Punchy: Fists Fly After Rowan Pennink Outduels Ted Christopher For SK Mod Win At Stafford

Rowan Pennink (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

STAFFORD – Stafford Motor Speedway management scheduled a fireworks display in the sky for fans Friday at the track.

But the pyrotechnics in the air couldn’t hold a candle to the booming display in victory lane following the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature.

Rowan Pennink used a last lap bump and run pass of Ted Christopher to get his first victory of the season in the 40-lap SK Modified feature.

“Ted gave me a shot and got me loose and got under me so I just gave it right back to him,” Pennink said. “That’s what it takes here. When you’re racing against him you’ve got to step up to his level of dirtiness, so that’s what I did.”

Christopher, of Plainville, was second and Todd Owen of Somers third.

Pennink, of Huntingdon Valley, Pa., scored his last SK Modified victory before Friday on Sept. 9, 2016.

Pennink was greeted in victory lane by a shoving Christopher, as a wild fist flying scrum erupted. It was the crescendo following a dramatic close to the event.

“I don’t know why he had to take it that far,” Pennink said of the physical confrontation in victory lane. “He’s done far worse than that, probably hundreds of times throughout his career, so I don’t know what he was so upset about. He just got beat and that’s what I think he was most upset about. That’s racing here at Stafford. It’s some good Friday night hard SK [Modified] racing. That’s what the fans come to see.”

Pennink went to the lead past Keith Rocco on lap 25. On a lap 35 restart Rocco made contact with Pennink coming to the green flag with Pennink giving it right back to him in turn one. Rocco slid up the track allowing Glen Reen to move second and Christopher to third. On lap 37 Christopher moved past Reen for second place, but the caution flew once again, giving Reen the spot back.

On the ensuing restart Christopher made quick work in getting by Reen for second place and then hunted the bumper of Pennink. On lap 39 Christopher made contact with Pennink going into turn three, getting Pennink drifting up the track slightly through turn four. Christopher got under Pennink down the front straightaway with the two nearly making contact, side-by-side, just after taking the white flag. Christopher completed the pass for the lead going through turn one, but Pennink stayed on his bumper down the back straightaway. Going into turn three Pennink gave Christopher a demonstrative shot to the rear end, getting Christopher up the track through turns three and four. Pennink used the opened low lane to go under Christopher for the lead and take the checkered.

Just as Pennink was about to be interviewed in victory lane, Christopher arrived. Pennink at first smiled, then Christopher shoved his way toward him and the shoving and arm swinging began between the two, with those closest getting involved. At some point Christopher seemed to trip backward and fall, but he got back up and returned to the fracas.

“What the [expletive] kind of racing is that?” Christopher, the track’s all-time winningest driver, who has a division leading five SK Modified wins this year, said to RaceDayCT. “To win like that, you know what, all good, you do it. The fastest car didn’t win tonight because that guy drives like a [expletive expletive]. He [expletive] drove me on the grass on the front straightaway then he harpoons me. I told [track general manager] Mark Arute, ‘Is this the way you’re going to let somebody win a [expletive] race?’ That’s not the way you’re supposed to win a race. The problem is he hasn’t won all year and the fastest car is [my car] and he can’t take getting beat by me. [Expletive] him. He ain’t gonna finish a [Whelen Modified Tour] race from here on out. I’ve got nothing to lose at Tour races.”

Said Pennink: “I can’t count the amount of times he’s done something like that to me. He was saying a couple weeks ago, bragging about how he had enough of me and moved me out of the way. I just gave him a taste of his own medicine.”


  1. I am soooo glad for Rowan, I feel exactly the way he does. Love the “dose of his own medicine”!!
    It’s too bad I wasn’t there to see it.

  2. Awesomeness

  3. Sounds like it was and exciting finish, wish I could have been there tonight to see it all unfold, the fans must have loved it!

