Ronnie Williams Preparing For Busy NAPA Spring Sizzler At Stafford Speedway

(Press Release from Stafford Speedway)

Ronnie Williams

When the green flag falls on the 47th Annual NAPA Spring Sizzler® at Stafford Speedway on April 28-29, one of the busiest drivers in the paddock area will be Ellington native Ronnie Williams. Williams will be splitting his weekend between the #50 SK Modified® team owned by the Skowyra family and the #21 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour car owned by the Bertuccio family.

Williams kicked off his 2018 season with a trip to New Smyrna Speedway in February for the World Series of Asphalt Racing with the Bertuccio crew to get a head start on their 2018 Whelen Modified Tour duties. Although the team met with some mechanical gremlins during their week in Florida, Williams is excited about his prospects of recording a top-10 finish at his hometrack, Stafford Speedway, in the 200-lap NAPA Spring Sizzler®.

“Between New Smyrna and the start of the Tour season, I already have 8 races under my belt this, so I’m excited about the Spring Sizzler,” said Williams. “We had some good speed at New Smyrna, we just didn’t get the finishes we wanted with some mechanical issues. I’m happy that we worked out some issues down in Florida rather than at Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach didn’t work out like we hoped it would so we’ll go to Thompson in search of a top-10 and then to Stafford and hope for another top-10 finish. There’s nothing better than coming to Stafford, my home track for Spring Sizzler Weekend and racing two different cars. The Spring Sizzler is definitely a race that I’m looking forward to.”

For the 2018 season, Whelen Modified Tour teams will only be allowed to change one tire per pit stop with a maximum of three crew members over the wall for each stop. The new pit stop rules opens things up for drivers and crew chiefs to plan some new strategy options versus past seasons.

“I think that strategy definitely helped play a role at Myrtle Beach so hopefully we’ll have the best strategy and things will work out in our favor,” said Williams. “First things first you have to qualify well and if you’re up front you can do what the leaders do but if you’re in the back, maybe you can do something differently to help get some track position.”

In addition to the #21 ride on the Whelen Modified Tour, Williams will also be busy behind the wheel of the #50 SK Modified® that was driven to 4 wins and a second place finish in the points standings last season by Chase Dowling. With Williams coming off a career best third place finish in the SK Modified® standings, he is eager to improve his points position and add to his career SK Modified® win total, which currently stands at 8 wins, in his 5th year of SK Modified® racing.

“Knowing the quality of the car and the Skowyra team, I’m really looking forward to the season,” said Williams. “They had 4 wins last year and you always want to do better than the last person who drove the car. I know what it takes to win and I know the guys we’re racing so we’re just going to go out there and do our thing. The car will be set up well and I’m looking forward to getting some wins this season. The guys told me if I win then I get a steak dinner so I’d like to get a couple of free dinners this year. The equipment they have is all the best of the best and their team is unbelievable so everything falls into my hands. If I can’t get it done then there’s a problem with me.”

One race that Williams has a big circle around on his 2018 calendar is the 5th Annual NAPA SK 5k on June 29. Williams likes the longer distance races and his numbers in the previous four SK 5k events reflect that. After a disappointing 23rd place finish in the inaugural SK 5k in 2014, Williams has placed 3rd, 4th, and 6th last season. With Williams taking over the car that won the NAPA SK 5k last season, he has an extra level of excitement for the extra distance extravaganza this season.

“The NAPA SK 5k is a race that you always circle on your calendar for sure,” said Williams. “We’ve been pretty close to winning that race in the past. Last year the #50 team won that race with Chase [Dowling] so I’m definitely looking forward to that race but the plan is to take things one race at a time.”

The 47th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler® takes the green flag April 27-29. Tickets for the “Greatest Race in the History of Spring” are on sale now at the Speedway Box Office. Tickets are priced at $40.00 for adult general admission tickets, $5.00 for children ages 6-14, and children ages 5 and under are admitted free of charge when accompanied by an adult. Reserved seating is priced at $42.00 for all ages. As always, Stafford Motor Speedway offers free parking with overnight parking available. Tickets are good for both Saturday and Sunday admission. All ticket prices include 10% CT Admission Tax. Discount Tickets are now available at participating NAPA Auto Parts stores. For a full list of the 72 participating locations throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont, please call the speedway office or point your web browser to

For more information, or to order tickets for the 47th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler®, contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783 or visit us on the web at


  1. WeldingWonders says

    Well we know he’s got a top drawer SK ride with Skowyra so we’ll see what he can do with it. Speedweeks and the first NWMT race cannot be termed as anything but a disappointment. But everyone loves him so best wishes laddy.

