Insider Deal: Ted Christopher Wins Abbreviated SK Modified Race At Waterford

Ted Christopher celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Sunday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Ted Christopher celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Sunday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD – Most know of the bump and run in racing.

Sunday evening at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl Ted Christopher may have created a new term in the motorsports world. The bump and done.

Christopher took the lead from Ryan Preece on a restart with 15 laps remaining and then a lap later a fluke accident forced track officials to end the scheduled 75-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl Bemers Big Show.

“You’ve got to lead that lap,” Christopher said. “That’s the last one that counts. For us it counted that way.”

Preece, of Berlin, was second and Ronnie Williams of Tolland third. Christopher collected $5,000 for the victory.

Keith Rocco of Wallingford used a sixth place finish to capture his fourth consecutive SK Modified championship and sixth overall at the track.

With 59 laps left Christopher used a diving move under Owen out of turn four to take over the lead. With 41 laps left Preece had worked his way to second behind Christopher.

With 30 laps left Preece found a lane under Christopher off of turn four and took over the lead at the line.

The caution flew again with 15 laps remaining with Preece leading Christopher and Matt Galko in third. On the ensuing restart Preece chose to start in the outside lane and it was Christopher taking advantage, moving Preece up the track in turn one to take over the lead.

“He picked the outside, I didn’t pick it,” Christopher said. “Eight wheels are better than four.”

Said Preece: “Anybody can hit somebody. … I was passing cars on the outside. At the end of the day, if you want to slam into a car you can do that. One more lap I could have done the damn same thing to him. All I know is it makes me want to come back and I’m going to make him drive his ass off to win another one.”

One lap later after the decisive restart Diego Monahan, running in fourth at the time, hit the track entrance gate in turn four after getting hit by Galko. Monahan walked away from the vicious wreck, but because of the damage to the track gate track officials were forced to end the event.


  1. Dave Jackson says

    Glad to see Diego walked away from that!

  2. Fred DeSsaro says

    What did Preece think was going to happen with TC on the inside besides the fact he makes no bones about his intensions he didn’t do it with a championship on the line ,hence, 2015 Loudon ,NH . I like all the drivers but when they forget their ” racing incedints ” that’s just pissy , save that for the cup girls !

  3. Said Preece: “Anybody can hit somebody. …

    Congrats and good job Teddy, all season at Thompson Preece showed zero respect for anyone else on the track in the SK division. He was rather beating on a rear bumper or running someone up, and now he cries when he gets a taste of his own medicine.

    Anyone see a trend, Woody and Preece both won at the world series with dirty tactics, Woody got stuffed in the turn 3 wall and Preece gets run up and loses 5 grand.

  4. Frankie tree says

    Is Diego ok ?

  5. Speedbowl has a lot of bad PR to overcome after this weekend. The decision to run races next Saturday was pretty unpopular, from what I could hear. 4th time a gate has been hit this year? If you want to have a gate in a turn, you have to have the second section of wall set-back from the first, or you’ll keep having concrete impale race cars. This 2pm start time is BS. Under the old regime the opening and finale weekends started at noon sharp on Sundays. Racing would end before sun set…which is a big deal when you’re battling wind and temps in the 50s. Lines at the concessions still long, parking was an absolute nightmare- wayyy to many RV’s in the lot. Parking lot was at capacity with the stands only filled to mediocre amounts. This event was great on paper, but weather and other factors killed the weekend- factors beyond the Speedbowl’s control, but outcomes were unfavorable for all.

  6. mike serluca says

    Diego is ok. Sore and bruised, but ok. Thank you for your concern.

  7. Top five DQ’d??

  8. Does anyone have the final results from tech?

  9. James Scott says

    Jason right on with the walls. I never could understand why the wall and gates were designed like that. You don’t even need a gate if the walls are staggered correctly. Glad Dieago walked away and also how is Randy Cabral??

  10. Open your eyes says

    Let’s make sure that everybody knows TC should be DQ’ed for bad fuel after yesterday’s race. He gets VP for free and thinks it’s a great idea to dye it blue like Sunoco. Not enough dye this time you cheapskate.

  11. Preece fan says

    Yes Preece is a bonehead for taking the top. He looked like a complete fool. Maybe his head is foggy from all the girls he’s running around with down south.

    All is right with the world though, I heard they handed him the trophy after tech anyways. So congrats to him.

    Is that a world record for a team to get dq’d at the speed bowl. Great job prestige

  12. Jason before you shoot your mouth off go to Riverhead raceway and get ripped off , and watch small fields of cars riding around for the highest weekly admission in short track racing . The speedbowl with all the new improvements is a palace and now the finest short track on the east coast. Fan friendly . Beemers big show and wings and wheels are the two best shows you will ever see. Just look at all the open wheel racing you saw yesterday and top quality cars and drivers all in one place. They (track management) can,t control the weather or a car hitting the wall or fence at full speed last time i looked. And S Monahan is doing a great job Keep up the good work. Looks like Jason was to close to Preece last night at the end and got some of his cry baby tears on him.PS bring your own food next time and you won,t have to wait on any line.

  13. Heard there maybe a fuel issue w the 13??? Car owner is upset with track, maybe it’s payback from last year when you made the track go outside to deem your heads illegal when you knew it all along… your reputation has been tainted what do you expect- people to forget you cheated on purpose?