  4. Ted does it week in and week out to everyone else. But when it gets done to him he cry’s. I always said that Christopher is the dirtiest driver that ever wheeled a race car. You got what was coming to you.

  5. The way teddy drives he has to expect to get roughed up. To complain about it seems a bit ridiculous.

  6. This makes for an exciting finish to the season.like to see Owen in victory lane soon .like him or not T C is always exciting t watch ……

  7. Red drove Teddy almost into the grass down the straight prior to hitting him in the corner. I think that’s what pissed him off. Going straight then turning left on the stretch is garbage. What ever happens in the turn happens, that’s racing. BUT DONT TIRN LEFT ON SOMEONE going down the shoot, that garbage, that’s Red. That’s the way he’s always driven. Ted will be fine, Red might want to get his check book out, that 1 position probably will cost him dearly with a clip here and a clip there. LOL.

  8. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

    TC took the lead by giving Pennink a shot to the rear bumper. In turn 3, Pennink returned the favor. It was more than “a demonstrative shot to the rear end.” Penink drilled him… probably gave twice as good as he had gotten.

    And with TC, I think you pretty much have to be that way. Don’t take his crap.

    I’ve watched Teddy for years. The guy is awesome behind the wheel. But it just rings so hollow when he complains about rough driving.

  9. Yep you don’t turn left down the straightaways Rowans the cry baby here or will be at the next tour race!

  10. Christopher is the biggest crybaby spoiled twerp and dirtiest driver that I have ever seen. He dishes it out every single week, but can never take it. He never has a good thing to say, even when he wins; he didn’t have as good a set of tires as everyone else, someone ran him rough, his car could’ve been better, etc etc. He bellyached about Dowling back in the Spring, even after he pushed the kid out of the way to win.
    The crowd tonight was definitely happy about Pennink knocking that creep out of the way. There were more cheers during his victory lane interview than I have heard in years. Good riddance, TC.

  11. Wish I was there to see Teddy cry. Says in article Teddy’s crew and Pennick’s threw some punches in victory lane that’s bs. Save it for the hauler or the hill to many kids and innocent bystanders in victory lane. Not to mention Teddy’s crew is so old they must have been leaning on the walker with one hand and swinging the other.lol.

  12. Oh, and let’s not forget how Christopher refused to be interviewed in victory lane tonight,(he finished second). And then he didn’t come out for the 80 lap VMRS race because of “mechanical issues”, after having blown away everyone in winning his heat. Yeh, mechanical issues. Maybe he’ll take his ball and go home for good.

  13. James Eccles says

    Ted is a dirty driver because the track lets him get away with it when he comes to Wall for the turkey derby he has to run the Consi because he is unable to keep up with the Jersey boys Great Job Roman.

  14. I’m beyond ecstatic for Rowan & his teams and really wish I was there for both his wins tonight !! All these comments about TC are right on point. He’s a dirty player and a bully. If you can’t stand the heat, stay outta the kitchen Ted. Better yet, go play with Kyle Busch. You act just like him. Congratulations Rowan & teams!!

  15. You have to wonder if tc had spun after getting hit would small red have the win taken? Maybe too bad he saved it. He had motor issues in the tour car, getserious don’t you think he would have loved a little payback?

  16. When did teddy move into his new glass house? Being a tc fan I must say I’m left scratching my head. I can see being pissed about the move but when you’ve done the same thing and sometimes much worst countless times through out your career how can you blame a guy. Tc didn’t get wrecked he got moved. suck it up teddy and stop throwing stones. Will there be suspensions because of fight? Will NASCAR step in cuz he threatened to take Rowan out in tour races??