  2. GOOD LUCK to Ronnie, Adam,Les and the whole #50 SK crew. Ronnie is a great driver and the 50 has been a strong car the last 4 years with Woody and Chase driving hopefully the same is true this year and Ronnie can get his first championship as well as the 50 team

  3. I gather that Chase Dowling no longer has a regular SK ride at Stafford. What happened to the plan for him to drive an LFR for Johnson?

  4. Rafter,
    Yes, I have confirmed that the deal to drive an SK for Glenn Johnson at Stafford has fallen through at the point. Chase told me today he’s working on things. I’d expect some news shortly.

  5. Dowling made a deal with the devil and it bit him in the ass LMFAO

  6. Karma’s a fickle bitch. If Chase had stood his ground he’d be driving the 50 a car that he had a solid season in now he’s scurrying around trying to get a ride. Funny thing is chances are Fuller would have still had him in the tour ride given the sponsorship money he brings with him. Hopefully he’s learned something from this experience

  7. My thoughts exactly dude. Not only does the kid bring good money with him but he is also very talented as a driver. I think if he had stood his ground Fuller would have accepted the circumstances knowing he wanted Chase in his house tour car. As for the 50 team I think they’ll be just fine with Ronnie driving like Chase he is also very talented and seems to get better every year. I sincerely wish Chase the best of luck wherever he ends up as far as the SK goes and hopefully this is a learning experience for him.

  8. darealgoodfella says

    Chase is much wiser today. Hope he learned and realizes he does not want to be a 💩-head, and carefully picks his role models.

  9. WeldingWonders says

    Plenty of fickle to be spread around. Like Skowyra who boots Woody for Chase and thinks he captured lightning in a bottle . Then he gets the boot, is all hurt and wondering if he can continue then finds Ronnie. Meanwhile Chase has moved up to full time with a championship caliber team in the NWMT, working in the industry he loves, building a career next to a racing guru and we fickle fans say what? How could he give up a good ride in a weekly racing series. He should have done anything to race on Friday night in the Stafford SK’s we love so much.
    There’s fickle afoot mostly from we disappointed racing fans that don’t appreciate change. All that fickle may be wasted with Shawn throwing out a teaser that some news may be forthcoming about a ride for our favorite slicer and dicer Chase. What a hoot it would be to see him consistently motoring by the 50 this season with all we fans dropping our status quos like lead ballast and cheering on young Dowling. Finally learning that the lightning in a bottle is more valuable then the bottle.

  10. darealgoodfella says

    When Dowling was tied to LFR, his leverage was just about eliminated.

    Sure hope he can work something out for the SK series. Maybe his boss will come up with a deal. Dowling can and will have opportunities far greater than his current employer can ever fulfill. Dowling will be out of there soon.

  11. FYI welderman Woody did not get the boot he made the decision to take Friday off and pursue other things. Chase was asked to come on board because he had subbed for Woody and did well.Adam puts all the of time and money into his race team and the teams reputation is what attracts good driving talent.

  12. And what the f… are you implying Rob Fuller is very very very very far from being a racing guru and there is more than likely that Chase shows up in something other than an LFR car given the circumstances. PUT THE ARGON DOWN

  13. Race dude. says

    Who cares? Not me the KID made his choices and got snakebitten. It’s old news move on.

  14. Oh by the way Woody was the one who suggested that Chase fill in in 2016 which is what lead up to him driving in 2017. Next thing you know the KID and I stress KID is forced to make a life altering decision. All I can hope is that Chase learns from this experience. Rob Fuller isn’t the only snake in the NWMT garage area. Hopefully Chase Can produce results on the tour or he may just find himself out of a tour ride and a job. So all you modified guys go buy an LFR car today Chases job may depend on it.

  15. Changing the subject how does everyone think Mike Christopher Jr will do in TC’s car’s Quinn is giving this kid everything he needs not only in an SK but also VMRS and Open car’s. Personally I think he’s gonna be allot better than he’s been.

