New London-Waterford Speedbowl Management Announces New Grandstand Project To Begin After Jan. 1

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  1. No idea how they’re gonna finish a project of that size in 4 months even if weather cooperates. But should be a cool improvement. Hope it makes the facility look a lot better!

  2. This is great track opening on time and new grandstands can’t wait for the season to start.

  3. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the plans come to fruition for the 2018 season. If they do, it could be a particularly good season at the Bowl.

  4. darealgoodfella says

    And they were very optimistic on the Hindenburg and Titanic.

  5. Are they going to be permanent facilities or temporary grandstands? It his hard for me to believe that a renter is going to spend that kind of money for capital improvements without a long term lease deal.

  6. They had all of November and December to work on the project with weather in their favor. Now they are going to start work “sometime” after January 1 when the weather will be touch and go. A project of this magnitude should have started on Monday morning after the final event. Prime outdoor construction season is not in January, February and March especially in the Northeast. I hope the luck is with them and they can get the project completed by opening day or I am afraid there will be no opening day especially if the Town has the final say.

  7. Geese Louise I read Humphry, Lionel Train Engineer and others comments on the new WMT race purse at NHMS and it’s so uplifting. Enthusiasm abounds at the hopes for the new race sans the Monster series. No negativity at all cause that’s their interest and others respect it. Then and article that casts a ray of sunshine for next year at the Speedbowl and Gloomy Gus and Debbie Downer are raining on the parade again. You don’t even go there in a likelihood. Lionel Train Engineer even predicted they couldn’t be done unless they started after the last race. That would make him………let me tally it up since last spring now……….wrong every time. And humphry advising us in New England it’s cold in January, February and March and less the ideal for construction. Geese, ya think.
    You can read the stands two ways. Bemer is still active and playing a roll in the improvements if it happens which is obviously troubling. Or the lease was a success, George Whitney is making LEASE HOLD IMPROVEMENTS and it all may lead to a sale at some point down the road. The LEASE HOLD IMPROVEMENTS scenario seems the more likely in my view given the owners criminal and civil legal issues. In any event, new stands, a good thing. A very good thing.

  8. knucklesmahoney says

    It sounds to me like the town just doesn’t want them to open. The stands there are fine to me. IMO they are not a safety hazard, and i believe the town is just picking on something. And why should the town get involved at all in a private business??? If the stands are deemed the cause of an accident of some type, then the bowl is responsible. Once again, more regulation by people who don’t know crap, and hurt private business.

  9. How can anyone disagree with daidiot? He’s an engineer for crying out loud. If he says the construction on the new stands needed to be started after the last feature was run then that’s what needed to happen. At this point they’re going to be at least four months behind schedule. When are you people going to learn. When it comes to all things speedbowl dagenius is all knowing.

  10. Ben & Eileen Dover says

    1/1/18 is plenty of time to get the job done. I totally believe the Post, Bemer has got the money and no court is going to stop him from improving the value of the track. As far as the late night night time of the press release it makes total sense to me, Bemer does his business late at night, probably met with Whitney over a late TDay dinner and made a game plan. If any of you think Bemer is not the one calling the shots while pulling the strings on the Whitney puppet your nuts!!!!!

  11. Ben & Eileen Dover says

    And we must all keep in mind and ask our selves why is there still no NASCAR banner flying at the Bowl? Because they know the deal and won’t bite at it with the current ownership still in place.

    Believe me, I love the place, I hope it’s here for decades to come! Let’s just all keep n mind there is no way Bemer can hold on to it, it will be sold at some point to satisfy these civil actions. There’s more victims allegedly then a class action sute against GM!!!

  12. You know Doug, it is easy to armchair quarterback everything everyone writes or says but frankly I have not seen you throw a touchdown from your keyboard.

    Knuckles, the town has to inspect every facility within their jurisdiction annually for compliance with local & state laws. If they don’t they open themselves up for liability for a structural failure or fire resulting in a death or injury so ultimately they will be the deciding factor on whether the track opens or not.

    It is not interfering with a private business it is the law.