  17. You know what’s good for local racing? You just saw and read about it. Not the prepackaged drivers all neat and professional apologizing for bumping someone but yet another great SK race followed by a grenade going off in the form of Ted Christopher.
    Pennink had the preferred line and absolutely did not cut down on Christopher. The shot heard round the racing world to Christopher clearly was a accumulation of all the countless shots Christopher dole’s out every race. Pennink is the wrong guy to mess with. As clean as his battles were with Preece years ago battling for the championship he can go the other way as well clearly. As for Christopher being classless. Come on man. He can’t be anything other then what he is. Talented, exciting and emotional. He could have been gracious, given a great interview, saved retribution for the future and he would have had the crowd behind him. He got screwed for sure and the only reason Pennink got away with it is it’s Ted Christopher. But he is who he is and I for one am glad he there to make things exciting. It’s fun having a guy with a black hat to watch making things exciting.

  18. Stafford is a JOKE
    The drivers at Stafford are a JOKE
    The track owner is a JOKE
    The whole thing is worse than a reality show and you people that enjoy this are a JOKE…get a life or watch tour Modified racing. Not SK junk. None of these drivers are a threat on the tour.

  19. Jerry Fascione says

    The both of them suck if that’s the way they have to pass it just shows how much talent they DONT have. And then they b4ing the track into by saying that’s SK racing at Stafford thats bull. THROW THEM BOTH OUT

  20. Congrats to tc on the purchase of his new glass house! Are you kidding me? I can see being a bit pissed you got beat On a tactic you’ve used your whole career and continue to use today. I’m a tc fan but C’MON MAN you didn’t wreck still finished 2nd! My question is will there be any suspensions handed out? And will NASCAR step in since he threatened to wreck Rowan in the tour?

  21. Brian stop
    So what old
    We are all getting older


  22. I want to remind every one that Dale Earnhart was never above using his bumper, and he heard the “boo Birds” too. I am not putting Teddy into Dales class ,just a simple analogy.(truth) Nascar recognized that Dale put fannies in the seat to watch. Same applies to Teddy,and anywhere he chooses to put on a show!

  23. This is Friday nite racing,like the old plainville days.I like it .

  24. Sometime in the latter part of the 20th century. Bristol Speedway. Earnhart in the closing laps spins leader Ernie Irvan and goes on to win. Anyone think Earnhart is somehow less of a historic racing figure for it. Not likely.
    You nailed it al breunig. Fans in the seats. Ted Christopher, love him or hate him makes racing compelling. If he attracts a dance partner willing to mix it up so much the better.Racing wins.

  25. Man that 13 moves

  26. Some of you must of seen a different race than I saw last night. Calling what TC did going into three is a stretch. That bumper to bumper contact screwed TC up more than Pennick. TC had a faster car than Pennick, it was obvious throughout the race. And, TC pulled and passed Pennick after the start/finish line going into one on the last lap (way past the turn three). Pennick just piled drove TC going into three, and should be penalized. And that move in no way, shape, or form can be compared to the very slight contact a lap earlier. You TC haters need to go and watch the race recap on Stafford’s website. Pennick was totally wrong here.

  27. Never turn left down the straightaway?! I’ve seen many drivers do it, many times. While not the cleanest move, they’ve all done it, with Ted being the biggest offender.

    Ted, you got beat at your own game, suck it up and dont to be a “Total Crybaby” (see what I did there!?)


  28. It is all crap….the officials need to take back the control. Should have sent TC to the rear of the field for rough riding initially. then DQ Roamin Penndink for the late action. There is too many dollars invested in equipment for these idiots to play Demo Derby with modifieds. Grow up!

  29. Poor Rowan not!!! wasn’t there last night and not a TC fan however. Have watched the “golden child” with the gold spoon in his mouth be the roughest driver in several series especially this year and it’s never his fault just listen to his interviews. He had several altercations at Minadnock a few weeks back but none his fault come on. Then he got wrecked at tri track on the last lap. I think that was pay back and this last night and how many fights and altercations was he in at stafford last year. Come on people look at the big picture it’s about time someone stands up to Mr Pennick With the gojden spoon!!

