Torn Fabric: Gada Family Noticeably Gone From Competition At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Joey Gada celebrates an SK Modified victory last year at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD – Short track racing has long been a sport where the love for participation proves to be generational and passed down in families.

And it seems every short track in America has certain family names that become part of the fabric of the history of the facility.

For those that understand the history of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl the name Gada is instantaneously recognized as a cornerstone family of competition at the shoreline oval.

Every year since 1964 there has been a member of the Gada family competing at the Speedbowl. The track opened in 1951.

Saturday there were no members of the Gada family competing at the track for the season opening Blastoff 2017, and family members have said they don’t plan to compete at the track this year.

Last year Joey Gada and Adam Gada competed in the SK Modified division at the track. Joey Gada is the son of seven-time SK Modified champion Dennis Gada. Joey Gada drives a car owned by his father. Adam Gada drives a car owned by his father Dave Gada, who is a two-time SK Modified division champion at Waterford. 

Controversy has swirled around the Speedbowl since late March when track owner Bruce Bemer was arrested for patronizing a trafficked person.

The track was originally scheduled to open May 6-7 for Blastoff Weekend. Track officials announced the postponement of Blastoff weekend on April 26. On June 5 it was announced that George Whitney, a former competitor and team owner at the track, would lease the facility for the 2017 season from Bemer.

Dennis Gada said because of the issues involving Bemer he has chosen to stay away from the track with his team. Dennis Gada is second all-time on the track’s SK Modified win list with 62 career victories. He won five consecutive track championships from 1999-2003 and also won titles in 2006 and 2008.

“For me personally, it’s not hard a decision,” Dennis Gada said. “I just can’t see supporting that. I want to support the track, but in supporting the track you’re supporting the owner. … If he’s the owner I’m not going there. As soon as somebody else owns it we’ll be back.”

The first Gada to race at the track was Chris “Wally” Gada in 1964. Chris Gada’s brothers Bob Gada and Larry Gada followed in competition at the track. Bob’s sons Mike Gada, Bobby Gada, Dave Gada and Dennis Gada all followed into competition. Dave Gada won SK Modified championships at the track in 1990 and 1994.

“We all agreed after everything went down that we don’t want to have our money going to an owner like that,” Adam Gada said. “I’m not going to lie, it hurts quite a bit. I grew up at the ‘Bowl and I always wanted to race there. I’m glad I did for the years that I have. But we just couldn’t bring ourselves to go there. I love running there. It’s our home track. But we’ve been to [Thompson Speedway] and I’ve had a lot of fun there.”

The Gada family has 87 victories overall in the track’s SK Modified division. Dave Gada had 12 wins, Michael Gada seven and Bobby Gada three. Joey Gada, who finished third in the SK Modified standings last year, has three career victories. Overall the family has 131 feature victories across numerous divisions at the track.

The legacy also extends beyond just family, but to also helping and fielding cars for numerous other drivers over the years. Current Speedbowl competitors Rob Janovic Jr. and Tyler Chadwick, both former SK Modified division track champions – and former SK Modified division champion Ed Reed Jr. – all have racing roots that can be traced back to the Gada family racing shop.

“The Speedbowl has many families whose racing tradition has passed thru the generations,” said Tom DiMaggio, who oversees a comprehensive historical website of the track’s history ( and has spent years producing a documentary on the track’s history. “Brouwer, Ceravolo, Coates, Reed just to name a few. But the Gada family stands alone in terms of longevity and number of family members who’ve competed at the Speedbowl.”

The Gada family members were part of a noticeable group of track regulars across the weekly divisions at the facility not participating in the season opening event Saturday. Last year the SK Modified division at the track typically attracted more than 20 teams weekly. Thirteen SK Modified teams were at the track for practice in preparation for Saturday night’s feature event.


  1. By boycotting the track, you are not hurting Bemer, you are hurting the track and the man who is trying to save it, George Whitney. Good luck to the new management and all competitors that still love and support the track. I hope you all have a great season!

  2. Now that’s called principals . I commend these guys for standing up for what they believe.

  3. Now that’s called principals . I commend these guys for standing up for what they believe. Bruce do everyone a favor and sell the track to the highest bidder then take the money and give it to all your victims and go quietly to jail .

