Keith Rocco To Make NEMA Debut In Season Opener For Bertrand Motorsports In Waterford

Keith Rocco

With SK Modified and Valenti Modified Racing Series events on tap, Keith Rocco already had a busy weekend scheduled for May 5-6 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

Now the Wallingford driver is going to add a little more speed to his weekend.

When Tim Bertrand from Bertrand Motorsports goes looking for guest drivers for his Northeastern Midget Association team, the names he finds to put in his family’s cars usually jump off the page.

And at the Speedbow there’s no bigger name than Rocco, the track’s all-time winningest driver.

Rocco will make his NEMA debut driving the Bertrand Motorsports No. 47 entry in the division’s season opening event on May 5 at the Speedbowl.

“I’m pretty excited to do it,” Rocco said. “It seems like everybody that drives that car has really good finishes or wins the race. I’ve never driven the NEMA cars, but I’ve had pretty good success in the [NEMA Lites]. We’ll see what it brings, but I think we’ll be in contention to win.”

Said Bertrand: “I’m very excited to team up with Keith. No one knows the Speedbowl like he does. He’s an aggressive but smooth driver, and had a couple of impressive outings in a Lite midget a few years back.”

The Bertrand Motorsports No. 47 ride has won a pair of series championships with Randy Cabral at the wheel, and has been piloted in recent years by names like Doug Coby, Ted Christopher, Sammy Swindell, Justin Bonsignore and Kyle Hamilton.

The car was last driven in an event at the Speedbowl by Christopher last August, when he drove to a heat race victory in the track’s annual Wings & Wheels show.

“It’s pretty exciting to try to keep the momentum rolling with what he had done in that car,” said Rocco, a longtime friend and protege of the late Christopher.

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  1. Thought Rocco was not coming back to Waterford for the 2018 season. Leopard changed his spots I guess.

  2. RickyinMass says

    waterford coverage. no waterford coverage. waterford coverage.
    rocco champion at waterford, rocco not racing at waterford, rocco super busy racing at waterford

  3. humphry,
    It was never reported here (or anywhere else that I’m aware of) that Rocco was not going back to Waterford for the 2018 season. During a podcast released on Feb. 28 Rocco said he would not race full-time at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in 2018. He never said he wouldn’t go there at all, he said he wouldn’t be racing there every Saturday in 2018. He said he intended to run more Saturday events away from the Speedbowl and also spend more Saturday’s off with family. As of yesterday nothing had changed about that. He will race part-time with his SK Modified at Waterford and will not compete in the Late Model division there.

  4. RickyinMass,
    I’ll say it again, it was never reported here (or anywhere else that I’m aware of) that Rocco was not going back to Waterford for the 2018 season. During a podcast released on Feb. 28 Rocco said he would not race full-time at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in 2018. He never said he wouldn’t go there at all, he said he wouldn’t be racing there every Saturday in 2018. He said he intended to run more Saturday events away from the Speedbowl and also spend more Saturday’s off with family. As of yesterday nothing had changed about that. He will race part-time with his SK Modified at Waterford and will not compete in the Late Model division there. … And no, nothing has changed about this site directly covering the Speedbowl in 2018. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to report news on this site pertaining to drivers or divisions that may include the Speedbowl.

  5. RickyinMass says

    if it walks like a duck and quakks like a duck and swims like a duck it could be a chicken that does impersinatons

  6. Rickin mass
    What are you doing.clearly rocco did not say that.
    I trust shawn!!!

    So please think before you write false stuff on here…..please exit this kick ass site!!!

