Momentum Runner: Patrick Emerling Wins Tour Type Modified Feature At New Smyrna Speedway

Patrick Emerling celebrates his first career New Smyrna Speedway victory Thursday (Photo: Jim DuPont)

Wednesday night at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway, Patrick Emerling chased Matt Hirschman to the checkered flag of the Tour Type Modified feature.

Thursday Emerling let the moving forward theme carry on.

Emerling, of Orchard Park, N.Y.. recorded his first career World Series victory Thursday in the 35-lap Tour Type Modified feature at New Smyrna Speedway.

Craig Lutz of Miller Place, N.Y. was second and Ron Silk of Norwalk third.

Emerling had set fast time in qualifying, but was dropped to the eighth starting spot after the redraw.

“It’s awesome for us,” Emerling said. “This is our first time down here in three or four years. I used to come down here all the time, every year, and we never had a win here. We had a lot of seconds. We were always very competitive down here. The redraw didn’t really favor us tonight, but the way things played it finally laid out in our way a little bit. We’ve been tuning on our car all week and we got it even better for tonight. That thing is so fast. It was perfect.”

Emerling was the fourth different winner in four nights of Tour Type Modified action at New Smyrna this week. Jon McKennedy won the first Tour Type event on Monday. Ryan Preece won on Tuesday and Matt Hirschman on Wednesday.

Silk went to the lead past pole-sitter Mike Willis Jr. on lap three. Lutz went by Hirschman for second following a lap nine restart. On lap 13 Lutz found a way under Silk for the lead off of turn four.

Emerling moved past Silk for second on lap 24 and quickly caught Lutz out front. On lap 29 Emerling used a diving move into three to take over the lead for good from Lutz.

“I slid it in there on Lutz there, I just didn’t want to lose one,” Emerling said. “I wanted to win one so bad. Finally did.”

Like Emerling, Lutz moved up the podium after a third place finish on Wednesday.

“I tried the best I could,” Lutz said. “It was just a little too tight and his car was on point. Hats off to him. … Hopefully tomorrow will be the night.”


  1. Emerling vs Hirschman for the World Series championship tomorrow night.

  2. Troyer 5, competition 0…………..

  3. Doug what are you watching
    Preece is best by far

  4. Emerging is not even the class of the field
    Preece is the best by far

  5. I love that scheme on Emerling’s car. Very cool!

  6. Big race tonight. Richie Evans 100 Lap Memorial and we can see it all live on It’s scheduled as the first race at 7;30. Gas consumption, tires changes, pit strategy is all in play tonight with tire preservation and cautions all adding to the drama on the abrasive track. Two winners will be crowned tonight, the race winner and either Hirschman or Emerling most likely for the week long championship. On Wednesday Emerling was fast but not smart in using up his tires and Hirschman was steady, smart and won. Can Emerling pace himself or will he mix it up with whomever is in front of him and waste his tires. Should be a barn burner.

  7. Doug,
    I think the Tour Type Modified race is actually the last race scheduled on the card tonight at New Smyrna.

  8. Jeffrey, I believe Doug is talking about World Series title. Preece is no where in the hunt. 2 Bad finishes has done him in.

  9. Got this off the New Smyrna web site
    “Friday February 16, 2018
    Richie Evans Memorial Tour Type Modified 100 (Rain Date 2/17)
    Pro Late Model 100
    Grandstands: $35, Pits: $40″h

    I took it as the order they would roll out but you’re the expert.

  10. Any race Preece is in he is going to have a chance as a serious contender. But this has not been his week for obvious reasons. A win tonight would be great for him but so far what is abundantly clear is the the ROC teams have been outstanding. The fields have been outstanding. Seeing it every night live with fantastic announcers and coverage has been outstanding. The perfect medicine for the late winter doldrums and reason to get fired up for the upcoming season.

  11. Doug, check the live update box for tonight, it includes tonight’s schedule.

    RaceDayCT Live From New Smyrna Speedway – Feb. 16, 2018

  12. Doug The Mod race is the top attraction so its the headline event just like when Stafford runs the WMT the race gets top billing and runs last MOST times, not hard to understand!

  13. Ruh ro. Emerling’s car is injured. This is intense. The racing updates are outstanding as well. Now if the someone could just casually stroll over to Emerling’s pit and ask what the prognosis is that would be much appreciated.
    On Tuesday someone trashed Goodale for not being competitive this year. And yet there he is in third place in the points standings. It’s like his Fall Final win. He grinds and grinds and lulls you to sleep just before he wins.

  14. I don’t believe at New Smyrna they view the Tour Mods as being the top billing each night. Super Late Models down there are a big deal but I’m sure others know more about that and may care to weigh in. Nonetheless they have rotated the starting times so clearly if you’ve been watching this is nothing like when the NWMT comes to Stafford. It’s freakin totally different and totally exciting. Imagine it being Ground Hog day each day of the week where you start over but remember the grind you went through the day before including broken equipment. Then you do it all again. It’s totally not like anything that happens during the year. fYou’d think one or two cars would dominate but that clearly has not been the case. And the best part we get to see it play out live and in color. That absolutely is not hard to understand. What is hard to understand is concentrating on the starting time when there is so much drama and excitement to talk about.

  15. Crazy in NY says

    ???? Injured? He just set fast time.

  16. Update log of the qualifying and practice that has been deleted indicated Emerling hit a stopped car on the track and may have damaged his front end. If it’s a thing the announcers will mention it during the race.

  17. Humphry. Great comment. Who’s their competition down there? If John McKennedy ran the 63 your comment would not be the case. And Spafco? They haven’t been competition for years. See who wins that battle on the tour where everyone is the same. No big motors 56% left side etc. Get back to me with that score in June.

  18. Doug, he was not competitive until he put the Spafco car away and unloaded his Troyer car. Jeffery, Preece is not the class of the field by any stretch of the imagination. He runs good for 30-40 laps and melts the tires off. I want to see a driver in the LFR car myself. John McKenedy is at the hauler now drooling to drive that thing. I’m surprised Justin didn’t bring his LFR cars. After watching the 63 this year I bet he’s here next year.

  19. So what do you think? Pretty interesting race huh? A lot of wrecks and broken equipment. Preece overcoming an equipment problem at the start and wins, no surprise there. Hirschman takes the championship and says he’s a little disappointed cause he couldn’t give Preece a race at the end and has to try harder. Sheesh, he’s a perfectionist. Emerling, I love that guy. Wrecks, streaming sparks and burning rubber back to his pit. Patches up the car and gets back at it for a respectable finish that really netted him nothing except finishing the race. Definitely old school. Goodale, how frustrating. Finally gets the speed he wants and an engine problem reduces him to an also ran just turning laps.
    Thank you And a special shout out to the guys calling the race that gave us so much racing history, regional modified perspective, inside information and great observations on the race. Now it’s back to Buckler and Dodge. Oh my.

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