Tracking The Wins: Bryan Narducci Gets First SK Light Modified Victory At Stafford

Bryan Narducci celebrates his first career victory in an SK Light Modified at Stafford Speedway Friday (Photo: Jim DuPont)

STAFFORD – Bryan Narducci arrived in the SK Light Modified division around Connecticut’s short tracks late in the 2017 racing season.

Thirteen starts since making that first competitive drive in an SK Light Modified, it’s fair to say the 17-year old from Colchester essentially owns the division.

Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway Narducci completed the Connecticut trifecta in winning the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature at the historic half-mile.

It marked Narducci’s first career win in the division at Stafford.

Narducci is in his first year running the division full-time at Stafford. In his only start in the division in 2017 he finished sixth at the NAPA Fall Final last September. Narducci got wins in the division at Thompson Speedway and the New London-Waterford Speedbowl last year.

“I thought it would take me a lifetime to [win at all three tracks,” Narducci said. “Everybody [from my team] was busting on me in the offseason. They were like ‘You won at all the tracks you’re not racing at full-time, but you suck at the one you’re going to be racing full-time.’ after I finished sixth at the Fall Final [last year]. Now I guess they can’t bust on me.”

Narducci now has seven victories in 13 career SK Light Modified division starts across the three Connecticut tracks dating back to last season. In seven starts at the Speedbowl late in the 2017 season he won four times. He’s won in his only two starts at Thompson Speedway – at the 2017 Sunoco World Series and at the Icebreaker last month. He finished second in the first two events for the division this year at Stafford.

Narducci made the jump to the SK Light Modified after spending two seasons in the Limited Late Model division at Stafford.

“It really blows me away because I never thought I’d be racing a Modified and to be successful is pretty cool,” Narducci said.

With the eye-popping success so quickly, Narducci has become a target for those making accusations of cheating. Narducci said he revels in the hate.

“I love it,” Narducci said. “I like reading [the] articles and when someone starts bashing me, I read it and I don’t comment, but I just like to hear what people have to say because it just motivates me to do better.”

Wesley Prucker of Stafford was second and Joey Ferrigno of East Hartford third.

Narducci quickly sliced his way from the 15th starting spot to the front. He passed Ferrigno for second on 15 and two laps later took the lead for good by getting by Prucker.

“Once I got into third and we got spread out I knew I had a better car,” Narducci said. “I just wanted to take my time and not do anything stupid. I’ve seen bad wrecks happen because of uncalculated moves. I was just trying to take my time and do what I could.”


  1. Congratulations Bryan-the kid is the real deal. Another good run by Prucker

  2. Viva race fan says

    Ct’s Triple Crown

  3. When you combine multi generational expertise and success in modifieds with money for the best equipment and weekly expenses. Show a commitment to maximize every component of the race machine by adhering to the absolute optimal tolerances for speed and reliablility in each component. Maintain the car with diligence and attention to every detail. And team it up with a savvy driver that can use that speed to pass 14 cars in his march to the front without a misstep this is what you get. Say Bryan is the real deal all you want. But for me it’s the TEAM that is making a mockery of the idea that the SK Lights is a momentum division. That TEAM just demonstrates excellence in every aspect of it’s racing effort and the lap times that are consistently far and away the best in huge fields is the tell.
    Honorable mention to Cassandra Cole for her first heat win and a stellar 6th place finish. Also to George Nocera who seems to be the only car that can approach the 01’s lap times and long suffering and very popular Joey Ferrigno who is back up front after what seems like a long hiatus coming in third.
    And finally the field of 27 cars that while the crowd certainly is no proof may show that there is a renaissance in local racing afoot. Hopefully as the days get longer and warmer the crowds with increase beyond the norm as well.

  4. Not Blind as a Bat says

    Definitely some stiff competition in the light division. It’s going to be a good one to follow for sure. Anyone know what happened to the 35? Looking at results and times he struggled and was considerably slower compared to his practice and heat times.