  30. I wasnt there but i have watched them both race for a long time. Tc has always been and always will be extremely aggressive but in all the years i honestly never considered himself dirty. The majority of tc inflicted wrecks have simply been him racing people how they race him. If you run him hard with contact he will do the same but very seldom does he flat out wreck people without reason. Rowan i alot the same allthough he gets flustered and drives over his head alot causeing stuff like this.

    I will say this weather tc over reacted which i kinda doubt or if it was simply Rowan honestly getting the best of him which is possible but not probable the bottom line is he ticked off the wrong person. He will pay the consequence in due time count on it.

    Again i was not there but i have seen this show many times and i think we all know what is coming. And a suspension will do nothing but prolong the inevitable. Who knows when or where but rowan is going for a ride at some point. I think we all know that

  31. The incident last night reminds me of something I witnessed many many moons ago as a young lad. My Dad had taken me to a boxing match in Boston, I think it was Marvin Hagler. It was amazing to watch. Al of a sudden during the 5th round a Hockey game broke out!!!!

  32. Teddy is a great driver why he chooses to move people rather than drive around them shows a flaw in his character. This was a simple case of him getting what he gave.

  33. The difference here is when Ted bumps the water head a few weeks ago he overcorrects and junks himself into the wall . Water head pile drove ted but He has car control and saves it . Water head drives like a windshield wiper and can’t seem to pick a lane . He messed with the wrong guy .

  34. Doug, if it is the infamous “rattle his cage” incident you’re referring to it was Terry Labonte not Swervin Irvan that got spun by Ole Dale. Eithe r 99 or 2000, with the great Jimmy Spencer finishing behind him and lobbying for the win in the post race interviews. Great stuff to come home to after a night at the Bowl.
    Of course, Dale did that to a lotta guys so…

    As for Teddy & Rowan, in the infrequent times ive seen Pennick race either at Stafford or this year at Seekonk I’ve left shaking my head at how helter skelter he is. Seriously.
    And Teddy? Well, you know. Teddy is Teddy.

    “Popcorn, please!” 😀

  35. Check the SMS site for the video recap; gotta say (and i’m no TC supporter), but those bumps to the rear bumper are not the same. Red drilled him.

  36. Rich Gourley says

    I watched the video and all this turn left down the straightaway is B.S., yes he drifted down but never put Christopher into the grass (not even close) nor did he make contact with Teddy . Pennink was the leader, he can choose whatever line he wants to. As far as the bump in turn 3/4, yes it was way harder than Ted gave him a lap earlier but the same result. All’s fair in love and war and Friday night racing at Stafford 🙂

  37. I was there, and everyone can go to Stafford’s website to get a look at the last lap. I thought it was pretty dirty, and was surprised Scott Tapley didn’t issue a penalty and take the win away. I agree with what someone has already said, if Rowan pulls that move to anyone other than TC (or maybe Keith Rocco), he finishes as the last car on the lead lap. It will be interesting to see if TC follows through on his threat, and wrecks the 3 tonight in the tour race. It will also be interesting to see what Stafford issues for penalty’s and possible suspensions for the near brawl following the race.

  38. Remember two years ago when Ted started a fight with Reen…there seems to be a common theme here.

  39. Take the mirror out and the water head is done way earlier in the race . I wonder how many of these golden boys would be racing if daddy didn’t buy it all for them ? boy don’t know .

  40. Stafford isn’t going to fine anyone….they should give them both a bonus for all the tickets they’re going to sell for the rest of the year to see this play out.

  41. Was there any contact right after the checkers?

  42. hey,” get serious”, u have no clue what u r talking about when it comes to racing. so what if tc’s crew r old, they know how to prepare a car. pennick should have been penalized for over aggressive driving. tc may have the 3 tap rule, but in 30 years of watching him, i’ve never seen him drill someone. very that intentionally hard . very poor officiating by stafford officals.

