Rowan Pennink Scores Second Valenti Modified Racing Victory Of Season

(Press Release from Valenti Modified Racing Series)

Rowan Pennink (Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

WATERFORD – Car owner Gary Casella said, “trying different things”, driver Rowan Pennink stated, “a little bit of a different setup than they normally come here with.” Whatever the plan was, it worked, as Pennink, of New Egypt, New Jersey, grabbed the win in Saturday’s Valenti Modified Racing Series 100-lap race at New London-Waterford Speedbowl, Waterford, CT.

Pennink’s victory was his second of the young VMRS season, and his second series win at the famed Speedbowl, now in it’s 68th season. His only victory there was in 2009.

Pennink started outside front row in a field of 27-cars but did not lead the event until lap-74 when he went by Woody Pitkat, of Stafford Springs, CT. to nail down the win.

The 2013 VMRS champion in victory lane stated, “ A lot of highs and lows throughout the race – got pushed into a couple of wrecks and had to come into the pits. They did a great job fixing it. I was able to charge back up to the front.”

Local driver Anthony Flannery, in only his ninth race in a modified race car, was mixing it up with much more experienced drivers. The East Hampton, CT driver moved into second on the 78th circuit. From that point Flannery chased after Pennink with a difference of 0.238 between the two at the checkered flag.

“He was fast putting pressure on me,” Pennink said of Flannery. “ I was tight in the middle. He was getting a good run. I had very good bite up off and kept him behind me. He had a very good race – ran strong and congrats to him,” Pennink concluded.

Current point leader Anthony Nocella finished third followed by Pitkat, who overcame an early race mishap to eventually lead the race finishing fourth and Mike Willis Jr, who started 21st on the field, finishing an impressive fifth.

Early race leader Eric Goodale (laps 1-48) finished sixth, rookie Cameron Sontag seventh, Sammy Rameau eighth, Mike Holdridge ninth, and Tony Ricci tenth.

The race was slowed eleven times because of minor crashes, a called back re-start, and a couple of stalled cars. 18-drivers finished on the lead lap.

Qualifying heat winners were Nocella, Pennink, and Dave Etheridge. All 27-drivers that entered the event started the feature race.

Next Event:
May 18, 2018
Stafford Motor Speedway
Stafford, Springs, CT.

Race # 3
New London – Waterford Speedbowl
Waterford, CT
May 5, 2018
Entrants: 27
Distance: 100-laps
Lap Leaders: Goodale (1-48) Silk (49-67) Pitkat 68-73) Pennink (74-100)
Cautions Flags: Laps – 20,20,20,56,58,67,71,72,72,77,87
Margin of Victory: 0.238
Best Lap Time: 14.487
Best Speed: 13.387- – Keith Rocco

Unofficial Order of Finish: (1) Pennink, (2) Flannery, (3) Nocella, (4) Pitkat, (5) Willis Jr, (6) Goodale,(7) Sontag, (8) Rameau, (9) Holdridge, (10) Ricci, (11) Rock, (12) Mead, (13) Lashua, (14) Richardi Jr, (15) John Montesanto, (16) Savary, (17) Gallup, (18) Mucciacciaro, (19) Etheridge, (20) Silk, (21) Doucette, (22) Rocco, (23) Gonyaw, (24) Patnode, (25) Robbie, (26) CJ Bolton, (27) Perry



  1. RaceDayNH says

    After 3 races the MRS still only have updated points from after the icebreaker… I go to quite a few MRS races a year and think they put on a good show and have had really good car counts as of late. But it is next to impossible to be a passive follower of the series. Late updates, no driver spotlights, few and uninspired press releases and entry lists that never match who actually shows up… I will definitely continue to go and follow them because it is where I can watch really good drivers who just can’t afford to run the tour. But they need to do a much better job attracting and maintaining the race fan of today.

  2. Agreed. There’s no current information on the VMRS. That’s inexcusable in this day.

  3. Jeffrey P says

    Its because the owner of the series only likes money going one way his not out to promote the series . He has Ben Dodge on his team that man can promote like no other but he is not willing to pay for it . The owner wants everyone to work for free at same time he lines his pockets with all the $$$$$$ .It started out as a great cheap series to race with very little rules , cheap tires ,no big fees , no crazy tech , etc. etc. Now it is the same as nascar tour racing but running for a street stock purse . He controls everything including tire sales at 160 a tire for a cheap sportsman tire which was more than a nascar tour race tire and the money goes to him . Fees 250 for a owner 100 for a driver for WHAT ? Nascar fee includes a insurance plan his fees just go ? you guessed it . Tracks pays X amount to series to run at there track he pays the racer half of that back to them the rest ? You guessed it . Everyone is entitled to making a profit but this was not the intent when the series started but it sure is now …JMO seeing this happen over the years .

  4. NH Mark says

    There entry lists will always be off because they have no idea who will show from week to week. Tri Track is the same way. TCs name was on every entry list and he only showed about half the time in recent yrs. No real way to fix that. I haven’t looked but I’m guessing most updates for MRS are on their Facebook page.

    All that grandstand hoopla turned out to be nothing?

  5. Speedbowler says

    Must be doing something right to get 27 cars at Waterford… sure, it used to be around 30 cars a few years back but still getting full fields. They put on a great show. Lot’s of comers and goers. Silk, Pennink, Flannery, Nocella, Rocco, Goodale all had cars that could’ve won. At the other end of the spectrum there were no moving chicanes that go a lap down every 10 laps. Very good race. For $30 in CT it was a steal…especially with all the Speedbowl divisions and midget races.

  6. Crazy in NY says

    …….cheap sportsman tire which was more than a nascar tour race tire………

    M 20 and 30’s are cheap Sportsman tires ? Better go find a Hoosier catalog Jeffy.
    Tour tires are less than 160.00 ? They were 180+ at Myrtle Beech.
    reload your hate and try again.


  8. Viva race fan says

    Was funny watching the 16 in front at bowl again. Great job Eric. 1 of the best races I’ve seen in a while. Anthony pushed hard and Rowan did his job well. Lots of fresh tires were coming. Thanks for a great show…. Turn 1 boys were all over it…..

  9. Crazy in NY says

    The 0 Holdridge was also a contender until getting spun while running third. I couldn’t make the race because of a family commitment but sure wanted to. MRS and TTOM both put on great shows at the Bowl. Love the place (not the owner). Crowd was decent I was told so is Keith someone we could get over there? Glad to hear the grandstand held up. Maybe it has it’s own flux capacitor.

  10. RaceDayNH says

    Points just updated

  11. Great job Rowan Pennick!

  12. Jeffrey P says

    crazy you better call hoosier because you have the wrong catalog !!!!! M-series tires are the CHEAPEST mod tire they make ….. maybe this year tour tires cost more but they were 150 for a long time ….

  13. Crazy in NY says

    An M20 /M30 is the same the 1320/1330. Diff is one is a weekly track tire vs a series tire. Price diff also has to do how much is in the point fund (if there is one). I didn’t say it was a cheap Sportsman tire that was you.

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