  4. I’ll be following my moral compass too – it points to the Speedbowl, and all the people there who support the place. And I won’t pass judgement on bemer until the court case is done, my parents raised me better than to judge someone until they have their day in court and both sides are heard. However, those who did stay away, will never see me visit the sponsors on their cars ever again. Long live the bowl

  5. Mark, you could not be more wrong.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with supporting the track, period. To imply that the Gadas, or myself, or may others that are “boycotting” the track do not love and support the track is an incorrect assumption.

    As Dennis Gada said, it is about not giving money to an owner that has admitted to unlawful things he did that impact others.

    in terms of the Speedbowl, Whitney is NOT in a position to “save it” or see its’ demise. Rather, he is simply renting the track from a self-admitting molester of unfortunate individuals.

    If the track remained closed all year or if Whitney rents it, it makes no difference in terms of its’ future. It DOES make a difference to Bemer, who has now gained financially (even if it is $1) from leasing the track.

    The ONLY way you will have a chance to get folks like the Gada family back is 1) Bemer sells the track outright to a new owner, which is going to need court approval I believe (may need to liquidate it to pay for victims’ compensation) OR 2) Whitney comes out and says none of the money – not one dime – is going to Bemer, AND he does it with full transparency on the finances. Whitney would be in a better position to say – and show – that any funds left after the operating costs and purses have been paid is going to charities, and zero goes to Bemer.

    Frankly, Bemer might help himself with his future situation – sentencing – if he came out and said as such himself – that he is leasing the track for free, and supports any profits to go to a charity (associated with the victims of his acts, and others in similar situations, specifically).

    Whitney is in a tough spot, and I commend him for trying to provide an abbreviated season for the local racers, but if Bemer is receiving compensation from Whitney via the lease, he will be indirectly viewed as supporting Bemer- which will sit poorly with many folks.

    I personally am aligned to the principals of the Gadas, but to each his own.

  6. Innocent until proven guilty doesn’t apply here IMO ,The guy confessed and sang like a canary ! What more do you need . Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and I take the side of the gadas.

  7. Jeff Eilenberger says

    I question how prudent it was for Shawn Courchesne to go in search of the quotes for this inflammatory op-ed piece. Stirring peoples emotions to do nothing more than increase strife between factions is not journalism, it is tabloid trash with it’s only intent being the increase of comments and arguments … Not very classy Shawn …

  8. What gets me is no one wants to support him because hes the owner. But yet everyone knew last year what was going on and they still continued to race. It just boggles my mind!!!!! I don’t get it

  9. Racer 28 says

    Good article Shawn!! For those of us in the stands wondering where the Garda family is today. Now we know. Who else is missing?? The stands are pretty full so not many fans are missing.

  10. Actually a statement was made, all proceeds are going back into the track for improvements and upkeep

  11. Bill Strong says

    Nobody has to agree with each other on the topic of the Speedbowl. However we’re all supposed to be like a family and respect each others opinions. It’s sad to see the racing world tear each apart on this issue. How dare people try telling me how I’m supposed to feel and act.

  12. Skmod,

    Not sure I follow you re:”…everyone new last year what was going on….”.

    Bemer’s arrest did not occur until well after the season was over, and not until March 30th of 2017!!

    Are u saying several racers and patrons knew of Bemer’s unlawful actions during last season?


    I had not heard that re: investing back into the track. While that is apreciative better than pocketing the profits, at the end of the day it is increasing the value of a property still owned outright by an admitted sex offender ( though he is not yet convicted, he admitted to such acts).

  13. Everyone has their opinion on the Speedbowl and they are entitled to it. I support the position the Gada family took and I commend them for sticking to their conviction. As I have said before we are all adults and if we want to support the track we will and if we don’t we won’t that is our right.

  14. Fat Freddy says

    Did gada get saved ! He had no problem giving terry his money every saturday night and we ALL new what he was up too0

  15. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. With that being said, everyone in our country charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty. The Speedbowl needs to be running in order to survive. I don’t care who owns it or who rents and operates it, if it doesn’t run, it will be defunct. FOREVER. Now is the time to support the Speedbowl, or there will be no more Speedbowl, only another shopping mall or parking lot or whatever. Bemer doesn’t care about somebody’s fifty bucks. He has plenty, and you know what? He just may be found innocent of the more serious charges here. Then what? Think about what you really care about. Racing or spectating at the Bowl, or doing something else on Saturday night. It’s easy to bite off your nose to spite your face, but your nose will not grow back. EVER.

  16. At JR. yes everyone new last year his things were getting seized. They actually took items from his business last year. So everyone was aware.