  43. I believe TC passed Pennink 3 times last night. The first 2 passes were nullified by yellows before the “passing” laps were completed. The 3rd pass on lap 39/40 involved some contact, which looked like “hard racing” to me. Pennink’s pass of TC on lap 40 was a blatant “ram job” and I’m surprised that Tapley did not DQ Pennink, or move him to 2nd place in the finishing order.

    TC’s mistake was confronting Pennink (with a shove) in Victory Lane, instead of immediately directing his anger at Tapley/Stafford (which he eventually did). Let’s hope his comment re: Pennink and the Tour is merely an idle threat.

  44. Paul great save. Labonte it was indeed.
    Rick Houston, Special to Nascar 2011
    “On Aug. 28, 1999, there was no such uncertainty. Earnhardt flat out, hands down, without a doubt whatsoever, dumped Labonte on the last lap. Then again, Labonte had just given him a shot in the bumper of his own to wrestle the lead away coming to the white flag. Earnhardt had long since built a legend based in large part on his liberal use of pile-driving force to drive under, around or straight through traffic. Get into him, and there was surely going to be payback. With Labonte, vengeance was swift.”

    Less the dumping sounds a little like last night doesn’t it?

    I’ll confess I don’t get the purists that get upset about what went on last night. Brian nailed it on the bonus idea. It was great. And as Dale and Terry demonstrated long ago it’s racing.

  45. Tommy crew man says

    As I remember, this was a carbon copy of Rocco and Ted a few years ago. Ted wrecked Rocco after the race, but no punches were thrown.

    Christopher and Rocco were both suspended 1 week.

    Guess we will see how consistent the track is with their calls.
    Here is the video:

    Fast forward to the end.

  46. Throw a punch, get suspended. Thats the policy. Woody had to sit when his crew chief was throwing haymakers last year. See ya TC. Maybe you can catch a movie next Friday.

  47. darealgoodfella says

    Pennink is my HERO!!!!

  48. Teddy is my hero
    Darealgoodfella once again being a immature person.

  49. TC started it on the track and TC started it in victory lane. Tonight you saw the true TC. Rowan was defending himself in victory lane. Real classy of TC to do that stuff in victory lane. I am sure the Arutes were not happy with TC after that. Take it out into the pits. I still don’t get why he would not race later in the VMRS. Who did he hurt? He had mech. problems my arse. The one thing I will say is that it sure was exciting. The VMRS race was boring in comparison. TC won his VMRS heat race, but was scheduled to start 18th in the feature. Why. Penneck won his VMRS heat race, but was scheduled to start 3rd. Why? I don’t remember who won the second VMRS heat race. What position did they start in the feature? Why? Does anybody know?

  50. Joe White, I think Pennick won the second heat. He couldn’t start better than 18th due to winning the last VMRS race he ran. As for the SK race I was there and did not see any “down in the grass” move on a restart, but I saw all the “chrome horn” antics. TC gave more than a few of those, but Pennick’s move was way WAY beyond a normal, or even an aggressive bump. I’m not much of a TC fan because of his occasional “Ironhead” moves, but Pennick crossed way over the line with his shot. If it was TC hitting Pennick that hard, Penninck would have been eating guard rail! I seriously don’t think many guys other then TC would have saved the car with that hard of a wallop! That shot wasn’t just a chrome horn, that was the whole freakin’ trailer truck! I was amazed the officials let that win stand! And my impression was the officials wouldn’t let TC run the VMRS race because of the fight. The only guy I heard about with mechanical issues was Woody.

  51. Joe white do you really think he parked the car because of what happened in the SK race ? You are out of your mind ! Why would a guy spend all that money on tires and xtra crew to park a race car that was clearly fast enough to win ? An internal engine problem was discovered after the heat race and the engine builder and the owner decided it would not be wise to chance a catastrophic failure which could result in a wrecked car .

  52. Per TC radio transmission before the “fight”, the “motor broke” in his VMRS car.


  54. Per TC radio transmission before the “fight”, the “motor broke” in his VMRS car. THATS THE BIGGEST LIE CANDY BOY TEDDY HAD TO HAVE HIS his dead weights guard him cause he WAS DOOMED FOR DESTRUCTION….

