Thompson Speedway Stiffed For $29K With Shutdown Of Red Bull Global Rallycross

Cars turn through a dirt corner of the Red Bull Global Rallycross course last year at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

It was an event last year that brought live national television and some of the biggest names in motorsports to Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park.

But now the only thing Red Bull Global Rallycross is bringing to the operators of Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park is anger and headaches. reported today that Red Bull Global Rallycross has ceased operations and left many waiting to get paid.

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park is one of the entities left unpaid after hosting a 2017 event for the series.

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park owner Jon Hoenig told Autoweek that the facility is owed $29,000 by series owner and promoter Colin Dyne.

Hoenig told Autoweek the track has only been paid $6,000 of the $36,000 owed to them by Dyne. Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park had been expecting to host the series again in 2018 as part of a five-year agreement with Dyne.

“They have a reputation of not paying their bills and taking advantage of smaller facilities, like ours,” Hoenig told Autoweek. “It’s not so much about the money they still owe us but the opportunity we lost to open the track to other customers.

“We trusted them because of their initial reputation and their partnership with Red Bull. We thought they were reputable. They promised us a five-year deal with this revenue split.”

For more on this story check the link: Red Bull Global Rallycross shuts down for 2018, leaves trail of unpaid bills

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  1. George?

  2. In the article it was stated that they, red bull global rallycross , had a reputation for not paying their bills. Is this something that was known before the event was held, or came to light after? Maybe Thompson will do some deeper reasearch before entering into a deal in the future.

  3. wmass01013 says

    GEE how the HOENIGS know how it feels to be stiffed like THE rest of us paying the highest Ticket prices of any WMT TRACK

  4. RickyinMass says

    cry about money. sound like sibil. go and not cry or sta hom.

  5. Been & Eileen Dover says

    People say it was a lot different and more racer friendly when “Don” was at the helm but we must keep in mind times have changed. There was a time during the crash when the place was empty. Jon has tried to attract other venues like this and the road course in an effort to keep the place alive. Cut the guy some slack.

  6. wmass01013,
    Not for nothing, but I don’t think your comparison there is a fair one to be made. Fans make a choice whether or not to buy a ticket. Nobody is making anybody buy a ticket. In this instance a promoter made an agreement with the track and then did not pay what was contractually due to the facility for hosting that event.

  7. maybe thompson now feels what its like to be screwed.when car count is 15 they take away the heat race and screw the the racers that showed up

  8. bill Realist says

    Guys running a business not doing it for fun. I know that may be hard to understand for some. Maybe if your paycheck or perhaps government check were 1/6 what it was supposed to be it would be more clear. I get the impression that people look at track owners as some kind of daddy warbucks just sitting back happy that people are having fun. The reality is that the track is a business that exists for the racers who are practicing their hobby. There are people who want to watch racing and people who want to race. The track exists to make money from it. There is no other reason

  9. Not paying the bills is a normal way of doing business for many. Just ask Trump. It costs too much to sue, so it’s not worth it. Stiffing on bills is far more common that you might think. Doesn’t make it right, just that there really isn’t much that can be economically done to recover.

  10. RickyinMass says

    darils rite. race and bag of money last june left town.. redfulofbull rallyloss has gone poof. like yeling at yur wife when she loses family savings. yel at hir all day won’t get mony back. tomson yeling at wife but money still gone.

  11. Global Rallycross went under essentially because there were not many teams left because all high dollar sponsored factory teams made things so uncompetitive the smaller teams folded. So the series tried to change the rules so the cars would be less expensive. Instead the high dollar factory teams just started their own different series for this season leaving Global Rallycross with just about no teams left to race.

  12. WeldingWonders says

    Who would have guessed Trump protagonist Stormy Daniels and embattled GRC CEO Colin Dyne would something very important in common?
    This entire deal is a mess of epic proportion that involves the State of Michigan, Subaru, Red Bull and others in addition to little old Thompson Speedway. As long as Subaru and Red Bull are attached to the series failures all is not lost. But they better have a good lawyer that can leverage bad publicity the corporate sponsors may want to avoid to get a settlement. Makes Waterfords problems seem almost simple.

