Thompson Speedway Cancels Sunday Racing Card

With a forecast calling for rain most of the day and evening Sunday, Thompson Speedway officials decided Saturday to cancel their four-division race card that had been scheduled for Sunday.

The extended distance 30-lap Limited Sportsman feature that had been part of Sunday’s card will now be run as part of the June 13 Whelen Modified Tour event night at Thompson.


  1. wmass01013 says

    Seeing how the crowd was average at Stafford fri night I don’t understand Thompson’s Thinking OF RUNNING 4 local divisions alone on a Sunday afternoon and hoping for a crowd of more than friends and family to show up if weather was good!

  2. wmass01013 says

    With the crowd at Stafford MRS race just average ITS HARD to understand why Thompson would schedule 4 local divisions alone on a sunday afternoon and hope for more than friends and family in the crowd with Nice weather!

  3. Let them Race! says

    Does anyone know when or if the Military appreciation day/night will be rescheduled? I looked on the TIS website and could not find any info. Being a retired veteran on a limited budget I can’t afford the rest of the high priced events at Thompson. Military is the only night my son and I can afford all season at Thompson.

  4. Old Navy Vet says

    Does anyone know if or when Thompson will be rescheduling their annual Military Appreciation day/night? I looked on their website but found nothing mentioned. Being a Vet on very limited income the Military event is the only event my son and I can afford all year TIS.

  5. Not Happy Josh Vanada of TSMP. No reason why this race can”t be run another Sunday or Wed nite. Especially, since there are only 7 races for the season. This is not fair to your loyal race fans and competitors alike. Im sure there are holes in the schedule of the road course from now til Oct.

  6. I wonder if the people that bought a season pass for the seven races if they are going to get money back.

  7. Where oh where is the rain? I think all the weekly divisions should boycott the next race on June 13 until they are given a makeup date for today’s race.

  8. Wrenches says

    It’s sad to see the interest from local race fans that tracks and local racers need to keep engaged to sponsor or spectate and keep the sport alive get ignored. If you look here and on Facebook there is clearly a interest for this event and it will be interesting to see if Thompson Speedway will address any of them. I hope they do and can reschedule.

  9. I absolutely hate when tracks cancel the day before. I live not far from the track and it was sunny almost all day, couple of stray rain showers but nothing that would have caused much of a delay. Sad day, they didn’t even give it shot and on top of that, there’s no makeup date.

  10. No make up because Thompson’s New Management doesn’t care about local or weekly racing. Only the tour and K&N and the $50 admission days get make up dates. The people that bought the season pass are getting screwed but the racers are getting screwed the most. If Donald Hoenig SR was still in charge you can bet they would have raced or they will be making it up in the future.

  11. The rescheduled date is part of a whelen modified tour event now a 20 dollar show is 40’dollars a lot of regular show fans not happy. Where is the rain? Other tracks ran.

  12. Old Navy Vet says

    Still awaiting word if Thompson is going to reschedule the Military appreciation night or not. I’m keeping my finger crossed otherwise it means no Thompson for this a salt in 2018.

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