Thompson Speedway Ready To Roll For Icebreaker With Racing On For Saturday And Sunday

With Mother Nature putting spring on hold in Connecticut, officials at Thompson Speedway have been forced to do some tweaking to their schedule for Icebreaker weekend.

Track officials announced Thursday afternoon that Friday’s practice session at the track has been cancelled.

But officials are hanging tight with their schedule for Saturday and Sunday at the track.

For more information check the Thompson Speedway website or the Thompson Speedway Facebook page.


  1. WeldingWonders says

    That Icebreaker graphic. At least 30 years old and used all over the country. How old is it actually? And do the dollar symbols represent the money you can win in the race or the dazed look of a person realizing how much it cost to be in the race.

  2. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, backsliding or just you being you?

  3. Better put your long John’s on and let’s go racing baby!!!!

  4. It is called the Icebreaker and based on the forcast you may acctually see ice at the track this weekend. Temps forcast to be in lower forties, dress warm.

  5. WeldingWonders says

    There seems to be some improvement in the forecast from the National Weather Service.
    Saturday is now simply cloudy with a high of 46 and a quite reasonable 8 mph wind. No percentage chance of rain mentioned which is an improvement.
    Sunday still sparkling with a high of 45.
    Seems long johns may become optional if the wind stays down. Still recommended for maximum comfort and especially if you are planning on consuming adult beverages.

  6. WeldingWonders says

    The NWMT is clearly the prettiest girl at the dance but the VMRS rolls out some pretty impressive cars as well. 50 cars are registered for 2018 lead by Anthony Nocella, a clear favorite to repeat. As usual there will be a lot of turnover from race to race but some popular names and robust rookie field indicate that the Division is strong. Gary Casella’s no. 25 will be in action but who will be driving it. Pennink you’d think but none other then Todd Owen practiced the car last week according to Speed51.

  7. WeldingWonders says

    Another tidbit of interest to the Late Model fans is 17 year old, North Carolina Pass heavy hitter Kodie Conner coming north to make his first Thomson appearance. Not a stranger to northern tracks he may be in for a bit of a shock adjusting to our as yet to end late winter. Pass rules extend a mind boggling array of options to no doubt encourage inter regional competition. Should be interesting to see if this invader from the south stands out either as fast or not so much.

  8. Did anyone ever think that Rowan my just be taking that extra week to maker certain he is completely healed up before jumping into the car? Todd was just shaking the car down my guess.

  9. WeldingWonders says

    Todd was shaking it down, that was the goal. The article never said it was because of Penninks limitations or simply that he was not available. Or maybe Owen is helping with the chassis. Point is Pennink has a rigorous schedule if he’s up to full speed. Personally I hope he inches his way back. If Owen drives the 25 this weekend that’s a win-win as well.Actually I would prefer that and hope Pennink is up to racing the 99SK Sizzler weekend.

  10. Don’t think Rowan needs any help from Todd Owen with the chassis, he looks to have it figured out just fine every time he wheels it. If anything Owen is a back up plan JIC.

  11. darealgoodfella says

    Dress warm, wear a neck gaiter, hat, gloves, and probably most importantly, a wind breaker.

    Let’s go racing!

  12. darealgoodfella says

    Well, 37 cars on the entry list, 36 are supposed to start. Think NASCAR will allow 37?

  13. darealgoodfella says

    Windbreaker required. Wind chill temperature < 40º.

    brrrrrrr…. Who else will be carrying a flask of warming fluid?


  14. Mod tour is 1A, PASS race is 1B and should be 125 laps or greater

  15. RickyinMass says

    vmrs 1a, pass 1b, everthing else then tour boredom and time to go home.

  16. WeldingWonders says

    Heart says Rob Fuller and Chase for the win but head says the guy everyone picks to finish 4th, Bonsignor will finally luck out and surprise.
    More seriously my cost for the a 1/8 thick, 2 by 2 by 20′ length of hot rolled angle iron just went from $21 and change to almost $25. You can bet who they blamed the jump on which is bogus because the tariffs from our biggest suppliers were exempted and they increased prices even on existing stock. Point is this does not bode well for chassis builders or any team seeking to purchase metal.

  17. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, the exemptions are part of the Trump scam-a-rama-DING-DONG! … nobody sees all the exemptions, they only hear about the tariffs. There are some that have no idea that tariffs are bad, but think it makes Trump look like he’s being a great leader. Then everybody jumps on the price increases and makes a windfall, until the market and economy collapses. Of course exempted companies are going raise prices. doh. The leader of the Deplorables, Trump, did this. And Trump made sure his products and his daughter’s are exempt from the tariffs, of course. And you and the rest of the Deplorables can’t wait to vote for him and his posse again.

    Action is on the track, Pennink is scorching the place.

  18. How can Pennink be scorching the place when he is 6th fastest in WMT tour practice?

  19. And he finished 2nd in his MRS heat race? Really, the cold weather must be effecting your brain cells or you ate to many hot dogs and drank to much coke.

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