Racing Photographer Nicole LaRose Set To Award $2,500 Sponsorship To Local Team

Nicole LaRose will award a $2,500 sponsorship to a local race team through a drawing tonight (Photo: Courtesy Nicole LaRose)

It was an idea hatched from a love of taking photographs at the race track.

Seventeen year old Nicole LaRose has grown up around short tracks, watching her father, local racer Ernie LaRose, compete for years.

During the 2017 season Nicole LaRose began posting pictures of cars at the track and her dramatic photographs were getting plenty of attention on social media. A crew member on her fathers race team suggested she make a calendar.

And so was born the idea of putting together a calendar of her race car photographs, but doing something quite unique with the proceeds.

Tonight Nicole LaRose, through her @nlarophoto program, will award a $2,500 sponsorship check to a local driver from the proceeds made selling calendars.

“I’m super excited,” Nicole LaRose said. “The response from everybody on Facebook has been great. … I just think think it’s so fun to get people engaged. Everything is so negative nowadays. I just really feel like I’m bringing positivity to the racing world when we need it the most. I’m super excited jumping out of my skin about it.”

After coming up with the idea, the Plainfield High School senior found nine local sponsors to get production going. With the assistance of local racer Sean Foster, who also oversees the website, Nicole LaRose designed the calendars and had 250 of them printed. She picked them up on Sept. 29 and began selling them the next day at the NAPA Fall Final at Stafford Motor Speedway.

She sold more than 100 calendars over two days at Stafford Speedway and decided to have another 100 printed. She continued to sell them at local tracks through the final months of the racing season. She sold the last of the stock at the New England Racers Auction/Trade Show on Dec. 2 in Springfield, Mass.

“Since then I’ve still been getting messages from people asking about them and wondering if they can buy them and I’ve had to turn people away,” Nicole LaRose said. “That makes me super excited about next year because I want to print more and give away more money next year.”

Each person that bought a calendar could also choose the name of a local racer for the sponsorship drawing. Tonight Nicole LaRose will host a Facebook Live event at 7 p.m. to draw from those names entered to choose the winner of the $2,500 sponsorship. After the drawing Nicole LaRose will also have a special announcement during the Facebook Live event.

“It’s really hard to get a sponsorship nowadays,” Nicole LaRose said. “People are getting out of the sport and people aren’t really putting their money into racing anymore. I just really wanted to be able to give back.”


  1. Fast Eddie says

    WOW!! What an unbelievably cool and creative thing to do! Great job! Good luck to the contestants!

  2. So who won the sponsorship?

  3. Brian D,
    Chase Dowling won the $2,500 sponsorship. Nicole also drew a second name for a surprise $1,000 sponsorship, which went to Ryan Flood.

  4. Cool, thanks Shawn

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