Valenti Modified Racing Series Announces 2017 Schedule

The Valenti Modified Racing Series will open and close its season at Connecticut short tracks in 2017 as part of a 10-event schedule announced Tuesday.

The season will open May 19 at Stafford Motor Speedway.

It will mark the first of two trips to Stafford in 2017 for the division. The division will also make a Sept. 1 stop at Stafford.

The season will end once again at Thompson Speedway Oct. 14 as part of the track’s Sunoco World Series of Racing weekend.

The division will also visit the New London Waterford Speedway on Aug. 12.

2017 Valenti Modified Racing Series Schedule

May 19: Stafford Motor Speedway
May 27: Lee USA Speedway, Lee, N.H.
June 17, Speedway 51, Groveton, N.H.
July 7: Claremont Speedway, Claremont, N.H.
July 21: Lee USA Speedway, Lee, N.H.
Aug. 12: New London-Waterford Speedbowl
Aug. 19: Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, Scarborough, Me.
Sept. 1: Stafford Motor Speedway
Oct. 7-8: Lee USA Speedway, Lee, N.H.
Oct. 13-14: Thompson Speedway


  1. wow BARELY HANGING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You see that glow in the corner of your eye. It’s your career dissapation light and it’s going into overtime.

    It’s worse than I thought. Jack said he had 14 events lined up. Then it was 12, then I heard 11. Turns out it is 10. Hmmm

    Running against Stafford MTS e event July 21 is just plain stupid. The only two Friday night tracks in all of New England and they both schedule against one another. Maybe we should call it the Valenti Farewell Tour.

  3. Gosh, I was kinda hoping to see ’em at Oxford in 2017, but I will not have the pleasure. I won’t see ACT up here in western Maine, either. Things they are a changin’ on New England’s touring series landscape. Bummer! Thanks for the memories, Jack. May that “Farewell Tour” be El Grande.

  4. All a friend can say is aint it a shame.

  5. Another series going down ! Add whelen tour to it and we have got an issue for 2018 . Somebody has to merge a couple of these series cause it’s getting crazy . Well no time to worry about this it’s Christmas 🎄. Stay warm and enjoy your family’s !

  6. Stick a fork in this series, it is done!

  7. It appears the “lines in the sand” are being drawn. Seekonk & Monadnock have chosen the MTS, while Lee USA & Thompson chose the VMRS. Stafford is supporting both series. Fans have to choose on 7/21.
    Last year the two series had 17 event. As of now the count is the same, but allegedly there will be more from the MTS. Looking forward to the MTS complete schedule and seeing what the racers choose!

  8. darealgoodfella says

    There’s a perturbation happening. Things will settle down. Some folks think they have a better product. We shall see.

  9. you keep yanking peoples chains on both ends someday you will run out of chain !!! should have sold it to the MTS when he had a chance ….

  10. Update: The MTS schedule is also 10 events, and now there are two “make a choice days”;
    7/21 – Stafford (MTS) or Lee (VMRS)
    8/19 – Monadnock (MTS) or Beech Ridge (VMRS)

  11. I am going to save my money and fuel and stay home on both 7/21 & 8/19.

  12. 7/21 – Stafford (MTS) or Lee (VMRS)
    8/19 – Monadnock (MTS) or Beech Ridge (VMRS)
    Which series gets better support from the racers will depend a LOT on how each series conducts themselves and how they treat the racers.
    VMRS has 4 races before 7/21 and MTS should have 6 if NL Waterford Speedbowl puts them on their schedule.

  13. Andy Boright says

    Asphalt modified racing is quickly coming apart at the seams. For all of the problems and flaws Bateman & his series have, Knight & MTS have just as many, if not more.

    Sure Bateman could have sold the MRS to Knight, problem is that Jack likely would have never been paid.

    Remember when Knight said he would never run a series to compete against the MRS?

    The dude has serious credibility issues.

  14. I think the scheduling conflict was bound to happen at some point. Just in New England there are 11 WMT, 10 VMRS, 9 MTS, and 4 TTOMS events. That’s 34 races! That also doesn’t count any big SK events. We’ll just have to see who is getting the support of the racers.

