Stepping Back: Keith Rocco To Skip SK Modified Opener At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Keith Rocco celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature at Thompson Speedway on April 9

In the realm of Southern New England short track racing there are matters that evolve into constants.

Over the last decade one of those constants has become Keith Rocco celebrating in victory lane in an SK Modified to open the season annually at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

Since 2009, Rocco has won the first SK Modified event of the season at the Speedbowl all but one year.

That near constant will not be happening Sunday at the Speedbowl.

Rocco confirmed to RaceDayCT on Monday that he will not compete in Sunday’s 80-lap SK Modified feature as part of the Blastoff weekend Saturday and Sunday at the Speedbowl.

Rocco is running full-time in the SK Modified divisions at Stafford Motor Speedway and Thompson Speedway this year. He won the opening event for the division at the Thompson Icebreaker on April 8 and won the SK Modified feature at Stafford’s NAPA Spring Sizzler on Sunday.

He said will run a limited schedule of SK Modified events at the Speedbowl in 2018. Rocco, of Wallingford, is the Speedbowl’s all-time winningest SK Modified driver and the track’s all-time winningest driver overall.

“I’ve got to put my priorities in line and that place is just not a priority right now,” Rocco said.

Rocco won his fifth consecutive SK Modified championship at the track in 2017, which was his seventh in the division overall. The 2012 season is the only year Rocco hasn’t won the SK Modified championship at the track since 2010. Tyler Chadwick won the 2012 SK Modified championship, a year when Rocco was suspended for an event by the track for a fight he was involved in with his current Thompson Speedway SK Modified team owner Mark Pane.

Rocco said he expects to run some SK Modified events at the Speedbowl in 2018 but is putting no timetables on anything.

In addition to his own racing efforts, Rocco is now overseeing his Keith Rocco Racing business, fielding full-time SK Modifieds teams at Stafford Motor Speedway for Michael Gervais Jr. and Doug Meservey Jr. and full-time SK Modified teams at Thompson Speedway for Troy Talman and Jake Johnson.

“I really haven’t even set date of when I will be [at the Speedbowl],” Rocco said. “I’m so busy with the partnerships I have with the two full-time cars at Stafford and two full-time cars at Thompson. I have to really prioritize those guys before I do my own stuff.”

Rocco’s seventh SK Modified championship at Waterford last year matched the record number for the division achieved by Dennis Gada, and also matched Gada’s record of five consecutive championships. Gada won titles in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006 and 2008.

Rocco also has four Late Model championships (2013, 2014, 2016, 2017) and a Limited Sportsman division title (2004) at the Speedbowl.

Overall he has 149 career wins. Phil Rondeau sits second on the all-time win list overall with 107. Rocco has 89 career SK Modified victories. Gada is second on the division’s all-time win list with 62.

Rocco will compete at the Speedbowl on Saturday of their Blastoff weekend. He will drive in the 100-lap Valenti Modified Racing Series event Saturday and he will make his NEMA debut with Bertrand Motorsports in Saturday’s 25-lap feature for that division.


  1. sour grapes of wrath says

    he should put his brother in the car

  2. Anyone wondering why Keith wasn’t running at the bowl now has the answer. Very good decision to focus on his 4 cars at Stafford and Thompson, and not run the bowl. Have to wonder if all the B.S. surrounding the bowl weighed into his decision though, last year he fielded 3 modifieds at Thompson and ran at Stafford and the bowl.

  3. Won’t miss seeing him and his wife stroll through there like they own the place. If he didn’t cry like a baby he wouldn’t of won the championship last year.

  4. Lucky Dog says

    Stopped by Rocco’s trailer during the pit party at stafford. There was 3 cars and no less than 25 people. No matter what you think of him, this has to be bad for Waterford’s bottom line.

  5. RaceDayNH says

    I thought the speedbowl was no longer covered by RaceDayCT?

  6. Not Blind as a Bat says

    Lucky dog, I’m not sure any of his rentals were being raced at Waterford anyways. So really they will be losing 1 car if that’s the case. Stepping aside to handle all his rentals rather than race. Maybe he bit off more than he could chew with all these cars in his garage and doing work for everyone else?

  7. RaceDayNH,
    I figured this comment would arrive, just thought it would come sooner. We’ve been over this a few times already, but we can do it once again. No, RaceDayCT is not doing any direct reporting of or on events at the Speedbowl or reporting on news or issues pertaining to management or ownership issues at the facility. That doesn’t mean there won’t be stories about drivers, teams or divisions connected to the Speedbowl. Yes it does involve the Speedbowl, but this is a story about Keith Rocco the driver, and his plans for the 2018 season.