  55. Joe White, did you see TC’s VMRS heat race? He had faint smoke coming out the pipes. Turns out they found water in the oil afterward. So he parked it for the night.

  56. darealgoodfella says

    We’ll, at least TC isn’t walling cars as much as he used to.

    Great move by Pennink.

  57. Not Fred Lorenzon says

    If Stafford Speedway doesn’t suspend both drivers for fighting they’ve lost all credibility they have built up in the last ten years since taking a hardline stance on the physical attacks and brawls at the track. And Im not talking about this starting last in your heat race or losing a handicap for two weeks BS either. They should be gone from the property for at least two races, never mind one!!!

  58. Not Fred Lorenzon, nothing sparks fan interest more than a good old fashion rivalry with two drivers that don’t like each other. The track ain’t gonna do a damn thing.

  59. Meta Carples says

    I thought Ted Christopher had a broken hand… Now he’s throwing haymakers? In ten years, maybe he’ll be swinging his cane!

  60. SMS posts the penalty notices under Media on it’s home page. There usually is a significant number of infractions and penalties. The list goes up a few days after the race so we’ll see if there are consequences. Action on the track is one thing. Throwing punches far different. That’s a crime actually. Assault and battery I believe. TC and his people started it, Pennink and his people defended themselves. I would think Stafford has no choice but to suspend TC but we’ll see.

  61. darealgoodfella says

    TC is hospitalized with profound dehydration from all the crying.

  62. The 13 was scratched before the SK race started.

  63. geoffrey doppelgänger says

    The water found in TC’s motor oil was actually from pre-tears. Ted left before the VMRS race to go to grocery store before it closed to get some cheese to go with his whine.

  64. ????? So you can punch someone and it’s assault and battery, but hit them on the track with a 2650 pound race car intentionally and it’s not. ?????

  65. Or following your logic Mazdaj it’s common to hit people on the race track so it follows it’s OK to punch them. Being a little disingenuous aren’t you. I know you get the point which is consequences are likely.

  66. Sure, TC can be an aggressive driver, but he does make the races exciting to watch. Teddy had a faster car — he gave Pennick a tiny bump, and then had to fight side-by-side to make the pass. What Pennick did to TC on the final lap was no comparison. It was a hot-headed, pile-drive entering turn 3. On a scale of 1-10, Teddy gave Pennick a 2 or 3 tap, and then fought hard to make the pass. Pennick’s pile-driver was about 8 or 9 on a scale of 1-10. TC’s only mistake was going after Pennick in winner’s circle. Save it for the next time the 2 of them are on the track together.

  67. darealgoodfella says

    TC can dish it out but can’t take it.

    Whah, whah, whaaaaaaaah.


  68. I was there Friday night. Turn 3 was not the only place TC hit the 99. He also hit him in turn 1, but it was not on the bumper. TC was beside the 99 on the bottom and did one of his famous 8 tires are better than 4 tricks. He sent Rowan up the track pretty good. He hip checked him. So that was at least twice I saw TC hit the 99 before Rowan drilled him in turn 3. TC deserved the bump and run from Pennick. Joe Lajoie, first thanks for identifying yourself. I was there watching the race but I did not see the smoke from Teddy’s red number 13. I will concede that maybe he did have a motor problem after all. Johshua Bellivuer reported hearing a radio transmission that TC’s motor was hurt before the SK race started. The question I had was why in the VMRS feature was TC starting 18th and RP was starting 3rd? They both won their VMRS heat races. I do not understand the VMRS handicapping system. I guess it did not matter as TC would not run the race anyway for whatever reason.

  69. Yes, they are.

  70. Woody wasn’t even there

  71. Tony Cockalota says

    fellas love him or hate him – when he retires racing will go on but it wont be the same! You haters will be bored and the track will suffer you all watch and see. he may drive dirty at times but so does every drive who wants to win cause 2nd SUCKS.

