Thompson Notes: Last Corner Pass Gives Wayne Burroughs Jr. Mini Stock Win

Wayne Burroughs Jr. celebrates victory Wednesday at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Thompson Speedway)

Wayne Burroughs Jr. celebrates victory Wednesday at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Thompson Speedway)

THOMPSON – It wasn’t exactly a bump and run. Call it a tap and go for Wayne Burroughs Jr. Wednesday at Thompson Speedway.

Burroughs used a last corner pass of Brad Caddick to win the 15-lap Mini Stock feature Wednesday at Thompson.

It was the second consecutive victory at Thompson for the Oakdale driver and his third overall at the track this year.

Caddick, of Wyoming, R.I. was second and Roger Ducharme of Foster, R.I. third.

For the final four laps Burroughs and Caddick treated fans to a side-by-side battle for victory, with Caddick seemingly having the edge.

Caddick led laps 12, 13 and 14 with Burroughs running to his inside each lap. In turn four on the final lap Burroughs gave Caddick a tap in turn four to gain just enough momentum to beat him to the line for victory.

“The last corner you’re going to throw it in a little hard,” Burroughs said. “He came down I came up and we met in the middle. We had actually had a contact a few laps prior to that and I had to catch back up. Just hard racing. … I knew I just had to break his momentum a little bit coming to the line or he was going to beat me so we used a little bit of door and got a win.”

Scott Sundeen of Douglas, Mass. scored his first victory of 2016 in the 20-lap Limited Sportsman feature. Ryan Waterman of Danielson was second and Brent Gleason of Lisbon third.

Brian Tagg of Oxford, Mass. got his first win of the season in the 25-lap Late Model feature. William Wall of Shrewsbury, Mass. was second and Marc Curtis of Brookfield, Mass. third.


  1. Shawn do you know why Curtis and Anderson got DQ’d in the Late Model race

  2. LM,
    Marc Curtis and Lloyd Anderson were both disqualified from the Late Model feature for camshaft issues. Also Stephen Kopckik was a disqualification from the first SK Modified feature for a fuel issue. Corey Fanning was disqualified from the Limited Sportsman feature for an on-track incident and Nate Taylor was disqualified from the Mini Stock feature for an on-track incident.

  3. Thanks Shawn. They must have brought Anderson to tech after they DQ’d Curtis. He originally finished sixth and woukdnt b required to go to tech

  4. Shawn, was the 52 SK modified parked because a crew member, on pit road, was wearing a shirt without sleeves? If so, it seems petty to me, considering they had only 16 SK’s, 9 late models, and 12 mini stocks.

  5. Paul,
    I was told there was an issue. I can’t say exactly what happened, but I was told the person in question was told before the race he couldn’t go to the infield dressed that way and then still did. I’ll say this, I’ve never been a proponent of relaxing any rules because of car counts. Set a really bad precedent in saying “we’re going to look the other way on certain things” to protect numbers.

  6. On the radio they issued a one lap penalty to the 52 SK for “crew member with a sleeveless shirt”. Then I believe something happened to the car because they pulled behind the wall

  7. The cam changing by those two late model drivers should be the biggest story on this site ever. Does anyone realize that the ACT Tour themselves have NEVER caught anyone with a sealed crate motor that’s been tampered with to that extent? Somebody should do a story on Mark St. Hillaire and the fantastic job he’s been doing at both the Speedbowl and Thompson the last couple of years.

    Thompson’s had the same collection of goofs trying to tech cars for the last 15 years or so and they’re truly clueless. A new inspector comes along and catches guys immediately. Funny too how Rocco and Palmer, as well as others, at the Bowl were checked with the same tool a few weeks ago and everyone passed with flying colors.

    What’s even more interesting is how a driver with an extra 15-50 HP can’t set up a car that turns good enough to win every race, even with all that extra smoke. And yes, it’s that much extra, Curtis had a PASS prostock cam in his car for chrissakes!

  8. Roger look into the fact that there is new upper management in place. Makes me think maybe they had their hands tied with the previous management. Now they are free to do their jobs correctly. I believe I see the same faces in tech for the last couple years. My hats off to them for the good job that you point out is being done today.

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