  13. sour grapes of wrath says

    if I am not mistaken the issue with potential sale(s) may have been due to the issues with the grandstand. this needs to be done. the owner has every right to do so. he is trying to improve the facility (value) . no one right now or very few know the details of the lease so if you have nothing good to say……. never saw so many negative comments about IMPROVEMENTS to a race track.projects like this can be done in a very short time with the only issue weather related operations./concrete and the like maxim 410 is right on the money. be happy the bowl is planning on operating in 2018.. I for one am thrilled good luck to the management team and competitors in 2018 !!! PS if you have purchased tickets to the movies you are supporting sexual NASCAR ?? this is a bad thing?? .. you had perhaps 70 percent attendance at the final race of the year in florida ?? with the farewell to dale Jr tour??? yeah NASCAR has it together…stop bashing,stay home and stop whining already

  14. Viva race fan says

    Saw small stands in turn 1 already gone.

  15. It does seem like the plan is for Bemer sells to Whitney if Bemer puts in new grandstands. Let’s hope it all works out.

  16. Good for them i hope it happens some were for sure Nascar was going to be back well
    so much for that if 2 Black cars don’t show up open there trunks and bring out chains and
    locks they will have 2018 opener.

  17. darealgoodfella says

    Snow flies pretty soon and construction season is over.

    But it does look good, for the optics.

  18. It looks great for optics. And thanks to you I’m convinced that’s all it is. The speedbowl is doomed. Thanks for your enlightenment. I had a sliver of hope for a second. As soon as the flakes fly construction will halt. You should give Whitney a call daidiot, and tell him the effort is useless. He seems to be a smart guy and surely he’ll listen to you.

  19. Lionel Train Engineer and Captain Obvious have said that the stands needed to be started after the last race. They probably were started before the last race. Such renovation requires an engineering study, scope of work, material to be ordered and quotes to be requested as well as coordination with the towns building department. Debbie Downer and Grumpy Gus don’t think anything starts until they see a backhoe. You tell me construction pros. Isn’t most of the work including the manufacture of the stands done before delivery? Isn’t it study and planning that are the key to doing the job speedily? Aren’t stands basically a giant erector set that can go up pretty fast?
    I’m viewing any track as a legacy that must be preserved and where the current ownership is temporary. Here we have a track not downsizing, not ceasing to exist, not cutting back divisions but actually making a major renovation. And supposed race fans are whining. Amazing.

  20. Thats my money
    Im a guy who is behing the scenes
    Big $$$ call me that

  21. I submit a scenario for all those that can think past the belly buttons.
    3, 4 or 5 years in the future:
    The accused owner has been found guilty. He has lost one or more civil suits totaling large amounts of money that was paid from his personal holdings. The track along with other assets were sold to help fund the judgements against him.
    So if you agree that all or some of this may happen what difference does it make if the track is up and running or not. If it is a rotting corpse like Plainville Stadium was before the site was developed. Or a thriving 3/8 mile facility with gleaming aluminum stands and a full compliment of Gada’s in attendance to thrill we fans.

  22. Bob The Builder says

    Doug, are you joking? Erector set? There’s a lot more to putting up a grandstand there than putting the nuts and bolts on an “erector set” and putting it where the old one was. Needs to be footings poured (typically not done in frozen ground). There needs to be a new tower built. There needs to be new electrical done. The structure is going to have to be further back from the track, meaning redesign of the walkway between the track and grandstand and new pavement put down in that area. Also going to change the walkway behind the grandstand. And what about the new concession stands that need to be built? This is a far bigger project than you’re imagining. I don’t think anybody is whining about this happening. More like being skeptical that something like this can be done start to finish in four months in the winter.

  23. darealgoodfella says

    Demolition could have started immediately (it didn’t), and what is demolished will tell the extent of the reconstruction. It will probably be minimal, just to get the town off their backs.

    Ground will be frozen soon, not good for pouring concrete. Snow will be here. Construction while wearing snow shoes is tough.

    Bob the Builder, there’s a big difference between what is needed and what is wanted.

  24. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, Doug hasn’t completed a pass, or a running play. He’s always on his heels going backwards.

    Next he’ll tell us he was going to be Time Magazine Man of the Year, but he stepped aside because they wouldn’t pay enough corn flakes.

  25. darealgoodfella says

    Seems the most technical things some people have ever done in their lives is flip a tab on a beer can.

