New London-Waterford Speedbowl Releases 2017 Schedule

With the opening event Blastoff in the rearview, the new management team at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl released their full 2017 schedule for weekly racing late Monday.

The schedule released includes 15 more events with a return to action this Saturday.

The highlight events on the schedule include the annual Wings & Wheels Show on Aug. 12, which includes the Valenti Modified Racing Series, the International SuperModified Association and the Northeastern Midget Association.

The Exit Realty Modified Tour series makes it Speedbowl debut on Sept. 9. The North East Mini Stock Tour visits the track Sept. 2.

The season closes at the Speedbowl with the running of the track’s Finale Weekend Oct 20-22. The Finale Weekend racing card includes the Tri-Track Open Modified Series and the Granite State Pro Stock Series.

Check below for the full schedule.

Click To View The 2017 New London-Waterford Speedbowl Schedule


  1. “Our ProTruck owners, drivers, sponsors, and families have overwhelmingly expressed that they are uncomfortable with the series traveling to the SpeedBowl this season,” explained (Mr. Rooter Pro Truck) competition director Marshall Hurley.

    Welcome back to the Speedbowl, Mr. Hurley. I sure wouldn’t have invited you back.

  2. Bystander says

    Why are you so negative?

  3. Marshall Hurley says

    Obviously the operation of the Speedbowl has changed so that that statement does not apply to the current management.
    I am not so sure you are in a position to welcome me or not….. “Droz”.
    If that same group mentioned in the quote still did not want to go back we wouldn’t, so I would say our return is a very positive statement about those working to turn things around.
    You should sign with your actual name Droz.
    Marshall Hurley

  4. Mike Serluca says

    Yeah, let’s not invite a series back. That’s great for PR. I don’t blame the Mr. Rooter truck series’ decision to pull their date earlier. That’s what happens when there is 0 communication. By the way, Marshall, I saw the e-mail response you received when this whole debacle was happening. I commend you on the decision to return. Thank you and welcome back. (No, I am not in a position to welcome you back officially, I’m just a big fan of the trucks).

  5. sour grapes of wrath says

    hypocrites all who choose not to continue to attend the races. NFL ,NBA, WWF, HOLLYWOOD, various religious groups and the boy scouts all have had and continue to have predators in their midst profiting from their “business” .why should the racers, crew members, fans and employees along with the town of Waterford suffer collateral damage from an admitted sex offender. the court system will have its say. glass houses to the Gadas,Sid and all the other high and mighty ,holier than thou fakes who bash the track. I for one am sick of it.. Phony’s each and every one. thought it was great effort by the present management/lease team to get the show done .I am sure there were those not present wishing for the track to fail..well you didn`t get your wish so stay away you are no longer needed or wanted .. move on already.

  6. 14 events for the future. I’d say they thought last Saturday went satisfactorily so they are following through with a pretty full schedule. Good for them. Good for the Speedbowl. You can harp on one or two things they don’t have but they have some special events and a variety that can only be described as aggressive. More cars will come, especially SK’s. You’ll see.

  7. Racer 28 says

    I had a great time last Saturday!! It saved me a trip to Seekonk and about 100 miles round trip extra!! Can some one please tell Matt Buckler to drop the stupid in race coments! This complaint on his stupid messages could fit in a tumble!! lol seriously at least at Seekonk I could enjoy the racing and not the stupid comments. Good show last Saturday! Glad the bowl is reopen.

  8. Racer 28 says

    Tumble should say thimble! My spell check changed the word lol

  9. Great time at the bowl last Sat. Great Job to the new folks running the track!

  10. It is a privilege to have announcing icon Matt Buckler handling the call duties at the Speedbowl.He is knowledgeable,energetic and thoughtful.Matt is living New England racing history.That said,I could use few less “3 pigs under a blanket” type cornballers.

  11. Bob Npt. says

    Hey, leave Matt Buckler alone. He’s an icon. At least his comments are funny, unlike Ben Dodge who just drones on and on in that monotone voice. The Seekonk show tonight will run late because he takes forever to introduce each driver. Sorry Ben, no offense, but they shouldn’t diss Matt for being entertaining..

  12. Thank you Racer 28. I watched a race called by Buckler in 2001 where he was professional, straightforward and let the race do the talking. Somehow the guy has devolved into this comic strip character where he has no guilt in using the most ridiculous, completely unrelated things to describe racing action. My view it borders on insulting how ridiculous his calls have become.
    On the other end of the spectrum at Stafford we have Ben Dodge who in his old age only seems to be able to muster a few of the same descriptions. “High wide and handsome”,” making his presence known”, “he’s the tail wagging the dog” and my personal cringe worthy over used expression, making magic. You can’t make magic every other lap and who even knows what the tail waging the dog means.
    Joe Coss filled in for Dodge one night when Ben was under the weather and it was a breath of fresh air.
    My God take a breath. You don’t have to have words coming out every single second of ever lap. Rolly Jacobs was a master of intertwining comments with letting the action speak for itself. Russ Dowd, the consumate professional never drew attention to himself with his race calls.
    Too bad no young guys are deciding to enter the profession. New blood is needed badly.

  13. Mike Drzewiecki says

    Mr. Hurley,
    VMRS, MTS, Tri-track, NEMST, GPSS, ISMA, all the regional divisions with scheduled events were willing to be patient, but you put out a press release canceling your events before the season was even scheduled to start. You couldn’t be bothered to support the track months ago when the support was needed, but happily reappear now that other people more loyal than you stayed positive and worked to turn things around. Shame on you.

    Speedbowl supporter
    Mike “Droz” Drzewiecki

  14. Racer 28 says

    Thanks Doug!! To set the record straight. I like Matt’s incredible knowledge and actually feel bad seeing him struggle on the Waterford steps up to the booth between races. However my point was the dumb comments that make no sense what so ever. Matt share your knowledge and history!! and as Doug said so well, take out the comic book comments. We all can enjoy the awesome racing even more each week.🏁

  15. Racer 28 says

    Shawn can you share my comments with Matt and see if he will comment on them? I would also like a scissor lift for him to ride to the tower. Is it too late to put it in a request from a concerned spectator for him? Thanks

  16. FAT Freddy says

    well… 66 cars showed up for wacky weds at the bowl nice show of fans to for all who think the worst and live in a negative world the bowl is back in business!!!!

  17. Marshall Hurley says

    Mike “Droz” Drzewiecki
    Certainly you are not saying just because others do something that means they are correct?

    Why are you worried about us? You would think, since you support the track, and it is their decision, that it is fine with them, so it should be fine with you. I would guess you are already not a fan of mine. Makes no sense to have an issue, but I will answer anyway.

    Racing is all about the people involved, not the object. I represent the driver’s, owners and sponsors. The best decision for the series was not to race for the management that was in control at that time. If the management did not change, we would still feel the same way.

    It was the right decision then. Our decision is correct now. When we support a track we are endorsing it, and inviting the public to attend. There is no possible way to endorse the Speedbowl with Mr. Bemer running it. There is no object in life I will put before my morals. This is about people.

    We are endorsing the changes made. You will not hear anything but good about the current management.

    These track owners and management teams are just outstanding people. We enjoy every minute with them. If you see it on our schedule, support those tracks, and bring your kids.

    Marshall Hurley

  18. Not trying to rope you into my fevered objections to the announcing for sure Racer 28 and appreciate your constructive tone. I just wonder when racing action ceased being a pass, moving up in the outside groove, two car lengths back or in front and turned into a constant stream of flowery metaphors. Racing action doesn’t always have to be “like” something. It can be just what it is.

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