  16. WeldingWonders says

    If inhaling aluminum welding shielding gas results in treating people with a little more respect, then perhaps you folks that think Fuller is the devil and Dowling an easily manipulated fool should consider breathing some. If you want to say you know the exact circumstances of the driver change in the 50 and continue to level snarky attacks at Fuller I don’t get it but its fine. You’re fans exercising your right to superficial, mostly uninformed opinion with not the slightest admission you could be wrong. I do it all the time.

  17. WeldingWonders says

    More on topic is Ronnie Williams. No one can say he isn’t anything but a good driver showing consistent success and wins in the SK’s at Stafford. But is he special? I don’t think so. Capable, smooth, keeps the wheels on the car and brings it home. But those cat like moves, willingness to rub rails and dent bumpers, take risks if the situation calls for it that Dowling has I just don’t see it. He’ll do fine but Dowling is special and special drivers tend to end up getting good rides. Lightning in a bottle is hard to find. Hopefully in near future racedayct will announce a surprise in the SK’s involving Dowling and we’ll have some drama to look forward to at the Sizzler and beyond.

  18. WeldingWonders says

    Fuller a snake and Dowling a kid and consequently not capable of making good life decision. Can’t top that Rob or at least I better not try. I’d hate to see what you say next time you double down.

  19. Happen to know the circumstances surrounding driver changes in the 50 because I know Les talk to him often knew Ronnie was going to drive before it was announced. As for Guru Fuller there is a reason he’s back up north and it ain’t to sell a handful of modifieds. Ever think he may have burned allot of bridges down south, that’s my opinion otherwise he would still be down there living his ” successful” life. Bet Tony Eury Jr could shed light on the subject.

  20. Anyway enough of Chase for now. Would like to hear about some of the other talented drivers taking to the track in a few weeks. Stafford is the crown jewel ( Mike joy) of modified racing in the northeast with allot of talent in the SK division so let’s make some noise about the other talent. Who will have the most wins? Going with Pennick provided he stays healthy he’s due for another great season but i think the championship will be tight between Pennick ,Rocco and Williams. Longshot Berndt

  21. WeldingWonders says

    Nothing new here. More belittling of an asset to Northeast racing. Don’t get it. Don’t see why you underestimate Dowling;s ability to make the decisions that are right for him. It’s just a little too personal for my taste but it’s your opinion and I’ve learned they rarely change in these here parts.
    As for Mike Jr we all root for him and hope he breaks out and really shows some of what his dad and uncle had. I just don’t think he’s up to it. He’s another guy that is capable, good driver, takes what he can get, brings it home in one piece but isn’t a Preece, Pennink, Rocco or Dowling. He’s a good legacy driver that will do OK and it would be unfair to expect him to be anything like TC.

  22. NOBODY will ever compare to TC if it had wheels he won in it. But will Mike Jr be better now that he’s in top equipment? Another question how will Josh Wood fare? Hopefully he can avoid the sophmore jinx. Like I’ve said before the SK roster has some talented drivers in good equipment this year should be a fun season to watch

  23. WeldingWonders says

    Chase Dowling. That’s who will win the SK championship if he can pull a rabbit out of his hat. Failing that it will be Rocco going away. Too much of everything and no Waterford distractions. Otherwise there are only questions. Will Pennink be up to driving in the SK’s in addition to his priority the NWMT and if he can will he rediscover his winning formula? Is Mike Jr going to be a different driver in his new ride and threat to win races or the same guy with a different number and paint scheme? Ronnie Williams gives up his 3rd place car that won to merge with the 50 that won more. Will there be chemistry and more wins or did the magic leave with Dowling. Will Galko take the next step up and be a consistent contender for wins and a place in the top 5? We know Reen can wheel a car as good as anyone but will he have the car to break through with a win? Is Troy Talman, winner in the VMRS the real deal and a top 5 party crasher or will he be driving with a learners permit? Steven Kopcik says he’s learned so much working with Rob Fuller so can he make his one win multiply and be a top 5 car. Gervais, McDermott,Hines, Wood, Burnham all second tier teams looking to make an improvement. Who will? And Berndt the guy that knows how to find the podium rejuvenated with Stash to help. The wild card. So many questions. Can’t wait.

  24. Good rundown welding forgot about Reen. Won a championship in LM last year and has a SKL championship from years ago can he get it done? One other thought will we see Preece in a SK this year he has a way of throwing a monkey wrench into points races.