  7. Only person left to watch put on a show, have unbelievable talent and carry on TC’s legacy is Keith Rocco! I’m sure he will do just fine

  8. Sorry, Keith Rocco will never carry TC’s legacy or be the next TC. They will never be another TC.

  9. RickyinMass says

    agree shawns the best. free talk and free country. sorry jeffy boy your quaking up. no

  10. Mike Serluca says

    This is actually a story about Keith Rocco. And no, he never said he wasn’t going back to the Bowl. He is not racing full time there. Last season he took a huge pay cut without national points money for his efforts, so he will concentrate on running NASCAR venues where he can gain national points. There’s no sense in him racing for “free” for lack of a better term. What else does he have to prove? It’s all about getting paid at this point. Until Waterford regains it’s NASCAR sanction (IF is a better word), it is highly unlikely we will see him run a full season at the Bowl again. Love him or hate him, Keith vs. anybody IS the show in the SK division are Waterford. He’s had epic battles with the Monahan’s down there, Kyle James, Teddy, etc. He’s the winningest driver there. It’s gonna suck not seeing him there every Saturday. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to be the next TC, he just wants to be Kid Roc. Nobody likes a winner, hence the ignorant comments from the peanut gallery. Anyways, good luck to Keith wherever he races and it’ll be good to see him at the Bowl when he does show up. As for the whole RacedayCT/Speedbowl deal, I can only hope that at some point the whole situation can get itself worked out. Everybody suffers. The Shawn haters love it and the Shawn supporters MF the Bowl. Who’s really winning here? It’s bad all around. Being invoked on both sides, unfortunately I’m caught in the middle. Luckily, neither side holds it against me. I thank the Speedbowl for the opportunity to come back on board and assist with their social media. It’s a great place. It’s a place I grew up at. I’ve met many wonderful people there and have formed some of the best friendships there, including my friendship with Shawn. As for RacedayCT, I look here to gather information and news for my Shifting Gears Live Show, as well as Racing Rewind. With the aforementioned shows, I use a variety of media outlets and photographers. I believe in “sharing the love”.

  11. RickyinMass says

    mike works for the bowl. race day won’t cover the bowl. not very good friends.

  12. Well said, Mike Serluca !!!!

  13. Love it Ricky, can that chicken impersonate Don rickles?

  14. sour grapes of wrath says

    I disagree with you Serluca.. If Rocco is going where the MONEY is at the end of the day his ability to finish up front at the bowl would be more cost effective if he stays……now if your talking NASCAR points that’s something different. he has a lot to prove.. he needs to win in a late model or sk at a NASCAR track outside Ct .. he needs to win in a tour mod on a track outside Ct… not a knock just how I see it. when you add in the travel with his limited success elsewhere he may lose MONEY who is babysitting his rental fleet while he is outta town on sat night.. If he is able to win elsewhere it will be a feather in his cap..he would be better served trying to get you along with present management to get NASCAR back at Waterford…. kyle james should have been the champ.. a huge gaff on the bowls part…PS I thought shawn monahan was “the show” at the speedbowl.. you better talk to him first .

  15. Mark Andrews says

    Is this the same Mike Serluca who was on video all over social media a few years back with Diego Monahan Crying about how Keith wrecked Diego that very night with a bunch of Idiots in the backround calling Keiths wife the “C”word?This is comical at best……helping with their social media?If that’s the standard good luck!As far as Keith being the show…he can wheel and is great to watch.But this past season was competitive for 3 of 4 drivers other than Keith who also ran well.And as Grapes says….Kyle James could of, or should have been champ depending on how that was decided.As far as I know….Kyle James runs on a somewhat limited budget and crew,so hats off to Serluca being compensated for his social media expertise with cash of with free adult beverages?Hes a know drunk at the track and always running his mouth…..Perfect fit.

  16. RickyinMass says

    mike serluca not standing in middle. standing behind elephant in room. big pervert elephant that owns track. Selling his shows on race day that won’t talk about bowl.

