No Return Of Whelen Modified Tour To Waterford Or Monadnock For 2018 Season

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  1. Langley, Bristol, Seekonk, Oswego all confirmed too. Not much left for Nascar to announce. Almost the exact same schedule as last year with some date changes. No surprise about Waterford at all. Nascar is not going back there unless it’s sold. I heard some rumors about Monadnock too but no real surprise their either.

  2. Just Wondering says

    This is music to my ears, one less overpriced show at the Speedbowl I have to pay for to see my local favorites.

    Hopefully the only NLWS high ticket shows in 2018 will be the VMRS events which hopefully will be part of the Blast off, Wings n Wheels, and the Finale. No need for the MRS or Tri track series IMO.

  3. VMRS and MRS are the same series.
    3 Waterford Dates for the MRS or VMRS (what ever you want to call it) series May 4, August 11, and September 15.
    2 Stafford Dates are May 18 and August 3.
    2 Thompson Dates Icebreaker April 7 and World Series October 13.

    WMT Myrtle Beach is a go March 17.

  4. Well, I don’t think the great and powerful NWMT was at Monadnock this past summer either. It must have been 2016 when the winner lead every single lap of the “race.”. And the 2nd and 3rd starters finished in 2nd and 3rd. Or maybe that was the 2015; or both years. I guess I forgot, with all the exciting parade laps of high-priced cars making me all giddy and star-struck. Hmm, what a shame they won’t be there in 2018 either.
    Oh, and MTS gone too? Double-shame.

  5. Im waiting.for comment

    Ill say this……7 times they ct..
    I may propose wmt to run at a new location that i.Just bought…
    It is around the greenwick area whete I.manage 6 hedge funds

  6. WeldingWonders says

    No big surprise blowing off Waterford. Woulda been nice for a come back story but otherwise means little to the regular fans. More SK strength needed. Lights too especially from Thompson since 3 events shows zero respect.

  7. should run Dover and Richmond

  8. darealgoodfella says

    There are many surprised and disappointed folks out there. They thought that NASCAR was obligated to run at Waterford to support the track and local racers.

    All of you that are disappointed that the NWMT won’t be at NLWS, please identify yourself so we can console you.

  9. Don’t need mod tour anymore waist of time and money for car owners and fans….

  10. Not sure what made folks think the Bowl was getting a tour race. That was never happening this year. Outside of one year, Monadnock is a fun tour track but I guess we don’t have to discuss anymore in terms of the 2018 season.

    Unrelated, sad to see Motor Mile shutting down.

  11. No Surprise to me that NASCAR is not involved with the Speedbowl under it’s current ownership, although I thought the WMT racing there was good. I think Monadnock bowed out of the WMT due to the increase in $$$ to NASCAR to bring them in. The 2016 event didn’t have much for lead changes thanks to Mother Nature raining out Saturday, but there was still good racing throughout the field below the top 3. It sounds like we still have 10 WMT races in New England like last year.

  12. Ben dodge should buy Waterford and make it good again

  13. There are dareal? Or are you just being your dumb self.

  14. Glad they are not coming. Another Saturday that I can go affordably and not pay so much extra to watch a boring race. Thanks NASCAR!!

  15. Crazy in NY says

    I’d list all the tracks that USED to host the Tour but don’t anymore but I don’t want to hog all the band width.

  16. DareaL
    Please reply
    I like wmt
    I cN go see them since they run every other weekend in ct

    How.bout wall

  17. Although I appreciate WMT events, I won’t miss having a WMT race at the Bowl. The weekly SK features (a few more cars would be welcome in 2018) and occasional VMRS events are enough for me.

  18. darealgoodfella says

    The NWMT schedule needs to be released soon so teams can plan. It takes quite a bit of work to get engines refreshed, car overhauled, parts ordered, new cars built, and budgets set.

  19. I don’t know what all the talk of the WMT coming back was all about. I attended most of the events last season there and wasn’t even a peep about the tour possibly coming back. Maybe there was talk going around at the Stafford banquet?

  20. 7 events in Ct for the WMT. Ya i’d say they have the State covered. The big surprise is not the Nascar boys being a the Speedbowl. The thing that is the biggest surprise is it’s only November and it’s kind of settled there will be racing there and the teams can get started planning for next year. Hopefully it will mean more Sk’s and Lights as well.