  25. Been fun sparring with you welding you bring up some good points. I hope nobody takes words to heart I wish no I’ll luck to anyone. Great to be in the U.S.A. where everyone is entitled to an opinion and are free to express it, but I wish nothing but the best for EVERYONE involved in racing even Mr Fuller may not like everyone but who does

  26. Race dude. says

    Question is can someone pull off an upset and win the championship without winning a race?

  27. Old Observer says

    My opinion, whether you make a good decision or bad, make the most of it & try not to repeat the same errors, that is how you get smarter. Good luck to all, & keep learning. I hope everyone has a great racing season!!!

  28. sour grapes of wrath says

    todd owen ..nobody talking todd owen .????? that’s my pick…

  29. Don’t think it can be done with the level of competition. Would have to have mainly podium finishes with competitors having allot of bad luck. Who could possibly do it? Keith Rocco comes to mind he runs up front and seems to avoid trouble year after year

  30. WeldingWonders says

    I enjoy arm wrestling with you as well on occasion Rob for a couple reasons. You never fail to provide really good insights and you always set the example of not carrying a grudge over to the next thread.

  31. WeldingWonders says

    I’d like to talk about Todd Owen and electricity.
    The night TC and Pennink mixed it up and fisticuffs ensued in victory lane Owen came in third. As emotions swirled around the podium Owen set himself apart by saying in so many words he never would engage in such antics cause it was unprofessional. The guy’s a capable driver, great builder, mentor to others and a lynch pin for local racing. No offense but he’s boring. He knows exactly who is going to have to fix his car when he wrecks and knows how many late nights it will take to fix it and doesn’t take chances. We have all these guys that can wheel cars very well but who’s going to supply the juice this year with TC gone?
    Electricity and the unexpected make a race a show. Purists can yammer on about quality cars, driving and yellow free laps but it’s the show that sells tickets.
    In 2017 if you showed up on a typical Friday night and looking forward to rooting for whomever who was the one other guy you always kept an eye on no matter where he was in relationship you your guy. That’s right it was the 13. Aside from who Dowling races for that’s why he is or was so important to the division. He always brings the juice.
    Pennink is obviously not afraid to mix it up if he is given a reason. Reen is my pick to bring the juice but he needs to have a little faster car to show what he can really do. You tell me. Who’s your favorite to supply the electricity this year or do you not even care and just want to see a good clean race?

  32. TC always ran people the way they ran him. Give him the bumper? He gave it back twice as hard. Run him wheel to wheel clean? You’ll never have a better race. All of this talk about “bringing the juice” is talk from folks who, in my opinion, are not RACE fans, but fans of the show. Side-by-side racing, lap after lap, is WAY more entertaining the clean-up that comes after someone “gets the chrome horn”. Want to know why race fans stay away from the Cup? Because it’s CRAPPY RACING. 3-4 hours of follow the leader interrupted by the occasional “big one” so that they can run 20 minutes of commercials. Guys like Woody, Rowan, Ryan, Eric Berndt, Mikey C, Dowling, and Owen are RACERS, not demo derby drivers. Some have more restraint than others, but give ANY ONE OF THEM a good car and they will win.

    Can’t wait for this year. Good luck to all of the drivers in all of the divisions.

  33. When it came to TC Three Tap Rule. I’ll say no more

  34. @Rob – Lolz. And in TC’s mind, he was ALWAYS quicker :-O

  35. WeldingWonders says

    See, a purist right out of the gate. And the associated pejorative reference to a demo derby and who does and who doesn’t qualify to be a race fan. And one thing about purists, they’re always are the smartest people in the room of which I clearly am not.
    In this video Humpy Wheeler tries to explain what’s wrong with NASCAR. He makes it clear that excitement is the reason people go to races and the key to getting more people to come is to find ways to generate excitement.
    Whether it’s back in the 50’s when it really was a full contact sport with full pits and full stands to when Donnie Allison duked it out with Cale Yarborough after some end of the race banging live on CBS, excitement is the name of the game. Wheel to wheel, bumping, grinding, the three tap rule and lightning quick moves. TC and Pennink one week banging and throwing punches and the next two weeks coming from the rear like the penalty made no difference at all. It was electric.
    You want a sure way to let racing die, appeal to only purists. Me I’m looking forward to somebody bringing the juice. Funny, all this time I thought I was a real race fan but I guess not according to the purist.