  17. Well not seized but they were taken by the cops last year for investigation

  18. Did I read that right. Someone called this article tabloid and sensational. Nuts to that. The Gada’s are Speedbowl royalty and it only makes sense to want to know where they feel on the issue. Case closed, now we know. Everyone has chosen their side, that’s fine but the election results are in. The car counts were a little anemic but perfectly acceptable. The crowd was acceptable as well. The drama and speculation are over. The track survives as well it should and it’s onto the next event. Well done to George Whitney and all the people that pulled off a successful opening event.

  19. Jeff Eilenberger says

    ” … He had no problem giving terry his money every saturday night and we ALL new what he was up too0″
    Care to specify exactly what ” … he was up to” ?

  20. darealgoodfella says

    Skmod… Not sure why Bemer would have evidence of the human trafficking in his places of business. Too much risk of exposure. There might be some irregularities in how he operates his business enterprises.

    But yeah, his businesses were raided long before he was eventually arrested, so the walls were indeed closing in on him.

  21. I’m in tears because the Gada family decided not to race at the bowl : just bring t c back and fans will for get who the Gada are. They grew up at the track so it’s your loss not the tracks .turning you back on it is your deal . The racing will go on without the Gadas ……didn’t stop Rocco from showing up and putting on a good show. When things go wrong doesn’t mean it’s time to bail.( blaming the track for someone else’s action ) I guess loyality only goes so far………

  22. Car and fan counts a little anemic but acceptable? Really? Anemic car and fan counts are not going to pay the bills. The next race you will have 15 less cars there because of no MRS which includes their fans and crews. Then we will really see how healthy things are going to be.

  23. Jeff Eilenberger says

    So you’ve resorted to deleting post’s? The real fact’s hurt I guess.

  24. Jeff he will come back and say he doesn’t delete anything. He just chooses to not post your comment for one of two reasons – it doesn’t conform to his rules or it doesn’t conform to his beliefs. It was a great day of racing that started out rainy and gloomy. Not once in the stands did I hear anyone say “oh where are the Gadas? Why aren’t they here?” What I did here were cheers, laughter and saw tons of smiles. The stands had a good amount of fans in them and the concessions were busy! The Gadas weren’t missed by anyone no matter what they may think.

  25. Poprocks,
    Always one of my favorite regular comments. The person who bashes everything I do, and sees those comments get posted like everyone else, then comes on here says I don’t post their comments. If I don’t post your comments how do all the negative comments you submit end up being seen? There’s comment after comment on here critical over the last week of multiple things that I have published. If I don’t post comments that aren’t flattering of me then how did all those get posted? There’s two rules, no vulgarity and no threatening people. It’s not complicated.

  26. josh paradis says

    it was a hard decision for us as a team but we didnt have it in our morals to represent an owner like bruce. yes we will miss it and appoligize to our fans who wont get to watch our cars. bruce is doing this to himself and will eventually be his own demise and will be forced to give the track up in which then we will be back. but to our fans we are thinking of you and are hoping to be back. we are having a blast at thompson and it is drama free and gives us a chance to experience other great facilaties and make our fanbase bigger for the time being

  27. Actually there was a comment commending one of your articles. You must have missed that though. There have been more than a few comments posted in the past that have not been put up because they involved either word for word legal reports or links to another media view that you despise. And Shawn, many people bash everything you do because you bash everything that certain series, people, drivers, parents do. It’s not just me.

  28. Poprocks,
    There’s such a glorious irony in seeing someone that is so much of a coward they must hide behind an anonymous name while they make blatantly dishonest accusations about someone that puts their name behind every word and opinion they share. Grow a backbone then come back and tell me what you think I do right and wrong.

  29. Poprocks says

    Actually the gloriousness is the person who doesn’t hide behind a screen name, resorts to messaging people on Facebook when they write anything negative about you asking them to stop and more or less runs the other direction from people at race tracks who despise you. Talk about not having a backbone. As far as what I think you do wrong, your continuous bashing of Gary Knight and the MTS comes to mind. Constant pot stirring for clicks on your site comes to mind like this article. I could go on and on, but unlike you I’m not going to go trolling back through your articles for quotes. I have better things to do on a beautiful Sunday than argue with you.