  5. Hey Not Blind, the rumor last night was someone asked the 35 how old he was before the feature and he had a panic attack because he forget the age his father told him he was supposed to be this week and then he was just a mess after that.

  6. Been & Eileen Dover says

    Hats off to the entire field! What’s usually a crash fest is now one of if not the cleanest feature of the night!!!

  7. Not Blind as a Bat says

    It is sad that almost two years later that controversy still comes up in conversation but it will follow him for some time. I would say the actions of his parents are solely to blame but he went along with it and lied right along side of them to everyone. But in all seriousness, does anyone know what happened

  8. I believe in Tom Fox and Stafford’s tech. Young Andrew is welcome as a rules follower as well as a reformed Zack Robinson in the Streets.

  9. So his mom is hooked with Tod Owen, btw, works for Hoosier. David Arute runs a car provided by Tod. Josh Wood, AKA, RAD’s son runs a car provided by Tod. It is so incestuous. All running RAD. Not one of them has ever done anything great in a racecar and all of a sudden they are fast. It is all in the Arute, Wood, Owen, Narducci deal… btw, for all the naysayers, Tod was let in early at a different gate with his trailer yesterday and had 8 tires picked out before anyone else got in.

  10. I forgot to add the amount of time Tod had his hand in the 01 in victory lane. That would be either plugging the rev limiter back in, or… they violate the rule of “in plain sight” for a reason.

  11. Been & Eileen Dover says

    Wow!!!! Have faith ye all faithful Stafford ticket purchasing Soles….Mark Arute is a hands on track owner… Son Running a Owen housed Car or not..RAD contributing to the contingency fund or not… The $ back to the track on tires purchased or not …. He pays attention to these posts and truly wants to keep his good name as “A racers Track”! If there is any underhanded dealings going on he will correct it!!! 99% of the racers have his personal cell phone number and he always answers it!!

  12. Stuart Fearn says

    not RAD,
    most of what you say is true but obviously slanted LOL. That was Missy (Narducci’s mom) driving the truck and trailer in yesterday behind the grandstands while the pit door was still locked solid. This is important to note because SHE WORKS AT THE TRACK! Therefore, it makes sense that she has to get in early. I was thinking the same conspiracy deal as you when I saw Todd’s rig rolling in, not gonna lie, but when I spied the driver it made sense.
    Glad to see you noting the ingredients to success right there in your post, people getting together and learning to be successful. You listed them, in my opinion, to lay the groundwork that there was a dark conspiracy brewing but in fact they get lots of data with that many cars and can learn and improve multiple times faster then others.
    ps. You missed Butch Shea, who again in my opinion, gets mucho credit over there at the Owen HQ

  13. Stuart Fearn and Den Dover,
    If you read my post, I did not discredit their chassis program one bit. They are on point with that piece. They do work hard. I am also not questioning RAD. Someone needs to ask Mark why he was talking into his wrist in between cigarettes in turn 1 only during the SKL races last year and no other races. The track has yet to tech anything relevant. They could pull motors and seals and tech them and prove everybody wrong. Anyone remember how well Zach ran last year? Just saying if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

  14. Ed Bagot says

    So if what I am reading is true, the track is allowing certain teams leeway on some small rules in plain sight. When haulers enter and how many tires one person can buy. While small that creates a negative perception. I’m sure people see this and wonder what else they allow behind closed doors. IMHO, that is on the track to correct. Perception becomes reality because of the picture you paint.

  15. It is not about how many tires he bought, it appears to be about how he cherry picked the tires he wanted before anyone else got the opportunity.

  16. Ben & Eileen Dover says

    My only point is my wife and I truly believe Mark truly cares about this facility and the benefit of the fans/ competitors. He will do all he can to keep this place the true “A Racers Track!”
    If underhanded things like are alleged here are even a fraction of true he will sniff them out and correct it. Look at what he did with an engine builder last year that was playing games and playing favorites… He bounced him!
    Let’s all take a chill pill and let Mark do what he does best… Run the best for the fans and competitors Track in the NE!!!