  72. Joe, I do not fully understand the VMRS handicap system either, but I read on another site TC was scheduled to start 18th because he won the last VMRS race he ran at Waterford. Likewise, Nocella won at Beech Ridge and started 17th.

  73. Hey joe white did you have your blinders on ? how did water head pass Rocco down in turn 1 ? he sent him for clams and a cheeseburger . The only way to pass the water head is to move him when you try to pass him he uses his mirror and turns into you . TC races people like they race him and he gets the job done. Come back here and run your mouth when water head has 100 plus wins .

  74. darealgoodfella says

    TC needs to be careful who he picks a fight with. Pennink is a big boy who looks like he could pummel TC into a pulp with ease.

    TC playing the victim card after all these decades of being the Supreme Victimizer is hypocrisy at its finest. TC can’t run and compete without the dirty stuff, too bad. 🤡 💩

  75. The video is out and Joe White nailed it. Christopher blew by Pennink in turn one because he got popped in turn 4. Why else would that ridiculously easy pass happen after Pennink had been so clearly in control. Heck it took Christopher the better part of 10 laps to get by Rocco who eventually faded from the front row to 7th. If there was more laps Pennink wouldn’t have been so aggressive but there wasn’t and thus the shot heard round the racing world. He manned up saying he matched dirty racing with dirty racing and will keep the win. The last lap, the frackus in victory lane, all of it was sublime.
    And thanks to Tony C for making it clear how important Christopher is to racing. It was interesting to hear Todd Owen in victory lane calling what happened in front of him “childish” as he sat in third watching and judging. Todd Owen who everyone respects and admires for his talent and professionalism. Todd Owen who can’t draw flies for interest when articles are written about him because he rarely if ever is exciting. If the SK division was populated by all Todd Owens imagine how clean and professional the racing would be and how devoid of people taking chances and creating edge of the seat excitement. I love hating Ted Christopher, think he’s the best thing in racing locally and rue the day he retires.

  76. Crazy in NY says

    Stafford issues penalties for rough driving all the time. Last thing I am is a Teddy fan but if Rowan’s shot goes unpunished then how do they (SMS) ever levy that penalty to someone going forward?
    That kind of “racing” has been going on too long but the tracks have let it go. It’s they’re fault mostly.
    I would have put them both on the tail end of the lead lap.

  77. Both got the exact same penalties but for different infractions: Pennink for overaggressive driving, TC for actions detrimental to being a man.

    Saw the video, and while I am not a fan of either, the only reason the Pennink hit in turn 3 looks so hard is Ted braked really hard and early – you can see it on the video, trying to protect the bottom, which is his right as the leader.

    But, officiating is not going to protect you if you do that. Ask Preece about it up at NHIS when Coby drilled him in turn 1 a couple of years ago after Preece brake checked big time in the turn.

    I think Stafford got it right – at least as realistically as they could. Pennink had to get some type of penalty or else it would have sent a “have at it, boys!” message to the field – a field that can’t afford that financially.

  78. darealgoodfella says

    It’s extremely funny for me… TC is the same today as he was several years ago. Perhaps he has slowed down his rate of wrecking lately. But years ago, it was expected that he would wreck a couple cars a race, even his own. I would post what a wrecker he was, etc. and people would pile on and attack me while defending and praising TC. I laughed at all of it. But look today, TC is on the receiving end of the fan feedback, and it ain’t pretty. And he isn’t wrecking as much as he used to.


  79. darealgoodfella says

    JR, if TC didn’t go and act out on the Neanderthal instincts in victory lane, do you think that Pennink would have still gotten that penalty, and TC would have been the perceived “victim”?

    TC was the one that had to be penalized for being a caveman. If he didn’t do that, I think nothing would have been done about Rowan’s bump. TC has been doing bumping and worse forever, and it has been enabled by tracks forever.