  17. Mike Serluca says

    Hey Mark Andrews! Is this the same Mark Andrews who I don’t even know? How ya been. Since you seem to have such a great memory, let me refresh for you. It was actually 3 separate videos. We also called out then race director Eric Webster. However, the C word was never used. It was DB. Pretty big difference. But since I can already see you have retired from the circus, I can now assume you are leaning towards a career as a drama queen. You are well on your way. Also, since you seem interested in the logistics or the social media at the Bowl, I am doing this voluntarily. If was getting paid, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my reputation as the track drunk. It’s a pretty good time. In case you missed it, prohibition was repealed around 90 years ago. I do appreciate you taking the time to write out such a well thought out insult, however, it does not phase me. I have no shame. Maybe sometime you can introduce yourself to me and even give the the book you wrote on being a perfect person. Lord knows I need that. You may want to re-read my comment. It says Keith VS anybody is the show. Shawn Monahan is also the show, but he does not and has not raced a full season there in quite some time. So to recap, what have we learned here? Mark Andrews is terrible at insults. He also has a knack for drama. He is most likely a master at making balloon animals. He is perfect. Pretty much the exact opposite of me. I have lots of friends Mark. Thank you for your opinion and thank you for supporting local racing. You should probably have a beer and relax once in awhile.

  18. RickyinMass says

    mike serlucca media guy for bowl. fighting with unknown people on place that won’t cover bowl. good choice for bowl.

  19. Mike Serluca says

    Not really fighting. I just like to make sure facts are correct when some nobody tries to insult me. As far a not covering the Bowl, it’s unfortunate and is not by choice. I still do a lot with a Shawn on my two other shows because he has always supported the things I’ve done. When I worked there in 2015, he was one of the people who helped me out anytime I needed it. I’m only volunteering my time with the social media because it is what I built in 2015 from nothing and I hate to see it die. I’m pretty sure if there was a pact negotiated, Shawn would gladly cover the Bowl again. My initial comment was about the story being about Keith and not about the Bowl. Somebody else felt the need to attempt to embarrass me. He actually didn’t know that I happen to enjoy hanging out with the Rocco’s and what happened in the past is in the past. See, I know how to admit wrongdoing, accept the consequences, offer an apology, and move on from there. It works out pretty well. I’m surprised the whole FU 32 thing wasn’t brought up. That was from 6 or 7 years ago. Also, in 4th grade, I called Jessica P. a fat smelly hippo. I wonder why that wasn’t brought up either. Lol.

  20. WeldingWonders says

    I’m going to take a flyer here and say that bringing up the image of poor Jessica P. as a fat smelly hippo in fourth grade or otherwise is perfect banter for this venue. But if you are indeed the guy on the title page of the Speedbowls web site with pay or not Jessica’s personal grooming habits is not an image you want to plant in peoples brains under any condition. Nor is getting in the weeds on events most people don’t know anything about, nor calling fans in the peanut gallery ignorant. Backing Rocco is being a good friend but justifying his choice to scale back at the NLWS when you’re promoting the track is confusing.
    Everything you guys do at the Speedbowl is confusing. You’re a bunch of mad hatters just letting-er-fly it seems and hoping things work out. You may need a lot of beer this season.

  21. Bill Realist says

    Should the weather cooperate it could be a good show at the track we shall not speak of.

  22. Mark Andrews says

    So calling someone a DB or doucebag is fine and because your an honest scumbag and a drunk that makes it alright?you fit in just fine in modern america.i will introduce myself to you at the speed bowl this year and gladly tell you to your face.looking forward to meeting you

  23. Mike Serluca says

    I’m not a promoter. I have nothing to do with the web site. I’m not the PR guy. I am one of six people who post to the Facebook. I am personal friends with Shawn Courchesne. Why is this so confusing to people? I shared this story on 3 different social media pages that I manage and have taken flack for it for being a story about the Speedbowl, which it’s not. It’s a story about Keith. And the people in the peanut gallery clearly on Speedbowl fans, so to be honest, I could care less. It’s the same people all the time in the comment section that are negative about the Bowl. So just to clarify, once again, I am not a promoter, member of management, public relations person, web site contributor, race official, flagger, pit steward, track truck operator, gate worker, concession worker, maintenance worker, security person, or anything else. I am someone who was asked to assist with social media. I am very opinionated and not afraid to speak my mind. I do not hide behind some fake name. I do not hide, period. I have been a supporter and a critic of the Speedbowl and the 2 other CT tracks. When I see something wrong, I speak on it. You can sit around and toss cheap shots at the Bowl all you want. That’s what cowards do. I’ve never been one, so I can’t speak from experience, fortunately. The Speedbowl is hiring for many available positions. Since there seem to be so many people who can do so much better on here, applications are available at the office. Would love to see how much better some of you people really could do. Just a heads up, you have to put your real name on the application.