  17. Narducci’s tires are cherry picked at Hoosier (not at the track) Missy works for Hoosier tire – who knows what compound he is getting or how many tires have the same s/n. I’m not saying they are cheating with tires but they could be.

  18. If you’re talking about T/A Engines the reporting here was that Tony Alteri removed himself from the crate engine program.

  19. With regard to tires all tires after the first race at Stafford have to be purchased at the track. And if you think there is mischief afoot just read the tire rules for the Lights or any other division for that matter. It’s a whole technological, scanned, inventoried and monitored thing.

  20. Ed Bagot says

    You are drinking the kool-aid.

  21. Ben & Eileen Dover says

    Ed, Do you actually think a man who depends on car counts Wich bring family members and fans to the track would allow games, if there true, of this magnitude to knowingly exist?? Look at the car count he has now in the lites, there also running cleaner then any other division!!! Do you think he wants to loose what he has over things such as favoritism by the tire suplier? I can almost guarantee he doesn’t and if it is happening he will correct it!! The tire suplier needs the track a hell of a lot more then the track needs them.

    Now to the Kool-Aide deal, 90% + of the competitors have his cell phone # for a reason, Do they have Josh’s from Thompson?? He would rather spit at us then give us his cell #!! We all camp there for free at the big shows yet we pay at Thompson..

    I guarantee Mark reads these posts and is on any of these allegations like a dog on a bone!!… If there factuall!!!!

  22. Geoff Nooney says

    New rumor is there is large steel rails buried underneath Stafford Motor Speedways turns, and only the Stafford illuminati know of the compound used for the corresponding magnets to use under the car and the location of the rails. This is whats ACTUALLY going on, open your eyes people. As for tires, I personally haven’t seen tires scanned after heat races yet this year, I could be wrong, Brian is fast yes, but anybody crying over it should realize there is a full field of Light Mods and 26 other cars to beat every week as well. And yes we are struggling this year, but we will get there. Worrying about other peoples cars doesnt help your own.

  23. Geoff Nooney says

    The only thing I do not like is the fact there is only one engine builder and no claimer rule. Thats the ONLY way to ensure everyone is getting the same treatment.

  24. Blind as a Bat says

    It is all surfacing just like i mentioned in past post.lmao

  25. Blind as a Bat says

    You can totally hear the difference in the tone of the motor in the 01.Everyone comments on it in the paddock area.Everyone knows this is a joke.

  26. Not Blind as a Bat says

    Doug his mother works for Hoosier. If you think there isn’t a way for his tires to be cherry picked prior to Friday or even prior to any other competitor getting there, then you’re delusional.

  27. The engine does sound different than all the rest – considering that all headers and mufflers are supposed to be the same makes you wonder. And I don’t think a little gear makes the engine sound like that. Be interesting to see who goes back to a quick change to try the extra gear.

  28. sour grapes of wrath says

    of course its a different tone.. re degreed / different cam etc… claimer rule all the way !!!!

  29. Doug, if his mother works for Hoosier, is it probable the tires for him are being measured with a tire tape not by chalk mark, checked with a durometer, serial numbers checked to make certain they came from the same batch and most likely put aside for him, aka cherry picked. How would that be fair for the rest of the competitors?

  30. There is nowhere in the SKL rules where is says you can’t re-degree the cam, you just can’t change it. Won’t make the engine sound any different either.

  31. Stuart Fearn says

    humphry –
    thats exactly how i pick all my tires but i do it as soon as the pits open every friday. JUST. LIKE. EVERYONE. DOES.
    ever think they race like 3 mods every week at stafford and also at the two other tracks too. Also went to N_S shootout over the winter and have like 100 years experience summing up the crew years? Maybe that helps.
    kid ain’t afraid to let it out there too, that helps

  32. Ed Bagot says

    Stuart Fearn,
    Why is your hauler in there before the gates open? You are part of the disease.

