Consistent Payoff: Todd Owen Walks Away Big SK Modified Winner At Thompson Speedway

Todd Owen celebrates the overall victory in the 20/20 SK Modified Sprint Sunday at Thompson Speedway

THOMPSON – The Thompson Speedway record book won’t show a victory for SK Modified driver Todd Owen Sunday at the track.

But at the end of the day Sunday it was Owen and his team walking away with the big trophy and the bigger purse check than everybody else.

Owen used three solid finishes to capture the overall victory of Thompson Speedway’s NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified 20/20 Sprint Sunday.

Owen, of Somers, finished second in the first 20-lap feature and third in the second 20-lap feature. In the final 10-lap shootout Owen finished second to Troy Talman of Oxford, Mass.

“That’s ultimately the race, you’ve got to be there every segment,” Owen said. “… It definitely wasn’t a car that shouldn’t have been up front to contend. We had to start in the back [in the first two events], so I’m real happy with the way it ran. It was just an awesome day for us for sure.”

Woody Pitkat of Stafford was third in the final shootout segment. Talman led every lap of the shootout portion.

It proved to a successful but demanding 24-hour stretch for Owen, his team and his SK Modified.

Owen finished second to Keith Rocco in the 35-lap SK Modified feature Saturday night at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl and then went back to the shop after the event to prepare the same car to run at Thompson.

“We ran it back last night and changed the rear [end] and got done about 1:30 in the morning and got here this morning,” Owen said. “It’s just great to see all of my guys, they’re their asses off for me. They all work hard and we’re having a good time.”

Ted Christopher of Plainville got his 99th career victory overall at Thompson in the first 20-lap SK Modified feature of the day.

Owen went by Talman for the lead on lap 13 of the first event. On lap 19 Christopher got under Owen coming off of turn two and took the lead for good into turn three.

“It was fun,” Christopher said. “It’s been a while since we had an SK [Modified] win here. … We had a really good car today. It’s the second time I’ve driven it and I can’t wait to race the rest.”

“The rest” proved not so good for Christopher as he went stalking win No. 100 in the second feature. On lap 16 of the second feature Christopher moved into second past Ryan Preece. But on lap 17 restart Christopher looked more like a pinball coming off of turn two, getting bounced into the wall in a scrum near the front. The end result was Christopher’s car going airborne on a hard hit into turn three.

Keith Rocco of Wallingford went on to win the second 20-lap feature with Preece, of Berlin, finishing second.

“It’s tough,” Rocco said. “It’s pretty much impossible to drive away unless you’ve got a car that’s about a half a second faster.”


  1. Interesting. No comments. Some sighting Rocco not winning anywhere but Waterford in the Speedbowl article and here he is winning at Thompson in the 20 lap segment beating the guy we all love Preece. The headline is about old boring Todd Owen and as usual no one says congrats. The massively talented driver and fabricator gets zero respect. The Rodney Dangerfield of racing.
    Let me be the first. Well done Mr. Owen.

  2. Time for Thompson to scrap this format, and just run a 50 lap race. That last 10 laps was like watching paint dry!

  3. Congrats Keith, Ted, and Todd enjoyable to watch. Sorry to see Ted crash. I don’t fully understand the 20/20 sprint. Still enjoyed it.

  4. Was it Prince Preece that ran the 47 up in to the fence.

  5. No. Preece did not do that
    He ran clean all night
    Teddy Rocco preece are really good.
    Todd had a good night but man his car was slow

  6. darealgoodfella says

    Ted crashed???? What a surprise!!!!!!!

    jeffrey speaks the truth.

  7. How was the crowd? With all the complaining about ticket prices, it should have been standing room only.

  8. darealgoodfella why the constant hate for TC? You sound like a jealous ex to be honest with you. The guy is one of the best drivers to ever step foot in a modified car and one of the best in the northeast. He owns most of his equipment or invested money in it if I’m not mistaken.. besides his tour car. So if he wrecks it or damages it, it’s coming out of his pocket. Jeeze.

  9. Larry Douglas says

    Yes it was Preece that wrecked Timmy Jordan, and he also caused the TC crash. He ran him up in the marbles until TC had to lift, he got tapped from behind by Owen, bounced off the wall, and had a tire go down going into turn 3. If Preece is such a superior driver, why can’t he pass anyone without wrecking them?