  24. So Mike, just gotta ask you, was she really a fat smelly hippo or were you just mad at her for stealing your PBJ sandwich LOL………

  25. Mike thanks for your reply.

    If Keith’s goal is to chase national points, what are his Saturday night choices? A pro stock at Seekonk, modified at Riverhead…?

  26. Fast Eddie says

    I wonder if Keith might run more VMRS, WMT, and/or TriTrack races if he isn’t running weekly at the Speedbowl? there are options for all three series on Saturdays. If he’s looking for NASCAR Home Track points, I’m almost surprised he didn’t commit to Riverhead.

  27. sour grapes of wrath says

    thank god paul …someone addressed my question or disagreement with serluca…. I don’t hate you mike disagree with your statement rocco took a paycut… I don’t think he won the championship fairly at the bowl..yes he has been dominant there but there are 3 or 4 other cars running as well… now for Stafford.. wasn’t dominant for several seasons there .. was in the hunt and then brought the “other” car there and notched what 2/3 straight??? highly suspect.. yes won Thompson very strong but tech almost as blind as Waterford there at least in the sk`s …but my point is I give him props for his performance and his ability now to make money by fielding/leasing cars.. good for him.. I don’t think he will be successful at other tracks..history has shown same.. as for Thompson …limited shows and car counts would still have him lacking the points he would need even with consistent top finishes….saying better spent trying to get Waterford a NASCAR sanction ..I think the others are catching up and or tech is now turning a blind eye for everyone in the grey areas that rocco has kept under wraps.. PS his comments at the speed bowl banquet lacked class… the track and its employees,fans and fellow competitors have been good to rocco over the years ..he spit in their faces… would he say the same about hoeniog or arute??? no ! . he will never reach the success of as ted Christopher so stop the comparisons .. he good but not Christopher good…. done with the rant

  28. Sweet Plum Of Happiness says

    Hey Sour Grapes, how did he spit in the face of employees or fans or whoever else you mentioned? His comment at the banquet was low, but it was made only about the owner, who was actually arrested and charged with some awful crimes if you weren’t aware. You’re comparing an accused sex trafficker who owned a track for two years to the Hoenig and Arute families? Please don’t. The Hoenig and Arute families have deep roots in short track racing and respect for the sport.
    And from what we’ve all been told (wink, wink, nod, nod), Bruce Bemer has NOTHING to do with George Whitney or anything happening at the Speedbowl (wink, wink, nod nod). So why would anyone involved in operating the Speedbowl be upset by anything said about Bemer, who they have said is really a stranger to them. Too much sarcasm? There’s no lease, George Whitney is a front for Bemer, who is still running the track.
    So you must think what the owner did wasn’t a bad thing? Involved in forcing mentally ill drug addicted young men into sex slavery. I don’t know what kind of family values you grew up with, but where I come from that’s pretty ugly stuff.
    And also maybe the race director Chris Forester shouldn’t have told Keith Rocco a week before the banquet that there would be a point fund check waiting for him there. Or maybe George Whitney should never have lied in the first place to drivers about paying a point fund he knew he wasn’t going to pay.
    Hey, how do the new grandstands look that George Whitney said he was putting up?
    How are the divisions set up for the NASCAR sanction George Whitney was telling people at a race show in Springfield in December that he got back?
    Are you excited for the Modified Tour race that George Whitney told everyone in November would be on the schedule at Waterford for June 2018?

  29. The only thing I have to say is Honeig or Arute shouldn’t be equated with the bowl.

  30. Mike Serluca says

    Lol. I believe it was a bologna and cheese.

