Tim Bennett Named As Series Director For Valenti Modified Racing Series

Tim Bennett last year at Stafford Motor Speedway

Tim Bennett last year at Stafford Motor Speedway

The revolving door that is the series director’s position with the Valenti Modified Racing Series has spun again and this time it’s a longtime flagman around the Connecticut oval tracks taking the reigns.

Longtime local racing official Tim Bennett will take over as the new Valenti Modified Racing Series series director, replacing Wayne “Muffy” Wildermuth, who take over as the series director before the start of the 2016 season.

“I think it’s a good opportunity and I think I would do pretty good at it,” Bennett said. “With my experience I think I would be a good fit, especially with me looking to step away from the flag stand for physical reasons.”

Bennett had been serving as the series flagman. John Spence Jr. will return to those duties once again with the series.

“I think he’s got a lot of experience as an official which is good,” series founder and owner Jack Bateman said. “Muffy was a good guy, but he didn’t have the official experience that Tim does. I think that’s what brings it to the table for Tim. He’s really got a lot of experience on the official’s side of the fence. I’m hoping it will be a good thing.”

Wildermuth lasted 10 races in the position with the series. Bennett is the seventh series director in less than three years with the Valenti Modified Racing Series.

“It’s frustrating, but it’s my fault,” Bateman said. “It’s nobody else’s fault but mine. If I make a bad choice then that’s the way it goes. I’m not saying Muffy was a bad choice, it just for some reason didn’t work out. I take responsibility for it because ultimately it is my responsibility.”

Bennett is hoping he can effect positive change within the series hierarchy of officials.

“We need to have better communication,” Bennett said. “We need to work more as a team. … We get paid to do a job, let us do our job. When I worked for [Ben Dodge] at Thompson Speedway he would say, ‘I’m not your babysitter. You’re getting paid to do your job, so do your job.’ That’s the way I feel all of us officials should be, it doesn’t matter where you’re at whether it’s working at a local track or for a touring division.”


  1. Good luck, Tim. Hopefully you are allowed to do the job. I raced with you as the flagger with ARTS, always liked you & thought you were fair. Even if you did think our mufflers were too loud.

  2. mike serluca says

    A new ring leader for the Valenti Modified Racing Circus. Good luck Timmy!

  3. I think it’s more like ring master, Jack will always be the leader.

  4. just a fan says

    its not all jack …ask wayne …he is a huge part 1/3rd wayne said …but it is also a behind the scene person that runs the office and the series ….chris rock …jack does not have the balls to stop her ….family

  5. Crazy in NY says

    “I began by telling the president that there was a cancer growing on the presidency and that if the cancer was not removed … the president himself would be killed by it.
    – John Dean”

    Me thinks that Mr Bateman might heed the words of Mr Dean.

  6. If they want to get it right hire a real official. Call Frank Sgambato. Bet Bateman hasn’t got the balls to get someone he can’t hold the strings to…

  7. Amen George……………..

  8. Why in the world would anyone want that job?

  9. wmass01013 says

    I think all MOD fans would love to see this series grow but JACK seems to do more harm than good.GET A GOOD LONGTERM RACE DIRECTOR, DECIDE WHAT U WANT and make the series happen, stop being the its my way or the highway bully

  10. They had a good long term director with tapley and Jack blew that too.

  11. Fast Eddie says

    Good luck to you, Tim Bennett! Call it tight or call it loose, but call it the same for all competitors and you will be great!

  12. just a fan says

    he could call it all he wants …the point is like all the others his calls mean nothing …as the judge says …OVERRULED….LOL

  13. The VMRS has the potential to be “THE” mod series in New England with good leadership and consistent calls and treatment for all competitors. Before that can happen this revolving door of top officials needs to end. I hope Tim is the answer and is given the opportunity to do the job without interference.

  14. Jim Phillips says

    Tim will as all before him become yet another casualty of the BS that the series has become witch is a huge shame because with heat races and a shorter feature it could indeed be the premier modified series in New England instead it has become a joke i will be surprised if that series last another 10 years

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