Riverhead Raceway To Host New Modified Touring Series In 2017

(Press Release from Riverhead Raceway)

Riverhead Raceway LogoExciting news from Long Island broke Friday afternoon when Riverhead Raceway’s Eddie & Connie Partridge and Tom Gatz in conjunction with Modified Touring Series owner Gary A. Knight disclosed the second year organization would be racing on Long Island Saturday June 17th, 2017 at the historic quarter mile facility.

“We are very excited as well honored that our Modified Touring Series event will be the first non NASCAR Modified touring race ever at Riverhead Raceway” Gary A. Knight acknowledged while making the announcement. Indeed only the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour had competed at the 66-year old track but that will all change the third Saturday of June.

“Gary contacted me over a year ago to discuss his Modified Touring Series and the possibility of Riverhead hosting a race” Tom Gatz recalled. “We’ve talked numerous times since our first conversation and I’m glad the series is getting some traction. Gary is persistent and very passionate about the MTS, and I wish him the best of luck. All of us at Riverhead Raceway are looking forward to the MTS coming to town on June 17th.” Gatz concluded.

Over the course of the 2016 Riverhead Raceway schedule Eddie & Connie Partridge along with Tom Gatz proved they were open to bringing new racing series to the track as the Northeastern Midget Racing Association, New England Truck Series and Granite State Pro Stock Series all appeared on the 2016 slate. With the booking of the MTS race it would appear the trend will continue into 2017.

Knight noted the 125-lap feature will be green flag laps, a staple of the fan friendly Modified Touring Series that should provide some ultra exciting racing at Riverhead Raceway. The race winner will take home $3,000 from a posted $24.430 race purse. Second through fifth will be worth, $1,600, $1,300, $1,075 and $975. Tenth will pay $800 while drivers who finish 16th through 28th take home $660 each.

After debuting with the Winchester 200 at the Monadnock Speedway in 2016 Knight is expanding the MTS for 2017 and besides the Riverhead date has book two events at the famed Stafford Motor Speedway in Connecticut. Ryan Preece steering the TS Haulers machine for Eddie & Connie Partridge won the inaugural MTS race last summer.

According to Knight among the drivers who have committed to the Modified Touring Series for 2017 include Jon McKennedy, Chris Pasteryak, Kirk Alexander and Tommy Barrett. Knight also indicated that local talent Eric Goodale of Riverhead has already expressed interest in running the June 17th race.

In the event of rain the MTS race would move to Sunday June 18th.

Knight noted the Riverhead Raceway NASCAR Whelen All-American Series teams are more than welcome to compete in the MTS race at their home track. Those teams can find more information by visiting modtoruingseries.com or contact MTS Head Tech Official Bobby Carrita at 508-679-0555.

The 2017 Riverhead Raceway schedule should be forthcoming in the weeks to come. Once completed it can be found at www.riverheadraceway.com.


  1. This is great news for Long Island based modified fans.Hope to see a lot of cars in the paddock.I know the place will be packed with fans,this won’t be a back gate scene.Thanks to Gary,Tom,Ed and Connie for making this happen.Riverhead’s history warrants inclusion in this exciting new series.Looking forward to seeing some new faces on the track.

  2. Better news. Ryan preece is back full time in the 01. From jayski.com.

  3. packed with cars and fans for $3000 to win and a total purse of 24k????????

  4. Yes packed with fans, hopefully packed with cars although it looks like maybe one less fan from western mass

  5. Art no offense but the whole dynamic of MOD racing in 2017 is uncertain with the WMT combination, tri track new direction, ROC issues with ROC race, where and when if at all will the VRMS race and this new series, I don’t know what a regular sat. night race at the head pays but cant be much less than this race and where teams will go to race any of these series is a crapshoot right now, especially with NOT BIG MONEY to attract teams!!!!!