  30. Poprocks,
    Oh what a glorious world of fiction you live in.
    I have never run away from anyone at the racetrack. Stop believing all you read from the keyboard cowboys on Facebook. I’ve been faced down more times you’ll ever know and I stand right there. You have something to say to me, walk right up and say it to my face. I don’t back down or walk away. Plenty of people know that. I walk by people every week at every track who go on and on endlessly about me on Facebook who don’t have the backbone to walk up and say it to my face.
    Go ask the car owner yesterday who muttered a vulgar slur at me when he walked by me and I asked him to stop and say it to my face and he kept walking. I don’t back down. I’m right there, easy to find every week everywhere I go. I have no reason to hide. But yes, keep believing the fantasies you create in your little world of fiction with your fake name.
    As I said before, grow a backbone and use a real name once in your life. Grow some courage.

  31. Dadgummit Shawn knock it off. You’re arguing with an anonymous nobody in the sewer of information, a comment section. And I say that as another anonymous nobody. You have a standard you have to meet as a reporter and Poprocks or anyone else that says anything as a comment has a different standard. No standard. Literally we can say anything and we’ve all proved it over and over. You can’t do that. What surprised me is the number of people that support you, your reporting, your commentary and you seem to want to get into a fist fight with one or two that seem to want to needle you. That’s hyperbole but you get the point. Get some rest from a busy weekend and give it some thought.

  32. Victor Phillips says

    I’ve been hiding behind my name. I am also careful not to be to judgemental in my comments, but it is too bad all this happen. What we thought would save the place was actually its worse nightmare. There was a couple years of happiness. It’s like letting someone into your home and they steal you blind. To the rest of the world life goes on, I just hope the bowl is there in the end. Until its resolved I’ll keep on keepin on. If there’s a track, I’m going.

  33. I respect the Gada’s and their values and their decision to not compete. But aren’t the Gada’s and the others who want to punish Bemer working under a questionable assumption? That the track is a money maker? All I see happening is people going out on a financial limb because they love the sport of short track racing. If the track is such a financial cow people would have been lined up all the way out to route 85 on auction day to bid on the track. Opening the track back up mid-season is more than likely going to be a financial uncertainty, not a cash cow to those involved. Is it moral to want to punish Bemer? Of course. Is it moral to punish the man or men who are involved in trying to keep the track open even though they will more than likely lose money in the deal? I don’t think so.

  34. darealgoodfella says

    Those that attempt to open the track are doing so at their own peril. They know risks, or should. They set themselves up for success or failure. They know the situation.

    J Comey said: “Is it moral to punish the man or men who are involved in trying to keep the track open even though they will more than likely lose money in the deal? I don’t think so.”

    Nobody wants to or intends to punish those that open the track, even thought they are apparently very close to Bemer and seems like they are acting as puppets. This has nothing to do with those attempting to run the track and trying to make it look like Bremer is out of operation. It is all about Bemer still owning the track and people not wanting to be involved with the track as long as Bemer still owns it. That has been articulated over and over. There is no desire or concern about “punishing” those that are trying to operate the track. This so-called punishment is a red herring.

  35. I second your sentiments J Comey. Race tracks mostly are losers from a financial standpoint. George Whitney took a risk, a big one. The Speedbowl operation represents summer jobs. The die is cast. And most importantly the results are in. Car counts OK, crowd OK. Any predictions of doom including mine early on totally wrong. Time to move on.

  36. For everyone who’s saying, “nobody missed the Gada’s” you stand corrected. The gada family not being there was center of conversation. My phone was blowing up with people upset. It is no assimption to what Bemer has admitted to doing.

    Everyone has a right To their own opinions. But keep those opinion respectful. The Gada family has done no wrong. They are doing what they feel is right. There is no reason to have to justify whether or not you are going or whether or not you are staying home. None of the Gada family needs to explain to anyone why they won’t be in attendance. Plan and simple it’s nobodies business what they do.

    On that note, keep in mind the Gada family has been in attendance with ATLEAST one car every year since 1960s. They’ve never given up on the speedbowl but the speedbowl owner has never been such a pig with his actions like Bruce. I agree, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Yet I think everyone is failing to listen to the facts. He’s admitted to everything. Hence he is guilty!!

    We commend George for stepping up and helping the bowl. And good luck to everyone racing. But that doesn’t mean the gada family needs to go and condone in the owners behavior.

    The gada family never said they were out to punish anyone. They just have higher expectations and standards for a race track owner due to going for so long. Which quite frankly Bruce isn’t meeting or coming to close to those standards. What he did was wrong. Plain and simple.