  36. Where is Doug? Have not heard from him in quite a while. Did he change his alias? I think he did.

  37. Race dude says

    Yup purist these people don’t comprehend short track stock car racing. Apparently he hasn’t watched the first 6 cup races this year. Yes Daytona was a snorfest till the last handful of laps but there was excitement in the last 5 races plus you can’t go by what you see on TV being there is always better. Remember the TC Pennick incident well, and the loss of practice and starting last the next two weeks those two raced each other and the other competitors the same way they always had. Nobody will ever replace Teddy he was gifted and exciting to watch. Go on YouTube and watch some in car footage and remember allot of times his car was less than perfect and he still won.

  38. Three Tap Rule explained. First tap: I’m here
    Second tap: I’m faster, move
    Third Tap: Sorry gotta go
    And noby did it better than TC although he may not have said sorry. He was exciting to watch and could wheel anything and win. He will be missed.

  39. Welding- you are entertaining to read and we get your a big fan of “Lightning “. But saying Ronnie isn’t special shows you’ve been blinded by lightning. No one wants to see Williams/Dowling battles on Friday nights more than I do. I hope Chase gets a SK ride. Since winning 6 SK races in his second season and finishing 5th or 6th, Williams is developing his talents to win races and a championship and it’s been impressive to watch. He is patient/aggressive which will win championships. Plus the make up of this kid is so impressive and is a driver kids can look up to. Top level college athlete and Deans List student, and is a great ambassador for NASCAR. Lightning in a bottle is freak occurrence. Building strong foundation for years of success like a pyramid, lasts for decades. We have 2 different but special drivers here in the Northeast. Let’s sit back and enjoy their ride to greatness. Boom Boom. I just heard Thunder!

  40. WeldingWonders says

    Now that’s what I’m talking about SK ModFan. You’ve gone to bat for Williams before and I don’t take it as a disagreement. Like Rob’s inside info on Josh Wood it’s information we can all use to fire us up as we take to the stands this year.
    Everyone loves Ronnie Williams including me. How amazing was is seeing him beat the heavy hitters years ago as a young pup. He brought the juice at the time, it was an absolute shock and the story line of the fresh faced kid against the grizzled vets was wildly exciting. But expectations rise with success and now Williams is a victim of that success.
    Is he a capable driver, you bet. Is he someone for kids to look up to, I’ll take your word on that. Talking about building a strong foundation like a pyramid of success is flat out brilliant. It’s not the point. We can appreciate all the great drivers in the SK’s of which there are many. But like any good stew you make that has quality ingredients you need the right spices. Our strongest spice that we either loved or hated but couldn’t miss is gone forever and our second most unique spice is a question mark. I’m just worried. I know the stew will be tasty but just want it to have the same zing that many of us have come to love so much.

  41. WeldingWonders says

    I thought the “three tap rule” came from Dale Earnhart. Not so, it indeed seems to be associated with TC according to the top results on Google.
    Your nostalgic recollection of it is interesting Rob. But I ask it it accurate. The first two taps are just good racing. Isn’t there a dark side to the third. One that is dirty and unfair. I’m faster then you but not fast enough to get around you on the outside. So I’m going to get you out of shape or spin you to get by. While I’m sure Christopher was guilty of that at some point in his career and Bo Gunning may be able to confirm it, I never witnessed him do that later in his time on the track. Then again if you were slower and thinking of blocking TC maybe the two taps and his reputation was enough to rethink the notion of blocking him.

  42. In most cases Teddy would apply the three tap to someone who he would be under down the stretch only to get chopped into the corner. In most cases he’d give them 2 or 3 laps before engaging the three tap meaning 5 laps of getting chopped. Most drivers get chopped once then spin the guy. Teddy was a gentleman in that respect,but don’t get me wrong he was no angel. Fact is he had a gift which over the years turned into a talent and earned him great respect right to NASCAR’S top tier.I don’t think that in my life time there will ever be another driver who compares to him. Whether you liked him or not everyone watched him at work. Allot of drivers try to drive his ” line” at Stafford, closest one is Woody but Ted made it work lap after lap and won allot sometimes not having the best car but running the best line. And if you didn’t chop him maybe you finished too.