  26. WOW Peter Perfect, you are so smart! Engineering study, permitting process, materials procurement, periodiac inspections, project coordination. Do you really think you are telling us something we already don’t know? Oh by the way you forgot the demolition permit to get everything started. You are precious

    Erector set, really? Bob The Builder you are correct in your post but stand by, you are about to be corrected by Peter Perfect who knows it all. Just ask him, he will tell you.

  27. I don’t see any of you doubters grabbing any tools and volunteering to help out and make it happen… sitting here complaining through your keyboard isn’t gonna help whatsoever.

  28. Mike, major construction projects are not done by volunteers. OSHA would have a field day. At the end of the day this is a business. Volunteers need not apply.

  29. Mike, great idea but it is not that easy. Who is going to carry the liability insurance on all these people with saws and cutting torches that are just going to rip and strip. Materials have to be properly separated prior to disposal. One wrong move could cause a structural collapse that could potentially result in litigation over death or injury that would put the place out if business forever. Let’s just leave it to the professionals who do it for a living and hope it will be completed in time.

  30. The Speedbowl has been dealing with grandstand for about 7-8 years that I know of. There were a few years that seating was limited due to their condition. The problem always seems to be with the supports underneath and not the seats themselves. supposedly last year some of you were talking about replacement stand materials being on the property somewhere. With all that happened last year, they opened for racing. It sounds like they are replacing the stands and will be open this year, an improvement that will increase the value to any potential buyers. Can’t we as race fans just be glad it’s hopefully still going to be a racetrack?

  31. No Bob the Builder I am not joking. I know exactly what I don’t know, ask questions and bingo you appear with exactly the kind if informed insights I hoped for. Your comment was great. Unlike Latka Gravis that can barely rub two words together let alone form a coherent sentence and is about as informative as a donut hole. Or Lionel Train Engineer that at this stage is only a spoiler and poor one at that. And Captain Obvious repeating Lionel Train Engineers whiny musings and telling us it’s cold in the winter.
    So are you rooting for failure Bob the Builder or are you skeptically hopeful? I know what I don’t know but approach it from the optimistic side. I don’t know that a complete engineering study has been done and that a project plan with goals and target dates set. But I hope so. I don’t know demolition has started with electricians cutting and sealing the old announcers booth wiring or the stands fasteners torched and prepped for the main demolition. But I hope so. So tell us Bob the Builder. If you skeptically hopeful why not tell us how it could unfold successfully from an engineering, planning, demolition, manufacturing and installation standpoint. If you don’t care to then maybe all that makes you is a more sophisticated perpetual bummer like the phony Lionel Train Engineer and Captain Obvious.

  32. darealgoodfella says

    Mike, this isn’t a colonial days barn raising.

  33. What did I tell you Bob. The man, the mith, the legend Peter Perfect has spoken! Jack of all trades, master if none!

  34. Working grandstands won’t increase the value. It’s sort of an essential piece of a spectator arena. Besides, if it were to go up for sale don’t you want the value to decrease as a buyer so someone can get it on the cheap? Increasing the value of a place that historically nobody wanted to or could afford to buy doesnt help you Bowl faithful chaps. The guy paid almost 1.3 mil. My guess is it could be had for about that today, legal hangups not withstanding. Given that he was the only person to bid on the place makes me think there aren’t a lot of qualified suitors. Leasing and owning are two different ballgames. The owner is going to prison at some point and no new grandstands are going to prevent that.

    Colonial barn raising. Too funny! I can picture that cluster in my head right now.

  35. Well, as with many things regarding the Speedbowl maybe it’ll get finished in a timely manner, maybe not.
    But I’ve slogged through enough construction projects over the years to know better than to believe those of you that think lousy winter weather prevent jobs from getting completed.
    The only two things that stall a project of any size is a sketchy General Contractor and/or a lack of money. If there is real money there backing it up, companies will push through anything to get paid.

    The “weather”…lol

  36. I guess that simple little blurb on Facebook can be taken either of two ways. Many of us take it as a good thing. Imagine, a major stands renovation in these days of downsizing in New England oval track racing. Then the usual suspects, the cool guys enter the string doing their best to demolish every bit of optimism in their path. Meanwhile no one ridicules them and their interest in WMT topics. It’s kind of like the cool guys in High School. Standing outside the shop class, having a smoke and making fun of everyone that walks by them cause they’re not as cool and don’t have Camaro’s and SS 396 Chevelles like them. Not that bright, insecure and constantly looking to each other for approval after they take one of their shots at a victim.
    The idea that no construction takes place in the winter in ridiculous. The footings can be poured at 30 degrees and above or be precast and set in place. The announcing booth is pre built like Stafford and integral to the stands that may be pre manufactured. The concessions stands can be trailers like the fries and beer at Stafford and country fairs every fall. Or not I don’t know. Maybe nothing has been done.
    I do know that the optimists have been right in the past more then the cynical cool guys. And the people managing the track are clearly not the incompetent fools the cool guys said was the case from the start. I remain optimistic.

