Off The Mat: Ted Christopher Scores Victory In SK Modified Feature At Stafford Speedway

Ted Christopher celebrates his sixth SK Modified division victory of the season Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

A week ago at Stafford Motor Speedway Ted Christopher showed that even at 59 years old, there’s plenty of fight and fire left in him when it comes to chasing victories at Stafford Motor Speedway.

Friday he showed that even a penalty for letting that fire burn too hot wasn’t going to keep him away from extending his legendary status even further at the track.

Christopher, of Plainville, came from the rear of the 22-car field Friday to score his sixth victory of the season in the 40-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature.

Last week Rowan Pennink knocked Christopher out of the lead in turn three on the final lap of the SK Modified feature. In victory lane after the event Christopher confronted Pennink, leading to some shoving and swinging between the two.

Christopher was penalized by Stafford Speedway officials for the confrontation and was forced to start at the rear of the field Friday at Stafford. He also was forced to sit out practice on Friday as a penalty.

“I want to thank [track general manager] Mark Arute for starting me last,” Christopher said. “No practice time. Practice is overrated. I always say that all the time. We’ve had a great a car and we didn’t have to spend all day testing, and still won. I really want to think my crew. … I really don’t like practice that much so it didn’t bother me. The way the car’s been running it’s been good every week when we get here so it’s not that bad.”

It was the 109th career SK Modified victory for Christopher at Stafford dating back to 1986 and his all-time leading 131st victory overall at the track.

Chase Dowling of Roxbury was second and Pennink, of Huntingdon Valley, Pa., third.

Christopher took the lead from Dowling on lap 30 and never trailed again.


  1. Told everyone it was worth buying a ticket to see Goodfelows man start last and win lol

  2. I absolutely love this mans attitude. His antics makes me laugh! He always keeps us entertained thats for sure. Great win Teddy!

  3. All rise – Hail the King!

  4. Guess punishment means nothing to the 13!! Nice attitude to the track manager 🙌🏻💪🏻

  5. Yes sir!!!!!!
    Best ever people
    I ONCE SEEN teddy eat a hot dog while driving one hand

  6. Kyle Bush said teddy is best ever too
    Logan said teddy is better than him

  7. Was that a great night of racing or what with some terrific finishes at the line including a win by the chick Alexandra Fearn. The emotion surrounding both Christopher and Pennink and watching in awe as they both made their way to the front in the SK feature.
    Same old Ted. Could have taken the high road in victory lane. Instead he takes a shot at management and the penalty he richly deserved, didn’t take responsibility and let everyone know his thoughts on how much he doesn’t like practice and how unnecessary it is for him. That’s our Ted. A rock of talent and pettiness God bless him. I love hating that guy.

  8. used to be the fast cars start in the back – makes for better racing.

  9. darealgoodfella says

    Add a several “buhlieve me” and “bigly” in that TC quote and you’d think it was Trump talking. Such class and eloquence.

  10. Ted couldn’t even get starting in the rear right. I was there, he started somewhere around 15th. Dowling let him pass and didn’t want to get in front of him knowing he’d get slammed from behind. If that’s what Stafford wants, before you know it, nobody will want to race there. Then TC can winn every week….by himself!!

  11. What was the 50 whinning about in victory lane. ?? Complained about back up car n team car spinning to bring out the yellow. Really ? The 14-16 starting place advantage wasn’t enough he wanted no yellows and no part of racing the fast car s if the 13 n 99. ? Also made commented about understanding why the 99 did what he did last week ??? I did not see anything I. The 13 passing and racing of the 50 to merit those comments ? Faster car better driver won. The 50 had plenty of green flags to reclaim the lead and couldn’t get it done.

  12. Flying 0 sby says

    Ted I one of the best modifieds drivers to ever sit in a car. And deserves respect for his accomplishments .hes a legend at stafford and he brings his A game every weekend to any track he drives. I’ve Watched teddy for years drive from the back to the front..

  13. Darealgoodfella nobody cares about your political agenda. TC has a Part of the grand stands named after him for a reason. Amazing driver. Period.

  14. Haters just hate that they can’t be what they hate .

  15. Dareal needs help
    You need to respond to me too

    Trump is my guy
    You seem to hate all talent

    Too bad jeaoulously fuels you

    Oh ya I can lend you that 5 dollars for a cheeseburger

  16. darealgoodfella says

    Anybody else notice that the TC fans are the worst spellers and writers? Or is that just me?

    jeffro, what of yours do I need to respond to?