  43. Teddy 3 tap. Dale bump and run.

  44. Back to Josh Wood. The guy has proven himself in LLM & LM winning multiple times. Last year he spent moving from full fenders to open wheel with mixed results. Midway through last year he stopped racing LM to concentrate on his SK ride. This year with renewed focus I look to see him have better finishes and hopefully his first win.

  45. Love This sight gives us racers a place to contemplate, remeniss, speculate and even accuse in a no holds barred format. I’ve gotten to enjoy the views of people I’ll probly never meet as well as express my own views this is great. Keep up the good work Shawn

  46. Race dude. says

    OOPS sorry with Dale it was dump and run.

  47. WeldingWonders says

    An open letter to Mr. Rob Fuller.
    Dear Mr. Fuller,
    You can count me as one of your biggest fans. I don’t know if the LFR chassis represents an advancement in chassis technology or provides a competitive advantage or not. I do know I appreciate your efforts to penetrate the market and aggressive approach to getting more teams to use your product. From an entrepreneurial standpoint it’s interesting to see the moves you make. And having a nationally recognized race figure back home in the Northeast is always a good thing.
    You’ve stated on more then one occasion that you are a business first trying to succeed and a race team second. You’re not like most teams that fund their racing effort from other sources. You race to sell product and there in lies the rub.
    You’ve provided Chase Dowling with what can only be described as an extraordinary career opportunity. The commonly accepted story is well known. In exchange for being a full time employee and having a first class NWMT ride he is limited with regard to what driving opportunities he can accept. From a business standpoint it makes perfect sense. LFR is the product and Chase is a salesman for LFR. How would it make any sense to see him winning in a Troyer chassied car? But racing isn’t strictly business and where it intersects with Dowling’s fans it can get ugly real fast.
    Yes we get that the NWMT is the priority and a full time ride with a top team is the goal. But we SK fans have a hard time accepting that Chase has limitations on who he can race for on Friday night at Stafford. We’re hurting with TC gone and need the excitement that Chase brings. I personally don’t think there are any unreasonable limitations on him but perception is reality and clearly the perception is that there are a lot of hoops to jump through to let him drive.
    I’ll bet right now there are discussions on opportunities afoot and I’d ask one thing. Keep an open mind. Your business is the priority for sure. But fan loyalty and perception is important as well. If on the edges you can make things happen that aren’t strictly consistent with your business model but give Chase a chance to make the SK faithful happy give it some thought. May pay dividends in the longer term.

  48. Billy Mecum says

    Rob P. What’s the P stand for? I can think of a couple fitting words. Your a moron. Commenting on things you have no clue on. Read the article in 2014 posted in this site. It states Fuller wants to have a location up in NE for mods and run that location. He didn’t “move back north” he lived there since 2009 retard. The SK deal fell apart because Glenn’s mom is extremely sick and he needs to focus on that. You again have no information worth while. Had nothing to do with Chase or Fuller. If I know Rob and I think I do after working for him he’s doing everything he can to help pull the pieces together for Chase. You know in typical snake fashion. I’m sure the car will be at his shop with him working on it and probably go in his hauler. You know how snakes act. The only snake here is you. Hiding behind your handle on some CT based web site. You wouldn’t last a week down in NC. We race we don’t run our mouth behind a handle with BS statements. Why don’t you ask Justin or Ken how dealing with Rob F has gone. Or Ryan Stone who left LFR when Fuller decided he had thrown enough money at the monster and has moved back to CT only to reunite with Fuller. Rob asked him for a favor and the man relocated his life and quit a job at JR Motorsports. Yea, he sounds like a bad guy. Your a idiot. Period. When the mods come down for Langley why don’t you make the trip. I’d love to meet you.

  49. Say what you want but Fuller has accomplished a lot more than most. It’s true. His cars are bad fast. Justin will win a few races this year.

  50. Fuller fan says

    Shawn, it seems like Fuller would be a good interview. I’ve noticed his release are internal. Is there a way to get him on your program? That would make for some high volume listeners. Maybe a interview? I am actually a huge Fuller fan. From Jeff and Rick now Rob is doing amazing things for the division. Just a thought.