  37. My point exactly. Poor Mike makes an innocent comment about volunteering that every well intended person understood to mean be constructive or you’re irrelevant. And the cool guys almost in unison jump on that one observation and commence to hooting and hollering about liability and barn raisings and all manner of nonsense they concocted looking at each other for approval as the mockery rolls on. All culminating with NH Mark taking both sides of the stands as it pertains to resale, yammering on about Bemer and stands and going to jail and loving the completely irrelevant barn raising analogy the coolest of cool guys Lionel Train Engineer created. Clearly looking to him for approval.
    All made more laughable since the Speedbowl did have volunteers before the track opened that did play a constructive if not substantial roll in the opening.

  38. It’s myth humphry, not mith. You’re welcome. Two lines of mockery and you can’t even get that right.

  39. darealgoodfella says

    That’s right NH Mark, safe stands are the way it’s supposed to be, not a luxury item. The more problems the place has, the more that the selling price can be hammered down, on top of the ick factor. Whatever is getting reconstructed is going to be done on the extreme cheap, just to get it done.

  40. darealgoodfella says

    Doug wrote, “I know exactly what I don’t know,…”

    Somehow, I don’t think that is possible.

  41. Thompsons don’t seem very safe…

  42. Well Peter Perfect you finally got me with something legitimate. Keep posting the reteric, we can’t wait to read what comes off your keyboard next and how many paragraphs it takes to make your point.

  43. This is great news!!! How about a thread where people don’t have to be negative and cry something so good for the racing community. Not long ago the grandstands would have demolished for another big box or houses. This is great for the future and I bet in time NASCAR will be back.. Does the bowl even need them to return??

  44. darealgoodfella says

    Doug wrote, “It’s myth humphry, not mith. You’re welcome. Two lines of mockery and you can’t even get that right.”

    Doug, you really don’t want to criticize someone for spelling and grammar. You are certainly not the spelling or grammar police. Bring your writing level up a few grades.

    I used to let all your writing deficiencies slide, until now.

  45. NH MOD CHASER says

    Hey Doug I had a 427 Vette smoked butts & was doing the head cheerleader in highschool I think MOST of you are a bunch of monkeys because NONE of us really know what’s going on

  46. It’s rhetoric humphry not reteric. As for Lionel Train Engineer the thing is if you’re going to critique a persons writing and spelling you need to quote what they got wrong, not what they got right. Clearly I wouldn’t thank you for correcting one of my numerous mistakes cause I have zero respect for you. Any other person would have my gratitude since we get better when our errors are pointed out.

  47. A thread where people are positive Racer28. Read the first three entries then see who has the first bucket of cold water.

  48. NH Mod Chaser- tell me you still have the Vette and married the cheerleader and that indeed will be impressive. Otherwise all it’s saying is your best days are in the rear view mirror.
    As for the monkey deal and nobody knowing anything that’s just wrong. We know the Speedbowl management has thrown down clear signals that there will be a replacement of the stands, that there will be a season and they have signed up at least one tour for an event. Pretty great isn’t it? Care to comment or are you just checking in to let everyone know how cool you were in High School and how you never learned to speak with respect about women.

  49. While the negative crap being spewed is funny. Why not celebrate this major development. It may not all be done but who cares. As long as they open. One can bring in their own food. So who cares about the concessions if they are not done. The food trailers can be brought in. Why does the bowl need the NASCAR sanction?? NASCAR is crashing and burning and will until Brian France is out. Shawn thanks for the good work.

  50. Check on over at the article on the new WMT race at NHMS. No one bothered Lionel Train Engineer, Captain Obvious and NH Where is Waterford Anyway so the thread died. So being bored what do they do. Come on over and needle the Speedbowl fans. And you wonder why the thread turns to trash. Forth entry in the thread. Read it, note the emptiness, ignorance and utter nastiness of it then ask again who is the thread destroyer.