  8. I will miss watching him at the bowl. But good for him to take some time off to keep his priorities straight. He has nothing left to prove there. The extra bowl bs had to have had a effect. Can’t wait until the bowl is sold to lift the dark cloud above It. I don’t see NASCAR sanctioning the place until a new owner is in place. Congratulations Keith and on an awesome win Sunday during the sk demo derby.

  9. If he was in a position of making money in which someone would put up for him to run their, he would be there… is all about money….that’s all it’s ever been and will be….

  10. Race 413. says

    Think that Rocco is trying to separate himself from the likes of George and Bruce. But I don’t think that’s the main reason, the main reason is that he’s got 5 cars to maintain as well as working with Mike Pettit building those awesome Pettit Racing Engines. There are only so many hours in a day, and his plate is full.

  11. Bill Realist says

    Anything to do with the fact he got punched at the banquet and no penalty for the aggressor? Revenge is in fact served cold. There is no doubt about it that he is a huge draw at the bowl. Watching him and teddy battle it out on a good ole fashioned short track was worth twice the cost of admission.

  12. Bill Realist says

    To add to that there is for sure an old school ambiance at the bowl that is absent from the other ct tracks. It would be nice to see it get back on the right track again. Sadly it’s dying and in its last throws. Neighbors don’t want it, owner is a sex offender and development encroaching. End is near enjoy in while you can.

  13. JimBinCT says

    Sure feels like there is an air of excitement in this article. Eager to report on the Speedbowl when it’s not good news. It is tough news. Tough not being able to see him win every Late Model race. Without TC, would have been tough to see him win most of the SK races. I respect his talent. Amazing driver. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the amazing talent at the Speedbowl shine.

  14. sour grapes of wrath says

    he should put his brother jeff in the car

  15. Wait until Keith shows up at Monadnock to run Sportsman Mods for NASCAR Division 1 Points… Aside from all of his rental cars, if you think he still isn’t focused on finding a way to win the National Championship, you are foolish. I would put money on this happening at some point. Maybe even sooner rather than later.

  16. Perhaps the debate over who is more important, a track or a driver, will be settled.

  17. Track not being Nascar Sanctioned is huge blow to Rocco, he’s in top 3 or 4 every year for National Title. Winning races at the Speedbowl no longer has value to him. He knows he is walking away from 10 plus wins a year. Statically he’s the greatest driver ever there, to not have him racing in the prime of his career at his hometrack is egg on the face to people running the facility.

  18. Shawn – a story on Bear C. moving over to work for Keith (after TC’s passing) could be interesting.

  19. Viva race fan says

    Rocco is a primadonna cry baby. After making a fool of himself at the banquet last year I’d be a little skeptical about returning he left a lot of people upset. Rock was a good driver but he has a poor personality he’s unapproachable he’s a little bit arrogant. Pretty funny his family doesn’t even like him. Well he won’t be missed. As Teddy will be missed and not forgotten we can soon forget about mr. Rocco. The racing will become unbelievably great especially with the youth movement in a month from now nobody will care that he’s not there it will be talking about one of these young kids just really getting it done. It’s sad that we have lost a lot of the people do the controversy at the Speedbowl. But racing wheels on and rednecks will be read next most of them don’t care who’s there they’d race with the stands empty. She you late Keith Try not to fall with your extremely oversized head. And everybody else will see you in turn one that’s where the all the fun is come be part of it.

  20. I wish everyone would stop comparing Rocco to TC. Yes Keith is a good driver with allot of talent, and an impressive record, but will never compare to TC. As for him not racing at the un- sanctioned Toilet Bowl… Last year when they lost the NASCAR sanction, he already had his cars ready to go. This year he is pursuing other endeavors ie.. he’s most likely gonna race a NASCAR sanctioned track. Yes his attitude sucks. No I don’t like him, but do enjoy watching him race, he does have talent. But NOT TC

  21. Where’s Doug? Has anybody seen Doug? I can’t find DOUG! HEY DOUG WHERE ARE YOU???

  22. Racer28 says

    Viva race fan.. I could not disagree with you more. I met Keith for the first time last year at the bowl. He could not have been any nicer and took a picture with me. He could have blown me off completely but instead took some time to chat with a weekly fan. It’s funny how winners are branded like you mentioned. The rest of the teams need to step up and stop complaining. The man is a champion and first to win at all theee tracks in one year. I am happy he is not wasting his money and talent at the bowl this year. He is a champion in every sense of the word.