  14. mike serluca says

    New top 3:

  15. Crazy in NY says

    Foam blocks placed strategically around the track would save some of these disasters. Works well at
    Lancaster and Oswego. One nasty scary hit Diego took for sure.

  16. Jason(Mr.Sour Grapes),For the record,no engine can be fired on Sunday by law until 12:00.Practice time is critical and was cut to a minimum.Plenty of overflow parking was available next door at Harvey(seconds to leave after the races).A little wind and temperatures reaching the mid-sixties is NOT a battle.A great day of racing for racers and real fans alike.Thanks to all!

  17. Seems to me the SKs should crown their champion on the final Saturday night show instead of having them be second findle at the “big show”. They can still run for $$ at the season finale. I kinda feel the SKs went out with a whimper. The premier division should be a little more celebrated. Especially after a good season.

    I kinda agree with Jason. 2 pm is too late when you only have 5hrs of sunlight with the noon start. There is a reason why all the other tracks do features only on Sunday. A Sunday show needs to be over by 5pm or so this time of year. Then you might get more of the casual fans.

  18. Gald to see Diego is fine had a lot of fun with him this year.

  19. 450Mike could you please give the link to the law that says no firing of engines till 12noon? I believe that it is just a nice jester to the surrounding neighbors.

  20. Happy Ronnie Williams got second even though it ended the way it did, he is a GREAT kid from a wonderful family we are proud to sponsor the 59 car!

  21. Fast Eddie says

    I’m not sure what some people saw, but the stands looked pretty full to me when the open mods were racing, particularly during the feature.
    NH Mark, I agree on the track points. Their final points race should be the highlight of the last Saturday show and just go for the $$$ at the Big Show. I think it would be better for the local fans who support the regular weekly events as well, to highlight their champions.
    450 Mike, I think you’re right. I have never seen a race start before noon on a Sunday in Connecticut EVER, dating back to the 80’s. AND it was an excellent race day!

  22. darealgoodfella says

    fastang, it is a local town ordnance that prohibits firing engines before noon. It really bothers those with hangovers.

  23. Stacy Cabral says

    James Scott, thank you for your concern about my brother Randy Cabral. He was released yesterday from the hospital with a concussion and broken ribs. He doesn’t remember much about the accident but is, of course (typical racer), more upset about the car being destroyed and missing his first NEMA race in a long, long time. Thank you so much for asking and I know he appreciates everyone’s concern!! 🙂

  24. dareal – Wrong. Connecticut state law. No racing engines before noon on Sunday without a special dispensation by CT DMV. Followed by Thompson as well.

  25. Rich C,thanks for the link.I read it and there is a provision for local government to allow a pre 12 p.m. start.Not CT DMV.I wonder why no tracks take advantage of this.Once a year[ world series/Bemers,etc.Town boards might go for it and make everyone’s day easier

  26. darealgoodfella says

    RichC – WRONG. I’m right.

    If you read and comprehended the contents of the link, you would see:

    “The legislative body of the city, borough or town in which the race or exhibition will be held may issue a permit allowing a start time prior to twelve o’clock noon on any Sunday, provided no such race or exhibition shall take place contrary to the provisions of any city, borough or town ordinances. ”

    Which allows engine fire before noon if the local govt so chooses to issue said permit.

  27. Stafford started warm-ups and racing at 10:00am on a Sunday several years ago at the Sizzler when Saturday racing was rained out. It can be done.

  28. Fast Eddie says

    To Stacy Cabral & Mike Serluca: Very, VERY glad to hear that both drivers are o.k.! Both hits looked to be HUGE! And it’s never a pleasant site when they’re cutting the top of the cage off to get a driver out of the car. You’re always hoping for the best but fearing the worst. I guess the bright side is being the end of the season, there’s plenty of time to heal and rebuild!

  29. You’d have to think that his lack of experience at the bowl is the reason he took the outside. I and everyone in the stands was shocked that he did. It’s not just because he was next to tc. Outside is not the place to be on a restart against anyone.

  30. Who’s complaining about running next Saturday? What other choice did the track have? Just cancel completely? Screw the fans that paid $40 to see a whole weekend of racing? Or screw the divisions that still have a championship to decide. I’m not saying it was you, Jason, complaining, but for me as a fan as long as I’m able to go on Saturday I’ll be there to get my money’s worth.

  31. Glad to hear he’s OK. I was fearing the worst when I saw the track worker frantically waving over the firefighters.

  32. Curious about the foam blocks. Do they have extra ones on hand if a car does hit them? I wonder if those tracks are wider so there is room for the blocks. Maybe not as much room at the bowl?

  33. Awesome news that they’ll both recover. The other unpleasant site was when the cops came out to Cabral’s wreck. I’ve been at Thompson a few times when that’s happened and the outcomes were tragic.

  34. If they were to ask the town for special permission, weekends like this are the times to do it. Practice at 10 or whatever and the first race promptly at noon. Half the fans left after the tri track in part probably because the sun was going down and getting colder. A shame too because Preece and tc were putting on a show. Shame that the gate broke too because the final 15 laps could have been pretty intense.

  35. They looked pretty full to me too. Probably should have been packed though, for a big event like this.

  36. darealgoodfella says

    So how long was TC the “winner”?

    He went from winner to whiner pretty quick.


  37. darealgoodfella says

    It’s only appropriate that an abbreviated race has an abbreviated win! LOL!!!!

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