    If anyone has a problem with the Gada family not attending, like many of you seem to have or the people at the bowl on Saturday seem to have. Feel free to contact one of them instead of hiding behind a keyboard or running to someone and talking about them in a negative manner.

    Have a wonderful day!

  37. What about those stands though?

  38. No need to lecture people about what he did was wrong. I think that has been established. If a few more sks show up in the coming weeks most people won’t even notice the Gadas are gone. People tend to move on pretty quickly. That’s not to say their fans aren’t going to miss them but the bowl will live on with or without them. It’s not the end of the world.

  39. Fast Eddie says

    Rich, the grandstands were about 95% open for use. A small section at the top near turn one was blocked off. Based on what the rest of the stands looked like, they’re probably a day away from having it fully useable.

  40. Dareal thinks Speedbowl officials are “puppets”of Bemer. Next he will tell us they are in collusion with Russia and Putin. Notice he didn’t mention his favorite subject: the grandstands.

  41. I beg to differ but we shall see. I’m simply giving a lecture on respect. Which is very clear nobody has any on this comment page. 3 days later and our phones are still blowing up begging for them to come back! have a good day rich!

  42. A couple people took shots at the Gada’s but I saw a lot of respect as well. They’re not there.It’s their decision and it’s fine. It’s old news now so that’s that. Rocco was there with his new car, that was cool and he won to boot.
    With regard to car counts it ain’t over til it’s over. Racers are a notoriously fickle and mercurial lot for sure. Clear resolve today to stay away may melt away into what the heck lets load up and have some fun at some point in the future. You’ll see. As the summer nights get warmer and longer the itching on a Saturday night may become an itch they just can’t avoid scratching.

  43. Shawn I write stuff knowing it will never see print . No hard feelings here it’s all good .

  44. If you’re looking for respect, you got the wrong place. No offense.

  45. Yeah, I was there. I was just asking dareal. He’s been obsessed for months even though people had been telling him over and over that they were being worked on. He felt that the track owed him an official report.

  46. This Guy says

    I’m pretty sure the Gada family is nore concerned about not gaining points at the Speed Bowl more than they about not going there because of what the owner did. “What? Nascar is not sponsoring? Well, screw that! We won’t gain points for winning. We’ll just not show up anymore and say it’s because of the owner”.

    Get real…

  47. The Gada family has NEVER been about points. Joey goes to have fun and win races! He goes to have fun with our daughter and enjoy racing where he grew up. You clearly know NOTHING about the Gada family if you think they’re not going because of points and it not being NASCAR sanctioned!

  48. Victor Phillips says

    The ultimate decisions whether or not to go is in the rights of the people who make them, It is called FREEDOM, and you can make all the good and bad decisions you want as long as they are legal. You can get all philosophical about people’s decisions if you want, but that doesn’t mean your opinion are any better. So philosohpically , the Gada family has its decision based on family beliefs. That is their right. Those who choose to go to the track are doing so because it is their right. There are so many issues with this situation, and yes life goes on victims or not, racing or not. It doesn’t help to get all high and mighty about it. I have made decisions made on being morally correct on issues the when it came down to it didn’t help nor did it matter. Bemer will pay, I’m sure, but as long as I can go to the track it’s legal and I’m going as long as it’s open, let the rest of the world worry about who’s right or wrong.

  49. This guy. I’d like to know where that quote came from cause none of the Gada’s could care about points. They’re there to have fun, win races and race! If they cared about NASCAR points, don’t you think they’d be at every single New England track and winning National Championships? Or even being a contender for a National or Regional Championship? You clearly know nothing about the Gada Family. So “get real”

  50. I have to chuckle when drivers and teams pull out the morals and ethics flags to fly as they staunchly state they will not go to the Speedbowl. In my experience most people associated with racing have never been people that you would turn to for moral or ethical guidance. And I was one for a few years. Heck many spend tens of thousands on racing, money that many can’t afford while they ignore their retirement or their kids college funds. They spend nights and weekends not on family activities but working on their cars. They do it cause they love the sport, the excitement, being part of something, whatever. We all love that they do it me more then most. And we can admire their skills, victories and dogged determination in the face of wrecks, missed setups and bad luck. But moral and ethical leaders? Not even close. Make your decision. Go or don’t go. Just don’t preach or throw stones. You may find you live in a glass house.

  51. Doug,
    I understand that this story has created some debate and hostility and anger among some in the local racing community. That said, nobody from the Gada family was preaching or throwing stones or telling anyone else what to do. They made a decision not to race and that decision was reported by me. It was a news story reporting on a family that is a massive part of the history of that racetrack. Nobody should portray it as anything more than that or portray the family as passing judgment on anyone else.