  23. Have talked with Keith both at Stafford and at Petitt’s. He is a rather nice guy, but can go from zero to idiot in under a second. Even if you don’t like him, you can’t deny his talent as a driver and mechanic. BUT he still ain’t no TC and regardless of how many SK races and championships he wins never will be. TC had depth and could drive anything with 4 wheels, sometimes winning in cars he had never sat in before the race. So please people stop drawing that comparison.

  24. Seriously has anyone seen Doug a.k.a. welding wonders a.k.a. Sybil. Site ain’t the same without Doug

  25. Hank Hill says

    Less drama..

  26. James Comey says

    Waterford is opening??? With the same grandstand???? I was assured this could not and would not happen!!

  27. I guess some people drove him away. In his exiting speach in a previous article he said he was done, never to return. You had to read the post to understand, I am just providing a thumbnail scetch of what he wrote.

  28. The parking lot at the Bowl is packed today (Saturday), but the car counts for the weekly divisions are soft – e.g. just 11 SK mods. The offseason uncertainty must have taken its toll.

  29. Drove, not so much. Distraction was the operative word I used and not wanting to be one. Clearly Hank agrees. But I’m still here enjoying the articles and your comments. Including Hank suggesting Dareal drop the references to Trump and humphry trying to get him to answer four questions. Keep up the good work.

  30. He’s baaaaaaaack!!!!! Or shall I say, “They’re baaaaaaaaaack!”

  31. humphry wrote, “I guess some people drove him away. In his exiting speach in a previous article he said he was done, never to return. You had to read the post to understand, I am just providing a thumbnail scetch of what he wrote.”

    And like Sybil spewed many mea culpas, only to resort back to the same insipid behaviors, his promise to never return was also short-lived. Just can’t believe the guy. All those fake screen names. Bigly SAD!!!

  32. WOW, 11 SK mods! Soft car counts in the weekly divisions, sounds like an exciting 2018 season for the 🚽 bowl………….

  33. We are all distractions to certain individuals. You just ignore it and move on.

  34. ‘What’s the afternoon line on when sybil comes back to 700 word comments on every thread here at racedayct?He couldn’t stifle himself for very long at all.It won’t be even money.You’ll need a wheelbarrow full of twenties to make $1.”They’re baaaaaaaack”,Truer words were never spoken!

  35. Mea culpa or admitting ones own errors. According to the Bible that’s a good thing. What’s the opposite of mea culpa? Dareal aka Sybil the original, aka Lionel Train Engineer, AKA Bleacher Creature, AKA King of Trolls. The truth teller that said he works with a number of NWMT teams but needed 273 lines in a thread of a total of 475 lines or 57% of the threads content to avoid answering humphry’s four very simple questions. Ali in his prime couldn’t bob and weave any better. The view was great from the cheap seats.

  36. Depends Dareal and Pee Cup Art. Or is it tube through the freeze plug Dareal. Urine good hands with those two.

  37. humphry says

    And you think Doug is the only one writing 700 word essays? Really? You are not paying attention. There are others doing a good job at it as well.

  38. art, just 3 minutes later. This should be fun.

  39. The only seats sybil is ever in are the “cheap seats” and only if there’s no line.She came back yesterday with a four line post, today seven lines.Tommorrow the sky’s the limit.She’s off his/her meds now and emboldened by his #1 friend Rob p,the only clown here who’s been begging for his return.You would think rob would have enough on his plate bashing Micheal Bennett,I mean of course after someone else did.Such is the nature of the beast.

  40. Hat’s off to Joe Lajoie. Best dagger specialist ever. If I thought for a week couldn’t come up with a better dareal take down.
    “C’mon, we all know dareal doesn’t want to blow his cover!
    However, he’s quite easy to find. He’s the guy in the stands with all the Matchboxes lined up in front of him (or maybe it’s Hot Wheels, I hear they have bigger flux capacitors) wearing the King of Trolls crown and sporting an arm sling because he sprained his shoulder from chronic Patting Myself on the Back Syndrome.”