  21. The bowl doesn’t need nascar or the mod tour.the October mod tour race was as good or even better than the wmt tour.the tri track series race brings in a lot of top mod drivers from all over.tell nascar to take a hike they can’t even fill the seats at homestead speedway. Most race fans I know don’t even watch cup racing anymore….

  22. Bob,Tri Track didn’t go to Waterford in 2017.

    For a track that doesn’t need Nascar they sure have put a lot of effort in getting their sanction back. Maybe they need them more than you think.

  23. Just Wondering says

    It definitely was NOT the TTOMS at the Speedbowl in October as if it was we would have watched over 40+ cars racing instead of 24 +/-.

  24. Modified Fan 27 says

    Rich, a Speedbowl official told me two weeks ago that the general manager told employees they already have a NASCAR sanction for next year and a Whelen Tour race on the schedule for June. I guess we’ll see what happens.

  25. Interesting. But that’s pretty much the way it is with the bowl these days. Just wait and see.

  26. darealgoodfella says

    Plans at the NLWSB change like the weather. Give it a minute.

  27. Insurance, points money, state champ and national champ eligibility, facility upgrade assistance, additional publicity and track legitimacy… I’d say it would be worthwhile to be NASCAR sanctioned, with or without a WMT race. Hopefully it’s “with” if sanctioning happens.

  28. June is booked up for the tour. Nascar isn’t going back there this year. Nothing has changed since they pulled out. Give it up fellas.

  29. Most track managements would love a WMT date. Premium ticket prices and if the weather is good a packed house. Not to be confused with some of the local track fans here that favor their usual weekly heroes and regular dance card. The traveling fans of the WMT who knows if they care about a race at the Speedbowl. I would think they are neutral. Shawn says his sources say definitely no, Mod Fans source says not so fast. Until the schedule is out for the WMT speculation abounds.

  30. The Speedbowl can say what they want. The proof will be in the pudding.

  31. Just Wondering says

    Mod Fan 27, sure looks like someone may have misspoke on behalf of the NLWS. The 2018 WMT schedule has been released and there is NO WMT race on the schedule. I think this may mean you can stick a fork in NASCAR’s return under the present circumstances for 2018.

  32. I’ll agree with you except on track legitimacy and upgrade assistance. Plenty of legitimate tracks that are not NASCAR sanctioned. All the years Waterford had been NASCAR sanctioned and what upgrades did they pay for? The concrete front and backstretch walls is all that I know of.

  33. The WMT and NASCAR is done at the Bowl until there is a change in ownership.

  34. darealgoodfella says

    Even NASCAR has limits on how low and deplorable it will go.

  35. Ouch. The Lionel Train Engineer out for blood and on Thanksgiving no less. Giving thanks for getting the opportunity to call we Waterford fans guilty by association with a nicely worded, brief and backhanded slur against all things Speedbowl. Consistent if not magnanimous. Happy Thanksgiving Turkey. Choo, choo.

  36. And to my also consistent if rarely enlightening adversary humphry Happy Thanksgiving as well and geese, ya think?

  37. Wmt
    New 25000 to win an event
    Just got the call…
    Happy for then
    2nd place is ten grand
    Louden.race its 6million.dillar to win

  38. Dare stock.4 sale 6770000
    No motor

  39. Bakk to me drinks

  40. Kinda humorous how someone from NY can comment on the NASCAR schedule. I finally figured out who he is (you can find him on RaceNY). The tracks that used to have the NWMT in NY have no weekly fan base. Those tracks can barely afford their regular payout. They have difficulty coming up with the $15,000 purse of the NY modified circus. And with only about six teams that follow that circus, pretty pitiful. Maybe if they did proper tech they would get more to follow it.

  41. Rich, I’m not saying a track isn’t legitimate if it does not have NASCAR sanction. However, I would think a track with NASCAR sanction would only add to it’s legitimacy. As for the straightaway walls, they weren’t cheap, and that money would have gone to a different track if the Speedbowl’s NASCAR sanction was not in place at the time.

  42. Crazy in NY says

    Does Richmond have a fan base? Martinsville? Beech Ridge, Monadnock, Lake Erie, Jennerstwown, Mansfield…………???? Do these tracks or the failed WSMT reside anywhere in New York state?
    but lets talk about the ROC as a diversion. Try again Pete C.

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