  15. Hey Andy, it’s a free country and Knight can do what he wants. NASCAR and Jack are not God…………

  16. andy ….the only person with credibility problems is bateman !!!! knight did everything he said he would do with the winchester 200 race …he now has a great group of people on his team also like art barry …ed flemke jr. …he also listens to the racers …something jack forgot about after the first season when he turned it into his personal cash cow …

  17. Crazy in NY says

    humphry says:

    December 21, 2016 at 4:49 pm

    I am going to save my money and fuel and stay home on both 7/21 & 8/19.

    The musings of a true race fan!!! Are you for (blanking) for real?
    Andy B > quickly coming apart at the seams? Knight has just as many flaws as Jack? After ONE successful race your making this claim?
    Whoa is us……. Are you NE Modified fans all on suicide watch?

  18. Hey crazy, I can spend my money any way I want when it comes to attending races. I am not interested in traveling the distance from where I live to see any of the 4 races that are scheduled on those dates.

  19. I for one am keeping a positive outlook, don’t listen to Andy Boring, he hates modifieds, lotsa options, lets see who goes with what series and how the racing is, should be a fun very interesting 2017 racing season.

  20. The only thing that bothers me as a car owner is every series has at least a $300 entry fee so unless you stay with one series it’s going to cost you a lot of money

  21. So here it is 10 races vs 10 races between the 2 series. Like Steve said it is too pricey to try and run select dates from each, you have to pick one or the other and stick with it. I think you are going to see low car counts at both, say 40 tour type mods are looking at both of these series, you might get 20 each, 15 and 25, but I don’t think either series will have more than 25 cars. The MTS race at Riverhead will be the biggest car count because there is 20 cars already there and say 15 from New England decide to go across the pond. Tri Track will have 45 cars plus this year at every event because the money will draw teams from Ny,Nj,Pa. These 2 series are going to be failures this year because they are both underestimating each other, and the amount of Racing now in the North East. Gary Knight believes he can pull all the MRS guys because of past issues, Bateman believes MTS will be a flash in the pan and fizzle out by over promising and under delivering. The final result will be somewhere in the middle which won’t be good for anybody.

  22. Crazy in NY says

    There’s a perturbation happening. Things will settle down. Some folks think they have a better product. We shall see.

    Holy molly I totally agree with something Dareal wrote.
    Yes we will see. Competition is always a good thing and the racers
    will determine which series they will support. One? maybe both?
    neither? Same as the fans. I for one look forward to supporting as
    many as I can. I’ll be finding my way to Riverhead for my first ever
    visit to the place as a result. If Jack and Gary are squaring off to be it. The Tour, Tri Trac, MTS and VMRS …all good …something for everybody. yet….we still complain. go figure

  23. Crazy,You will love Riverhead,you sit right close to the action.The place is dynamite, close quarters great racing, and I’m thinking a great turnout both front and back gates.See everyone there! Merry Christmas and happy new year to all.

  24. darealgoodfella says

    Looks like an old dog can still learn new tricks. There’s hope for you Crazy in NY.

    About Riverhead… it is like entering a time machine. Be prepared to go back to the 60s. It’s unreal.

  25. Crazy, Take the ferry over then enjoy the drive around after the racing action is over. Don’t forget to go in and walk around the pit area after all the racing is completed for the evening.

  26. Andy Boright says

    To Crazy In NY, Jeffrey P, and any other Knight supporter who I may have left out:

    1) Knight has a checkered past (to say the least) of unpaid bills, arrests, etc. Not exactly someone who has proven to be reliable, or credible.

    2) Only those high on pot would consider the Winchester 200 a success. 15K to win and barely 20 cars showed up in front of a less than full grandstand. To make matters worst, the back part of the field was filled with SK lights.

    Yes, the Winchester 200 was so successful that it isn’t returning in 2017.

    Don’t let the facts get in the way of your fantasy.

    BTW – MRS will be adding a race at Loudon on their schedule. That race won’t be any more successful than the Winchester 200, because the promoters of the Loudon race are just as incompetent as the promoters for the Winchester 200 were.

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