  41. Toilet Car Art makes a good point. Old men with no life that write too many entries that are too long is pathetic. Watching dareal make entries in the VWMT Crop of rookies article on 4/26 at 9:19, 9:22, 10:31, 1:35, 3:13, 6:55, 7:25, 9:37. Literally trolling the site all day. And for what? Avoiding humphry’s questions. Dareal, me, anyone. NH Mark is right. The more you write the less you say.
    I paid my dues until December so I’ll come and go as long as management lets me. What’s Pee Cup Art and Depends Dareal going to do, insult me. My alter ego Ricky went for the lowest common denominator and they bit like big old bass with the pee cup deal. Thank you Depends dareal and pee cup art. And if you care about anything except the NWMT and empty taunting you might want to check in on a very interesting Stafford opening night.

  42. And Sybil et al still hasn’t been to a track in 2018.

  43. J. Fascione (Steady Eddie Fan) says

    Wow such B.S. from all of you, I think the only one who doesn’t compare Keith to Teddy… is Keith and he was pretty close to Teddy as he showed last year. In my opinion Teddy was a much rougher driver then Keith both very talented. That family is closer then most family’s I know so that comment is b.s. too. You Keith haters can keep hating but I bet He is enjoying his family, his life and his racing and is much happier then you guys.

  44. Crazy in NY says

    Personally I missed the guy that called me prickly and cantankerous so welcome back Doug.
    Plus+ this >>>
    Depends Dareal and Pee Cup Art. Or is it tube through the freeze plug Dareal. Urine good hands with those two
    LOL … I needed that . Usually reading about Kid Wreck brings knots to my stomach so this yuk is a pleasant surprise. Hey bud…let’s talk some more Danica as we get closer to Indy. and welcome back.

  45. Rocco is very good at what he does. He doesn’t wreck as often as TC did. Therefore, they are not the same and comparisons are not appropriate. Rocco is a macintosh and TC was a granny smith… both apples but very different and can’t be compared.

    Rocco is with the wave that is staying away from the ‘bowl.

  46. I would say losing Keith Rocco is a big hit for the bowl. Like him or hate him, he is a show and people go to watch him race much like TC. I think you can make comparisons between the two. Both drivers are talented drivers who won multiple track champions, regional championships and a national championship. They both drove in many different divisions and they both had most of their success and concentrated on the SK mod division.

    I see Waterford’s 80 lap SK race is rescheduled for this weekend. Does anyone know if they are going to let additional cars that weren’t present last weekend tag onto the end and start the feature? What kind of car count was Waterford pulling last year, it seemed really low in most divisions for their opener?

  47. humphry says

    Why should they allow additional tag on cars to start at the rear when the starting field is set through qualifing. Is that really fair to the competitors that already qualified? NO, NO, NO I say and if they do I cry BS.

    Dareal said “Rocco is very good at what he does. He doesn’t wreck as often as TC did. Therefore, they are not the same and comparisons are not appropriate. Rocco is a macintosh and TC was a granny smith… both apples but very different and can’t be compared”. For once I agree with dareal, there is no comparison between the two.

  48. Let them Race! says

    I say let any new cars that want to race start at the rear up to 26 total cars. IMO 11 or so cars running an 80 lap race is basically a heat race and will be about as exciting as watching paint dry.

  49. Well, it looks like the Bowl will do well with touring series, but the car counts for the regular weekly divisions may be problematic. With $3K+ to win the 80 lap SK race, I’m surprised some reluctant “bowlers” didn’t enter.

  50. Still amazes me why anyone would go to that place.I know everyone has their own decision to make but they boycott places for trivial things and people still give him money

  51. So you are saying just show up, you don’t have to qualify, bolt on 4 stickers and have at it. Now put on your car owners cap who’s car qualified and tell me you would feel the same. Anyone that was interested in running this race should have been there. Just because it rained and had to be rescheduled the rules change? I guess it would have been OK Sunday to watch paint dry however a week later it is not? Lets get real here.

  52. Let them Race! says

    @humphry, I can see you point from a competitors point of view but looking at it from a fans or track managers point of view it would make more sense to have a fuller field of cars for the make up race. I know its hind sight now but IMO the Speedbowl really should have moved this race up in last Sundays schedule considering the weather forecast. This would have solved the entire issue. Regardless I will be in the stands this weekend to hopefully see some great racing.

  53. More cars is better. Now put on your car owners cap, like the smart car owners that were smart enough in the first place were, and you show up at the rescheduled date and you are told by a lame-duck track that you can’t enter the race today because you weren’t there on the original date. Not a very smart move by a track that needs every car it can get.