  17. That I’m very well versed in racing
    God speed to you my friend
    Dareal and me ate buddy’s again
    Go tc

  18. Are buddies again
    I have a new phone that cost 8000

  19. Dareal and I are friends again
    Go teddy
    Dareal also says go teddy

  20. I’m so done with this
    Take care everyone
    I. Done commenting

  21. darealgoodfella says

    TC fans can’t even spell their names correctly. SAD! BIGLY!

    jeffro, 8000 rubles is only $139. What kind of phone is that? Tin can and string? Yeah, they real popular with them Deplorables. It’s a new program to replace the Obamaphones.

    Something tells me that this is TCs last season of racing. Enjoy it while you can.

  22. Mark Fisher says

    Dareal I know it’s very hard for you to be humble when you’re perfect in every way but I think everybody on here would really appreciate it if you shut your hole !

  23. There goes daidiot again making dumb trump comments. So did Cipriano driving Christopher’s other car help TC at all? If so then that would make sense as to why they even put him in the backup. Hear he’ll be there next week too.

  24. Rowan and Ted were posted to start 21st and 22nd positions in the 22 car starting field. The 3, 51, and 00 elected to start in the rear due to mechanical issues so Rowan and Ted took the green in 18th and 19th positions in the 22 car starting field. There was then a four car wreck on the first lap thus moved them up to 14th and 15th on the ensuing restart.

  25. Chase complaining!!! He can buy the ride , I guess he couldn’t buy the win

  26. Rich THANKS for seeing dareal as he is
    Thanks to all my fans out there with higher iq

  27. darealgoodfella says

    Aren’t all Trump comments dumb comments? Can there really ever be smart Trump comments?

    jeffro, coffee syrup on hot dogs is da bomb!!!!

    Go TC! GO!!!!!

    jeffro, you should field a couple NWMT cars for TC as a going away present.

  28. Ted Christopher a magnet once again for comments for and against. How about this take. Glen Reen, Ronnie Williams, Todd Owen, Tom Fearn all get great articles. Nothing. No fans for or against. A snooze fest. But mention Christopher and it’s like a comment grenade went off. Who generates excitement and interest in local racing………..Christopher. I love hating that guy.

  29. Reen, Williams, Owen,Fern didn’t lose a race, cry like a baby and punch a fellow driver. So, it’s a little more than mention his name. But hey, if the TC contingent can get excited about him passing a few cars that laid over for him than let them have their moment.

  30. too bad he hasn’t passed a car in WMT race in a few years

  31. TC has passed a few cars on the tour this year. It’s not easy to win in that series if you don’t have the golden motor. His legacy and stats speak for itself. People just love to hate. TC is like Earnhardt SR . Hate him or love him he makes the series interesting and great. When Dale left us, look what happened to the cup series. The empty seats and ratings speak for itself..

  32. darealgoodfella says

    Let TC pass or spend a few thousand bucks to rebuild your car…

  33. I hear you NH Mark. It’s unacceptable behavior. But you know the deal. If you act like a jerk but back it up with a great performance then it’s a story and compelling. Christopher did and controversy can be a rich promotional tool and good for racing. Heck, wasn’t it Cale Yarborough that punched Allison on CBS that put NASCAR on the map way back when. You have to appreciate that on some level.

  34. Ifyouonlyknew says

    Chase didn’t buy any ride he is in, he is a hard working kid who works for everything ever given to him and is willing to go the distance…as for the backup car Cipriano what’re to rent another ride that was unavailable so he had the opportunity to take this car… nothing to do with extra car for yellow… if that was the case let’s not forget there is another Christopher in the field not in the points chase that could do the same if wanted… be real

  35. darealgoodfella says

    NH Mark, be a sociologist next time at Loudon. From observing the people that use the Red Wagons to haul their beer and energy drinks from the pickup truck to the gate and then lock up the Red Wagons to the fence, then sit there drinking beer after beer after beer, with an energy drink mixed in. I had one of these Deplorables explain to me that these new energy drinks were great because they enable him to drink even more beer.

    Then watch the crowd during the race… they are there to watch the wrecking, plain and simple. The cheering and excitement when there are wrecks is obvious. The way racing has been, NASCAR needs yellows to get the cars bunched up to create the appearance of racing, and the NASCAR base loves the wrecking.

    People go to the races to watch the wrecking. Not all, but some. And some are still too many. But that is the NASCAR base.

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