Free! Free! Free!: Free Preview Of Unmuffled Podcast Through RaceDayCT Patreon Membership

In December we launched the RaceDayCT Patreon page and in conjunction we also launched the Unmuffled podcast exclusively to those who pledged $5 or more a month on Patreon.

This week we launched Episode 20 of Unmuffled. Since December we’ve had over 70 different guests make appearing on Unmuffled, from Whelen Modified Tour drivers to weekly drivers to crew chiefs and nationally known racing personalities.

So are you interested in signing up for the RaceDayCT Patreon page to get access to our Unmuffled podcast but wondering really what the Unmuffled podcast is all about?

Today we’re opening up two previous podcasts for free download/listening if you’re interested in hearing what it’s all about.

Click here to listen to Episode 17 with guests Dave Sapienza, Timmy Jordan, Alexandrea Fearn and Mitch Bombard

Click here to listen to Episode 16 with guests Ronnie Williams, Jacob Perry, Cory Casagrande and Justin Bren

The RaceDayCT Patreon page allows readers to make small pledges of their choice to help support the continued professional coverage of short track racing in Southern New England and beyond. Those pledges comes with a tiered reward programs for offering that support. Read more at the RaceDayCT Patreon page.

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