  13. wmass01013 says

    Shawn, I do agree with you on the choice part, I have hated the prices Thompson Charges for WMT races since 85, but I have been to over 100 because I love the track and the action you get at a WMT race, and Yes if promises were made by GLOBAL Rallycross for payments to be made and they stiff Thompson, that is very wrong and if a signed agreement then Thompson Knows what it has to do, but I also think The Hoenigs were looking to MAYBE use Global Rallycross as a option to get NEW people to the track, some may say smart Business, My Big Beef with Thompson has always been the claim of LOVE FOR THE MODIFIEDS TO be the reason 4 WMT races there when the MAJOR reason is the $$$ the WMT brings Thompson!! I will be there in June!!!!!

  14. Waterford has probably lost far more than $29K since Bemer was arrested. And the losses continue to accumulate.

  15. RickyinMass says

    hump and daril no pervert track for sure. me to. dont even have to know to know. sibil ask stupid questions but we know what we know. pervert owner loses $ to have less $ to pay less $. Hump daril and me no it plane as nose on face.

  16. Been & Eileen Dover says

    Drop the political comments your Girl Crooked Hillary Lost! Grow up and drop it!

  17. Been & Eileen Dover, [ahem] with the help of the Russians flooding the upper midwest with propaganda, Mr. T was able to win the Electoral College with > 3,000,000 less votes than Hillary. The upper midwest was targeted by the Russians, and only 55,000 total votes in MI, WI and PA gave Trump the EC. But what that has to do with Trump’s well documented business practice of not paying his bills is not clear. So why did you bring it up? So the more you want to drop this stuff, the more it can be brought up, with relevance to the subject of businesses being shutdown, such as Trump Water, Trump Steaks, Trump University (LOL!!!), and some 20 other Trump branded product failures, and Trump vendors that have been stiffed, as reported by the MSM. Just threw that in, thought you’d like it. Yep, stiffing suppliers is common practice, and some are proud of it. If you are proud of your guy, talk about all the time. If you don’t like it being brought up, don’t tell others to drop it, especially when you brought it up.

    The comments by Dyne are rather despicable.

  18. knucklesmahoney says

    Dareal get a life and get over it. Trump will go down as one of the best presidents in US history. And expect him to get a Nobel prize when he denuclearizes South Korea. MAGA.

  19. RickyinMass says

    daril is race day. daril is smart on races. daril is not smart on president. lower tax is maga. steak water clinton dems in the past. trump is maga now. tomorrow is maga. trump real america, racing real america.

  20. Can’t unring a bell. You think a country will give up nukes once it has them? NK will never give them up, even if they say they will.

    Obama has a Nobel prize already.

    Stiffing suppliers is common, as demonstrated here. Sad this happened to Thompson.

  21. RickyinMass says

    daril smart race fan to support sissler. daril bad american to not be with maga and hope for no piece with commees. maga almost done. kaga 2020.

  22. Crazy in NY says

    Anybody besides me think dareal and Ricky in Mass drink the same bong water? Geez I’m wondering why I turned on the site this morning.

  23. WeldingWonders says

    Michael Avenatti. That’s who is representing Stormy Daniels and Colin Dyne. Seeing as how Avenatti is brilliant in mind and a junk yard dog in spirit Thompson may want go consider moving on.

  24. RickyinMass says

    daril fake news. change yur depends. maga and soon kaga.

  25. knucklesmahoney says

    The funny thing is dareal thinks this is all legit. Very simple dareal, maybe you should understand the law. If Trumps stiffs his contractors, put a lien on his property, or sue him. Havent heard of anyone doing that. Fake news, but keep drinking the cool aid. MAGA.

  26. Hey knuckledragger, it costs $$$$ to impose a lien and follow through with a law suit. Trump plays the lawyer up game and out lawyers the contractors, bullies them. It’s his M-O. Haven’t you been paying attention?

