely on these popup rain events. Rain happened at the worst time, no time for the track to dry. It was HOT on Sunday.

    The 16 had the miracle day. There was a pretty good race behind the 16. 🏁

    The 16, 3, and 4 were the last remaining strong cars at the end. Plenty of cars started strong, but faded. The 3 & 4 were pretty good all day, some impressive driving from both.

    Only two cautions, one for an air filter falling off of Silk’s car. I think the other caution was for the 44 having RF trouble. Do you want the race to take a long time, or no/little cautions and the race is over quickly? Those two options are mutually exclusive. If you want the excitement of restarts, you have to have cautions.

    Towards the end, a car did a great 360º rear wheel smoking donut in T3-4, kept going, no caution.

  7. Fast Eddie says

    I was there both days as well. Just because there are no lead changes doesn’t mean it was a boring race. I enjoyed watching the front runners trying to stay on the lead lap. It was also fun watching the leaders pass lapped cars who were also trying to pass lapped cars. There were also some lead pack battles due to lapped traffic, which made it interesting. The battle doesn’t have to be for the lead; many of the weekly categories I’ve seen this year have had the main battle for 2nd or 3rd. It’s still good racing!

  8. ModFan Homtracks says

    I agree with Dareal, there was some good racing behind the 16. He was running so well up front that you had to look back for any action. Riverhead had more cautions which on a small track, gave guys on the lead lap a chance to leap ahead in positions or get put back. This race was the other extreme. And in that heat, I appreciate the 55 minute race!! Either type of race brings an element of excitement and strategy. Although the 01 only lasted 6 laps at Riverhead. (I had to give the MPD a shoutout!)

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