  6. Unlike the Tri-Track series,the Modified Touring Series is for profit.Only Dick Williams and Co. would work tirelessly throughout the year and give it all back to the racers and teams plus some.Tri Track is the best deal racers have had in decades.I hope that Gary Knight makes some progress with his series without diluting the rest of the struggling bunch. Combine the VMRS with ROC.Ditch NASCAR and let the Whelen teams hit the Tri-Track and Moified Touring Series.

  7. It is nice seeing an event in NY for a change. They should get decent participation from local cars. Stafford will draw regardless of sanction. MTS is smart in scheduling what have been traditional WMT off nights. Not that it couldn’t change in 2017. There are about 13 confirmed WMT races for 2017 and I don’t see any conflicts yet. The Seekonk Open and MTS event at Monadnock in July are only three days apart. That is worth watching. Could hurt both events. MTS is just the MRS with a new name to me until proven othetwise though.

    Is MTS still thinking about NHMS? That’s a stand alone event bound to fail. They couldnt draw for Indy and they think people will show for 2nd tier mod event? Please!

  8. Pretty far to travel for a race that you need to finish top 5 to break even

  9. Fifth place pays more at the Seekonk Open than the win at MTS/Monadnock.It won’t hurt Seekonk.

  10. wmass,every silly season it does seem to look bleak.I will say it seems to look even worse this year.We shall see.That said I hope the New England guys turn up.It will be a great show.Riverhead has always been a great track and the new management really knows how to run an event like this.I think NH Mark may be right about MTS and MRS.NHMS is a nascar big track venue,if you can’t combine with Sprint and xfinity who else can they abuse?

  11. Art no one will root for MODIFIEDS more than me, been attending mod races since Riverside Park in late 70’s, just seeing whats going on scares me with all the series, I honestly would rather allll the series stop and just let tracks schedule own races with distance and purse and race format!

  12. The reason I supported this race, was because it was 15,000$ to win. Finishing in the top 5 had you making real money and made it worth the trip.

    I’m sorry, but 3,000 to win is nothing better than a SOUTHERN WMT race that everyone complains about.

    If you want Drivers and cars like Hinkley, Hirschman, Pastryak, Preece, WMT teams, MRS Teams, ROC Teams. Make it hard for them to resist.

    We don’t need another touring series. We need a series that will Pay money. That is how you get teams and drivers.

  13. wmass- I agree with you. Modified racing is a little bit lost right now and I hope it gets sorted out in the next few years. Here’s what I would like to see:
    1. WMT improve their image, racer interest, and promotional efforts. Be the premiere series for those who want to race on a traveling series.
    2. Have promoters host big $ races at the small tracks. Gary Knight and the Tri Track guys to ditch the idea of a points system and just host big open races that racers and fans can get excited about.

  14. racepig, I AGREE 100% on point 2
    Point 1, been waiting since 1985 For NASCAR to do ALL THOSE THINGS, They only care about The Big 3 series that brings in the $$$$ and TV money and if u watch any race and see the falling tv ratings and sponsors and TONS OF EMPTY seats at most races THINGS ARE NOT WELL, so any hope for $$$ or promotional efforts are highly unlikely, IF Whelen ever decides to go bye bye things will really be bad!!

  15. How are they gonna get cars for 3000 when they could hardly get any for 15000?

  16. another rich says

    It will be interesting no doubt to see MTS car counts. MRS has supposedly 12-14 dates and Tri Track has 4. All these teams that are supposedly committed I think is false hope. They may be committed to trying one race and then abandon ship. 24-26 Non Nascar Tour type shows will be a stretch for alot of teams. All 3 of these Series rely on the same cars and drivers. MTS is offering more purse money but running longer distances and allowing more tires than MRS. MRS can’t keep officals, Tri Track is extremely competitive and good cars go home every race. The market will be flooded with tour racing, not a good idea for tracks, every weekend somewhere is going to be a tour type race or Nascar race.

