American Racer To Restructure Asphalt Modified Racing Support For 2018; Leaving MTS

(Press Release from American Racer)

American Racer is going to discontinue support of the Modified Touring Series (MTS) after completion of the 2017 racing season.

Scott Junod, Director of Racing for American Racer said “We want to thank all the teams, track promoters, and sponsors that have supported our efforts with MTS this year. Unfortunately we have had, and continue to have philosophical differences with MTS and must withdraw our support of that series. We will however, absolutely continue to support asphalt mods in New England and the Northeast. We are currently exploring other options to grow our presence in the region.”


  1. A war of words. MTS announced they left for Hoosier. AR says they left MTS. I’m actually a little surprised there is going to be a 2018 for MTS. No great shakes there in my opinion.

  2. Best thing to ever happen for us race fans and the race tracks is for the MTS to fold. Ever since the MTS series started the amount of tour type mods at the non-WMT events have gone down drastically. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is tired of paying premium prices for less than premium entertainment. I go every week to see my favorites run and having to pay $30 or sometimes more just because a short field modified touring show is really getting annoying.

  3. darealgoodfella says

    You’re not breaking up with me, I’m breaking up with you!!!

  4. darealgoodfella says

    “Unfortunately we have had,and continue to have philosophical differences with MTS and must withdraw our support of that series.”

    Philosophical? Really? I thought it was always about money.

  5. It is about the money but they still cant make a tire as good as a Hoosier for a mod. Just not in the same category. The AR tires haven’t changed much in the last 10 years or more. Stafford ditched them for the weekly divisions in favor of the Hoosiers which immediately evened things up among chassis types.

  6. A famous quote sums this up: ” It’s not you, it’s me.”

  7. I know I have philosophical differences with ownership of that tour, many do and have so stated.I would like to know American Racers problem is exactly with that tour.Seems like a wishy washy politically correct statement.Sponsors come and go but this seems like a lame excuse for something that they don’t want to publicly acknowledge.Is it poor car counts, bad fan turnout,poor tour management,no return on investment, “it’ not you it’s me” or something else?

  8. Fast Eddie says

    It goes without saying if more cars showed they would have sold more tires; maybe that would have made a difference. Most of the MTS cars also ran other events, so Hoosier can now sell more to their existing customers. I thought the quality of MTS racing and competition was good despite the low car counts. Maybe with Hoosier on board the car counts will be better next year.

  9. I doubt car counts will be better now the MTS is on Hoosiers. The is just way too may touring series for the amount of race cars, race tracks, and weekends available. IMO somethings has to give, maybe the simple solution would be for the MTS and MRS to merge?

  10. Costanza invented the “it’s not you, it’s me”

    Mts and valentie series should come together as one. Perhaps bigger pay days and a big attraction. I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

  11. It makes sense for both tours come together. But the powers behind them won’t let it happen.

  12. Fast Eddie says

    Mr. Knight was originally trying to but the VMRS, but Mr. Bateman wouldn’t sell it. Overall, the VMRS had more cars per race, but the MTS had more of the area’s “heavy hitter” drivers. However, the VMRS now has a new batch of “heavy hitters” of their own. Perhaps using the same tires will promote more teams “crossing over” from one series to the other. If there is close competition and exciting racing without a lot of “follow the leader”, does it really matter that much if there is 18 cars or 24 cars?

  13. Just a couple thoughts. Is the WMT the top dog or what? Not even close. Great crowd at Stafford Sunday and the other tour top dogs like McKennedy and Nocella just one of the guys in the WMT. 27 cars in the field so you can check that box as well. Compelling race with excitement at the end……check.
    With regard to the other tours all great observations. But the real story on multi tour viability will be obvious when 2018 schedules are revealed. Will Stafford pack the schedule with special touring events again of not? Will all the tours still exist as they are now? We know the MTS will be there cause they inked the deal with Hoosier. Stafford looks like they make a ton of money on special event nights. Crowds are like a typical show and the ticket price is $30. My money is on nothing changes or maybe they add a special event or two. Would’t that be a kick in the marbles for we fans of the $17.50 regular show.

  14. darealgoodfella says

    There are too many series, that’s for sure. The NWMT is the Big Dog. For whatever reason, some people think they can do better than NASCAR. Good for them. There are now too many series. Any other series but the NWMT can disappear and nobody would notice. VMRS was climbing and then flamed out, and the others haven’t made a mark.

    Look at the NWMT… seven different cars have won, and two of them are part-timers. Car counts really are not that important. I focus on the competitive cars. It’s nice to have a full field, but do you really go to watch the 18, 33, 38, 01, 26, etc.? The number of competitive cars that can win is very small. Bigger car counts only means more obstacles because non-competitive cars show up.

    Any merging of the off-Broadway series is meaningless. The resulting series won’t be much better, just one less series for cars to decide where to run.

    But then there is the idea of weekly series that really doesn’t care about touring or being a part of a series. Might see more of that happening. And every track will have its own rules, making it very unlikely that cars from one track will run anyplace else.