  51. Second Racer28’s positive vibe. Again, the management of a Ct track not down sizing, not eliminating events, not closing down but actually renovating. Not spring with the track in disarray and closed, not teams wondering what they will do with their cars ready to race but a future, hope and a plan. Could fall apart but for now it’s good. For now the it’s way better the last spring.
    As Viva race fan said and everyone seems to have blown it off, stands in turn one already gone. A small sign of progress if true.

  52. darealgoodfella says

    Doug wrote, “Forth entry in the thread.”


  53. darealgoodfella says

    Well, it looks to me that NLWS is doing all they can to project the impression that they are opening, to prevent teams from converting over to running Stafford and/or Thompson.

  54. darealgoodfella says

    Doug wrote, “Not spring with the track in disarray and closed, …”

    Huh? What is “spring”?

  55. The “mith”….classic

  56. Daidiot engineer says construction season is over. So if they started the day after the final event they’d have about a month or two to complete the whole project. Construction only happens in the spring summer and fall according to that genius.

  57. Just like they did last season correct? So you say they want to “project” that they’re opening. Which means to you what, that they’re not? Why would they care if teams decided to run other tracks if they aren’t going to open? You are a special kind of genius aren’t you.

  58. Because that’s all that Daidiot knows what to do. And when they open he’ll cry some more, yet again.

  59. How about we propose to name sections of the grand stands after local racing legends like Keith Rocco, Phil rondeau, Ted Christopher,Don Collins Allen Coats, Bob Potter, and so many more over the years that have helped make the bowl so special. A lot of the NASCAR tracks have done this. Another positive that could come out of this… lol. We could name the press box after Shawn and the announcers booth after Matt Buckler. What do you guys think of my idea?? each person would get a plaque and their own appreciation day!!

  60. Great idea Racer 28. I would like to enter the names of Moose Hewitt, Charlie Webster, Bill Slater, Ted Stack, Bob Gada, Ron Cote, Dennis Gada and Dick Dunn.

    Press box, have to think about that one.

  61. A few more Don Bunnell, Ed Bunnell, Bill Sweet……..

  62. darealgoodfella says

    How many false starts did the NLWS have in 2017? Yet the track made announcements, and there were a few, like all is well. Turns out things were not all well. There was the delayed openings, teams refused to run, multiple series’ won’t run, lost the NASCAR sanction, etc.

    NLWS needs to keep up the image that all is well, to keep teams from converting over to run at other tracks. Good luck with that.

  63. darealgoodfella says

    Has anybody seen the plans for the NLWS stands repair and facelift? Do such alleged plans exist?

    I would think NLWS would put those plans up on their website or FB, just as Thompson did with their reconstruction.

    Does the NLWS have anything to show for the alleged stands repair and facelift?

  64. Maybe the plans are being finalized that’s why they are not up. Who cares if they put them up. We will have racing and I will bring a lawn chair if the stands are not done. As long as it opens, the rest is something I can work with. I still don’t understand why the bowl needs the nascar sanction?

  65. darealgoodfella says

    And after Jan. 1, the NLWS will announce delays due to frozen ground, snow, and whatever else they can take advantage of. More “unforeseen” things can happen.

  66. If the Speedbowl has NASCAR sanction then competitors will earn points towards the regional and national championships. Stafford and Thompson both have sanctioning and a third track that can offer that advantage will attract drivers looking to win either of those championships. Plus they can have a shot at hosting a WMT race which usually attracts great crowds resulting in good revenues for the track.

  67. Humph thanks for explaining that too me. I was wondering what the benefit would be to having that sanction. I don’t care about the WMT the races are expensive and boring at least we have an announcement of what their plans are. Let’s see how it plays out. Maybe some of the complainers can find the plans from the Waterford town officials. They would have to be submitted for approval and to pull the permits.

  68. I second Racer 28’s idea of naming stands and the announcers booth for Buckler. Something is afoot between and the Speedbowl so that recognition may be problematic. But it’s a good idea as well if there is no bad blood or complications.
    Unlike last spring the Speedbowl web site is all in on plans for next year. Root for failure if you must. But those that have underestimated George Whitney so far have been left with egg on their faces. I remain an unrepentant optimist.