  31. Mike Serluca says

    I believe Monadnock. I’m not 100% certain on that.

  32. I don’t believe anything George Whitney says, he is a BS artist at best and I have zero respect for the man. He is the type of individual that runs around writing checks with his mouth that his butt can’t cash and full of empty promises. And you would trust him why?

  33. WeldingWonders says

    Once again amid all the flying accusations, scab picking and escalating emotion Fast Eddy calmly asks the question at the heart of the issue. How will Mr. Rocco spend his Saturday nights, where and in what series. At this stage he doesn’t even know I would bet but it surely will involve more travel or none at all staying home and being with that beautiful family of his.
    Thanks Mr. Serlucca for clarifying your situation with the Speedbowl. It remains confusing seeing your name on the NLWS site but what isn’t confusing about the place. You’re merely a fan, albeit super fan it appears and it’s great having you here to join the conversation. As far as the absence of real names goes I would offer only the zoo defense. It’s like going to the zoo, looking at the zebras and complaining they aren’t horses. Go to Facebook if you want to see horses.
    But even in the view from the zoo the contrast is striking. Of Stafford that methodically goes about a controversy free, surgical release of information building toward the Sizzler. And the mad hatters at the Speedbowl that have a super fan on their front page just kind of helping out who’s a friend of Racedayct, the most influencial racing media voice in the State that won’t cover the Speedbowl. Makes perfect Speedbowl sense.

  34. RickyinMass says

    sweet plum is rotting. tour dates printed nov 22.

  35. Mike Serluca says

    Superfan is completely accurate. I wish there were a person interested in taking it over. Someone a bit more professional than I care to be. I love doing my other shows because, well, they’re mine and I can do/say what I want about what I want. The person who deserves the real credit is Matt Buckler. Matt writes the stories and I publish them to the social media outlets. I then send them to the person in charge of the web site. I do enjoy being at the Speedbowl. I love drinking beer there. Usually I am spotting for someone, but when I’m not, I’m enjoying beers, talking with people, hooting and hollaring. Nobody’s opinion is ever going to change that. I wish RacedayCT was still covering the bowl. It’s not my battle and not my doing. Someday it may work out to where it is covered on here again. I will not burn a bridge with my friend Shawn and I will always support the Speedbowl. A lot of good people have a ton of time and money invested to race there and I will continue to support that. It’s unfortunate that every year there is some type of controversy that surrounds the place. I can’t control that. I wish there weren’t. But I will not abandon ship as many people have. Thompson is Thompson, Stafford is Stafford, Waterford is Waterford. Keith is Keith. Teddy is Teddy. I am me. Discussions, insults, disputes or otherwise will never change any of that, but it sure does make for interesting debates. Zebras and horses right?

  36. I am stunned, totally stunned, even shocked at the demonstrated ability to wander less than infinity light-years off topic in this thread.

  37. sour grapes of wrath says

    sweet plum… rocco chose to race at the one forced him ..the point fund issue was discussed here in previous threads.if forester and whitney are lying then don’t race there but guess what …its going to open again for another season..!!. bruce bemer is going to court admitted having sex with other males for money aka (a john)… he plead not guilty …my point was it was in poor taste ..why bring it up.??.. would he have said during his previous speech when he was national champion …”yeah terry is running the place into the ground ” thanks for the continued improvements to the facility terry it looks fabulous !!!.. other guys haven`t been paid but I did !!! .LOL..,. the reality is the track has been good to him as a competitor .. no other driver would have gotten the consideration/latitude he did in the final event to return to the track with an unsafe car in an attempt to win the championship..(Forrester the liars call right??) what about the time his entire right front departed because he failed to tether it.. could have killed somebody ??/what was the penalty for that ???? how does he repay the debacle that ended in his favor this past season ?.. he belittles kyle james and mentions the owner who is morally bankrupt but whose checks have cleared since he took over.. who fixed the fence…who “saved” the speedbowl ..nice job but you wont win at other tracks outside the state or on the tour.. still a good racer but lacks integrity /class .. that’s why no consistent tour ride or move up to the big leagues ..too bad as the talent is there ..