  54. darealgoodfella,
    There are a multitude of variables at play here. I think one that stands out is the entry fee. You have the teams that showed up last weekend and paid $40 a person to get in and didn’t get a race. Those same teams will now pay an additional $30 per person to run in an event for which they already paid $40 pit fees for everyone on their team. And then you’ll have teams that didn’t show up for the original event now showing up and paying $30 pit fees for everyone on their team, and the only disadvantage they will have is having to start 12th or worse in an 80-lap event. Let’s say you have a team with driver, owner and four crew guys. Team A that showed up originally will now pay $420 ($240 for original date, $180 for makeup) in entry fees for the event. Team B that didn’t show up for the original event but showed up for the makeup date will pay only $180 in entry fees for the event and run for the same purse as a team that paid $240 more than them to compete.

  55. You are correct, the race should have been moved to the first event of the day on Sunday. However, you are talking common sense here and that is not in the vocabulary for the 🚽 bowl management.

    Inconsistent administration of the rules is not a way to run an organization regardless of car counts. What do you want the Wild West approach?

  56. Shawn, those fees are the ante, and are at risk. The owners know this. The owners know they are risking their $$$ the first penny that’s spent prepping a car for an event. It’s racing, it’s gambling, they know that. They are free to show up or not. It sucks for sure for the cars that did show for they have to pay again, but the cars that did not show up did not do anything wrong, and there should be no ire directed towards them. The cars that did not show up originally did nothing wrong. The cars that did show up originally took a shot, and lost. It’s all part of the game, like it or not. Fairness is not a factor.

    This should be between the cars that did show and the track, perhaps the track should issue rain checks, discounts, vouchers, etc. for the make-up event.

    What if car xyz couldn’t make the original date, but can make the new date… will that car be prohibited from the race simply because they did not pay a bunch of lost fees at the original date, and that is considered not fair to the teams that did show up?

    I’m having a deja vu… somebody else always complains about everything isn’t fair… I’m seeing an orange aura…

    More cars the better.

  57. I would think the Sk teams that paid to get in already would not have to pay again this week. They never ran their feature and they are not running double features this week. So I would assume anyone who signed in for the SK’s would get in with their pit pass from last week. Charge any new SK teams 40 per member or whatever it was last weekend. Everyone would be on equal footing as far as cost to get in. Now you do have some other issues, how do you track who is signing in for which car? I am not sure if when you sign in you say what division you are associated with. The new teams would be on slightly newer tires.

    My concern is what if some drivers who went last week cant make it this week and you end up with less than 11 cars for 80 laps. I think todd owen was there last week and he runs Stafford Friday night. if there are any issues Friday, it might be a quick turn around if he runs the same car at both facilities. From a fans perspective 11 car field is not that exciting. I know people who went last weekend and said they will not go back. Synopsis was the MRS was good the rest of the show not so great.

  58. csg,
    My understanding of the situation is that, at this point, there is no planned relief for teams that paid last week. They will pay the same as everyone else to get in this week. I guess that may change.
    As for Todd, my understanding is that he does have cars for both Stafford and Waterford. He is running full-time at both tracks.

  59. Glad to see that still contains a decent amount of news related to the Speedbowl!

  60. Let them Race! says

    I have to agree with csg on the teams not having to pay again. Why should they have to pay twice for the same event they already paid for and then only get one purse check? IMO the make up race should have been scheduled as a double feature night later in the year when the crowds are normally better. The current situation sure seems like the track is taking advantage of the racers that made the effort to show up for the opening event.

  61. Let them Race! says

    Looks like the Speedbowl has seen the light! Below is a post from the Speedbowls facebook page. More cars to be added. Lets see if Kid Rock makes a surprise appearance to make things interesting.


    Guaranteed $4050 To Win!!!
    P2: $1800 + $250 bonus= $2050
    P3: $1200 + $150 bonus= $1350
    P4: $900
    P5: $650
    P6: $600
    P7: $550 + $50 bonus= $600
    P8: $500
    P9: $450
    P10: $400
    P11: $370
    P12: $340
    P13: $310 + $25 bonus= $335
    P14: $280
    P15: $260
    P16: $250
    P17: $250
    P18: $250
    P19: $250
    P20: $250
    P21: $250
    P22: $250
    P23: $250 + $100 bonus*= $350
    P24: $250 + $100 bonus*= $350
    P25: $250 + $100 bonus*= $350
    (* $100 bonus is for 3rd to last-last BEFORE tech)

    Lap bonuses:
    Leader lap 12 $100
    Leader lap 13 $100
    Leader lap 35 $100
    Leader lap 51 $100
    Leader lap 79 $50

    P13 Lap 13 $100
    Last place Lap 35 $100
    P6 Lap 57 $100
    P5 Lap 78 $100

    Hard Charger Award $100

    $3125 in total bonus money!