  27. Obviously our friend knuckles has never been in a contracting business where your stuck filing leans.The property owner may get upset if your lucky but other than that its pretty much an exercise in futility because the contractor doesn’t care.Your a loser as soon as you walk into court unless your big like trump.They will eat you alive.I always envied the auto repair and other businesses like them that can hold your property legally until you payup.That’s powerful.I live in NY and know all about the Donalds behavior way b4 fake news was invented.He’s a monumental scumbag and his election doesn’t change that.BTW not a Clinton supporter either.She’s the reason we have to suffer 4 yrs of trump.

  28. RickyinMass says

    trump elected presdent. should not say lies about presdent. should not make fake news about presdent. should stay behind presdent not attack.piece with nk and lower tax. art and daril no racing but bad americans for not give trump chance to do job.

  29. knuckles, in Trump’s own voting district, he got only 10% of the vote. IN HIS HOMETOWN!!!! That’s the people that know him. Trump was destroyed in his own home town, by the people that know him. I’m from the NYC area too, so I know he’s a scam artist. Been laughing at him for decades. Too bad so many people fell for the standup comedy act. Was not a Hilllary fan either, but we wouldn’t be living this embarrassing drama with Hillary. Geez, heads of state around the world are openly mocking Trump. Hillary is well respected around the world for her years as Sec. of State.

    Read more about the scam artist here:

  30. Lol dareal trusting fake news and bias sources. Speaks for itself. .. Get over it already. You sound like a crybaby and a whiner. You’re part of the problem. Stick to your nonsense about racing already.. not your terrible political commentary. Your racing points are only a little more tolerable.

  31. HAHAHA!!!! Looks like Hank Hill doesn’t like facts either. How’s your boy Hannity doing? Shares the same lawyer and hookers as Trump. He’s following Bloviating Bill O’Reilly out the door. Birds of a feather, Trump will hire him as the new Spicer, make that Scaramucci, make that Hope Hicks, make that Dubke, LOL!!!

    The NY Times and Washington Post have recently won numerous Pulitzer prizes for their reporting on all things Trump. You are not the authority on what is fact or fake. And that Steele Dossier… more and more of it is verified day by day. LOL!

  32. HAHAHA!!!! Looks like Hank Hill doesn’t like facts either. How’s your boy Hannity doing? Shares the same lawyer and hookers as Trump. He’s following Bloviating Bill O’Reilly out the door. Birds of a feather, Trump will hire him as the new Spicer, make that Scaramucci, make that Hope Hicks, make that Dubke, LOL!!!

    The NY Times and Washington Post have recently won numerous Pulitzer prizes for their reporting on all things Trump. You are not the authority on what is fact or fake. And that Steele Dossier… more and more of it is verified day by day. LOL!

    Bring on the Sizzler!!!!!

  33. What the hell does Trump have to do with Thompson? Really guys? Get back on track here and get off the politics!

  34. humphry, it’s all about stiffing, and Trump is a great example of it. These unscrupulous types don’t pay their bills, and it costs far more to use the courts for remediation. He brags about not paying his obligations. Sort of has to… he’s broke. Something like 26 Trump businesses/brands have folded recently, and counting. Think nobody got stiffed with all that? I’m an ex-NY’er, so I saw this all the time in the NYC news. I guess I wouldn’t be happy about it if I were a Trump fan. It’s not politics, it’s Trump business practices which includes stiffing. And still, Hillary, Bill Clinton and Obama have nothing to do with it, no politics.

  35. None of you know what it costs to put on a show like the Icebraker or a weekly show for that matter.
    Sanctioning fees, Insurance, Payroll, Purse, EMT’s, the list goes on.
    You enjoy the best Short Track facility in the country with a paved paddock, some of the best food at any track, courtesy shuttles and a show that is run with the precision of a Rolex.
    BTW, May 20th $12 admission and Military is free, no excuse for not showing up.

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