  51. Fuller moved north in 2009 yet LFR chassis didn’t exist until 2011 or 12 according to info on the internet. Get your story straight redneck

  52. Billy Mecum says

    Yes you smoke show. Fuller lived in MA with his family while building LFR. He was commuting back and forth. Fuller moved to his home town in 2009. Again, false info. That’s proud redneck. BTW Tony Jr was in Fuller’s wedding. They are very tight so let’s shed some light in that. Fuller hired him when he couldn’t find a job at a cup or Busch team and his own cousin fired him. You might need to get some more info before running that gator.

  53. RobP. Man your wrong again. LFR started in 2014. Coby ran his car in Icebreaker 2015. Dominated that year. Sorry man. I think Todd Zegedy ran the first LFR car in 2014. Not sure on that but I believe it’s correct.

  54. Don’t really matter everyone that knows knows that Steve Leavitt is the brains of the whole operation

  55. Yo Billy Mecum I do know allot about racing. In 2000 I built the Late Model that Jim Peterson Drove to back to back championships in 2001-02 in impressive fasion, sometimes winning by as much as half a track. This car also came very close to winning the championship again several times. It was also the car Hamm built all his jigs off of and patterned his #13 car after. That carhad allot of wins with various drivers and the 2009 track championship with Jim driving. That car became the #92 which Tom Fearn piloted to many wins and a few championships. Jim continued winning in his original #17 after he bought it back in 2011 and most recently driven by Josh Wood the car continues to win. And it all goes back to the car I built in 2001. I do know allot about racing and some of the people involved, so next time think before you speak, it’s easy to defend the man who puts food on your table and money in your pocket. Don’t make it true. That’s my opinion as I am entitled to it so kiss my ass redneck

  56. I liked Jeff and Rick too even Bobby. Remember the days when Jeff drove the Sheba #8 and was dominent. Remember both of them trashing a brand new IROC Z durrinf a weekend race at Thompson. Car still had window sticker still on it but they thrashed that thing good. Actually I remember Rick and Jeff going back to their Street Stock days at Thompson. My uncle owned a Modified at the time. I don’t know Rob just rubs me the wrong way. My opinion

  57. Billy, Justin who? Ken who? And who is Ryan Stone never heard of him.

  58. The X-Y-G platform has made the cars I built antiques, but in 2001 and 2002 the #17 was the class of the field at Stafford and was a top contender every time it hit the track right through 2017, although it had been updated by Hamm over the years. It was and still is a car and team that I was proud to be part of and an accomplishment that nobody can take away

  59. WeldingWonders says

    Redneck Rob. Uncool.

  60. Call em like I see em

  61. WeldingWonders says

    Roger that Rob. Tens of thousands of Ct residents are sex trafficking hsupporters, Rob Fuller is a “snake” and if you’re from the south and disagree with you they’re rednecks. Classy guy. Can’t wait to see what the next poison arrow you pull out of your quiver will be.

  62. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, can’t wait to see what your next screen name will be.

  63. Dareal I vote for
    “Mr Rightious”

  64. Just busting Doug or Welding Wonders you know I enjoy sparring with you. You offer a veiw and perspective that evokes thought and contemplation always providing an alternative veiwpoint, but at the end of the day we can agree to disagree maybe with a little chuckle
    ” I love ya man”

  65. WeldingWonders says

    I’ll be rooting for Josh Wood this year in that beautiful blue modified of his. If he has an Owen chassis and his dad can prep an outstanding power plant I don’t see why he can’t get a win if he starts up front and is on the sweet side of the tire credits especially.
    I’ve tried to leave the empty back and forth personal attacks that annoy pretty much everyone back in 2017. Moreover i’ve ceased reading or even acknowledging some folks for 2018 that specialize in that behavior. Clearly I am back sliding on occasion and am going to use that as motivation to try harder.
    Once again it is my intend to stay alert for back sliding that I blame on no one but myself. I shall renew my effort to stick to the positive and racing and thank you Rob for reminding me the no good can come from mean spirited personal attacks.

  66. darealgoodfella says

    Doug (aka: WeldingWonders, Sybil, et al.), your New Year’s resolution didn’t last at all. You might be TRYING, but you are failing BIGLY! Can’t really tell when you backslide, you are consistent.

    What will be your next screen name?

  67. darealgoodfella says

    Today’s Date: April 5

    Doug (aka: WeldingWonders, Sybil, et al.) wrote on April 4:

    “Redneck Rob. Uncool.”

    Was that a backslide or just normal?

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