  52. Mike Serluca says

    Any drivers/teams who have decided to not return are missed, in my opinion. There was a point where they were back to having consi’s and full fields in almost all divisions. That was all in 2 short years. The work that went in to attracting competitors to come down and run was tedious. Gada, Muccicharo, Palmer, Duranti, Dailey, Silva, Chadwick, etc. are all teams that will be missed. Hopefully over time, decisions or situations may change. Until then, I will support the drivers who continue to show up and I will welcome back any teams (by continuing to show up and pay my money for admission) who chose to sit out. I know of a couple of competitors who were not there due to prior commitments that were made when the opening of the Bowl was uncertain. Very tough to judge how car counts will be with such short notice on the opening date. I am cautiously optimistic that we (the fans) will see healthy car counts this summer.

  53. Well that was disappointing Shawn. When did I mention Gada in the comment that offended. Heck I’ve called them Speedbowl royalty numerous times and meant it. My intent which apparently I missed by a mile seeing you felt it necessary to intercede was addressing the larger issue. Specifically, there is a sacrifice component to racing I well know to families. Financial and personal. In many respects it can be a moral and ethical decision.
    I have read comments over the past couple months talking about morals and ethics in regard to participating at the Speedbowl. I would ask is it possible that it’s hypocritical to sight those reasons when in many respects, from a family standpoint, it may be morally or ethically wrong to commit to a sport the drains so much from families personal and financial resources.
    I will concede that it is a subject that is an individual decision and too big for this forum. I apologize for raising it. Many times people expand ideas under an article that is not directly related to the topic. Clearly I should have stated I was not addressing the family in your article. I just got tired of hearing the values, ethics and morals angle to non participation. I think it’s a phony issue and in many cases hypocritical.

  54. Josh paradis:
    “it was a hard decision for us as a team but we didnt have it in our morals to represent an owner like bruce.”

  55. Just for the record I can be frustrated and try to make a point that may be a bridge too far but there is nothing regarding racing that would cause me to be hostile, angry or in the least bit riled. Excepting of course the weather report for Friday that once again may be iffy. That may get me riled.

  56. James Scott says

    Dead on Shawn!

  57. Doug,
    I understand. I guess I saw it that you were directing the sentiment directly at them. I do understand. I can say this whole issue has grown into something beyond what it should be or what even I expected. I hardly expected to see physical threats directed at me over what was published, and yet somehow the mere fact that I wrote this story elicited that response from numerous people on Sunday. A lot of what has happened has created some really ugly divides right now and it’s unfortunate to see.

  58. darealgoodfella says

    Well, it’s pretty simple. There are those that are taking the high road. And those that are making like they are doing a great favor to Bemer’s victims by making money for the track and hence for the victims (a pathetic rationalization at that).

    If a daycare was owned by a person that admitted to what Bemer admitted to, would you let your kids, grandkids, etc. go to that daycare? If any other business, such as a deli, candy store, ice cream stand, restaurant, etc. was owned by a person that admitted to those hideous acts, would you still give your business to that store?

  59. darealgoodfella says

    Shawn, well said.

    Great report, very appropriate.

    The Gada’s are a historical constituent of the local racing scene.

  60. I’ve read your stores for what seems like decades Shawn in various places. You were the racing coverage guy. Let’s face it, racing is a small community and reporting races is pretty dry. A pass for the lead on lap 16 doesn’t resonate as well in print as a two run homer in the 6th to take the lead or a touchdown in the third period off an interception. That’s my take anyway.
    Now all of a sudden real world issues of severe wrong doing have crash landed in the fantasy world of circle track racing with an entire facility and all it’s fans and participants hit by the shrapnel. Add to that the national backdrop of the role, motives and accuracy of reporting being questioned and concierge news outlets where we can hear only what we want to hear. Blindsided by all this we have mild mannered race reporter Shawn Courchesne thrown into the seething cauldron of real world emotions and turmoil . Who, in the middle of the turmoil, is expected to not only do his job in reporting the 5 W’s of racing events but in addition make some sense of the bigger issues at play. An impossible task in my view.
    The Gada story was terrific. The story on the Molleur family even better. Simply put these may be difficult times for you and I’m sorry for that but you’re reporting and the commentary in my humble opinion has never been better. I hope you will stay the course.

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