    The other consideration is that very few cars run the entire season. There are far more part-timers than full-timers. Of all the cars that have run a NWMT event, only about 25% have run all races so far. The VMRS series is similar in that there are no real full timers in that series, just running the most races would get you the championship. The VMRS has been functionally an open touring “series”. Look at the stats, very few cars run the entire season.

    But make sure you understand this… people want to see the big dogs… the top cars of the dedicated owners, and the drivers they choose to drive their cars.

  15. In The Know says

    MTS people made promises of huge car counts and rosters full of stars and none of it ever happened. Averaged what, 14 cars a race, usually with at least 6-8 “Carlos Gray” type field fillers?
    Stafford is not having them back, that’s already been decided. Word is Seekonk and Riverhead don’t want them back either. So you’re left running Waterford and Monadnock five times each? Yipeee!
    When you promise track promoters 40 cars a race and a bunch of stars and you don’t deliver, or even come close to delivering, promoters tend to turn their back on you.
    McKennedy is not going back. Exit Realty is out. Big swing and a miss for the MTS.

  16. Wait this is news. I have to ask, is In the Know actually in the know. The MTS isn’t going to be on the 2018 Stafford schedule. For real or are you guessing? McKennedy wins on the MTS. He’s out? 20 cars in June at Stafford and 18 in July with Preece in both fields of good cars. I’d be shocked if they were left off in 2018. For real?

  17. Man Dareal you are a great WMT fan. Gotta ask what this is about:
    “But then there is the idea of weekly series that really doesn’t care about touring or being a part of a series. Might see more of that happening. And every track will have its own rules, making it very unlikely that cars from one track will run anyplace else. ”
    Isn’t that like the SK’s? Or are you saying a step up from SK’s.

  18. MTS has no credibility at all with the teams. Mr Knight said he wanted to run a tire that promoted better racing, now he wants to run a tire that promotes better car counts! American Racer was the only reason this guy got started, now he’s forced to play follow the leader with Hoosier.I have not heard a negative comment about MRS all year, Jack is loving every minute of this debacle.

  19. Stafford doesn’t need these tours. They have a great weekly card. A few WMT races. ISMA was fun. Beyond that, I’m good.

  20. Mike Tyson says

    Anybody that didn’t already know what the MTS was about got to see it all in their event at the Speedbowl. Zachem’s father is tight with the series owner and Max was allowed to drive over anything and anyone that night and officials looked the other way at everything. Max ends up getting bloody and beaten afterwards, probably deserved it. And the series officials stood by and watched him get beat down and didn nothing but scream in the radios. If the MTS officials had controlled Mad Max on the track he would probably would have never ended up squirting hemoglobin like the Bellagio fountains all over the pits.
    And the night ended with the guy running the series taking a swing at his own tech inspector and ending up with a broken hand.
    And Jack and the MRS just do their thing, get cars, run clean races that don’t turn into real life WWE shows between drivers or between their own series officials. They pay the bills and make tracks happy.
    Larry at Monadnock is kicking himself for throwing everyone else out because now this is all he has left. Same with the Speedbowl, nobody else except for the MTS really wants to go there under that black cloud.

  21. Combine both series. Make it happen some way some how. NASCAR doesn’t give a Damn about the tour really. I really see something big with two series combining and maybe go down south a few times and of course all over the northeast. Both owners of the series can bring money. Big purses. Big attractions. Easier said then done.. but if someone can grab the horns with modified racing and promote the hell out of it. I think it would take off. It’s a great product in person and tv.

  22. wmass01013 says

    Doug you do realize that when a track like Stafford books the WMT that they pay a fee to NASCAR for the date, I don’t know the current fee for having race and officials, 5Ok? 75k? MAYBE in the Know, Knows! so when a big crownd @$30 DOESNT mean all profit!
    Jack and the MRS have had lots of drama with rules, officials and teams in the past, not all gummy bears and rose petals, 2017 was pretty quiet and clean for MRS.
    MTS just scares me, lotsa promises and not much actual details of a future.
    While I like good car counts to make competition better, love the 58 running down and beating the 6 at Stafford, would love to see more guys run more tracks to see more guys win a race when no one thinks they can, I would love to see Lake Erie on the WMT, and Jennerstown back on the schedule, yes The WMT is king and always will be it seems!

  23. You know wmass it’s like everyone always wants what they say to be the absolute truth and when questions arise the tug of war commences. No I’m not privy to the financial arrangements of SMS and what they make or do not make on any given race or season for that matter. I reflect on what I see, speculate and in the case of In the Know simply asked if he had definite confirmation that the MTS was out at Stafford. It’s news, what’s wrong with asking for confirmation? If it’s a hunch, say it’s a hunch. That’s the fun of speculating.
    The proof will definitely be in the pudding and the pudding is the 2018 schedule. Personally I think it’s dramatic and kind of fun seeing what unfolds and how all our speculation fits into the story. I know one thing for sure, no matter who is on or not on the schedule next year I’m going to some races and will enjoy the heck out of them. That’s the only thing I’m absolutely sure of.