    -The top 11 has been set
    -Any cars that arrive will be allowed 8 tires
    -The 11 original cars will get 2 tires (per inventory)
    -All cars will run normally scheduled rounds of practice
    -All cars that did not originally qualify will run a separate 10 lap group qualifier. You must run those tires in the feature. Your laps will be timed to prevent “sandbagging” any car deemed to be “sandbagging” will not be qualified to run the feature. Acceptable “race speed” is at the track officials discretion.
    -Positions 12 thru 25 (or less) will be determined by the 10 lap qualifier
    -No Impound

    – No Pitting for tires. You can only take tires if you pit for a flat.
    – First 3 caution laps of each caution period will be counted.
    – We will stop counting 3 caution laps once we get to 10 laps to go.

    Please contact Chris Forster or Chris Austill with any additional questions. All cars must be NLW Speedbowl legal. Visit to view our rules.

  62. humphry says

    There you go csg, now you can bring your car and driver down and race. You have been lobbying to hard and heavy for this so you must have an alterior motive.

  63. I am not sure my uncaged jeep Cherokee could get through tech. If it does get through tech, I am not going to be very competitive as I am down on horsepower and it pushes like a box truck in the turns. I will say I got no problems with ride height though. At the end of the day, it’s probably around a 12th place car.

    After reading some of the comments here and from some drivers, I agree it isn’t fair to the guys who showed up last week and supported the bowl. I really hope they charge the new guys what it cost last week to get in and I really hope last weeks participants don’t have to pay again. There doesn’t seem to be any guidance on pit fees but I have only seen what was posted above. From a fan and tracks perspective, I wouldn’t be too exited about a big purse 80 lap 11 car race so hopefully a few additional cars show up for them. I think the Bowl is trying to make the best of a bad situation, someone was going to be unhappy with either decision.

  64. Still no decision and announcement on pit fees for cars that originally showed up? Very bad, very bad indeed. Bigly SAD!

    Tracks need cars, and not many showed up in the first place. Of course the racers that showed up don’t want more cars running – doh. The FANS that are PAYING, also known as CUSTOMERS, want to see MORE cars. For a track that has been on life support, turning away cars is suicidal.

  65. Well csg, $340 for 12th would pay for your Saturday at the track and a few extra bucks in your pocket. Who knows, if you stay out of trouble and avoid the wrecks a top 10 could be in the cards. I say you should go for it and give it hell LOL…………

  66. Funny how when I read these comments, I feel I’m delving into the bottom of the gene pool.
    It’s as bad as FakeBook… I always come away feeling somewhat dumber.
    Younguns says: ” If he didn’t cry like a baby he wouldn’t OF won the championship last year.”
    *would + not + have = wouldn’t’ve
    1st & 2nd Grade lesson plan: “Contraction Action (Games For Kids)”
    ♫”Conjunction junction,
    What’s your function?
    Hookin’ up words,
    And phrases & clauses”♫

    And that’s just the GRAMMAR! The CONTENT is even funnier!! lolol
    FWIW, now that Teddy is gone & Keith will be a no-show at The Bowl… I just might have to oblige?
    The fan turnout & SK car count, on opening day, was atrocious.
    48 years of SpeedBowl patronage might be all I can manage? We’ll see?

  67. darealgoodfella All the Trump references are really distracting. How many times are you going to say “bigly”? It was funny the 1st time. Save your political ire for the dinner table with your family & friends (if you still have any)… NOT in a race car forum…FFS.

  68. Christopher says

    I live on the west coast so I don’t see everything that happens but why are you not covering the bowl and why is Rocco not running the bowl? Is it really being to busy? Thompson runs very few shows now, and the wins should be good for the pocket, no?

  69. Who punched him and what was the issue???

  70. Fast Eddie says

    Christopher, welcome from the left coast to a right coast conversation! I’m guessing with no track championship $$ there is no advantage to running every race, so he’ll run there when time allows. He also has a number of cars besides his own that he’s involved with. I’d like to see him run more VMRS and TriTrack events myself.
    I think the request to not cover the Speedbowl was made by their management. I’ve never heard of a racetrack refusing coverage before. I’m not sayin’ what I’m sayin’ makes sense, I’m just telling you what I know…

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