  69. Not a problem racer, glad I could shed some light. I will be in that area on Tuesday and and plan on swinging through the parking lot to see if there is any progress. I just hope they can pull everything together in time to have a successful opening day.

  70. Accolades to humphry for a truly outstanding list of names to consider if naming stands is in the future for the Speedbowl. The importance of a NASCAR sanction also a great entry if somewhat irrelevant seeing as the WMT schedule is set. I share Racer 28’s view on the WMT. If they disappeared from Stafford I wouldn’t care. But I also know they are the singular most important events to Stafford and Thompson so if the Bowl can get an event sometime in the future that would be legitimacy and a profitable event all rolled into one. Stands first, sale maybe sometime, WMT race on the schedule, one season at a time……………fingers crossed.

  71. darealgoodfella says

    Be assured that whatever might get done will be the absolute minimum to get by the Town.

  72. Dareal, I disagree that they will only do the minimum as there is no financial advantage to piecemeal the project. Plus it is my belief that the stands in their entirety need to be replaced so I don’t think there is such a thing as a litte now and a little later.

  73. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, I didn’t say anything about piecemeal, I said “absolute minimum.”

    I maintain NLWS will do the absolute minimum to get by the Town. Given the lack of interest by sanctioning bodies and racing series, it will be tough to spend more than is needed to get the Town off their backs.

  74. OK we will agree to disagree however, I think the Town will require more than what you believe needs to be done. It is not just the wood benching, I understand there are structural issues that need to be addressed. We are talking major renovations here. We will see.

  75. Remember the structural members and concrete pillars have been there since 1951 exposed to the elements. They are pushing 68 years old. Great run however, like everything else time ages and replacement becomes necessary.

  76. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, there’s nothing to disagree about. You don’t know enough to disagree. All we know is that sections of the stands have been closed off and the Town has safety issues with the facility. I do not know *exactly* what needs to be done, as in how much steel, concrete, aluminum or wood needs to be replaced. Do you? Therefore, you can’t tell me “…the Town will require more than what you believe needs to be done.”

    The NLWS will do the absolute minimum to get the Town approvals.

  77. darealgoodfella says

    Craig, the obvious is too much for the oblivious.

    Some just love living in deliberate ignorance.

    Bemer is doing the minimum to keep the track open, to prevent massive loss of value such that when it goes back up for auction, he reduces his losses.

  78. darealgoodfella says

    Before you go naming stands and such, get the approval of those people. They might not want to be associated with the track.

  79. Craig, I feel the same way about the Bemer/Whitney relationship and where the $ for the stands is coming from. No argument here. And the goal is to continue racing in 2018 and hopefully into the next decade.

    What people don’t get is the Town is basically holding the trump card and will tell Bemer/Whitney or whomever what the scope of the project will be if they want to open in 2018, not the other way around. The tail is not wagging the dog here.

  80. Yes humphry you don’t know enough to tell daidiot anything. Yet he knows plenty enough to tell us how things are going to be or not be done. It’s hard to argue with someone that has a stellar track record when it comes to making predictions about the place.

  81. darealgoodfellow, good point. I don’t see anyone agreeing to have a section named after them until Bruce sells and the black cloud leaves the grounds. It’s still a good idea for the future.

  82. darealgoodfella says

    Racer 28, it’s like all the hotels, resorts and such that are fleeing from the Trump brand. Hotels are announcing they are breaking away from Trump because it is detrimental to be associated with the Trump brand. Owners, teams, drivers, series and sanctioning bodies fled from NLWS when the news about the owner was published. Until that ick factor is cleared up, the NLWS is untouchable.

  83. darealidiot,you are the most obnoxious,relentless, pseudo intellectual troll ever to defile this valuable forum.No prediction made by your hate filled self has come true.In spite of your negative loathing of a much beloved Speedbowl,thousands of fans,hundreds of drivers and dozens of staff members enjoyed a good racing season.My question;were you bullied at the ‘bowl?Did a gutsy Speedbowl driver steal your girlfriend or wife?There has to be some significant emasculating event that you suffered to cause this knee jerk defilement of a simple 3/8 mile bullring that we call home.Please excuse yourself from further comment on the Speedbowl.You are an embarrassment to RACEDAYCT.