  17. I think one super tour should be formed in the northeast.
    You don’t need Nascar,combine The Roc and all of the New England tours.
    Schedule around 24 events with races in Pa,NJ,NY and all of New England.
    No more then 2 events at any venue.Bring back the 3 Triple Crown Races
    included in the schedule.The Thompson 300,Oswego 200 Classic.
    and find a new venue for the Race of Champions.
    You have 24 point events and a Triple Crown Bonus.

  18. 24 point events? LOL!! That’s almost 6 months of weekly events straight. You’re crazy. The WMTs sweet spot is probably 16 events with all the travel and two day shows. People bash Nascar but their total point fund is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is literally money out of teams pockets (top 15 in points)that has to be replaced before folks “dump” NASCAR. I know its far from a perfect system but that’s a lot to give up to run for far less in another series. Also, there are new teams running tour in 2017. At least part time. It just doesn’t get reported.

    I totally agree the others should dump their point systems. Put every dime into that nights feature. Most guys won’t or can’t run every event for it to even matter to them. Nobody cares about points in the grandstands.

    I also agree 125 is too long for most MTS events. They may want to rethink that.

    I would like to see Tri Track let the B feature winner get the money AND get to advance to main event. Why does it have to be one or the other? They should change that this year. Or put a huge bonus up if someone wins from last place. I mean big too. $5k or something.

    VMRS said they had 14 races a month ago. Last week it was 12. Now I heard 11. They are done whether they want to be or not. The few name drivers they had jumped to MTS. 12 car fields didn’t work for the WSMT and it won’t for VMRS. Maybe Claremont will take them back.

    Bring back trophy girls.

  19. NH Mark- I like everything you said except I think the B feature “race or money” concept is an exciting little promotional feature. Adds an element of gambling. Puts the fans in the shoes of that racer for a moment. It’s like Deal or No Deal and the fans cheer on the decision. Everything else.. I’m in agreement with you LOL.

  20. Does Nascar have a list somewhere of how much they payout for points at the end of the year for the top 15 positions? I’m curious to what the individual teams would earn for running the whole series. I tried a search but I didn’t find anything.

  21. Big joke for the Modifieds. No money. Hockey puck tires.
    The joke is on any of the Modified owners who support this tour.
    Same old losers supporting this so called tour.

  22. NH Mod Fan:
    In 2015 13th paid over $13,000.
    2nd pays around $60,000
    3rd around $40,000
    Everyone from 5th to 10th receives over $20,000.
    It’s the only legit Modified Tour out their. the MRS, MTS, ROC , PASS Modified Tour are all a joke.
    The PASS Modified Tour, WSMT and the Smart or Old KOMA Modified Tour have all closed up.
    No more Modified Tours in the South at this time for 2017. That comes from note having a legit purse.
    These purses are from the 70’s. It’s really sad.

  23. I think many here are right on about a points system.Who will commit to running all or most of the races in this series?Especially with the other tours still in operation.Why shoot your foot off before the season even starts.I do think that 150-200 laps on a bullring is ok.Stafford and Thompson 75 is just right.Hope that this flies but I keep coming back to the one and only at mad dog. 15k to win and most teams stay home on basically an off nite,local teams!Go figure

  24. Crazy in NY says

    Not hard to figure, as been discussed, a number of teams didn’t;t have faith that Gary would pay them .
    Jack Bateman suggested that himself but the teams ALL got paid. The unlimited tire thing wasn’t a good thing but I don’t believe that will be the case going forward. The race was very well run by most accounts and with the number of unhappy MRS individuals the series will offer some real competition
    to the MRS. The Tour is unaffected IMO. It’s rapidly becoming a club racing deal and that’s OK for those that race and are happy there and those that patronize it in the stands. The Tour is the “best”
    so everything else inferior. There is your go figure in my mind. Long term the MRS and MTS running
    side by side likely won’t work but competition is good so let the best series ( tire) win.

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