  38. just my 2 cents

    Keith Rocco is a very good driver, fabricator and car owner. Doesn’t have to be a reincarnation of TC to be relevant. Just as TC didn’t have to be a reincarnation Richie Evans during that time frame. Teddy did just fine being Teddy.

    Enjoy the time you have to watch Keith, it might be awhile before see another driver like him.

    I find it incredibly difficult to read grown adults bad mouth people that they really don’t even know.

    Sure, we all have our opinions about drivers, but damn folks give credit where credit is due.

  39. WeldingWonders says

    Boy Mike S you’re sounding like a pretty good guy that perfectly represents the conflict of many Speedbowl fans juggling their long term loyalty with the cloud the track has hovering over it.
    So here we are again with the Speedbowl and trench warfare that has been going on for a year now. But we have a resource here so what say we throw caution to the wind and ask him a few questions.
    1) we all know about the release of information about the stands replacement then the 180 back to the repair of the stands for another year. Was the replacement ever a real possibility or was it more a long term goal that never got traction? If the season comes off successfully is it a possibility for next year?
    2) are the repairs on schedule and the building department on board with the one more year deal? Is it smooth sailing toward the opening weekend or are there speed bumps to negotiate?
    3) to the best of your knowledge Mike who really is calling the shots regarding the racing program at the Speedbowl and is there any truth to those that say Mr Bemer is still intimately involved. Is Mr Whitney a completely independent lessee as has been made public.
    4)Mr. Whitney has made it public that he has longer term plans for the track. Is there any chance he is considering buying the track?
    5) From your ring side seat are the positions so hardened in the Speedbowl/Raceday estrangement or is there any hope for a reconciliation.
    6) Without being specific can you make any observation about the longer term prospects for a sale of the Speedbowl to get the Bemer cloud lifted or is it strictly year to year and survival mode.
    Yup, got it. You may not want to say all you know. But I thought I’d ask. Thanks.

  40. Has anyone asked Keith where he is racing on Na

  41. On Saturday nights? I will root for him where ever he races

  42. Come on welding, he can’t comment on your items especially since he is working for them. This is not Dateline NBC here.

    Bemer owns the bowl, he is calling the shots and if Whitney is the future of the Bowl the place is doomed. He is Bemers puppet, front man what ever you call it and just the place holder until the trials and civil actions are complete then we will really see what happens.

    Mike don’t say a word and risk your job just to satisfy inquiring minds.

  43. RickyinMass says

    hump is right. dumb sibil asking dumb questions of pervert track. who cares

  44. First off nice to see you back Doug aka welding wonders. Bertrand Motorsports always fields very fast cars, almost always driven by elite drivers. For Keith Rocco to have been chosen to drive speaks allot about his driving ability. Good luck to Keith and the whole Bertrand crew.

  45. WeldingWonders says

    What will the Roc do on Saturdays? Two hour round trip travel time to the Speedbowl. Four plus round trip to Seekonk or Monadnock. 6 hours and two expensive rides on the ferry out of Bridgeport to Riverhead.
    Winning formula in two divisions at Waterford and pay checks that probably leave a small profit. Battling as an outsider at any other track and against guys that know the track like the back of their hands.
    Prediction-time and money wins. The Roc will be at the Speedbowl more often then not simply because victory circle is closer and more likely.

  46. If Keith is that good of a driver I don’t believe he will have an issue getting acclimated to any track he competes at. Furthermore, if he is competing for the NASCAR regional or national point title, why waste his time and money racing at a facility that is not NASCAR sanctioned therefore not receiving points toward the title. Seems pretty simple to me and I don’t know what people don’t understand about his decision. Lets not make a mountain out of a mole hill.