    So TC goes berserk in victory lane and blames Pennink? Pennink doesn’t have to be penalized for what TC has been doing forever, or be given a matching penalty for TC being a caveman.

  80. Wow. Love these posts. From the idiotic to astute. couple things are noticeable
    1.. The bravery that anonymity allows is obvious.
    2. The haters will hate n are blinded by it
    3. Ignorance is nearly impossible to hide

    Posters can figure out which categories apply to them.

  81. Are Pennink and TC entered in Saturday’s MTS race at Waterford?

  82. And dareal your last comment shows just how much of a Genius TC is Thank you for pointing that out . Also this bad a$$ driver has made a pretty good living from all the money them wins brought throughout the years . So all the hatred is all good because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care after all he has the wins and money and guys like you have provided the money that he wins .

  83. darealgoodfella says

    2 BAD… bbbbbwwwwwahahhwhahwhhawwwwwaaaaaaaa!!!!

    That’s funny.

    Nobody makes a living racing modifieds. It’s a massive money losing hobby. And all the wrecks that TC has been in cost millions more than all the winnings TC earned.

    But please… explain how my comment shows how much of a genius TC is. Please!

  84. darealgoodfella says

    This is one of the best and historically significant reports in ages.

    And it’s the funniest.

    TC = 🤡

    Rowan is going easy on TC, doesn’t want to be accused of beating up an old man.

  85. TC owns a lucrative Allison repair shop if I’m not mistaken.Their businesses are what allows most short track guys to pursue racing.Winning purses will surely help,but I think sponsorship money is also important.Can’t imagine making a living off modified racing as an owner.Of course I never owned a car so I could be wrong.

  86. darealgoodfella says

    Rowan sent a message to TC. Mess with the bull and get the horn. Rowan is the new generation, and he’s really good.

  87. These aren’t fights its WWF showmanship. If they wanted to take care of business it would out back by the woodshed. Teddy is a banger without question but if lives by the sword he’s got to man up when he gets pushed out of the way.

  88. darealgoodfella says

    GMR… exactly. TC would never do a stunt like that back by the woodshed. He needs the crowd around to protect him for when he’s getting his maximum glutei kicked. It’s amazing how such a wrecker has a fan base.

  89. I don’t know what businesses Christopher owns but I do know he used to be a regular at Southern Auto Auction in East Windsor, Ct. He was a used car guy. I know cause I saw him there most weeks.

  90. Not Fred Lorenzon says

    Doug, you do know that Ted has an identical twin brother, right? One that owns a car lot specializing in Hondas? One that goes to the auction on a regular basis? One that has a son that races an SK at Stafford every week? Good god man, try and think before you post.

  91. darealgoodfella says

    Not Fred Lorenzon, thinking is well out of the realm of too many people.

  92. Thanks Not Fred Lorenzon for straightening me out. And yes I knew of and enjoyed watching the elder Mike in his racing days.But I would suggest that invoking a deity when I was simply trying to add information to what Art said is not necessary since there was no malice in my observation. And while I’m sure you get great satisfaction with the taunts and insults might it be more productive to say what Ted’s business actually is rather then kicking me and saying how wrong and ignorant I am.

  93. I should have followed up on Art’s lead. He’s almost always right.
    Per the M & T web site.
    “M & T Enterprises was started in 1986 by Ted Christopher, a factory trained Allison technician. His goal was to provide a high level of customer support and service while offering competitive prices. M & T Enterprises operates from a state-of-the-art facility located in Plainville Connecticut. From this location in central Connecticut, M & T offers on-site and road service throughout New England and Eastern New York State. ”

    Interesting how the web is loaded with Christopher’s track performances and mostly devoid of his entrepreneurial prowess which seems to be impressive.

  94. Back in the day says

    Geoff bodine he use automatic tranny
    Built by the great TC
    They not friends nomore
    It fail big time
    On backstretch
    Outlawed now

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