  84. Something traumatic must have happened to him at Waterford. All last winter it was, the stands this the stands that. I almost wonder if maybe he fell off them once and landed on his head. What else could it be? I wonder what he thinks of all the drivers, fans, and race series that continue to support the place. Or a guy like Ted Christopher that still came and raced whenever he could last season. Was he one of daidiots “deplorables”.

  85. darealgoodfella says

    Craig wrote: “Come on people open your eyes.”

    Eyes are open, nothing to attach to.

    So, struck a nerve, 450mike & rich?

    Where’s Doug? Still out welding and bondo’ing his 27 year old plow truck? Getting ready for the snow that will delay construction at the NLWS.

    The clock is ticking, the NLWS is scheduled to open May 5-6.


  86. Well said, 450Mike. Now, I’ve only been to that track a couple of times myself, so I don’t much care about its future either way. But this dareal clown obviously has a deep antagonism toward anything related to the NLWS and it is way beyond rational commenting. Time for that jerk to put a cork in it. As amusing as it is to think that he must have been dropped on his head there as a kid, I seriously think he has ulterior, selfish motives. No one without money at stake can be such a close-minded naysayer.

  87. darealgoodfella says

    Racer 28, naming the stands is a great idea, and it can add value and credibility to the facility. It’s already done at world-class tracks, where the track has a stellar record and pristine historical significance. NLWS has been on life support for a very long time, and the recent scandal is something many have already shown they want nothing to do with. Think guilty by association.

  88. darealgoodfella says

    The NLWS has been in turmoil for years, long before this recent disgusting event with Bemer.

    The previous owners and management have been a perpetual disaster. The management turns over faster than customers in a McDonalds at lunch time. It’s absurd.

    Announcements are fine. But action speaks louder than words.

  89. Darealgoodfellow, I agree with your point. But this was an article about new stands going up. Something awesome and positive for once for all this of us who love the bowl. My suggestion was to add to that awesome announcement and to get people to think with a simple way to honor the past and get excited for the future. No one can argue that what Bruce was accused of doing is anything good for the bowl, the victims and others affected. I should remind everyone that he has not been convicted of any crimes yet. Let’s face it. In the end he will sell and the black cloud of his ownership will go. Why can’t we be excited for this awesome news and rally around the good things going on there. I see so little about the good work George and his team did on a short season and at the last minute. I would love to see an article about George and not only why he decided to save last season but how it all came together last minute. Why don’t we celebrate what we can see as positive cut the negative crap. the black cloud move on, but in the mean time we will have racing next season instead of driving to Seekonk on Saturday nights. Which by the way is a nice track too.

  90. darealgoodfella says

    Racer 28, it’s simple. Bemer stills owns the place and profits from the dollars spent there. I and many others don’t want to support that guy. It’s that simple. You and the rest have to get over it.

    This isn’t about positivity or negativity.

    The simple fact is the place is a disaster. Whitney is a front for Bemer, plain and simple. Craig said it perfectly. That lease deal was supposed to get Bemer “removed” from the exposure. He was very visible regarding the goings on until his arrest. He was the hero saving the NLWS. Now he’s pariah.

    Regarding your comment about Bemer not being convicted yet, you need to read the police reports and such… he has admitted to the deeds. Kinda preempts a conviction. He’ll still have a day in court, but it will be hard to walk that back. It’s like Trump now claiming the Access Hollywood video, the one he admitted to, where he talks about his exploits, is now a fake. Just like investors are fleeing ventures with Trump because he’s toxic, many want nothing to with Bemer because of his legal woes.

    Anything about the NLWS will have the black cloud over it until long after Bemer is gone. Get used to it. The NLWS had issues long before Bemer, management turmoil and such. Bemer is just another, albeit disgusting, chapter in the saga known as the NLWS.

  91. Yeah ok. Simple as that you say. So if it was sold tomorrow you would stop making your dumb comments just like that? Please. Just admit that you’re an obsessed moron.

  92. Darealgoodfellow, why do you keep mentioning trump in the positive good store about new grandstands. If George had not leased the track we would have had no racing. I don’t see him being a front for Bruce at all. He is a man with some big balls to take on a task like he did and people like you sit back and criticize everything he does and for that matter everything Shawn Monaghan put into that place. It’s ok that you don’t like it. It’s simple as you say.. don’t come back to the bowl and take your negativity to another place while the rest of us enjoy racing and sit in the new grandstands!