  33. Geoff prucker says

    Your wrong Geoff. I saw the sks scanned after a heat race. As for cherry picking duh. If I worked there I would.

  34. Stuart Fearn says

    i got there n=before noon when the gate was open. I talked to Mark that morning and asked if that was permissible and he assured me it was.

    Any other questions?

  35. Stuart Fearn says

    The real explanation is we rented the track that day and tested all day with cherry picked tires. That’s how we won the LLM and second as well.
    The RAD motor had the cam “degree’ed” in too and Stoney hooked me up with special blend Sunoco fuel used to “power the winners” if you know what I mean too.
    We leave no stone unturned here at Fearn Motorsports

    Thank you very much for your concern

  36. Ed Bagot says

    Stuart, you told me we couldn’t pit next to you because you put the garbage can there first before all other cars were let in. Nobody ever showed up. So, are you full of it or misinformed? We will be pitting in our space next Friday, regardless of where you put a garbage can. You could have been nicer about it. Tool.

  37. Ed Bagot says

    So what you are saying is Mark is giving you special treatment?

  38. Ed Bagot says

    Stuart, I would believe what you say if each car didn’t come on the hook every week. Other than Tom’s car in a 10 car field, you have a weak program. I get it, you need space to get the wrecker to drop the cars off.

  39. James Comey says

    Damn if there’s a conspiracy going on at Stafford, how did they ever slip it past darealgoodfella? He falls for every conspiracy theory he hears, from politics to speedways.

  40. Stuart Fearn says

    Yes i do apologize about saving that spot last week, you are absolutely correct Beyer did not show up. He has only been parking next to me for 4 years but you can do what ever you like.

    No special treatment at all. I think Mark and the rest of the Arutes give me fair and respectable treatment because that’s what I give them, have you ever considered that? You make no sense on so many levels, bash the track and accuse them of favoritism and expect to be rewarded somehow in the process and park next to a poor performing team, by choice, and have to deal with the wrecker every week. By the way there was most likely 10 other trailers inside when I get there so I’m not that special, sorry to burst your conspiracy bubble.
    Maybe your right I do have a weak program. Check the record and let me know what you find. As a matter of fact lets put a little wager on who has a better finish this friday, I’ll give you odds if you like. What do you say, put a little money where your mouth is? Surely my weak program can’t win two weeks in a row. The courts just allowed sports betting you have nothing to worry about LOL.

  41. Wow Stu, a little cocky are we. Just remember you can go from the top of the heap to the bottom just as quick.

    Some day the Sherman Anti Trust Act is going to catch up with Stafford. It is just going to take the right individual to push the issue. Then the rules of the game will change.


  43. Ed Bagot says

    You are missing the point… nobody should be let in before 3pm. Btw,you want odds on 2 cars in an 11 car field versus 1 in a 27 car field. I applaud you for thinking I am that dumb, but there is still a better chance one of your limiteds comes in on the hook. Also, I have only accused people of thinking they are entitled to special privileges. As in early entry, access to tires before anyone else. The rest of it speaks for itself. I find it funny that you jump to defend the Owen camp but are afforded the same privileges.

  44. mike serluca says

    Congrats to Bryan and the whole team! Keep up the good work. Also, speaking of hard work, how ’bout my boy The Mayor picking up the podium after the car was destroyed last week?! What a team up there at Horse Power Hill! Keith Rocco winning 4 in a row dating back to last year! Awesome! His mom must work at Hoosier too right? Garbage cans in pit stalls, motor conspiracies, alleged favoritism, and wrist watch communication… man, I gotta get up to Stafford!

  45. Mike,
    It’s actually five in a row for Keith Rocco. Friday he’ll be trying to become the first driver in track history to win six consecutive SK Modified features.

  46. mike serluca says

    oooops!! thanks Shawn. I can’t believe it’s 5 in a row and nobody has rioted yet!

  47. How did we end up getting on Keith Rocco?

  48. humphry, really? With attention spans less than a millisecond, what do you expect?

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