  10. Congrats to Todd. Class act on and off the track.

  11. (Rich) the crowd was good IMHO.


  13. Dareal I can’t lend you $$$$ anymore sorry man

  14. Preece Rocco teddy
    All great guys
    Go ryan in that 20
    Rocco 88 teddy 13
    Bad ass

  15. Thank you bank hill for all your support and respect to me
    Your the reason I stay on site

  16. Hank you are on my good side
    You need me just let me know
    I got lots of money

  17. Thanks to all
    I love racing too
    I’m working with a new frame guy
    His name is sonny straight a way

  18. Brad Voglesong says

    Hello Shawn, I am curious, why do you continue to post or let other people post these garbage comments? Especially with only a fake name or a partial name. In my opinion, it brings down the authenticity and credibility of your credible articles.

  19. Brad,

    Good question. Like everything that is the internet today, there’s plenty of good and plenty of bad with the comments section.
    People want engagement, discussion, debate. The comments section allows for that.
    So here’s the problem with using a registration system for the comments section. The minute you put in place, comments are gone. Essentially, 100 percent, no more comments. Yes, most people want to be anonymous. I wish it was different, but I can’t change that.
    So you have the choice. You can have a comments section where people have to register and have no comments. Or you can have an open comments section where you’re going to have some good and some bad and also have to weed out some outlandish or threatening or vulgar or whatever might be.
    As far as you saying someone leaving a comment somehow reflects on how credible or accurate my story is, I guess I don’t understand what one has to do with the other.
    This story right here that you commented on essentially documented the day for the SK Modified division at Thompson Speedway on Sunday. I’m not sure how you can say that someone leaving a comment that you might find negative or offensive could somehow make the content of this story less credible or accurate.
    Saying the credibility of the stories is put in question by the comments is like saying the food is awful at a gourmet restaurant because one of the customers in the dining room got drunk and fell out of their chair.

  20. I can speak the truth at least. The TC haters can continue to deny his glorious career. The comment section is very well spoken besides from a few individuals. Don’t let them bother you.

  21. Brad Voglesong, I don’t recall that name in any insightful and illuminating comments. You know what you did. The tactic. Try to berate the author and web site by making them responsible for every comment written. It’s ridiculous. They are mutually exclusive, completely. True there is nonsense afoot. Strong opinions and antics aplenty by scamps scallywags and ner do wells. But if you pay attention there is some good stuff too. Great stuff actually. are the professionals with standards and a code of conduct. We’re the rabble. Everyone except you seems to know the difference. And you know even we rabble hit a home run every now and then.

  22. Jeffrey you forgot to mention to dareal that The great TC is married already.

  23. darealgoodfella says

    Hank Hill, please list all the seasons that TC ran his own cars. As far as the Tour goes, I don’t think he ever ran a season in his own car. Even when he was without a ride, never saw him dust off the much heralded TC machinery.

    And by invested, you mean he bought the ride, correct?

  24. Brad Voglesong says

    Hey Shawn,not taking anyway anything from your website sir. I appreciate most of your articles, The fact that you write about racing is great. As far as the food in your gourmet restaurant, it’s usually pretty good. I wasn’t talking about this one particular article. Now that you have explained the anonymous thing to me, I get it. Haters are gonna hate, hiders are going to hide. And I guess the drunks will just keep falling out of their chairs.

  25. How about this one : Thet don’t know what they don’t know in this case it is you .

  26. You know I want to rip that guys throat out

  27. Geeze Brad.” Haters are gonna hate”. We’re doing song themes? Ok how about this; “shake it off”. Clearly Jeffrey probably inspired you to make your comment and you erred only in connecting his comments to the site. A lot of people are confused by Jeffrey’s entries since they virtually never make a serious point. Trick is to treat them like wall paper. Oops, I think I just put a target on my back.

  28. darealgoodfella says

    Okay, Hank Hill and Brad Voglesong are TC fans and don’t like anybody that is not a TC fan.

    We get it. Just because you may be using your real name does not mean you are absolutely and irrefutably correct, and any other post is wrong or of less value. Get over it. A poster that uses their real name can be just as disingenuous and a biased advocate as any other poster.

    Somebody that allegedly uses his real name mentioned TCs “glorious career”, see what I mean? That’s complete nonsense, real name or not.

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