  93. Facts are irrefutable. Another fact is that too many race tracks over the years have closed and disappeared. I for one don’t want any race tracks to become “somewhere I used to go”. IMO, anyone who has anything to do with working towards keeping a race track opened and running deserves some measure of respect and appreciation from race fans. I’m not saying I approve of or am ignoring what the Speedbowl owner has done. However, I sincerely appreciate the effort of Mr. Whitney and crew to put a last minute partial season together this year. I also hope their plans for next year’s full season are successful!

  94. darealgoodfella says

    Racer 28, isn’t George an associate/friend of Bemer? George is a minion. That simple. George is an extension of Bemer to shield Bemer from the day-to-day operations of the track. If Bemer did not have the icky trouble, he’d still be the face of the NLWS, like he was before his arrest. It’s a simple diversion and distraction move, the old ‘out of sight, out of mind’ trick.

  95. Drives the perpetual bummer nuts when good things are happening at the Speedbowl.

  96. darealgoodfella says

    Fast Eddie, what Bemer did was incredibly harmful to the track. As a consequence, racers don’t want to race there, series don’t want to race there, they lost the sanctioning body (that affects the racers because they can’t get national championship points anymore). That is real and material harm to the track. If Bemer didn’t do what he did, none of this would be happening.

  97. All kidding aside viciously attacking Mr. Whitney anonymously and without a shred of actual first hand information about the man nor his relationship with the owner. A cowardly dark place.

  98. Like you have to have a engineers plan and stamp for a Grandstand and pay for it. Not cheap, and a qualified crew to install it.

  99. darealgoodfella says

    Racer, I believe the Town and insurance company require a plan approved by a Professional Engineer. People can get hurt in grandstands when they collapse. There’s a huge safety and liability issue.

  100. Dareal, did you take the time to fully read Racer’s comment? You just said what he said. Sometimes I think you just talk for the sake of talking. You are like my better half, always have to get the last word whether it is relevant or not.

  101. Dareal, I’m not disagreeing with anything in your comment to mine. Bottom line, I’m just hoping somehow the Speedbowl will endure and still continue to be a racetrack. If it does, there is a chance it will overcome this mess, just as it has overcome other serious problems in the past.

  102. Lionel Train Engineer said “I believe”. Is that some kind of breakthrough?

  103. darealgoodfella says

    So…. the Town has not heard from the track in several months. No way plans and designs are going to dumped on the town any time soon, and then expect an approval in time to get permits, a contractor, labor lined up, materials designed, and all sorts of other stuff sent out for competitive bids. All that alone will take a couple months before the first torch gets taken to the stands and speck of dirt gets moved.

    January 1 is only a month away.


  104. They take a torch to those stands, they won’t have to worry about taking them down. They’ll burn down. One huge barn fire. It may be the best way to take of that problem.

  105. I guess you mean that as a joke Bob but maybe not that far fetched. Don’t fire department use such things as approved training exercises?

  106. I guess the only way to put this is enough talk and more action by management to make us all believers.

    GER-ER-DONE Speedbowl GET-ER-DONE…………….

  107. Fans are shameless, my self included. Here we are in an anonymous comment section provided free of charge by racedayct telling owners and teams with actual dollars to lose what they should and should not be doing. Meanwhile we do nothing and at most offer only the price of a ticket. We have no shame. We haven’t a clue what’s going on behind the scenes but let-er-rip with mockery, taunts and demands any time we get a notion. Zero information, zero vested interest, zero humility or respect.
    Humphry I give you credit for painting stands way back when. I remember seeing a picture in Speedway Scene. And I can say with almost 100% accuracy that the track and overall facility was in way worse shape then as opposed to now. Stands safety excluded obviously. That track with the concrete slab on the front stretch and big dip in turn one was pretty much the worst racing surface I’ve ever saw in person. Cars time after time would take the inside groove, pull ahead, hit the dip, the car springs would unload and they’d lose one or two spots. Say what you want about the stands, the racing surface and condition is not a problem at all. Rip the old stands out and replace half the seats. That will do just fine to start.

  108. For those of you who don’t know, the dip that used to be in turn 1 was a drainage pipe that ran under the track and collapsed from being there for so long. That is why during the spring races when it was wet, or after a very rainy stretch there was always water seeping through the track in that area.

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