  47. I still don’t understand why Rocco isn’t driving a Tour mod full time.

  48. WeldingWonders says

    That thing about not being hard to understand humphry. That’s exactly what I thought when you kicked things off in this thread with the leopard changing spots deal. Seems the spots were exactly the way they had always been and it was just you and Ricky that were seeing different spots.
    My prediction is without any agenda nor ill intent. I just think familiarity, less travel and greater odds of winning will tip the scale on the Speedbowl visits and that should be good for fans. As for me I’ll be rooting firmly against The Roc on Friday nights only because I think he’ll be dominant and who likes that? I’ll be rooting for Dowling to bring the juice and any combination that makes for great competition. There’s just so many good teams to like. Around 40 SK’s registered at Stafford so far and banner numbers in the SK Lights as well. Amazing. 13 registered in the LLM. Sheesh.

  49. I was on the original TC crew for a long time and then without Eric Berndt. I saw a lot of TC, I’ve been away from racing for awhile to coach baseball. When I went back to Stafford this past year to see a race when they honored Teddy, it was the first time I actually watched Kid Roc race. I saw the same driving style, the same domination and the same jealousy as I did with TC. Let me correct myself, Keith will never be TC but if there is someone to continue a similar legacy, it will be Keith. If you don’t see the comparison between Teddy and Keith, you don’t know either of them and your a fake race fan…

  50. WeldingWonders says

    Bravo Tim. And thanks for dropping back in after so long to tell us that all this time we’ve going to the races and watching Ted and Keith and considering them as individuals with different strengths we were being phonies. Not even real race fans. As opposed to you that was not watching and coaching baseball.
    Let me tell you what this not a real race fan saw over the last few years at Stafford. That is that TC was clearly not dominant. Pretty good last year with some dominant moments. In the mix the two prior years in a very competitive field. The Roc. At Stafford dominant in the last two races. Prior to that competitive and in the mix but clearly not dominant. More like grinding out a championship with good finishes and earning it at the end.
    Whether it’s someone saying “you’re not a real American because” or “you’re not a real race fan because” it’s always refreshing to have people that know it all put us in our place. Especially a baseball coach.

  51. Thanks pal

  52. WeldingWonders says

    Sorry Tim I just see red when people make blanket judgements on an entire group of people based on one issue.
    Other’s can weigh in but I’ve never viewed Rocco and TC as being similar. My view Rocco is smooth and makes risk /eward judgements on every pass and calculates his position in the greater context of the race and points. Very cerebral. Christopher cerebral as well. But all he saw when he raced was obstacles between him and the front that he had to overcome as quickly as possible. Does Rocco have the cat like sixth sense moves TC had. That’s for others more knowledgeable to judge.
    Richie Evans was the greatest and now people speak of TC as being the greatest mostly because he is more recent and more familiar. No one I see views Evans and Christopher as similar. Both icons in different ways. Rocco may be the greatest of all eventually. What is he like early 30’s. Decades left to race and already a resume that would choke a horse. But if and when he is called the greatest decades from now it will be completely different then Evans or Christopher. And as is always the case, TC’s greatness at that point in the future or Cook’s or Stefanick’s for that matter. will not be as fresh as Rocco’s or whomever else emerges.

  53. One thing I enjoy about this site is if you don’t agree someone’s opinion, or don’t view something the way they do you are accused of being a fake race fan or knowing nothing about racing. We all have our opinions and are entitled to them.

  54. humphry wrote: “One thing I enjoy about this site is if you don’t agree someone’s opinion, or don’t view something the way they do you are accused of being a fake race fan or knowing nothing about racing. We all have our opinions and are entitled to them.”

    Huh? Really? You like being accused of being a fake race fan or knowing nothing about racing? humphry, read what you wrote and maybe you’ll see why you are questioned so often.

    There are options, and there are facts. Learn the difference.

    But anyways, according to Sybil (aka” Doug, Dougie, WeldingWonders, et al.) you are not worthy if you do not agree with his many personalities, or disagree with any of his many personalities.

  55. WeldingWonders says

    Very well then. Clearly I’m only a distraction at this stage and target for Dareal, Art and now Ricky. The tribe has spoken. I’m voted off and shall respect the decision and transition from an interactive donor and commenter to simply read only for free. I’ll continue to enjoy enjoy all of you especially my favorites Hank Hill, Fast Eddy, Berry. Rob p and humphry. Thanks Shawn for a fun year plus and good luck with your Patreon program.

