Ted Christopher To Drive For Keith Rocco At Thompson Speedway In 2017

Ted Christopher celebrates victory in the SK Modified division last year at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

When local driver Keith Rocco was getting his start formally in the local racing scene, he did it working as a teenage crew member for Ted Christopher.

In 2017 the roles will be somewhat reversed.

Christopher will be driving for Rocco.

Christopher, 58, will drive a Rocco owned SK Modified full-time at Thompson Speedway in 2017.

Rocco, who won the SK Modified championship at Thompson last year, fielded a second car for Ronnie Williams at Thompson in 2016. Williams finished third in the standings.

“Ted made a joke once last year, he said ‘Before I retire I’m going to drive for you.’” the 32-year old Rocco said. “[Ronnie] Williams backed out of the deal and Ted was my first call.

“I’m looking really forward to it. I had a lot of fun working with Ted when we were kids and growing up, starting off our racing deal with him. We won a lot of races and I learned a lot running with him. To now have him drive one of my cars and work together, that should be a lot of fun. And he should be able to win some races in that thing and really put my second car on the map.”

It marks a regular return to Thompson for Christopher, where he’s had a plethora of success over the years. Christopher won the 2001 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series national championship driving an SK Modified at Thompson.

He sits two victories from 100 wins at the track.

“I really wanted to try to run Thompson with my own stuff but I didn’t know if we were going to get it together in time,” Christopher said. “Work has been so busy. … There’s only seven races and Keith puts together a great car. His stuff is fast there, Keith has won a lot of races. I think our driving styles are pretty much the same. He’s gotten in my car at Waterford and gone the same speeds as I’ve gone. I’m looking forward to it, it’s going to be fun.”

Christopher and Rocco have spent the last decade as fierce competitors on the short tracks of Connecticut in SK Modified competition.

“It is funny how things work,” Christopher said. “As they say in life, don’t burn your bridges. I try not to do that in this racing deal. It’s tough not to do with racing deals. We’ve had a lot of success together. It’s a good opportunity. It’s going to be fun, him and I teammates. I’m sure a bunch of people will not be liking that.”


  1. Any truth to the rumor that Woody Pitkat is going to be driving a Late Model for Hartwell Motorsports.

  2. Fast Eddie says

    Regardless of car count, Sunoco modifieds should be real interesting to watch at Thompson this year, especially if TC and Kid Roc are at the front of the pack!

  3. One two finishes for sure
    These 2 are the best in the universe
    I would put teddy in any thing that moves
    I once seen him beat a racehorse in a doo. Buggy
    Keith even races people on the road
    I once seen him beat guy in a Ferrari with a kia

  4. I hope Thompson gets better wine
    I also would appreciate a vip box when I arrive
    I might through up 100 dollar bills just cause I can
    Call me the guy you all wish u can be
    I once brought 10 woman to track
    Yes they all were models too
    I once bought a sk modified and gave it away
    Gotta go my limo just pulled up

  5. This will be interesting for sure. Looks like TC wants to go for another regional title, now that he is running at all 3 CT tracks. I just wonder how this will fit in when he announces he will be running the 44 on the Mod Tour? Either way this will put some butts in the seats as they say.

  6. Must be pretty expensive to rent that ride but Sure makes it easier than doing it yourself

  7. Mike… 44 is running part time with santos

  8. I believe the Tinios have already announced that Santos will drive the 44 on a part-time basis on the Tour(?).

  9. I was hoping Jeffrey’s new year resolution would have been to stay off this site. More nonsense in 2017, can’t wait………..

  10. Please comment when I write
    I have a lot of $$$$$

  11. 44 races

    There is no number 44 on the tour
    Never has been
    There is a 45

  12. Prestige/TC have not yet confirmed that they’ll be running at the Bowl in 2017. Maybe they’re waiting to find out who the new GM will be(?).

  13. Frank Rizzo says

    Wait until Ted realizes that Keith’s engine has 5 more horsepower…

  14. I am officially all done with comments
    I am moving to Switzerland where I can hide my money
    Thanks goes all of the support raceway ct

  15. Great news for Thompson! Even if they don’t put 20 cars on the track, it will be great racing to see with Rocco, TC, Woody, Pennick, Preece, and others. I also read somewhere Ronnie Williams will be running a 79 car. Does anyone know if this is the same team / car Kerry Malone ran a few years ago?

  16. Obviously Jeffrey hasn’t been to watch a Whelen Modified Tour race the last few years. Bobby Santos drives the Tinio Racing 44 and as previously stated they announced a part time schedule this season.

    jeffrey says:
    January 7, 2017 at 9:14 am
    44 races

    There is no number 44 on the tour
    Never has been
    There is a 45

  17. DougDaCheater says

    obviously fastang has never been on this site or heard of an internet troll……

  18. This news should put people in the seats. Hope it works out well for all involved

  19. ModFan Homtracks says

    Paul, no, the car Ronnie is running at Thompson is a new Troyer with T/A Engines motor owned by John Jensen. According to Ronnie’s crew chief Stash, it was a very last minute deal that the team could not pass up. Looks like Rocco, Christopher and Williams will be battling it out at all 3 CT Tracks.

  20. Doug da troll
    I’m a well informed
    Smart person
    Who has more money than all 3 ct tracks combined
    I eat lobster 4 breakfast
    I once threw away a chicken

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