New RaceDayCT Podcast Unmuffled Debuts; Sid DiMaggio First Featured Guest

RaceDayCT has arrived in the land of podcasting.

The new RaceDayCT podcast Unmuffled is now available.

Tom “Sid” DiMaggio was the featured guest of the first episode of Unmuffled and the owner and creator of Sid’s Vault Productions and producer of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl documentary series had lots to say about his past in racing and what special things he has lined up for 2018.

Visit the RaceDayCT Patreon page to access the first episode of Unmuffled.


  1. darealgoodfella says

    I hope this works.

  2. Crazy in NY says

    If he keeps you off it might.

  3. That’s really funny.

  4. I need to figure out how to automatically load these into my podcast “catcherer” app as they come out.

    BTW, DR… Once upon a time, a Gemini astronaut said “I hope this works…” before a launch. It did, as we went to the moon, built a space shuttle, and two space stations. In ice hockey, they say the shots not taken never go in.

    Many attempts in history didn’t work, but everything that isn’t attempted accomplishes nothing.

  5. darealgoodfella says

    Barry, 85% of new products fail.

    I hope this works.

  6. “Barry, 85% of new products fail.”

    That means 15% succeed. 100% of products that are never introduced to the market fail.

  7. I don’t have the statistics but my guess is that the US from a historical standpoint leads the world in the number of failures. Starting with our form of government that in itself was an innovation and a bit of a failure at the start. Barry refers to the moon landing and part of that is all the failed rocket tests we’ve seen on a loop that eventually lead to successes. SpaceX as well has had notable and spectacular failures as well before achieving success.
    Whether it’s development of new drugs, space exploration, solar panels, innovative surgical procedures or any other major innovation there are many, many failures. Followed by ground breaking successes that I’m guessing the US leads the world in as well.
    My suggestion racedayct is to include a section under advertising listing the names of Patreon members and other individuals that have contributed to the site that we value. If the goal is to increase participation, recognition of who is helping row the boat may encourage others to join. Conversely if you are all talk and nothing more that may be helpful to know as well.

  8. darealgoodfella says

    This is the new media, this is the way media has been heading.

    This should be exciting.

    And a big “NO” to publishing the names of supporters. There are people that respect and appreciate privacy and have no interest in publicity. Private supporters are not advertisers.

  9. Simple answer, make publishing the supporters names optional. I’m thinking most that chip in would be proud showing they support racedayct with more then lip service.

  10. Have chip on shoulder, will travel. Aye maxim10. How about you match that chip and earn your right to use it with a contribution to racedayct. If you have, thank you for your support.

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