  24. darealgoodfella says

    Hank Hill said: ” .. but if someone can grab the horns with modified racing and promote the hell out of it. I think it would take off. It’s a great product in person and tv.”

    I’ve been saying this forever. Amazing that it is what it is with no promotion.

  25. darealgoodfella says

    In other news, only 12 cars are entered in the Charlotte exhibition event.

  26. “In the Know” may want to make a name change to “Fake News”.

  27. Define promotion. I see all these big time tool companies on the sides of these cars. They must be getting something out of being involved. Just being on tv alone brings a certain amount of promotion.

  28. wmass01013 says

    I was not trying to argue or be right with my points Doug just my thoughts, The Arutes are smart businessmen and I am sure they know the WMT is top dog but also very expensive to Bring in and they have tried the new kids in town MRS AND NOW MTS, are they profitable to the track? only they know, do I want all 3 back at Stafford? I would hope NO!

  29. Thanks for clarifying wmass. I hear you. I’m more ambivalent. I kind of want more of the cheap regular nights cause of the rain out factor. On the other hand I went to one each of the MTS and MRS shows and they were good. Bottom line is we each know what we don’t know about what Stafford will decide and I for one am enjoying the drama of what direction they will go in. Touring series wise and if they will stand pat on the division line up.

  30. darealgoodfella says

    NH Mark, where do you see ads for mod racing? Where do you see NASCAR promoting and advertising the Tour mods to get more people to the tracks? Where do you see any ads promoting mod racing? I don’t see anything.

    Loudon has been advertising its Cup events the last few years since attendance has fallen off. There used to be a 5 year waiting list for Loudon Cup tickets, the worst ticket in the house went for over $100 (I know, I sat there!). Now tickets for Cup races are what, $30. So now Loudon promotes with TV ads and phone calls. I get numerous calls, and emails. Where does that happen to get more people to the mod races?

  31. dareal,not only a small field for the joke at Charlotte.The deuce is the only regular car entered,Preece will be there in Tommy Baldwin’s car.So indeed Nascar is the best mod tour around but still does stupid things.This does not promote the series.Going to Jennerstown or anyplace else but Charlotte or Daytona would be a better idea.I agree there is no promotion what so ever for the best mod tour there is.

  32. I’m not saying more couldn’t be done but Loudon runs radio commercials in the Boston market every summer. There was a big add for the Seekonk WMT race on the electronic billboard on I-195 all summer. Every race is on TV. Im sure Thompson and Stafford email their customers who buy online. A lot of it is social media these days. All the press releases are posted here and on Facebook. Getting new fans into the sport is a different question. Not sure I have an answer for that. Mayhew and Starrett wouldn’t have jumped on board if they weren’t getting their products peddled effectively.

  33. Advertise. Who even knows what that is these days. Mark’s got the idea. Social media, micro targeting, Facebook, Twitter etc. They might be advertising the heck out of racing and who would even know it cause print media is dead, radio and TV so fragmented who knows.
    I wish some of you WMT devotees could tell me one thing. Daytona, Bristol, Charlotte………….why. Long distances, expense and empty seats…..why. But locally in New England some of the shows are real happenings. Crowds, car counts, excitement. So why the traveling? Is it what the teams like? Daytona in February. The high banks of Bristol. Why?

  34. darealgoodfella says

    art, agreed. What is going on with mods in Charlotte does NOT represent the northern NWMT.

    Wonder why Preece is in Baldwin’s car? Why not Lia?

    NH Mark, social media is very limited. If the people don’t look for it, it going to get in their face. Modifieds needs new fans. Advertising and promoting to existing fans doesn’t help.

  35. dareal,Wondering gets us in trouble but I also wonder.Did Ed Partridge say the hell with nascar and their long distance waste of time?Like everyone else seems to have done.Does Preece need to be there to keep his name in front of Xfinity?And yes what about Lia?Was he in on this?Maybe he hadn’t planned on it all along.Also promotion is more than social media and a company like nascar knows that.

  36. Inelastic. That’s what many would say the racing fan base is. A devoted, small base that are knowledgeable, have allegiances to cars and drivers. Mostly older. The cars are carbureted V-8’s in a 4 cylinder, computer controlled world with novice divisions using obsolete body styles. Attracting young fans is a challenge asking them to view cars they cannot relate to in any way. And Stafford anyway won’t do minis or X cars for probably good reasons to show a younger audience cars they can relate to. To this add promotion where it’s so easy to dodge commercials now with DVR’s, Netflix, youtube, music downloads and ridiculously sophisticated phones you can get anything on that help you dodge the commercials. Product placement in shows where people can’t blast through the messaging without losing show content is a strategy but local racing is more boutique and limited so no one would get the message even if a track could afford the cost. Now tell me again how to promote racing in a cost effective way dummies like me can understand.

  37. No MTS for Stafford and Riverhead for 2018. Exit Reality is also out as the main sponsor.

  38. You’re the second person to say the MTS is out at Stafford Craig. Do you care to say where you got the information?

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