  56. I lost count how many times Sybil has pleaded mea culpa, only to come right back as the same character, maybe a different screen name.

  57. You know what welding, screw the tribe, don’t let them drive you away, they don’t own this site, keep on keepin on, do your own thing and if you enjoy what you are doing here, keep it up just to pee them off…….

  58. RickyinMass says

    In the interest of cleansing a guilty soul I admit that I Doug, AKA WeldingWonders am also that bone head RickyinMass. The alternate ID was born out of a frustration with the unrelenting attacks by dareal over the 4 months during which time I never said a word to him nor challenged him on any level. It was wrong and there is no excuse.
    I have apologized to Shawn in a private email and have promised to never post again on racedayct. That’s a self imposed penalty not one dictated by the tech inspector.
    Thank you humphry for all the good banter and great information. Where else could I have meet a guy that raced around the time I did and that actually helped paint the Speedbowl stands so long ago. Nice job by the way they’re good for another year I hear. Look forward to reading yours and others entries in the future. Give em hell.

  59. Thanks for the kind words Doug, it was great bantering with you as well and I will miss that. It is to bad the actions of others drove you to the decision you made and sometime I would really like to meet you in person over a coffee or beer at a race to chew the fat. I think we share more in common than I can let on!

  60. Using fake names, also known as aliases, screen names, etc. is common. Doesn’t make it right. Donald Trump has been doing it for decades. Donald Trump makes believe he’s his own spokesman, and in the hush agreement with the porn star, Trump uses yet another fake name to try to appear unassociated with the extramarital affair and porn star. So far, he has been shown to use like 6 or more fictitious names/identities to protect his identity from his dubious behavior, or act as a surrogate of himself to promote himself. And Trump goes around calling all the reports about his despicable behavior fake news… LOL! What a tool. This guy is supposed to be trusted without question. He can’t be trusted at all.

    Keith should do well in the NEMA cars. Still would like to see him full time in a good NWMT ride. Keith uses one name.

  61. “Using fake names, also known as aliases, screen names etc. is common. Doesn’t make it right”. Huh, really???????? Don’t believe that is your given name and you are calling the rest of us out? WOW!

  62. I wonder why Shawn has not weighed in given Sybil’s confession to using multiple screen names.I wonder if this is true.This whole Doug thing is just bizarre,now he uses his own Ricky identity to make dareal and I out as a tribe so he can self banish.Makes sense because two can’t be a tribe.In view of the fact that he seems to have problems with everyone going way back to the whole peeing in his cornflakes issue and trying to get others banned from these threads for vulgarity and calling out Shawn for being lax in his moderation.In high hopes Shawn will hold him to his word.He reminds me of Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket “everybody hates me now”.If people want to get back to racing issues not having sybil and his contrived controversies around will make that happen.

  63. Well, in the end, Insipid Sybil fell on his own knife.

    Ricky didn’t pass the stink test. That screen name was suspicious from the first post. LOL! There can only be one jeffrey.

    humphry, frequently changing an alias because you constantly draw fire and have to change identities is different than having one screen name and sticking with it. Insipid Sybil and Trump had to change identities frequently because of what they did to each created entity and perhaps the real identity.

  64. wmass01013 says

    again cant we just talk racing with a great spring sizzler coming up and seems a healthy Modifed fields in both WMT and MRS and tri track, leave the drama for FOX NEWS

  65. Stink test? Really? Give me a freaking break. Some people are so full of themselves it is pathetic.

  66. humphry, you carried on conversations with RickyinMass, one of Inspid Sybil’s many alternate screen names. Are you embarrassed?

    Yep, RickyinMass didn’t pass the stink test. Failed fantastically.

    humphry, you still trying to dislodge that hook, line and sinker?

  67. I carried a conversation just like you did. Really????????

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